Live in the American Revolutionary war.
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Slytherinwitch 101
The government controls everything what you eat your calories are counted and you live to be 99. Marriages are picked at 17 and acted upon 21.
4/13/2012 #1
Slytherinwitch 101
Alexander was waiting in line for his spouses packet...-------Lola was popping her gum reading a book.
4/13/2012 #2

Alice looks at her younger sister sadly and goes outside early in the morning

(She's kind of like Katniss.)

4/13/2012 #3

Montgomery walks to the circle, his nose stuck in a book. A couple of girls giggle as he flips the hair from his face.

4/13/2012 #4

She sneaks out and runs into Montgomery. She stands up

4/13/2012 #5
Slytherinwitch 101
Alexander got it and waited for his spouse to get his. ----------Lola got hers and put her gum behind her ear.
4/13/2012 #6

"Hello miss." He says and a couple girls glare at her jealously.

4/13/2012 #7

Alice looks at him "Hi."

4/13/2012 #8
Slytherinwitch 101
A policeman walks over to the two.
4/13/2012 #9

He smiles slightly and takes off his glasses. He puts them in the V of his shirt.

"Good morning officer."

4/13/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #10

Alice doesn't say any thing.

4/13/2012 #11
Slytherinwitch 101
"You two if you're 17 you're supposed to be at the match making office getting your spouses forms."The cops said putting a hand on their shoulders
4/13/2012 #12

Montgomery shrugs and opens the book. He shows the officer the papers, putting his glasses back on.

4/13/2012 #13

"I'm sixteen I turn seventeen tomorrow." she says wrenching her arm away

4/13/2012 #14
Slytherinwitch 101
Lola walks home opening her papers she got a bookworm maybe it wouldn't be so bad.--------Alexander looked at his forms she was pretty and now he was scared
4/13/2012 #15

She goes out towards the woods.

4/13/2012 #16

Montgomery looks at the girl, examining her face for any insight.

4/13/2012 #17
Slytherinwitch 101
Lola eyes were dark brown almost black her hair was purple a blue cut into a bob.
4/13/2012 #18

She flashes a glances at him and then disappears from sight

4/13/2012 #19

"Oh dear..." Montgomery mutters.

"This should be interesting."

4/13/2012 #20

She comes back late at night with a deer.

4/13/2012 #21
Slytherinwitch 101
On her hobbies it said writing, reading, and poetry
4/13/2012 #22

"Mom! Im home." she says bringing the dead deer with her.

4/13/2012 #23

"Perhaps..." He sighs.

"Ah well." He chuckles.

"As long as there's one more hobby there."

4/13/2012 #24
Slytherinwitch 101
"Good honey."Her mother said
4/13/2012 #25

She hugs her younger sister. "Hi Emmiline." she gets the deer ready

4/13/2012 #26
Slytherinwitch 101
Lola was too busy reading one of edgar Allen poe books she ran into him making all her match stuff shuffle with his.
4/13/2012 #27

"Terribly sorry!" Montgomery stoops to help her with her papers, but as he picks up the papers he begins to realize.

"I'm Montgomery." He states handing her the papers.

4/13/2012 #28

They sit down and eat without a sound like always.

4/13/2012 #29
Slytherinwitch 101
"Im Lola hey just so you know i lied about my heros its reall Edgar allen poe but i didnt want some freak."Lola said
4/13/2012 #30
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