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Slytherinwitch 101
An alternate universe where monsters hide away from humans.
10/5/2012 #1

(I watch these every halloween.)

10/5/2012 #2


10/5/2012 #3
Slytherinwitch 101
(I call being a vampire dentist. I've always loved these movies)
10/6/2012 #4

(Uhhhhh. Hm.)

10/6/2012 #5
Slytherinwitch 101
(Be any monster)
10/6/2012 #6

(I've pretty much run out of character ideas.)

10/6/2012 #7
Slytherinwitch 101
(Frankenstein, a zombie, wizard, warlock)
10/6/2012 #8

name: Eichler Doisneau

Age: 243

Personality: A charitable man that typically dresses well, in silks and suits that are normally darker blues and greens. He smiles often and always carries an umbrella. Despite his kindness, he is rather shy and reserved, and does not like to be disturbed.

Race: Naid/Wizard

Looks: 5'8 with pale pale skin and lips that have a slight bluish hue to them. He typically wears a long coat, black boots, brown or black pants, black belt, a blue or green vest, a white, grey, or black shirt, an assortment of ties, sometimes glasses, and a top hat with a band that matches the tie. He has blue eyes and black hair. His skin looks like it's glass mixed with diamonds, but white-ish.

10/6/2012 . Edited 10/6/2012 #9
Slytherinwitch 101
(Yay) Juliet smiled opening her dentist office
10/6/2012 #10

Eich walks down the street, punctual, needing his teeth to be checked. Like most naiads, he only has canine teeth and they pop out and hurt quite a lot. He doesn't look much older then thirty, being his skin is so smooth and pale.

10/6/2012 #11
Slytherinwitch 101
Juliet decided to leave the spider webs up.
10/6/2012 #12

He steps inside softly, signs himself in, and sits down.

10/6/2012 #13
Slytherinwitch 101
He's told to follow a 5 year old to the back and wait for Dr.Acula (I couldn't help it)
10/6/2012 #14


He follows silently.

10/6/2012 #15
Slytherinwitch 101
The little girl told him that Dr.Acula was nice and gives us toys.
10/6/2012 #16

He smiles slightly, without his teeth of course. He doesn't want to freak the child out.

10/6/2012 #17
Slytherinwitch 101
Juliet came in silently ....not really she tripped over nothing and fell.
10/6/2012 #18

His head immediately turns and he jogs over to where the woman is, helping her back up.

"Are you alright misss?" He asks silently, his voice like liquid gold.

10/6/2012 #19
Slytherinwitch 101
"Yes I'm guessing you're a new patient "
10/6/2012 #20

He nods once curtly, and lets go of her, assured she has her balance.

10/6/2012 #21
Slytherinwitch 101
"Sit "
10/6/2012 #22

He does so, and leans his umbrella by the chair. The head of the handle looks to be a silver scaled dragon with blue eyes.

10/6/2012 #23
Slytherinwitch 101
"Nice umbrella open "
10/6/2012 #24

He does so, revealing two rows of sharp shark like teeth.

10/6/2012 #25
Slytherinwitch 101
She flips in a book then begins looking
10/6/2012 #26

He looks at her for a moment, and then continues to look at the ceiling.

10/6/2012 #27
Slytherinwitch 101
"A few teeth are rotten extracting them would be the most painless way unless you'd like them to fall out "
10/6/2012 #28

Once he's sure her hand is out of his mouth, he sits up slightly.

"I'd rather have them pulled if it's all the same."

10/6/2012 #29
Slytherinwitch 101
"Good "Juliet said getting on gloves. She set the kid to the toy room ..:
10/6/2012 #30
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