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A Wandering Tiger

What is the avatar of the person above you thinking about or saying?

Topic Credit goes to LaPinkFerret.

Note: Please give a brief description of the person above you's current avvie with each post.

12/20/2011 . Edited 2/1/2012 #1
Arbitrary Ravens

(A duck/alligator hybrid with the word "What" over it)

Tiger's avvie is pondering its existence, wondering how it came to be. Little does it know, it is the personification of the universe.

12/20/2011 #2
To Infini-NOPE and Beyond
(( A neko.)) Wild's avvie is kinda dark, because of the pain of the secret she holds that's tearing her apart.
12/21/2011 #3
Arbitrary Ravens

(Above yours, not yours. So you would be judging mine :))

12/21/2011 #4
Scribe of the Owls

(a picture of a ferret standing in front of a pink background, "luuving" something)

A pink ferret stands in front of a pink backdrop, utterly surprised at the heart, which floats in midair just inches away from its face. How could it (ironically, it's the tax collector) have know that the ferret forgot to pay its bills...? Later that day, the ferret will be featured in the news, with the words "LAPINKFERRET ESCAPES TO CANADA IN EPIC CAR CHASE" hovering above a grainy photograph depicting a heart driving a cop car, and a ferret driving what can only be a stolen vehicle.

EDIT: Oh dear. The background is purple. D:

12/21/2011 . Edited 12/21/2011 #5
Yuukei Yesterday

A cute little owl hopped on a cupcake that looks so good that he couldn't reiest stand on top, then, after 10 seconds, the owl (named Owlie) thought it was a mountian! She started to change color like a doughtnut and then she pulled out a book about called: Cupcakes Are Not Mountians but Owlie was smart so she knew that the Not shouldn't be there, Owlie threw the book away and hopped on the mountian/cupcake annd when someone comes by, she starts yelling "YOU LIEK MY MOUNTIAN!?!?! i LIEK ME MOUNTIAN!!!!!!" on the top of her lungs :)

12/22/2011 #6

A butterfly watches it's reflection, throwing poses this way and that, wondering which part of her looks the best. Her friend tries to gain her attention, but the little vain butterfly doesn't listen. Eventually a fish will jump out of the water and tackle her.


Of course the fish will be blinded by her brilliant blue wings, have a spasm and then drown. (Vain butterfly ftw) :P

12/22/2011 #7

(A snail sitting on a turtle).

Faster! The snail is thinking as the turtle stops. We're not getting to our destination anytime soon with you just sitting there. Allow me to walk by myself.

But I can do it, the turtle says, trying to pick up the pace.

12/22/2011 . Edited 12/22/2011 #8
To Infini-NOPE and Beyond

(A cat).

No! Don't take the picture! the cat is yelling.

12/29/2011 #9

(a girl.)

I'm all alone in this box. How did I get here? Why am I here? Will people come inside here with me soon? I hope they will. It's lonely in here.

1/11/2012 #10

(A boy and A pikachu)

The boy's mouth is wide open as he stares at his pikachu thinking why it won't talk to him. The pikachu looks up at the sky wondering: How the heck do I get up there?

That one's a little hard... Yeah...

1/12/2012 #11
Scribe of the Owls

(a bird on a leaf-branch-twig thing)

It's night. A bird alights itself upon the branch of a summer maple tree, admiring how green the leaves are. Suddenly, it hears a noise. This "noise" sounds an awful lot like cat claws on a chalkboard. Curious, the bird looks up from the leaves, only to stare in horror at the figure in front of it. The figure appears shadowy in the moonlight. Slowly, it looks up at the bird, smiles creepily, and says:

"It's Friday, Friday! Gettin' down on Friday!"

Alas! The bird has met Rebecca Black! As the horrific sounds called "music" registers in the poor bird's eardrums, it falls off the branch in a dead faint. Rebecca Black smiles and walks over. She picks up the bird and carefully puts it in her pocket.

Finally. An audience.

I like writing long descriptions. :P

1/12/2012 #12
Arbitrary Ravens

(Sly Cooper. I think. D:)

Sly Cooper's getting ready to save the world from the evil Dr. Ebulhead with his trusty rusty lance, and his sapphire or powah. He flies up to Dr. Ebulhead's lair and gets ready for the fight of a lifetime! Two guards stand in front of the ominous entrance and get their AK-47s out, but they are no match for Sly's awesomeness. They fall over, dead, and Sly Cooper jumps into the lair.

The end is just beginning...

1/29/2012 #13
A Wandering Tiger


I know this is short, but whatever.

I'm faster than you and I'm smarter than you. Bring it on.

1/29/2012 #14

(Cat with Santa hat)

What? You want my hat? It's mine, and it always will be. You're not getting it. For I am the Queen of the World, ready for anything, and you can't do anything to stop me.

Princess Edit: You can't have the cookies either :)

1/29/2012 . Edited by A Wandering Tiger, 1/29/2012 #15
Arbitrary Ravens

(A cupcake)


Nommy. :3

1/29/2012 #16
Scribe of the Owls

(A Vulpix)

Rawr. Look at me and mah hair of emo-ness. I WILL MESS. YOU. UP. Do you understand? I will MESS. YOU. UP.

Oh. And I also shoot flames. And I have nine tails for absolutely no reason. Jelly?

1/30/2012 #17
A Wandering Tiger


6/23/2013 #18
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