Civilization 6 RPG
Atlantis08 here and due the decline of an actual forum about civilizations I-V, i decided to make my own. Here you can RPG an existing empire, add one, or make one up as you go along. Feel free to talk about ideas or suggestions that could be possible in
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L4 of the WEST

no i just do thing with out thinking when not rping

6/23/2012 #31

The Magnorians would never eat babies! Althou, before there the age of three they look like large worms, and when they hit the age of 2 1/2 they create a hard cocoon that hatches after half a year into a 2 foot tall Magnorian.

6/23/2012 #32
Erm...When does the RP start? The Viking Empire likes to expand, so an early priority is the whole of Europe. Then the Vikings will expand throughout the Arctic (that does include Canada; watch out North American Empires) before spreading southwards on all continents, like an immense wave.
6/24/2012 #33
L4 of the WEST

that my god sir is up to Atlantis which would also require him to make a civ to

6/24/2012 #34
L4 of the WEST

what's up?

7/2/2012 #35
Imperator Augustus

Hello out there. I represent the Thousand Cities Empire. The decendent of Rome and the one force capable of uniting the globe

7/3/2012 #36
L4 of the WEST

Hello i represent the Confederated Nations of California and we do not recognize your clam to "uniting the globe"

out of character

yo welcome now here the new map as you can see i gave you easterner Europe but the other places are shaded different this represents areas that are under your influences e (vesslas small colony naboring contrary that sort of thing" but are not producing thins for you empire ye

why is it like that you may ask it to limit the size of are nations at the start to a core country

here the new map

7/3/2012 #37
Imperator Augustus

Then you will fall before the new armies of Rome


Thank you. What color am I on the map

7/3/2012 #38
Imperator Augustus

nevermind, I get the map now

7/3/2012 #39
L4 of the WEST

you have to get to us first

(yeah as the map shows your a long way away

7/3/2012 #40
Imperator Augustus

We will

(The Empire retained modern technology, unlike the rest of planet)

7/3/2012 #41
L4 of the WEST

not with out us knowing which means we will be ready for you

(industrialize tech is nothing to take a lightly)

7/3/2012 #42
Imperator Augustus

You know nothing of our weapons, show respect towards the worlds only superpower

(The industrial revolution was dirty and only efficient for a short time)

7/3/2012 #43
L4 of the WEST

you know nothing of are tactics and it you who should show respect to the biggest home to democracy and republics

(ha this is fun)

7/3/2012 #44
Imperator Augustus

Democracy is a pointless government. The guiding hand of an 'Augustus' (First Citizen or Emperor) prevents the stalls that plague Democracies

(XD. When should we bury the hatchet?)

7/3/2012 #45
L4 of the WEST

that it prepare the fleet were invading Spain

(hmmm... not sure)

7/3/2012 #46
Imperator Augustus

This was the biggest mistake you could make. Launch the 3rd fleet, reduce Sacremento to ash

(The rp hasn't even started and we already at war LoL)

7/3/2012 #47
L4 of the WEST


*narrows eyes* fire the emp bomb at Italy

7/3/2012 #48
Imperator Augustus

(WoMD strikes. That didn't take long)

Launch an ICBM to Los Angeles

7/3/2012 #49
L4 of the WEST

hahah like we car about L. fing A. but sirisly you kept your nukes?

(i wouldn't classify an emp as a WoMD)

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #50
Imperator Augustus

The British and French silos were still operational when we rediscovered them, of course we kept them. Why would we waste that kind of weaponry. Launch another towards San Fransisco


7/3/2012 #51
L4 of the WEST

you bastred fire all are EMPs... unlike you evil scum we tuned all the nukes we found in to emps and we have enough to put you back in to the dark ages

(points up)

7/3/2012 #52
Imperator Augustus

'Damnant' fire interceptor missles. We only one ICBM is needed to destroy your agricultural base for the next 100 years

(Points to the hundreds of missle streaks leading from the Alps and southern England)

7/3/2012 #53
L4 of the WEST

*waits* now * emp go off bringing down your nuke* ha knew that would now for the rest of you nation

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #54
Imperator Augustus

Wait a minute, why did we start trying to kill each other? *interceptor missles down emps*

7/3/2012 #55
L4 of the WEST

ahh you bad mouthed my government i think?

*all the damaged junk falls in Vaerelin Empire*

7/3/2012 #56
Imperator Augustus

Dosen't your government allow free speech?

*Imperial Posidon Heavy Battleships steam into Vaerelin waters*

7/3/2012 #57
L4 of the WEST

*9 oil fired steam destroyers from the 4 fleet guarding a oil fired steam battleship with some sort of large cannon mounted on the back turret are sailing just outside Vaerelin waters in case they call for aid*

the governments body of each nation with in the CNC do allow free speech but the company dose not allow outsider to speak ill of us

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #58
Imperator Augustus

*Imperial 3rd fleet steams within visual range. 4 Posidons guard a fully loaded aircraft carrier*

The workings of a Democratic government are an enigma to us. If you do not fire upon us, we will not fire upon you and vice versa

7/3/2012 #59
L4 of the WEST

then it agreed were at cold war status

*the large cannon on the back of the battleship aims at the closes Posidon*

7/3/2012 #60
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