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V rex
I just thought people might want to post pikmin 3 ideas so I created a topic! I'll post my ideas up soon.
9/6/2006 #1
12/17/2006 #2
Great Thumbs of Wisdom
It needs Green Pikmin. I mean, come on, it's just natural! They're green, like plants, and Pikmin are like plants. Green Pikmin should be immune to acid. (BY THE WAY: acid-resistant Pikmin, most likely greenies, are almost guaranteed to be in Pikmin 3) There should also be Bulborgs; half bulborb, half Man-at-legs-type-thing. (A NINTENDO REPRESENTIVE CONTACTED ME ABOUT THIS AND SAID HE'D TELL MYAMITO ABOUT IT! IT'S JUST WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING FOR!) I ain't lying. They need these things... but I'm pretty sure Myamito will put Bulborgs in there. If they are in their (big cannons on their back and a cybernetic eye), or something close, you could just look at the credits, in the SPECIAL THANKS section. You'd probably see "Huge" or A Mutant Yellow Arises in there... :) Don't listen to me. I am just ranting on and on... and on... and on... and on...
1/31/2007 #3
No, a Nintendo representative didn't contact you. An automated message from Nintendo didn't even contact you if they said that they needed ideas for Pikmin 3, because Nintendo didn't make that game.
2/22/2007 #4
V rex
In my fic there will be a new type of pikmin
2/22/2007 #5
churro of hell
if we had green pikmin imuned to acids, that means they should be imuned to poison. obvoisly they will be acid pools, so green pikmin can travel in water.
7/19/2007 #6
V rex
Well one of the most obvious things is pikmin 3 WILL be for the wii. So I was thinking about the controls. Wii Remote: Obviously this will be your cursor you use to aim pikmin where you want to throw them. Aim the Wii Remote at the screen and there you have it, a cursor. Also they will probably make the best use of being able to imitate motions, So probably making a "throwing" action with the remote will throw a pikmin (Also hold down the b trigger to pick up the pikmin and release when thrown). And making rapid circular motions with the remote will be like the c stick so you can command all your pikmin. Holding the b trigger simply could be used to pluck pikmin from the ground The d pad will prbably still be the same as a gamecube controller, with one button to switch pikmin and two for the two sprays. This still leaves one d pad button (Left one) reserved for another spray. The one and two buttons could be used to switch between the two leaders. Very simple and easy. The A button is now your whistle. Hold B and A to dismiss One of the remaining buttons is pause. The Nunchuk: It's obvious that you will be using the analog stick to move your Leader. Enough said. The last two buttons (The Z trigger and the C button) Are left with the tricky job of camera work. A problem that plagues most third person games. The Z trigger would be used to zoom in. And the C button would be to change your camera angle. Holding Z and C would be to zoom out. I hope I covered everything. Tell me if I didn't and post your own ideas!
8/8/2007 #7
I came up, a long time ago, a concept for green pikmin. They and a few other colours will also be included into my story (Extinction). They will have four arms! They can climb, can carry multiple objects, and won't be easily shaken off by enemies! Other ideas include: - Black pikmin (Big dandelion puff on their stem). They can float through the air. - Turquoise pikmin (Blue eyes, and fur growing from their torso). They can survive the cold, and break down ice walls. - Brown pikmin (Big claws on hands). Live underground, and attack with their claws. Possibly a savage tribe. - Mottled Pikmin (Camo). Can't be seen in plants. They'll be a savage pikmin tribe. These ideas im not sure of... tell me if/how i can improve them, and/or if their good, or bad. - Orange pikmin (Fire in their flowers). Generate fire and use it against enemies. They'll be a savage tribe. - Bugmin (4 eyes, really long and thin stem). Pikmin under control of the antenna beetles. - Gripmin (Made of rock, spike on stem). Live on the ground. Onion (Rock thing) lives permanently on the ground, and needs to be carried. So they build walls at night to protect it. They also use bomb rocks (I origionally thought them to be grey pikmin, but pikmin made of rock are so much cooler). - Grassmin (Small, have a piece of grass on their stem). Live underground with grass showing. Whenever a creature comes over, they jump up and stab them. Their onion is underground. Well, that covers it. Tell me any ideas of yours, how I can improve mine, and what else can be savage. Please!
11/14/2007 #8
Sry, know its not pikmin 3, and for ideas of the controls, you toss the pikmin by holding down a, bringing it around your head, throwing by bringing it forward and releasing a.
11/14/2007 #9
For pikmin color ideas, here are some. (I own this presentation of the colors) Orange: can walk through acid pools (blues can too, but when acid is sprayed, blues are not immune), can also use special dirt piles to make walls around Onions, can make long lasting bridges. Green: have tiny, nearly microscopic, black lines on body, use this to break up outline, can turn invisible when in danger or when disbanded. Sky Blue, or Furry: immune to ice, clawed hands make it so they cant be shaken off. Long stem allows them to stand away from enemies. Browns: ten times defense, immune to fire, electricity, and poison. Not immune to water. Can not be squished by Dweevils or boulders, can be squished by Empress Bublax. Tans: taller, and longer limbed than others. Can walk through quicksand. Use long stem/antennae to whack enemies from a distance. Pinks: small, dainty, and immune to explosions. Almost as fast as whites. Grays: small, frail, and numerous. Can produce twice as many pikmin as others. When only grays are in field, you can have up to 150. Can swarm enemies by climbing up their legs and attacking. Black: blacks are like toadmin. Evil. Immune to smoke (like poison, but whites arent immune to it, just maneuver around), will eat pikmin for energy. For more info, see Pikmin, by me. Duh.
1/16/2008 #10
Well, for those ideas, I have multiple similarities among the descriptions of some of MY pikmin. Oranges can create fire (blue eyes and fire on flower), browns can tunnel (big claws), greens have more arms (can carry more stuff and can't be shaken off, can also climb), ice blue can survive in ice, can also pick up snow (furry, blue eyes), camo (can blend in with surroundings) are a "savage" pikmin tribe in my story. Grass pikmin are thin and live under the ground. They stab their enemies when they pass over. My origional gritmin idea was the grey pikmin, their onion couldn't move and they needed to build walls to protect it. Tan pikmin were savage and were beastlike. Black pikmin are small and instead of flowers had those dandelion things. They could float, and their onion permanently lives in the sky. So there are all of my pikmin ideas and will eventually appear in my story. I hope they gave YOU some ideas as well. Not to say yours are bad. i think some of yours are better than mine! If you haven't already, check out my story. I'll update soon, so don't worry if you've been waiting. So there! Hope to see reviews soon!
1/16/2008 #11
I referred to my story in the last one. Sry, I confused myself. Dammit, which forum is which!?
1/16/2008 #12
Heres an idea for the 3rd pikmin game. Olimar and Louie return to Hocotate. Olimar intends to sell the bodies to a museum and Louie soon becomes famous as a chef of rare animals. However, when Olimar goes to by the Dolphin back from the loan company, they said that they had already sold it. Three days later, the president goes missing. Olimar and, reluctantly, Louie try to find out what happened. They discover that the president was going to meet someone, the person who bought the Dolphin, to see if he could buy it. However, when they went out to test drive the ship, it turns out they have no control. Ever loyal to Olimar, the ship refused to take orders, and simply followed its last recoreded course. Back to Pikmin Planet! The two crash, and the ship is destroyed, again. When Olimar and Louie find out, they head to the planet. There, they rebuild the dolphin, use new pikmin to overcome new foes, and try to find the president. When they do, they find out that the man who bought the dolphin is evil, and has taken over the Black Pikmin. After a ferocious battle, the evil pikmin and their master are sucked into a whirpool, surrounded by porcelain. I have other ideas if you like this one.
1/18/2008 #13
Wuuut? Iss pretty good. I like it. My idea's similar. When they return, Olimar buys back the dolophin. Louie, being mind controlled by an insect not mentioned in the previous game, takes the ship back to the pikmin planet. Olimar and pres. return as well to find him. The ship loses fuel, as they forgot in a hurry and forget to check the gauge. Or the same bug has mind powers and sends it down. Whatever. But they find Louie, and discover that the bug has an army of his own... of ant... or something. And they defeat the bug that took Louie's mind over. There. it sucks, but it seems interesting enough.
1/18/2008 #14
Heres an idea, when the trio returns, they get rich, and all goes smoothly until the government finds out where they went. The few higher ups believe in the planet, and wish to keep it a secret, the lower downs dont believe and think the three stole the stuff, or their insane. In this game, you start on Hocotate, where you fight your way through the guards to get away. Louie, your family, and Louies bug-scientist girlfreind are captured. After massing the Hocotate Freight employees, you steal the Dolphin back. Then the Ship, the President, the Army of Hocotate Freigh employees, and you head to the Prison Place. After freeing your family and Louie/Louies girlfreind, you take off. Olimar must then travel alone to the pikmin planet, where he must find a suitable place for the others to live. When they come down, the president orders you and Louie to go on another treasure hunt, while the President, his wife, you family, and everyone else prepare the colony. This game would have 10 levels, each about 2 to 3 times as large as the originals. (would include the originals, just slightly changed)
1/27/2008 #15
1/27/2008 #16
Good or bad Interesting?
1/27/2008 #17
Good.. it's not bad.
1/27/2008 #18
Cool, I think its better than the other one of mine.
1/27/2008 #19
Mine sucks. ... ... ... ...But I still like it better.
1/27/2008 #20
It needs some refinement, but it is interesting. Heres a good one. Olimar and Louie are forced by the government to go back to the pikmin planet to get the Dolphin (which was stolen) back. If they succeed, theyll be paid, and theyll get the Dolphin. When they get there, they find out that the robber actually learned to control the black and gray pikmin. (See Pikmin) Therefore, you declare war on him, and attack all the blacks and grays.
1/28/2008 #21
Wut'r they're powers? Good idea, btw
1/28/2008 #22
The blacks and grays? You could see Pikmin for this you know. Blacks: immune to smoke, a poison like substance whites aren't immune to. Grays: twice as many pikmin as others. Up to 200 at a time. Weak though.
1/29/2008 #23
I though it was 150 grays. And yes, those are good ideas... may I have some critique on mine, tho? I feel left out... I'll try reading your stories sometime. You're pretty imaginative.
1/30/2008 #24
Thank you! Sorry about the gray thing, when they are enemies had to make them tougher, so I upped it to 200. What do you want critiquing on? Your story is pretty good. You do need to refine it, but it is awesome. Your story is the second on my favorites list. (one of only 2) You are the 6th or 7th on my author favorites list. (out of 7) You have an AWESOME! story, and you need to update it. NOTE: PEOPLE OF FANFICTION!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT READ OUR FAIR LEADER BY SIANARIS, OR EXTINCTION BY PENWRAITH, MAY THE GHOST OF JAZZ AND CLASSICAL MUSIC HAUNT YOUOUUOUOOUUOUOU!!!!!!!!!!!! (and you havent lived till youve read them. Of course, Sianaris has disappeared from the face of fanfiction, sooo)
1/30/2008 #25
I'm sorry bout that, too... Sianaris' story was inspiring. I wanted more of it.
1/31/2008 #26
V rex
Sorry 'bout the delay on all my stories, but at Christmas I got an X-Box 360 which I was droolingo over until exams came up (I had 4) but now that it's all done, I can promise some fabulous updates, Devastating is already updated right now!
1/31/2008 #27
V rex
Oh anybody, agree, disagree with the Wii controls?
1/31/2008 #28
1/31/2008 #29
V rex
Uh yeah, if not 21 people will kill me, give or take.
1/31/2008 #30
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