Hetalia RP for the whole world!
Any Oc's and main characters can join in. you can even be tony,kuma or any countries pets as well. you can be a made up country aswell, you can do up to two countries and one pet as a limted
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so if you have a OC's and want to add in here you have do this, they can be may up country!!

Country/State/City/Animal:(If yourself then skip this or say none of these)

Human Name:

Age in Appearnce:




Enemies/People they hate:

Extra Facts:

Country/State/City:Unknown lands

Human Name: Kara 'Forgotten' Daystar

Age in Appearnce:20

Appearance: Has long brown hair with a silver line in it, her right eye has a cut though it as she can't use it and her left eye is Green. wears jeans and a white blouse and a black jacket. always has a sword by herside.

Personality:Kind, Friendly, protective, very emotional. rarely angry unless it war,

Allies/Friends: Hasn't met anyone yet so doesn't know

Enemies/People they hate: ''

Extra Facts: she older than rome and had been living for a long time but her land has be hidden by the world until now this is why she knows no one.has a pet gary wolf which follows her every where.

11/6/2011 #1
So if we are already in the chat, we just put in the information here~
11/7/2011 #2

I think it would be helpfull if you did.

11/7/2011 #3

Yeah, that would be helpful!!

11/8/2011 #4

Alright here goes~

Name: Alicia Maria Santiago Carriedo/Mexico

Age: 201 (Independence Day), Appears to be in her late teens

Height/Weight: 5'0", 110lbs.

Location: In central america sandwiched between America, Guatemala, and Belize

Physical Appearance: Short dark brown hair (she cut it when she was with the war with America) in a pixie cut with her side bangs reaching her shoulders and a little curl that is a little smaller than Italy's but curlier, brown eyes with a tint of green that showed that once Spain used to be her brother, and has a tanned complexion that is a little less than Spain's. She usually wears a beige military uniform but when she doesn't, she's found in jean shorts, a red or green shirt, and black combat boots. That or her mariachi clothes.

Here's the pic if you don't get what I am saying: by dark_assassin (not me)

Personality: Quite protective of her brothers (America and Canada, mostly Canada since he's ignored) and she's a different person once you get to know her. When she meets new people she can get shy and quite unless there is someone she knows near her. She can be sarcastic when she wants to and usually she would get into fights when she's drunk. Otherwise, she's quite peaceful and has her moments. She doesn't back from a fight though (unless Canada steps in).....(Yeah as you can see, she loves her brother and will do anything for him) and she is pretty lazy, especially when it's around her siesta time.

History: She was discovered by Spain when her mother, The Aztec Empire, had fallen and claimed her for his own. After being taken away, she was taken cared of by Spain and through that, she's met Romano, whom she considers her close friend.

After the whole revolutionary war, Mexico has been taking care of herself and her brother and then France came in and tried to steal her vital regions (The fight at Puebla if you remember this) but suffered a few wounds when she went all out, especially since it was a few years after the revolution.

She sometimes has a grudge against America since he won the Mexican-American war and took her glasses and her kids (or siblings, whichever you prefer) And after that war, she cut her long hair that reached her waist (it was usually in two loose braid).

And the rest is history.

She's sometimes sick because of her economy and the fights that break out all over Mexico that usually ends up with the innocents caught in the crossfire and dying. She tries to stop her mafia (The Cartels) from killing and getting innocent people in the crossfire but they have been unreachable for the past few years, ever since the current president, President Felipe Calderon (She calls him boss because she's too lazy) has announced a war against the Cartels. Since then, bloody massacres happen almost every day and many die.

Now to add N/Mexico.....

Name: Carlos Santiago Carried/N.Mexico

Age: 201 (Independence day), Appears to be in his late teens.

Height/Weight: 5'7", 130lbs.

Location: Used to be in the Americas (cause you know...North Mexico, before the whole war thing)

Physical Appearance: Short/Medium length dark brown hair, brown eyes with a few tints of green that symbolizes that Spain used to take care of him, and he's a little tanner than his sister (Mexico). He sometimes wears a beige uniform that is similar to Mexico's, Mariachi clothes, or a simple white shirt with blue pants and cowboy boots.

Here's a pic that might help...a lot:

Personality: Lazy and drunk happy, he makes the perfect torture toy for Mexico. He can be serious at times but prefers to be his lazy self~ He loves his sister and tries to protect her, in his own lazy way~

History: It's pretty much the same history as Mexico, since they are after all twins. But ever since the revolutionary war, he became more overprotective of Mexico, who back then was known as N.Mexico, and didn't let anyone near her. Not even Canada or America.

He can sometimes harbor a grudge against America because he lost his glasses and his land (he's kinda like Prussia now...). He doesn't like Spain because of the revolutionary war and for many other reasons (soccer being one of them).

Since he is no longer part of Mexico, he doesn't suffer the same things his sister does but can he can feel her pain. He has been supporting Mexico ever since and became more relaxed over the years.

Here's a pic of how they both were before the war:

That was long. I hoped it helped ^^

11/8/2011 #5

Thank you this does help~!!!!

11/9/2011 #6


Human Name: Robyn O'Conner

Age in Appearnce: 19

Appearance: Wavy firey orange hair with peircing emerald green eyes, pale skin covered in freckles, lanky figure

Personality: Rebelious, Stubborn, Mischevious, Head strong, Brave, Mis trusting

Allies/Friends: America, Germany, Italy boys, Japan, Canada, China

Enemies/People they hate: ENGLAD, France, Russia, Anyone who is a bully

Extra Facts: Can fire a bow and arrow, has extensive amount of weponry, has and Irish Wolfhound named Flynn

11/25/2011 #7

Accepted and welcome~!

note: Every Country/State/City are called by their Country/State/City name

eg. Robyn will be called Ireland by everyone unless you want them to call him Robyn okay?

11/26/2011 #8

Robyn is a girl just thought you should know

11/26/2011 #9
Country: Philippines Human name: Marie DeLa Cruz Age in Appearance: 23 Appearance: a head shorter than America; dark brown hair in a ponytail and brown eyes; flowers in her hair called sampaguita in her language Personality: relentlessly sunny, excitable, enjoyable, yandere Allies/Friends: America, China, Japan, S. Korea, England, Spain, Vietnam, & other Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) Enemies/people they hate: none Extra facts: very rebellious (Mindanao influence); uses broom as main weapon You can look Philippines up in Zerochan and they have some pics of her there. :D
11/28/2011 #10
Country/ State/ City/ Animal: Cocoon (Final Fantasy XIII :P) Human name: Celeste Evans Age in appearance: 23 Appearance: light brown hair, ice blue eyes; wears the same outfit as Jihl Nabaat in FFXIII Personality: cunning, quick-thinking, sly, graceful Allies/ Friends: none Enemies/ people they hate: Pulse (the lowerworld countries, really the entire cast in Hetalia :P) Extra facts: serves as the assistant for her boss the Primarch; weilds a gunblade; commander of the Sanctum army; deadly and dangerous in battle
11/28/2011 #11
I actually have 2 OC's just so you know :3 Is it okay?
11/28/2011 #12

both accepted and that's okay and welcome!!

i think i should put a limit of three at the most because after that it's harder too control them all, lol.

11/29/2011 #13
XD okie! >_
11/29/2011 #14

Hey! This is my character for the Hetalia RP! You like?

Country/State/City/Animal: Romania

Human Name: Oana Ionescu

Age in Appearence: 17 Years

Actual Age: 145 Years (Duration of independence)

Appearance: Physical: Pixie cut black hair with a bang covering her left eye, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin

Clothes: Traditional Romanian dress (White top with red bands around the sleeves and a purple skirt with embroidered circles coming down in two stripes) and black pumps.

Personality: Silly, ditzy, outgoing, determined, serious (when she needs to be), loud

Allies/Friends: Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Britain, Russia, China, Canada, America.

Enemies/People they hate: Prussia, Japan.

Extra Facts: She has two elder sisters (Albania and Slovakia), her manners aren't what you'd expect for a lady to have (EG, burping, eating sloppily.

12/2/2011 #15


12/2/2011 #16
Dark Blue Fire
...I'm new to all this but can I send in my OC, if that's okay? My god, I'm getting nervous! I will try my best, promise! DBF
12/2/2011 #17

anyone welcome and we all have a start so you can, so don't be nervous. if you have any questions then ask okay?

12/2/2011 #18
Dark Blue Fire
Mon OC~ Hope you like him! It's just some basic facts, for more, go to the link on my profile~ Country/state/animal etc.: Hunan province, China Human name: Wang Hui (Wang's his surname) Age in appearance: 12-14 Appearance: untidy fairly long black hair with a bit tied with a ribbon at the front, short, wears T-shirts most of the time Personality: Very direct in what he says, childish, rude, obsess with food...and so much more to describe him, you'll see~ Allies: Other chinese provinces, China, Korea, Singapore People they hate/dislikes: Japan, and he's normally unimpressed by 'westerners' e.g. America Extra facts: He is more than 4000 years old, hits people with his bamboo flute when he's upset, has a panda cub, has a twin named Hubei If that's not enough, tell me~
12/2/2011 #19
Dark Blue Fire
Damnit! Sorry if you found that hard to read.~ My bad! It just came out that way.
12/2/2011 #20

no thats okay, i can read it and your OCS ACCEPTED! WELCOME YOUR STAY AT THIS RP~! and love the way your character came in lol it's was quite funny.

12/2/2011 #21

Thanks! Can't wait to RP!

12/3/2011 #22

you can join in right now if ya want~!

12/3/2011 #23
tightly laced


Human Name:Ng Charmin Ashley Xin Yu(Ng being her last name)

Age in Appearnce:171-20 Appearance:She has short dark brown hair-you know,boy short-and dark brown eyes that can both be mistaken as black,her fringe is held back by a black and purple butterfly hairpin.She wears an dark red un-zipped hoodie and a black shirt underneath it.She also has on blue dark-washed demi jeans and black knee high boots.She also has her bow and arrows with her at all times.She has on wrist length black gloves to prevent any injury from using her bow and arrows too much. Personality:She's tomboy-ish and gothic punk-ish.She's also really shy and quite to strangers.She's only shown her other side to one person,England.Poor boy had to be hospitalized for three months.Her acting is really good and anything she does wrong,she blames it all on England.Sometimes she can't so she lie her way through it. Allies/Friends:America,Italy,Romano,Germany and China Enemies/People they hate:England,Bad Touch Trio Extra Facts:The bad touch trio are her personal punching bags and slave while she has a huge crush on England and during one of their fights,she will try to confess to England but the confession ends up in another language and she once even wrote a love letter to England,but in Malay!So basically,when ever she tries to confess,it ends up in another language.

12/4/2011 #24

Accepted! If you want anything with her and England to go on you have to ask the one Rping him if she says yes then it okay. if she says no then it could be a crush that she just can't help. well be in love but soon give up or something if that happens.

WELCOME AND ENJOY YOUR STAY!! and sorry for late reply been quite busy lately.

12/8/2011 #25
Dark Blue Fire

I'm wondering if I can submit another OC...

12/11/2011 #26


12/11/2011 #27

Um.. This is my first time on here but here goes. Hope that you like my OC.

Country: United Arab Emirates

Human Name: Aisha Al Neami

Age: True age Unknown (1971 UAE Independance)

Age in appearance: 16

Birthday: December 2

Physical Appearance: Wavy chest-nut brown hair tied into a ponytail that reaches her butt, frindge is split into three the middle strand being the longest reaching the bridge of the nose. Medium sized chocolate brown eyes. Wears a white scarf and wears a uniform similar to Russia's but is black and only reaches the waist. Has buttons similar to Japan's on the jacket but red. Black pants tucked into brown boots. Is quite flat but not completely.

Height: 5'4

Weight: 140 lb

Personality: A tiny bit snobby and a bit 'cool' at the first meeting but once you get to know her, she's nice, occasionlly generous, funny and lazy and a little bit of a pshyco. She reacts and will try to kill anyone who insults her country, traditions and religion.

Allies and Friends: England, America, Russia, Japan, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Germany

Enemies: Iran and Hungary. Others are neutral.

Past: She was collonised by England and Porugal, England being the first in around the eighteenth century. He has been a big brother to Emirates and raised her. Since the UAE only started to develop an England had left during WWII, nothing happened. (Actually, people stole camels from each other at this time.) In about 1969, England came back and found oil, thus making Emirates rich. The next 40 years were concentrated ondeveloping.

Picture is here:

Hope you like it.

12/11/2011 #28

Aceppted! Welcome to this RP and enjoy your stay!!

12/11/2011 #29

Could I possibly join with two OCs? They're both German states.

12/11/2011 #30
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