Live in the American Revolutionary war.
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Haddad Hatter

Abe holds his ringing head and sighs.

"I hesitated but I don't lie Mary." He states holding his head, and looking woozy. His eyes roll back.

"You also hit very har...." He flops back on the pillows, ko'ed by a water basin.

4/29/2012 #841
"Abe "Mary said going back to him.
4/29/2012 #842
Haddad Hatter

"Ugh..." He mumbles holding his head.

"Damit Mary that hurt..."

4/29/2012 #843
"Im sorry "Mary said
4/29/2012 #844
Haddad Hatter

(Time lapse?)

Later that day Abe went out for a walk to clear his aching head. Unfortunately it began to storm, and all he had with him was his old broken umbrella. He sighs and looks up at the sky. He comes home, walking with his head bowed up the stairs of the white house and into the parlor.

"Acho!" Abe sneezes once, sopping wet. He rubs his red nose and sniffles once, blinking a couple times in rapid succession.

4/29/2012 #845
"Daddy is sick i go get mommy "Willie said
4/29/2012 #846
Haddad Hatter

Abe sighs and throws off his wet hat, he grabs the mail, shifting through the papers a moment. He begins to take off his wet clothing and throw it on a chair. He took off his jacket, then his tie and vest, followed by his suspenders. He decided against however unbuttoning his shirt in William's presence.

4/29/2012 #847
"Abe you are sick rest."Mary said
4/29/2012 #848
Haddad Hatter

"I'm fine Mary." He states and goes to the oval office. He sits down behind his desk, and tries not to sneeze four times a minute.

He fails miserably.

4/29/2012 #849
"Abe you need sleep "Mary said
4/29/2012 #850
Haddad Hatter

"Just a spring cold." Abe states and dips his pen in the inkwell. He begins to write something, but then sneezes, signing his name funny on the paper.


4/29/2012 #851
"It would be better for the country if you rest "Mary said
4/29/2012 #852
Haddad Hatter

Abe frowns.

"I'm fine M-acho!-Mary..." He rubs his nose and blinks a couple times.

4/29/2012 #853
"Honey "Mary said
4/29/2012 #854
Haddad Hatter

"Yes dear?" Abraham looks up.

4/29/2012 #855
"Rest."Mary said
4/29/2012 #856
Haddad Hatter

"Mary, I'm not going to go-." He puts his pen down and frowns slightly.

"I feel faint..." He collapses onto the desk, ink soaking half his face.

4/29/2012 #857
Mary got the ink off his face
4/29/2012 #858
Haddad Hatter

"Mary?" Abe m***, not opening his eyes. "Someone get my wife..."

4/29/2012 #859
"Im here "Mary said
4/29/2012 #860
Haddad Hatter

"George Washington died of pneumonia..." Abe says quietly and sits back in his chair.

4/29/2012 #861
"Rest and take medicine please"Mary said holding his hand
4/29/2012 #862
Haddad Hatter

"Medicine? Bah." Abe shakes his head.

"But I will remain here, and rest. I haven't the strength to stand."

4/29/2012 #863
Mary moves the ink to a shelf spilling a little bit.
4/29/2012 #864
Haddad Hatter

Abe sighs and leans his head over the back of the chair, being tall enough to do this. He closes his eyes.

"After this I resolve never to be sick again." He states and nods once.

4/29/2012 #865
"Have a nice rest "Mary said
4/29/2012 #866
Haddad Hatter

"Okay." Abe sighs.

"Don't let anyone in." He unlatches his suspenders and puts them on the desk. He takes off his wet shoes as well and sighs. He puts them on the desk too, the leather ruined. He unbuttons his shirt, revealing the lean frame.

4/29/2012 #867
Mary kissed him.
4/29/2012 #868
Haddad Hatter

"I'm sick dear..." He says after a long kiss.

4/29/2012 #869
"I know....im still sorry about the basin "Mary said
4/29/2012 #870
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