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Slytherinwitch 101
Be any zoo animal. The head zoo keeper is amazing.
9/29/2012 #1

A leopard walks around in his cage.

9/29/2012 #2
Slytherinwitch 101
"It will be okay (insert name of leopard) you get a mate today "The zoo keeper said holding meat on a stick for him
9/29/2012 #3

Ramses wanders aimlessly over and bites on the meat stick. He gives the Zoo keeper a look as if to say...

And how is that a good thing?

9/29/2012 #4
Slytherinwitch 101
"Come on she isn't bad think of the baby leopards crawling and trying to bite your tail."
9/29/2012 #5

He glares at the zoo keeper, and pulls the bone out of her hands so he can chew on it. He looks at her for a bit, chewing on the bone. He smirks slightly at the thought of dominance over another, then continues chewing. He snaps up a piece of meat.

Whatever. He looks dismissive.

9/29/2012 . Edited 9/29/2012 #6
Slytherinwitch 101
"Atleast you don't have to date guys "She said flinging a hand back slapping the elderly boss that was a grandpa to him
9/29/2012 #7

He growls and stands up, hissing as he walks towards her. He looks at her.

Apologize. He growls louder, his tail twitching in anger. No one slaps his grandpa, even though the old man hadn't even awoken.

9/29/2012 #8
Slytherinwitch 101
"Dr Lincoln I'm so sorry I talk with my hands "She said putting a wet cloth on his head
9/29/2012 #9

Ramses lays back down, nonchalant again. He grabs his bone and drags it back over so that he can listen to her talk while he chews.

9/29/2012 #10
Slytherinwitch 101
They end up laughing about putting om smooth jazz to get them in the mood then she walked off to check on the female. (I can be her if you'd be a vet)
9/29/2012 #11


Ramses looks around in confusion and then continues to chew on his bone. The vet goes in to check on the female one last time.

9/29/2012 #12
Slytherinwitch 101
The female Mui was backed into a corner not letting the vet check her.
9/29/2012 #13

"Mui." He says softly, kneeling. He looks for her. "Please." He says quietly.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I'm trying to help you." He states.

9/29/2012 #14
Slytherinwitch 101
She creeped out slowly licking her paw bruises. She was abused in captivity before.
9/29/2012 #15

"Thank you." He says softly, sitting criss cross.

"Now I'm going to put something on those so they'll heal faster alright?" He says soothingly. "It's going to sting a bit because they're fresh."

9/29/2012 #16
Slytherinwitch 101
She put her head on his shoe.
9/29/2012 #17

He grabs some cream and gently puts it on her, making small talk as he does so.

"I've seen Ramses a couple times. He rarely gets into fights." He states, putting it on her neck. "Although, he's so big I think the others are scared of him."

9/29/2012 #18
Slytherinwitch 101
She whimpered
9/29/2012 #19

"Shh honey it's okay." He says softly.

"I'm just going to do the big ones today." He does a couple by her back.

9/29/2012 #20
Slytherinwitch 101
She untied his shoes. (I'm thinking the zookeeper and vet are close winky face)
9/29/2012 #21

(Or they have a crush on each other)

He laughs.

9/29/2012 #22
Slytherinwitch 101
(Yeah) She came back to Ramese.----A picture fell out of his pocket she put her paw on it.
9/29/2012 #23

A female timber wolf paces in her incloser

9/29/2012 #24
Slytherinwitch 101
A kid is watching her. She's drawing a picture.
9/29/2012 #25

She puts her paws on the fence as she stands on her hind legs, she was named Dakota because thata where she was found as a pup

9/29/2012 #26
Slytherinwitch 101
"Hi Bakoda "The girl said only 3.
9/29/2012 #27

She moves and growls she paces around her cage again. She's almost two so in Janurary to March she'll start wanting to mate and a pack

9/29/2012 #28
Slytherinwitch 101
The zookeeper that normally takes care of her watched and said "Dakota the mate is coming along "
9/29/2012 #29

She seems to under stand her. Her odd red tail wags. Her coloring is almost impossible. She's a red wolf

9/29/2012 #30
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