Baruch and Balthamos
The way they ended was so tragically romantic it made me cry how out u?
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yes, the ending was so sad...more than a few tears slipped from my eyes. It was especially sad that they were given hope and then it was taken away from them...but, at least it is better to loved once than to never have loved at all....
2/16/2006 #1
Eco Warrior
Bit of a random posted for the angels forum but a good point none the less. It was a very emotional ending. It's the only book that whenever i finish the Amber Spyglass i want to start Northern Lights all over again straight away.
2/25/2006 #2
Emmas Padawon
I know exactly what you mean! Especially since, well for myself anywhoo, by the time i get to the end, i've forgotten all the important details, so i have to go start it again!
3/4/2006 #3
I cried like a fountain when I read the end for the first time - and every time since. It's just so sad and beautiful; you hope so badly that they can work things out, but when you realise they can't your heart just sort of drops... oh, I'm hopeless aren't I?
4/3/2006 #4
Emmas Padawon
its right though! I remember my first time, and i kept going noo, they'll work it out somehow...*sniff* and when will closes the window on lyra...ah i cant think of it!
4/4/2006 #5
Kaedan Keeney
aw. this was such a sad part of the book. I deffinately cried. Actually I pretty much cried during the whole this when I wasn't moving around frantically because I was so excited about what was happening. It was really great and I think it just added to the greatness of the book that Baruch and Balthamos left the earth that way. =]
5/26/2006 #6
Mr. Fuzz
Hi!! I think that Lord Tennyson only said 'Better to have loved and lost, blah blah blah" when ever he got kicked to the curb. Personally, I would prefer to never know the joy of love, if I had to have it taken away as soon as I got it. I mean, if you had been waiting 16 YEARS to eat for the first time, you were starving, and you finnally did, and it was the best thing you had ever tasted (I mean, as delicious as the forbidden fruit must have been) and then some idiot stepped on it, would you say that? Would you say, 'Well, at least I got to have one bite of food.' I know I wouldn't!! First I'd kill the person who stepped on my grub, and then I'd cry my guts out.Just my opinion. I just can't believe that Pullman had the audacity to weave this spell over half of the nation, and then end it so cruelly. I mean, I could live with one of them dieing or somethig, but for him to have the power to come back to her, and have to give it up!! That would totally SUCK. And now they're BOTH stuck in this SUCK FEST for the rest of their lives!! I loved Pullman(despite his religious views), and then he betrayed me!! (I realize this is a bit melodramatic, but I need a little spice in my life) I just, can't go on. *sobbs uncontrolably*. OK! I'm done! Just wanted to leave you guys on a happy note. By my peoples!! love ya, see ya, bye!! (kiss, kiss)
6/11/2006 #7
Foolish Mortal
I agree with some of what Fuzz says but I think it was a deliciously tragic and happy ending. Remember what Serafina Pekkala said about dreaming truly and that Lyra and Will might be able to do it and talk to each other? My eyes leaked like a cheap pen when Baruch died. They were soooo cute and wonderful!!!! Cry. Now I"m getting depressed...
7/23/2006 #8
I was pretty upset by the time I finished the book. Yes, it was sad...yes, it was cruel...but I learned something. The reason Philip Pullman tore our hearts out with such a wicked ending was to show that the world isn't always going to be fair. Some good things will happen, but that doesn't mean everything will be perfect. Which is a good lesson to teach. And a good lesson to learn.
8/18/2006 #9
I was pretty upset by the time I finished the book. Yes, it was sad...yes, it was cruel...but I learned something. The reason Philip Pullman tore our hearts out with such a wicked ending was to show that the world isn't always going to be fair. Some good things will happen, but that doesn't mean everything will be perfect. Which is a good lesson to teach. And a good lesson to learn.
8/18/2006 #10
Mr. Fuzz
Ok, I get the "Life isn't alwyas fair" thing. And I already knew that, Pullman. I read books to escape my hectic, insane, and sometimes cruel life. I do not want to read books that are hectic, and insane. Especially not if they have cruel endings! That would defeat the purpose. You can look out the window and realize the world is not a "happy ending" kind of place, so do we really need books like that too? I don't think so. But you know, that is just my opinoin, and no offense. I understand your point of view, I just think more happy, less sad is what my life needs. And a lot of other people's too.
8/19/2006 . Edited 8/19/2006 #11
Alright, I can see that too. But I mean, really, can you imagine a world where everyone says "Oh, everything is so perfect! I'm so happy!". Could you imagine a world where every story had a happy ending? That would defeat the purpose of reading stories. Why would you read it if you knew the ending was happy? Why would you read it if there was no challenge, no REAL static between the protagonist and antagonist? Yes, we need books that portray the ugly side of life, so people can see that, and learn that. If you really get the whole "life isn't fair" thing, then why do you complain about your life to Mr. Pullman? Mr. Pullman simply wrote a story.
8/19/2006 #12
Mr. Fuzz
I don't want a book where every one is happy all the time and nothing bad happens. That would suck big time. Every book has a problem that the main characters have to fix. That's what makes a good book. Or a book, period.But I really don't like books where the ending isn't happy, because I like to be uplifted. Like I said, that is just MY personal preferance. And I still think the books are worth reading, I just wouldn't read them more than once. I'm not complaining to Pullman about my life, my life is pretty good, but everyone has bad times, and and I prefer to read books that distract me instead of making me feel even WORSE. Anybody who goes to High School knows what I'm talking about. And I definatly would read a book if I already knew the ending was happy. Those kind of books work for me. I'm not as interested in the ending of stories, as much as I am about how things end up the way they do. Peace Out!
8/19/2006 . Edited 8/19/2006 #13
I know what you mean. I REALLY know what you mean...And I agree. Thanks for giving me a topic to talk about. Happy Reading!
8/20/2006 #14
Mr. Fuzz
Aww, you're welcome. And spank you too! I needed a new topic. About everyone who comes on this forum says the same thing. "Oh yeah, the ending was SO horrible! I cryed my guts out when they had to leave each other!". Yeah, so did I, but I think there sheould be a real topic of discussion for this forum, too. Anyway, I think I've begun to ramble. Bye! P.S. Oh, and bye the way Quills, I went to your homwpage, and I think you are a very well rounded (as far as reading goes) person! Someone who likes Eragon AND LOTR!? I didn't think such a person existed! Usually, if someone likes LOTR, they think Eragon is a copy of it, and, like, SO predictable. Way cool dude (or dudette)!
8/20/2006 . Edited 8/20/2006 #15
Jeez, I think we're becoming friends! Yes, it's dudette...Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, it's weird how I like LOTR and Eragon...Eragon is a total ripoff of LOTR (Aargon/Eragon), but I liked it anyway. It's good to know that there's some people who aren't flakes on this site. Again, thank you for the generous compliment! Q4
8/20/2006 #16
Drop Your Oboe
I have a question that's completely unrelated to your conversation (sorry)... Earlier, someone said something about a book called Northern Lights. What the heck is that? Or is it just a different title?
9/12/2006 #17
Eco Warrior
That was me, "Northern Lights" is the British title for "The Golden Compass". Same book, different title. It's like the first Harry Potter was "the Philosopher’s Stone" over here and "the Sorcerer’s Stone" in the States.
9/13/2006 #18
Drop Your Oboe
Ah, I thought so. Thanks.
9/13/2006 #19

i cried at the last book. sad, so sad!!! WHY CAN'T IT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING????????? WHY DO NONE OF THESE BOOKS HAVE A HAPPY ENDING????????? (note: i don't count the ending in HP as happy. too many people die)

mind you, i cry at EVERYTHING:

harry potter and the half blood prince, harry potter and the deathly hallows, becky bananas (i only got that coz it had my name in the title =D), doctor who episodes, most films including titanic obvs, deeper than blue (not many people have read that. you HAVE to read it) ...etc.

at least i didn't cry watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the newer one), like my friend.

2/4/2009 #20

i think the saddest thing, is that this sweet, sad, absolutly a-ma-zing story line has practicly NO fiction written about it. i think this needs to be fixed imediatly. i would do it myself, but i really need to stick to reviewing. T_T

If anyone does find a good one for these two, I would love to know.

12/5/2009 #21

You're right! It's so heartbreakingly sad! I don't usually get pictures in my mind but reading the part where Balthamos feels the death of Baruch and flew crashing through the clouds. I could see that! I could feel that!

3/4/2010 #22
Intergalactic Asher

I love Balthamos and Baruch so much. Like, more than Will and Lyra, even. But see, that's the thing-it's sad, but also happy. Because even though they won't get to see each other in life, they'll be able to be together forever when they die. I love that, especially because the guy who recommended the books to me in the first place is dead (I didn't know him extremely well, but I did know him, obviously) and it's nice to think that he's... here. You know? And even Balthamos and Baruch-they'll get to stay together, sort of. I think it's a lot better this way than if there had been a way for Will and Lyra to live in the same world. This just seems better.

7/23/2010 #23
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