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A Wandering Tiger

You are training in secret. None of your Clan knows that you attend these meetings. Unless they are a member themselves.

Join the Dark Forest in their rise up against the Clans.

Training. Fighting. In this roleplay, every warrior fights with tooth and claw.

Notes (please read):

This is just an extra roleplay. It is not connected with any of the other roleplays.

Any spam or extra posts will be deleted.

How to create a character:

Just fill this out this forum:

Cat Name:


Rank (Senior warrior, young apprentice?):

Clan (this question is asked to see what the cat's abilities are):

I will tell you if your cat is accepted.

1/12/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #1
A Wandering Tiger


Leader: A feared warrior named Russetwing. (Princess)

Warriors: Frosttail (Kat)

Bramblepelt (Spring)

Icefeather (Princess)

Apprentices: Nightpaw (Flamestar)

Owlpaw (Wild)

Rainpaw (Cherrynose)

1/12/2012 . Edited 4/17/2012 #2

Cat Name: Frosttail

Rank (Senior warrior, young apprentice?): New warrior

Clan (this question is asked to see what the cat's abilities are): ShadowClan

Princess Edit: Accepted.

1/12/2012 . Edited by A Wandering Tiger, 1/12/2012 #3

Cat Name: Nightpaw

Rank: Young apprentice


Princess Edit: Accepted.

1/13/2012 . Edited by A Wandering Tiger, 1/13/2012 #4

Cat Name: Owlpaw.

Rank (Senior warrior, young apprentice?): Young apprentice.

Clan (this question is asked to see what the cat's abilities are): ShadowClan.

Princess Edit: Accepted.

1/13/2012 . Edited by A Wandering Tiger, 1/13/2012 #5
A Wandering Tiger

Russetwing smiled as another cat joined the Dark Forest. This wasn't such a bad plan after all.

1/13/2012 #6

"Hi Russetwing!" Owlpaw mewed bounding over to her.

1/13/2012 #7
A Wandering Tiger

"Hello. You are Owlpaw, right?" Russetwing responds.

1/13/2012 #8

Owlpaw nodded, as he looked around the Dark Forest.


1/13/2012 #9
Nightpaw wearily padded around until she spotted her clanmate Owlpaw and her other mentor Russetwing.She quickly bounded over toward them. "Owlpaw you visit this place to? Oh hello Russetwing."Nightpaw dipped her head respectively.
1/13/2012 #10
A Wandering Tiger

"Greetings. You and Owlpaw go train in the lake. I want to see how you fare."

1/13/2012 #11

Frosttail strutted up, her tail twitching, as she carefully picked her way through the twigs and rocks that littered the ground, "I'm here, and I'm ready."

1/13/2012 #12
Nightpaw nodded."Come on Owlpaw."She beckoned with her tail.
1/13/2012 #13
A Wandering Tiger

"Frosttail, you train in the lake as well. You're in charge, although I shall be watching."

1/13/2012 #14

((I g2g, bye!))

"Coming!" Owlpaw mewed as he bounded towards the lake.

1/13/2012 #15
A Wandering Tiger


1/13/2012 #16

Frosttail smirked, then bounded off to the lake, "I'll make sure that they don't get into trouble."

1/13/2012 #17
A Wandering Tiger

"Good. I trust you, Frosttail."

1/13/2012 #18

"Of course." Frosttail bounded after the two apprentices, her claws digging into the wet earth.

1/13/2012 #19
Nightpaw went into a battle stance ready for whatever Owlpaw was going to do.
1/13/2012 #20

Frosttail sat down, her tail wrapped around her paws. "Owlpaw, attack Nightpaw. Claws out."

1/13/2012 #21

Owlpaw looked at Frosttail, Claws out? Whatever you say. he thought as he charged at Nightpaw & slashed her muzzle & jumped back to he wouldn't get clawed.

1/13/2012 #22

Frosttail nodded in approval, "Nightpaw, you need to react faster, but Owlpaw, that was well aimed."

1/13/2012 #23

Owlpaw smiled at Frosttail's praise.

1/13/2012 #24
Nightpaw shook the droplets of blood off of her face. She charged head on toward Owlpaw but instead of launching right then she swerved to the side and tail slapped Owlpaw to the ground. Then jumping back going defensive now.
1/14/2012 #25

Frosttail smiled, and flicked her tail.

1/14/2012 . Edited 1/14/2012 #26

Nightpaw stood up letting her guard down.

1/14/2012 #27

Owlpaw saw that Nightpaw let her guard down, so he took the advatadge(sp?) & jumped up & landed on Nightpaw's back. He started to shed her fur repeativly(sp?).

1/14/2012 #28

"Owlpaw, that was good, but Nightpaw, you should not have let your guard down," Frosttail meowed.

(advantage, and repeatedly)

1/14/2012 #29
Nightpaw flipped on her back and crushed Owlpaw then she flipped over again so that she was on all four paws. Nightpaw quickly batted Owlpaw's head rapidly, nonstop.
1/14/2012 #30
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