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A Wandering Tiger

A RainbowClan writing challenge.

Start with Chapter 1, then go in order.

You can start at any time, and please post the link!

3/4/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #1
A Wandering Tiger

Chapter 1:

A one-shot based on the prompt,hope.


1. Each one-shot must be between 1,000 and 5,000 words.

2. K, K+ and T only.

3. Warriors fandom only.

If you have any questions, please PM me.

When you are done with it, please post the link :D Have fun.

3/4/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #2
A Wandering Tiger

Current Stories:

3/4/2012 #3
A Wandering Tiger


3/4/2012 #4
A Wandering Tiger

Posts for reference:

Challenge 1: Post 2

3/27/2012 #5
A Wandering Tiger

I'll pick judges later. I am doing this challenge :D

3/28/2012 #6
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

I'll do it.

3/30/2012 #7
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Are we allowed to have betas?

3/31/2012 #8
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Just in general.

3/31/2012 #9
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

Warriors Writing Challenge

3/31/2012 #10
A Wandering Tiger

Nice, Skies :)

I'll review it.

4/1/2012 #11
A Wandering Tiger

Chapter 2:

Write a one-shot with no dialogue.


Please no longer than 5,000 words.

Must be in the warriors fandom.

No illegal stories.

You must do post Chapter 1 first.

Have fun!

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #12
A Wandering Tiger

Yes, you can have a beta.

4/3/2012 #13
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

4/6/2012 #14
A Wandering Tiger

Chapter 3

Write 5 different drabbles (100 words each) based on different emotions.


Even though they will be different drabbles, put them on the same chapter.

Warriors fandom.

No illegal stories.

Each drabble must be 100 words, although you can have an authors note added in there.

4/21/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #15
A Wandering Tiger

Chapter 4:

Write a poem about your favorite warrior cat.


No longer than 2,000 words.

Don't add your own created cats in there.

4/21/2012 . Edited 4/21/2012 #16
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather

I posted the next chapter :D

5/12/2012 #17
A Wandering Tiger

Nice work :D ~

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #18
Falling Skies - Ebonyfeather


5/12/2012 #19
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