All Riders vs GaiShocker
A new terrorist organization known as Gai-Shocker has risen up and they have begun to recruit the enemies of the Kamen Riders to begin world conquest. It is up to a the fearless Kamen Riders to stop them and save the world! Henshin! Let's Ride!
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Kamen Rider Blaze

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9/12/2011 #1

Name: Kenzaki Kazama

Age: 46

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: wears a dark blue suit, has dark brown hair and brown eyes

Other Appearance: Navy Joker, Caucasus Undead (Category King of Spades)

Weapons: Joker Rouser (has the ability to allow its user to mimic whatever Undead whose card is swiped)

Powers: Incredible stregth and fighting skills. Also has the ability to create Navy Roaches as his minions.

Personality: Originally a very kind person, but recently has forced himself to put that aside and become hardened in order to do what he needed to do.

Background: 23 years ago, Kenzaki Kazuma was the original Kamen Rider Blade. He was a kind and idealistic hero who never gave up on the idea that he and his fellow Riders could get along as friends despite numerous hardships and betrayals by all. Eventually, when the number of Undead became fewer and more about the truth behind them was revealed, his ideals helped bring the Riders together to defeat the remainder of the Undead.

However when it was revealed that one of his friends, Hajime, was really the Joker, the last and most dangerous Undead, he had a hard choice to make. Either seal his friend to save the world, or let his friend live but that would mean the death of every other living thing on the planet. He came up with a third option: He used the power of the Undead he sealed in order to make himself another Joker in order to end their final battle in a stalemate to let Hajime live peacefully as a human. In order to prevent their fight from resuming, Kenzaki wandered the world in order to stay as far away from his friend as possible.

Now that the Undead have been released again, at first he was ready to go back into battle to stop them before they got out of control. He hunted down and sealed the Category King Undead and assumed its form in order to use it's ability to mimic a different human form to infiltrate an enemy group and secretly help the Riders while pretending to be their enemy.

Group: Currently has won the trust of Museum. Other: Before his final encounter with Hajime, Keznaki had a night of passion with Shiori Hirose, whom he loved, but began his wandering before she knew she was pregnant with his child. Therefore he is unaware of the existance of his son, who coincidently (or not due to Tachibana) is the new Kamen Rider Blade.

9/12/2011 #2

Name: Yasufumi Hayashi

Age: 40

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: he has dark hair, glasses and wears a lavender suit

Other Appearance: Eagle Undead (Category Jack of Spades)

Weapons: Feather shurikens, blades on his forearms

Powers: Flight, martial arts skills, incredible endurance and strength

Personality: Despises humanity for the world they have created

Background: When the Undead were unsealed once again, he remained in human form up until this point, trying to determine how the world has changed since the last time he was unsealed. Feeling horrified that the world that humans have created is tainted in every way possible, he feels that they are no long worthy to be the dominant species on Earth. He now works to see that he or some other Undead or even one of the other enemy monster races wins the war against the Riders if he thinks they will do a better job at ruling the world.

Group: Undead, maybe G**-shocker eventually

9/12/2011 #3

Name: Kazari

Age: at least 800

Race: Greeed

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: long blonde hair, white t-shirt with a yellow polo shirt over it, blue jeans

Other Appearance: Cat-like monsterous form

Weapons: prefers his bare claws

Powers: ferocious fighter and can create Yummy that can stay in their victim's body like a parasite

Personality: very unpredictable, even for a Greeed. Sometimes works with his fellow Greeed, sometimes does his own thing, sometimes even may give his enemies a break, but is ulimately in it for himself.

Background: He was just revived after 800 years of being sealed. Now that he's up and about, he wishes to create Yummy in order to make more cell medals to sustain him. Group: Greeed, maybe Kogami Foundation later.

9/12/2011 #4
Kamen Rider Wizard

Kai Kage

Age: 22

Gender: male

Kamen Rider Nega-Den-O

Appearance: wears a black jacket with red tribal markings on it black pants and a black shirt he has short spiky hair and purple eyes

Weapons: Negagasher, Nega-Denliner and a nega version of Den-O's Denbird

Powers: all of Den-O's powers

Personailty: Calm and collected with a quiet fury behind him

Background: Negataros had survived his fatefull encounter with Den-O Kiva and Zeronos by at the last second changing into an orb of light and flying into time only to end up making a contract with Kai but him and Kai came to an understanding which was Den-O's death and Kai gaining power so both joined G**-shocker, but later both quit g**-shocker as Kai felt g**-shocker was not worth his time nor was the way to go to get what he wanted he is currently building his own forces.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #5
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name-Takashi Nobouri




Human appearance- brown haird, black eyes, tanned skin atlethic build, usualy wears the outfit the King of the past wore no differences and has the symbol of King on his left hand covered by a black glove.

Other Appearance- Snake Fangire

Kamen Rider Saga

Weapons- Jacorder

Powers- All the powers of the Fangire King

Personailty- angry full of hate and some love

Background- Taiga and Wataru's half brother and New King of the Fangires he has the same distastes for humans and views them the same as his Father the past King of the fangires he hates his brothers for to him taking away what was rightfully his which where the Kiva armors. He has since joined up with Kai on the NegaLiner and joined his small but growing group

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #6
Sydney Grise

Name: Kojiro Suzuki

Age: 24

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kojiro stands at a height of 5'11", bearing a slightly slender frame with it being hardened by rough conditions of the environment. Apparel consists of the following: a black t-shirt topped by a gray vest for the upper half, a pair of cargo pants and combat boots on the lower half, a boy's cap on his head and a cross-shaped earring placed on his right ear. His hair is usually ruffled without his hat.

Kamen Rider: Dark Kabuto

Forms: Masked Form (mostly defensive oriented, bulky and less offensive), Rider Form (sleeker and more offensive, has access to Clock Up, form is utilized by purging the other armor pieces via Cast Off)

Weapons: ZECT Kunai Gun

Forms: Axe Form, Gun Form, Kunai Form (used in Rider Form)

Powers: Clock Up (with Dark Kabuto)

Personality: Kojiro believes in the principle of Survival of the Fittest, seeing that constant struggle is the only way to evolve. He is always polite and kind, but he always has an agenda inside that everyone around him is an enemy. He may be fatalistic but his urge to fight and evolve turned this belief into a "decree of Destiny" without any regard to the consequences.

Background: Kojiro was once a member of ZECT as a field agent, always thrown into battles against Worms and other monsters. Due to his aptitude and skills, the leaders of ZECT were considering him as a fitting candidate for one of their Zecters and make him a part of the Masked Rider system. Kojiro would have accepted if not for the jealousy of his team members (including the leader) and had him beaten up and left for dead inside a nearby forest somewhere on the outskirts of the city to hide the evidence. Coming to with injuries racking his body, he stood up and vowed that he would crush everything around him. During a hunting trip inside that forest, he came across a Worm that mimicked his appearance. Armed with a handgun and a combat knife, he fought with his all and managed to kill it by chance. It was then that a Zecter chose him, a Zecter of Darkness.

Others: He usually has his fortune read before heading out for the battle field. After the incident, he had not quit his habit of getting his fortune but despite what it says, he moves out and usually ignores the advices if it says he wouldn't be able to survive.


Name: Yuri Ishida

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Caucasus

Forms: Rider Form (Masked Form is absent on the three bettle/Kabutech riders)

Weapons: hand-to-hand combat, special garrote string (while not using the Rider system), Hyper Zecter (still under discussion)

Powers: Clock Up system, Hyper Clock Up (compared to Kabuto's version, the Hyper Clock Up is a doubled-up version of Clock Up. Used with Hyper Zecter).

Appearance: Yuri stands at a stature of 5'4", bearing a lithe frame and milky complexion. Her long hair of chestnut brown and her brown eyes would hint a mixture in her lineage, making her appear cute. In terms of clothing, she is usually clothed in a black shirt, denim shorts that reach her thighs, a gray vest, a red beret and a pair of sneakers or outdoor shoes. Alternatively, she would dress up in a frilly Gothic Lolita style dress.

Personality: Yuri is somehow two sides of the coin. When blending among civilians, she is quiet and somewhat docile. When in combat or in her uniform, she is perky and at most, aggressive. Despite the moods she swings to, the most certain thing is that she takes delight on beautiful things. She also has a critical eye with things that she tends to be a perfectionist (despite which, she doesn't let things out right away unless compelled to). It has become a philosophy that it transcends the physical. She loathes ugly things that she would shy away from it or advise the person to change it because it doesn't fit or whatever (in combat, this reaction becomes more aggressive as she will "get rid of it" personally).


Yuri was an orphan, having no information about her parents. While staying at the orphanage, other children would not approach her and to this, she would be alone most of the time. This resulted into her quiet personality. Her only sanctuary during her stay would be the garden found near the orphanage, usually found alone watching the roses and other flowers found in the area. When the landlady noticed this, she began to win her and taught her to garden. This became her hobby to ease tension.

When she left the orphanage with her new parent, a ZECT executive, she was brought up to join the training regiment of the organization. This resulted with her facing harsh training regiments at a young age. Being shaped as a soldier gave her enough stress that the doctor advised that she had to retain her humanity somehow and not lose herself to the trauma. Thus, she was able to raise a garden in her home. As she reached her teenage years, she was active in field battles while roses were her connection to being gentle. This is how her perception of beauty was shaped.

Later on, she was chosen in the second phase of the Masked Rider project. She was found to be compatible with the Gold Zecter, Caucasus. Ever since, she has been using the Zecter. However, she had seen the ugly truth of the organization and sought to change the whole thing by assassinating the executives one by one. She also executed her guardian and then left the organization. Ever since, she had been on the run. In order to survive, she had taken side-jobs and changed her name. From Yuri Kariya to Yuri Ishida.

Other: Yuri might have a bipolar tendency when it comes to how her personality goes. It may have been rooted to her training as a ZECT Trooper or a trauma in her. Nevertheless, this is only seen when she uses her uniform or changes into Caucasus.


Name: Tetsuya Kurosawa

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Modified Human/Cyborg

Kamen Rider: Alternative Zero

Forms: Default Form

Weapons: Advent Cards (Alternative Zero Deck), scalpels and throwing daggers (in human form).

Powers: Crossing through mirrors, Bionic strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability (more pronounced when transformed)

Contract Beast: Psychorogue

Appearance: Standing at a posture of 5'9" and sporting a slightly-lithe build, Tetsuya exudes an eccentric aura. His clothing, however, would say that he loves long coats (whether it is a white overcoat or a black trenchcoat) and just see him as a normal person. His long hair of dyed blond makes him look like a singer, leaving it loose while half of his face is covered. Under the coat, he dons a black button-up shirt and a silver necktie on the upper body while a pair of black fitted jeans or leather pants and a pair of steel-toed boots on the lower half.

Personality: Tetsuya is the type that comes with instability. One moment, he is personable and alright. On the next, he's a psychotic nihilist. His eccentricity drives people away, though his way of clothing draws them (a strange irony). He treats everything like a videogame, seeing people as mere NPCs and targets to his hunts (to feed Psychorogue or to exercise his tendencies).

Background: Tetsuya is a doctor and surgeon behind the Human Modification Project of SHADE, a now defunct terrorist organization. He ended up being a cyborg because of what happened to the group, wanting to destroy his creation-turned-traitor "Subject G". During the completion phase where Psychorogue had to be empowered, Tetsuya brought his colleagues to become food for the creature. Now as a wandering stranger, he had kept on searching for G while playing his "hunting game" to feed and strengthen his Contract Beast.

Other: Tetsuya's actions regard him similarly to a serial killer. His way of using scalpels to injure victims is due to his former work.

9/13/2011 #7
Sydney Grise

Name: Shana

Age: Appears to be in her early twenties

Race: Undead

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: She stands at 5'4", sporting a petite frame but with an athletic build. Her clothes consist of a shirt topped with a sleeveless bolero with a fur collar along with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boots. Her midriff is always exposed thanks to this style. Her short hair appears to hold a crimson gleam, likely due to her nature as an Undead. On her left ear is an earring with a Q-shaped piece dangling on it.

Other Appearance: Tiger Undead (Category Queen of Clubs)

Weapons: Claws (Undead Form), hand to hand combat.

Powers: While in human form, she can use her superior speed, agility and strength.

Personality: Despite having no care with opinions, she would intervene when it involves two things, Honor and her pride. She prefers fighting alone and this makes her picky with battles. On another note, outside the fight, she tends to see things in black and white and prefers to enjoy her freedom by wandering. She also tends to be territorial.

Background: As one of the sealed 53 Undead, Shana's identity brings her to be one of the Royals as the Queen of Clubs. Among the other Undead, she is one of the few who chose to follow her own free will and chose to wander. At present, she had managed to reach the city after a number of days traveling.

Affiliation/Group: Undead

Other: She has memories of her previous incarnation when she had conspired along with the Tarantula Undead to help a young man in his struggle against the Spider Undead. This led to the complete sealing of the Category Ace, bringing the Rider to be free of its influence.


Name: Kiryuu Kotomine

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kiryuu stands at 5'9" and of lean build due to his way of lifestyle in the monastery. He has black hair and brown eyes, having a pair of glasses to aid his vision (which may no longer be relevant due to what he is at present). He is usually dressed in a cassock and a stole is worn over his shoulders, letting its length reach down his legs. The clerical collar is a giveaway on what he really is.

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Yuuki

Forms: Hijack Form

Weapons: Savage Gasher

Powers: His capability as a Rider enables him to command the fallen (in context, the dead) Imagin and can reap souls of its victims.

Personality: Kiryuu holds two sides of himself. On one side, he is a warm and kind person who regards life as precious. On the other hand, his other side is grim and cold that he takes a fascination with death. The fact that his two sides conflict are a result of what happened to him and what earned him the strength to command the Ghost Train.

Background: Kiryuu Kotomine lived as a priest. He had lived the life of one from the clergy as he shepherded people into the right path. Yet as much as he watched life go by, he felt disillusioned with seeing the contradictions within people. One night, he found himself and his village at the mercy of soldiers when war broke out. As he tried to protect a child from being taken away, he was shot down numerous times. The last things that marked his memory were the soldier's laughter, the cries of the innocent and a warped smile on his face as the carnage and madness began to unfold before him as darkness claimed his consciousness. He woke up later on inside the Ghost Train, twisted by the desire to return and bring into realization the desire of pouring his wrath on all of those deemed hypocrites. Without realizing it, the train entrusted him a pass, a belt, and a set of cards for him to use. He was chosen by the Ghost Train to be its conductor.

Group: Wild-card

Other: The fact that he is actually dead but made to materialize in the realm of the living was thanks to the power granted to him as Yuuki.


Name: Aina Shion

Age: 19 (in appearance)

Race: Fangire

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Stands at 5'7", of slender build yet holds feminine contours on her body. Her hair holds a dark color, predominantly black with a tinge of azure. Her apparel would consist of a white Gothic Lolita dress with black frills. She also wears a pair of high-cut boots and adorns a blue ribbon on her hair. In a sense, she is a mirror image to Ritsu.

Other Appearance: Chameleon Fangire

Weapons: Whip

Powers: capable of melding into surroundings, having the appearance of an active cloaking or camouflage.

Background: She is Ritsu's sworn sister and mentor. What she taught her was due to the fact that she sees that not all humans are worth killing. That line of thinking had risked her to facing death, receiving a fatal blow from an unknown assassin. While she passed out, she never thought that she narrowly escaped death. Aina came to after being nursed to health by a priest. Introducing himself as Father Kotomine, he told her that she managed to fake her death. He also told her that she should stay out of sight for a while or her attackers would come for her. For all this time, she managed to hide from anyone, taking refuge in the church where Father Kotomine was stationed.

Other: Ritsu doesn't know that she is alive. Aside from which, Aina has a penchant for ice cream and plays the violin in her leisure hour.

9/13/2011 #8
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Keiji Teriyama

Age: 26

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: Well kept man who wears button up shirt usually and pants, though has been known to dress casually. He has brown hair usually slicked back with dark golden eyes. his build is slightly muscular and his height is about 5'10

Kamen Rider G Den-O

Weapons: G DenGasher- The Combination Armament G DenGasher is G Den-O's primary weapon. It's only known formations are a Gun Mode and Jute Mode shaped differently than other DenGasher esque weapons.

Powers: Has a slight ability to travel to the sands of time and several time periods but only so far back and this is because of Eve

Personality: Keiji is a calm man and will kill someone without hesitation if he needs too. He shows minimal care for human life if he believes they are in violation of his sense of justice.

Background: Keiji was a former police officer who was fired for being too excessive when apprehending criminals and sometimes ended up killing them using his self sense of justice as a justifiable reason for doing so. He found Eve and the G Den-O belt after Eve narrowly escaped being destoryed by DiEnd in an alternate timeline and after Keiji told Eve what his views on justice where Eve accepted him as his partner and Keiji became G Den-O and vowed vengeance on the police forces criminals and all those who do not fit in with his views of justice.

9/13/2011 . Edited 9/13/2011 #9

Kamen Rider Arc

Name: Callie Vanidae, Cal for short

Age: 21

Race: Human/Demon

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Tall with an athletic build, her hair is long dark brown with blue and purple streaks in it. Her eyes are purple which sets her aside from others but will sometimes wear blue contacs to hide them. She normally wears a dance outfit which consists of black tights a purple skirt black ballarina slippers, purple leg warmers, and black shirt. If not in her dance outfit she is in dark blue jeans, black tube top, with dark blue sunglasses.

Other Appearance: After transforming into her rider form she has a full body suit of armor. The armor is Violet with silver covering the face, and silver horns coming from the helmet also it appears to have silver along the lower legs (almost like leg protectors) and silver around the wrists. When the eye opens how ever watch out because she transforms iinto a full demon her armor disappearing as her skin turns black she grows a long skinny tail black horns form from her head her hair turning white with large black wings forming from her back her eyes glowing purple.

Weapons:Arc Kivat which she uses to transform into her rider form, Eye on chest of armor which she uses to transform into her demon form or open up a black hole, Sword of darkness, eye of death (on forhead), She also has a trident

Powers: Eye on chest of armor transforms her into a demon, eye of death shoots a light beam that paralysis

Personality: Has a firey spirit and is often considered a dare devil. She loves to show off at times and loves to make sure that things are done right. When she sends her minons out to do her dirty work they better do it right or they will have to pay a hefty fine.

Background: Was coming home from the dance studio one night when she saw something in the alleyway. Picking it up she became engulfed in a feeeling of dread and power all at the same time. She soon began to change even in her personality becoming more of a trickster than a loving sweet girl. Her eyes changed from blue to dark purple and soon she had to hide them. One night while fidling with the belt the armor consumed her she began to practive her weapons and powers finding out about her strength she begaon to wander the city just looking for trouble.


Other: She is a dare devil and loves to face danger and death. She would dance but also cliff dive, hang glide, and rock climbing.


Name: Catrina Butterman (nickname Cat)

Age: 22

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: She has long black hair that reaches to the bottom of her back. Her eyes are a dark brown almost black. Her smile is more of a smirk than anything. She wears short black skirts or jeans, black tanks or sleeveless shirts and long black leather boots. She also wears dark sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun.

Other Appearance: Her armor is black with gold eyes.

Weapons: Hopper sector.

Powers: Cat has a very powerful punch. She can punch several times in a minute.

Personality: She loves to play jokes and hates to help others. She hates the light and hides in dark places doing whatever she can to avoid it.

Background: After being cast out of the Shadow group she sought protection and refuge in dark places hiding where ever she could. After being given the hopper sector she vowed to get revenge on those who cast her away.

Group: None

Other: She works out a lot in the gym during her free time. She is always working on making her upper body stronger to help increase the strength and power of her punches.When she's not at the gym she loves being out and about causing trouble where ever she can.


Name: Medusa, Mummy, the Gargoyles

Age: N/A

Race: Legendorga

Gender: N/A

Human Appearance: Medusa and Mummy usually go around in large coats and hats trying to disguise themselves.

Other Appearance: Medusa looks like a young fit woman with several snakes coming from her head. Mummy looks like a muscular man wrapped all up in bandages. The gargoyles who are rarely out in public are massive monster like creatures who do what they are told.

Weapons: N/A

Powers: Medusa can use her snakes to mesmerize others. Mummy uses his bandages to hold people in place and tie them up.

Personality: Medusa and Mummy are both loyal and evil henchmen to Arc. They sever her every whim and don't question her when asked to do something. As far as smarts go they basically share one brain.

Background: After being released from their sleeps they went on the hunt to find Arc. After finding the tomb they watched over it till a young woman came to open it getting bit by Arc-Kivat and turning into Arc.

Group: They belong to the Legendorga and are head of the group.



(Kyle's Classy memory was destoryed and Yume gave him the nightmare memory to gain revenge on a few people)

Name: Kyle Markman

Age: 21

Race: Human/Dophant (Classy)

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: He has long blonde hair normally in a pony tail. He has blue eyes and pale skin. His clothes usually consist of black, brown, or khaki dress pants. His shirts are normally blue, black, red or green dress shirts. He also wears black or khaki ties. His shoes or penny loafers.

Other Appearance: His dopant form is a large golden music stand that has victorian clothes on. His white powered whig is made from sheet music that used in his Razor Sheet move.

Weapons: Sheet Music, Conductors Baton

Powers: Razor sheet is when he throws sheet music at someone. The sheets are sharp and able to cut people. His other power is his Conductors Baton that he is able to fire a lazor out of. This move is called his death ray.

Personality: Kyle is more of a cold hearted person and loves to do wrong. Even though he is polite and stuck up don't let his innocent looks fool you because he loves to commit his share of crimes when he gets the opportunity.

Background: Growing up he was always sick of being second hand to his little twin sister. Hoping she would follow in his foot steps he buys two memories giving one to his sister. When he went to use his he realized he had the wrong one and vows to steal his sisters.

Group: He is part of the Dophant group. His Dophant is called Classy.



(The nightmare dopant has been handded over to Kyle. Yume gave it to him after he was defeated as Classy)

Name: Gabe Ambit/ Nightmare Dopant

Age: 25

Race: Human/Dopant

Gender: Male

Humane Appearance: Standing about 6'1" Gabe has a muscular athletic frame. He has short jet black hair and his eyes are a dark brown almost appearing to be black themselves. He is always walking around in black dress pants and a leather jacket over his button up dress shirts.

Other Appearance: When he becomes the dopant he has a large white mask on his back and two white masks above his head. One of the two has a sad face the other is smiling. He has an golden eagle head above the smiling mask and his head is incased in a large dome. The clothing seems to be a long patchwork jacket mostly black and white with some gold and silver. His tights are black on the left leg and white on the right leg.

Weapons: dreamcatcher, blow dart gun


1)Invades the dreams of others and changes them

2)uses the dreamcatcher to put people in a coma

3)Can use the blowdart gun to shoot darts to kill or can suck people up with it and collects them in a basket

Personality: Gabe is a loner and hates to be around others. He hates to hear about others having good dreams and what people dream about. He loves to ruin dreams of others and watch others cry as their dreams fall apart.

Background: Gabe was an instructor at a Martial Arts studio and was one of the best masters there. He was a strong fighter till one day he was involved in an accident. His body was rushed to foundation X laboratories where he ended up becoming a part of an experiment and became a fighter part of NEVER. He was given an assignment to go into museum and steal their secrets but he had plans of his own. Stealing the Nightmare memory and getting it implanted into himself he became a rouge NEVER member and would fight for himself.

Group: Never



Name: Daisy Lang/ Queen

Age: 19

Race: Human/Dopant

Gender: Female


1)Human: Daisy stands 5 foot even and has a long skinny slender body. She has pale skin and green eyes and shoulder length chocolate brown wavy hair. She wears skirts and long sleeve silk blouses. The only shoes she wears are black heels.

2)Dopant: As a dopant she is very tall and has a silver tiara on her head with rubys, sapphires and emeralds.She has four wings coming from her back and has a long black mermaid style dress. She has black heels that click as she walks. On the back side of her dress is a long black stinger that a wasp would have.

Weapons: Her stinger, her scepter, crown


1)Has a ray that comes from her scepter to paralyze others

2)When she stings dopants she can control their minds

3)A large fog can emit from her crown making it hard for her opponents to see

4)She can also dive bomb her opponents

Personality: She has always been the jealous type when she was growing up and still is. She hates to share and hates when she can't get what she wants. She loves to have others cater to her needs and hates when she has to help others. She is often considered a selfish brat. As a dopant she lets the name go to her head literally and is considered drunk with power.

Background: As a young girl she would always pick fights with other girls because she would be jealous of something that they had or were going to get. She was never able to have expensive things as a child and would dream of being able to be popular and having what she wanted. She grew up hating others and became spoiled wanting everything she could get her hands on and more.Passing through the city one day she found a memory on the ground and it went into her hand. Before she knew it she was transformed into a dopant. Soon she began to hunt dopants down trying to get them to become her followers.

Group: N/A

9/13/2011 #10
Sydney Grise

Name: Yoshiya Sumadera

Age: Appears to be in his late 20s

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Human Appearance:

Yoshiya is usually seen in a black suit with a red necktie due to his position as an executive of sorts. Despite this outfit, he sports shoulder-length hair of jet black, wavy at most. His pale skin and reddish eyes are also an intriguing thing about this gentleman, something that belies about his true identity.

Other Appearance:

Yoshiya is the Category Jack of Diamonds, the Peacock Undead

Weapons: Unarmed

Powers: The capability to hurl fireballs, utilization of telekinesis, hypnosis


Reserved, professional, and a gentleman, these words would describe Yoshiya's personality around people. He may also tend to have a sense of humor that spices up his words. Despite which, he has a rather malicious side that desires bloodshed. He also has a habit of toying with his opponents before killing them off.


Memories of the previous Jack of Diamonds have been carried over, giving him knowledge about technology. This aided him in masking his identity and infiltrating one of the Technological Companies as one of its developers. He is the brain behind the G-Series, a set of armors that include the G3 and G4 systems. While G3 was a joint effort with Kyoshiro Kusaka, he worked on G4 on his own along with his pool of scientists that were under his control. He was also the man behind the G4's predictive system dubbed as the RR system, a system capable of increasing the reaction time and abilities of the user but has a risk of having the user go berserk. His true motives are still in question.

Group: Undead

Other: He likes tea, both in preparing it and drinking it.

9/13/2011 #11

Name: Victor Traman

Age: 34


Gender: Male

Human Appearance: He has short brown hair and brown eyes. Hes about 6 feet tall and always wears a trench coat and black pants and brown loafers.

Other Appearance:

Weapons: Volcancer, Advent Deck, Scissors Visor

Powers: Advent, Strike Vent, Guard Vent, Final Vent

Personality: Victor is one that if you were to meet him on the street just by looking at him you would be disgusted and think he was vile. He knows nothing about love and hates anybody who even tries to get close to him.

Background: Even as a young man Victor has had nothing but bad luck. As a youth he was running from the law and always creating trouble. When he could older he would start to commit crimes such as robbing and a few other things. He would learn about kamen riders and was even stopped by a few of them. This created his great hatred for the kamen Riders wishing they would just disappear. One night he is approached by a stranger telling him he can gain great power to do even more bad deads and that he can help to destroy the Kamen Riders. With this promise he was told to kill the one holding the Scissors deck . After following Yoshi around he soon killed him and stole the deck becoming Kamen Rider Scissors.

Group: Kamen Rider


10/2/2011 . Edited 10/2/2011 #12

Name:Naomi Matthews

Age: 23

Race: Fangire

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: She has long black hair and bright green eyes. Her body is tall and slender yet has an athletic build to it. She also has the mark of the queen from the checkmate four on her right hand. Her clothes consist of skirts, blouses or turtle necks, and a pair of black boots with high heels.

Other Appearance: As a Fangire her skin is mostly black but has colorful pear fragments all over it. The fragments are mostly pink, blue and some purple and green.

Weapons: None

Powers: Can create a string of pearls to attack her enemies.

Personality: She can be strong willed and very smart at times. She loves challenges and fighting.

Background: As a young girl she was born with a strange mark on her hand but was never told what it meant. Growing up she knew she was different and later on she soon found out just how different she was. Hearing bout others like her she set out to find out more about herself and see if they could tell her about the mark on her hand.

Group: Queen of Check Mate Four


10/2/2011 #13

Name: Core


Race: unknown

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: None

Other Appearance: Looks to be like a large Rider made from fire with a few missing patches


Powers: Pyrokinesis (burns anything that comes into contact with him and releases a green beam from mouth that can set a city on fire.), Bike Mode (lower body turns into a bike able to smash through walls)

Personality: Very c*** and believes that he is above all other Kamen Riders good or bad.

Background: Was created by three black core medals and the memory from the earth. He draws his powers from the earths memory of battles fought long ago.

Group: None


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Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: NegaUrataros, NegaKintaros, NegaRyuutaros

Age: none

Race: Imagin

Gender: male

Appearance: NegaUraros has the form of Urataros but is black and the silver parts of him blue and small spikes jut out from the shoulders, NegaKintaros colors are reversed but his horn is longer and is jagged, NegaRyuutaros is black with purple markings on him his head fin like things as sharper and pointed then Ryuutaros

Weapons: NegaUrataros uses a duel sided halberd, NegaKintaros uses an Ax that has jagged edges on the blade, and NegaRyuutaros uses duel guns

Powers: Same as Ura Kin and Ryuuta

Personality: NegaUrataros is a fast talker and able to weasel his way out of anythgn with words and loves to break the hearts of women. NegaKintaros will take any sneak attack using his strength to bully anyone if he has too, NegaRyuutaros will pick on any one and use people to attack others.

Background: They where born after taking residents in Kai and Using his memories of seeing the Taros-tachi and Negataros as a base for there forms

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Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Xero the Black greeed

Race: Greeed

Gender: male

Appearance: In his greeed form his head is similar to saswords head, his midsection is slightly armored and his arms have pincer claws that covers his hands like kazari's claws do for his, his lower body has ridged edges on the legs. His human appearance is that up a man with light brown hair that goes to hid neck length usualy wearing a white jacket over a black shirt and black pants and shoes

Powers: He can vanish in cell medals, his pincers can be used to crush and smash into things, and create yummys based on arachnids and crusteaceans, shell creatures

Personailty: Calm and never prone to anger but will get obsessive over his core medals every once in a while.

Background: He was created when Kazari tried to make a yummy from Tsukasa but the cell medal was corrupted by Tsukasa's power and mulitpoled into cell medals and 10 of them becoming black core medals.

10/9/2011 #16

Name: Poseidon

Age: unknown

Race: Greed

Gender: Male

Human Appearance:

Other Appearance:Poseidon is made up of three unique medals. The light blue shark medal for his head, the dark blue whale medal for his torso and the dark red seawolf medal which consists of his legs. These medals form to create this greed which has a light blue armor on the head, dark blue on the chest with spiked shoulder blades and dark red armor on the legs and as boots.

Weapons:Poseidon Driver (Like OOO's this driver uses core medals to transform but unlike OOO's it does not need a scanner and the medals are in a triangular shape not in a line), Deepest Harpoon (Main wepon. Spear that he carries around with him.)

Powers: Has the ability to use water to help him fight and travel.

Personality: Poseidon is angered and wishes to destroy the Kamen Riders from the past to prevent the Kamen Riders of the future from ever becoming Kamen Riders.

Background: At first greed was the result of Michal being possessed due to the amount of core medals in his body. He could not transform into Kamen Rider Aqua due to his fear of water so he was given the driver by boss to transform. When he was not strong enough he was ready to give up but soon all these medals came from the past and absorbed into his body. Not being able to control himself with the medals they took over causing him to become evil and turn into Kamen Rider Poseidon. Going into the past to eliminate all of the Kamen Riders he faced OOO and Ankh who removed the three core medals from his body. Once done Poseidon was able to become a being of his own accord and was able to leave Michal's body allowing him free will and range to do as he pleased.

Group: Greed


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