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Slytherinwitch 101
I know it isn't Christmas yet but I'm bored and thought it would be fun.
6/13/2012 #1
Slytherinwitch 101
Emily,Bob's wife came in shivering clutching a huge chunk of coal.
6/13/2012 #2

Bob looks up from the bills, which again, are not adding up. The bills themselves are clustered around him, and in front of him is his few coins from the factory.

"Where did you get that?" Robert asks with a small smile.

6/14/2012 #3
Slytherinwitch 101
"Outside a man was throwing them at people screaming "Emily said shaking
6/14/2012 #4

"Oh Em..." Robert sighs and stands up, his legs cracking. He walks over to her slowly, his knees are killing him. He has to stand all day pulling the same lever, so naturally he's exhausted from his 14 hour work day.

"Allow me." He takes the coal from her and kisses her once.

6/14/2012 . Edited 6/14/2012 #5
Slytherinwitch 101
"Enough for the year "
6/14/2012 #6

He nods and sets it by the fire. Once he stands up, Bob goes back to the bills. His shoulders are dropped in a defeated manner.

6/14/2012 #7
Slytherinwitch 101
"Sit."Emily said and went to get tim.
6/14/2012 #8

Robert sits down, he scrunches his face once and yawns. His hands grasp the arm of the chair and he pulls himself close to the table.

6/14/2012 #9
Slytherinwitch 101
"Daddy "Tim said in Emily's arms
6/14/2012 #10

Robert brightens slightly, resting his head on the back of his chair in order to see his son.

"Hello Tim." He says quietly.

6/14/2012 #11
Slytherinwitch 101
"What's wrong "
6/14/2012 #12

"I'm just tired." Bob says hanging his head. He tilts his head back again and smiles a little.

6/14/2012 #13
Slytherinwitch 101
"Sleep "
6/14/2012 #14

Robert hesitates.

6/14/2012 #15
Slytherinwitch 101
Emily kissed his head and said "Do it...for me"
6/14/2012 #16

Robert scooches down in his chair nestling against the side. He yawns and closes his eyes.

6/14/2012 #17
Slytherinwitch 101
Emily sighed leaning back..she was supposed to make a squirrel be a dinner for 7 people.
6/14/2012 #18

Robert snores loudly, and blinks. He rolls his head off the back of his chair and blinks a couple times.

"Bills..." His hands sifts through the papers.

6/14/2012 #19
Slytherinwitch 101
"We'll do something "
6/14/2012 #20

"Before or after I..." He gulps and looks at his fingers.

6/14/2012 #21
Slytherinwitch 101
"Before "
6/14/2012 #22

He sighs.

"Jennie lost her hand today, there'll be a job opening at the factory."

6/14/2012 #23
Slytherinwitch 101
"How is Jennie's family "Emily asked
6/14/2012 #24

"leaving town." He coughs slightly. Bob is pale.

6/14/2012 #25
Slytherinwitch 101
"Reat before you have to go back."Emily said
6/14/2012 #26

He sighs and stands, going to their bedroom.

6/14/2012 #27
Slytherinwitch 101
Emily had Tim read a little to her since she could.
6/14/2012 #28

He lays on a small bed, every hinge creaking. He opens his maw and lets out a groan.

6/14/2012 #29
Slytherinwitch 101
Emily put Tim down for a nap.---She slumpt on the bed crying
6/14/2012 #30
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