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A Wandering Tiger

Any questions about this forum? Ask them here.

Do you have a topic suggestion? Post it here.

Would you like to know what you post count is? Ask here.

12/30/2011 . Edited 3/3/2012 #1
How long will it take to become a full member on your forum?
12/30/2011 #2
A Wandering Tiger

Depends. Maybe an average 2 weeks to a month? Are you talking about the apprentice and warrior names? If so, don't worry about them. They are just names. Flamestar, you are considered a great member of this forum already :)

12/30/2011 #3
Wow...That was so moving!!! Simple and clean just like the song from Kingdom Hearts!;}
12/30/2011 #4

I have a suggestion for a topic. How about a master list of warrior cat names, some info about the four Clans, and some info on the warrior code?

12/30/2011 #5
A Wandering Tiger

That's a good idea. I will make it now. (Of course it will take a long time to complete).

12/30/2011 #6
Princess are you going to continue the warrior cat tornament?
1/14/2012 #7
A Wandering Tiger

I don't know. Spring was actually in charge of it, but she stopped doing it.

1/30/2012 #8
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

I have a suggestion for a topic. How about a String of Words game? One word per post. For example:

One person posts: Pepper

Then somebody else would post the first thing that pops into their head. For example: Salt.

~Splashpaw (Skies, Skylar)

2/7/2012 #9
A Wandering Tiger

That is a good idea. I will create it now :)

2/7/2012 #10
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Can I have a create a cat topic here? (The story won't be published on fanfiction).

I will PM you the details~

2/26/2012 #11
A Wandering Tiger

I got the PM. And sure, I'll create it now. I would love to read the story, but it is your choice if you don't want to publish it.

2/26/2012 #12

For the one-shot challenge, are we allowed to have a beta reader or is it judged by our own work?

3/5/2012 #13
A Wandering Tiger

You can have a beta if you wish.

3/5/2012 #14
Can I start a new clan? I was thinking of something like: FeralClan, a clan that lives among the Twolegs and steal their food.
3/8/2012 #15
A Wandering Tiger

I think we are good on roleplay topics now, but you are welcome to help Kat and I create a plot involving badgers.

3/8/2012 #16
Coolio. I changed my mind about Feralclan anyways.
3/8/2012 #17
Uh... where is the badger-plot, anyways? I still get lost here. :/
3/8/2012 #18
A Wandering Tiger

The plot will be in AshClan, although the cats of the Clans don't know about the badgers yet.

3/8/2012 #19
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

If you wanted to create an Easter topic, I have a good idea for it.

There are a couple of prompts that you give out. Maybe 10? Anyway, people find stories on the first five pages of the Warriors archive that kind of follow that prompt. *Shrugs*

3/27/2012 . Edited 3/29/2012 #20
A Wandering Tiger

That's a good idea. Would you like to create it?

3/28/2012 #21
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Sure. Can I create it now and you or Kat lock it before Easter?

3/29/2012 #22
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Can you make it so I can create a topic?

3/29/2012 #23
A Wandering Tiger

Yes to both.

3/29/2012 #24
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

How many posts do I have?

4/12/2012 #25


4/13/2012 #26
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Thanks :D

4/15/2012 #27

You're welcome. :D

4/16/2012 . Edited 4/16/2012 #28
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Maybe you could create a warriors challenge that is to make a mystery warriors story. For example: One cat gets killed mysteriously, and a cat puts together the clues of what happened?

4/20/2012 #29
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Another challenge could be where you pick a number or something and depending on which one you pick, you could get a quote, a song, or some sort of prompt to write with.

4/21/2012 #30
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