Grey's Anatomy Role Play
A role play for Grey's Anatomy that hopefully won't die. Starts off from the very beginning of season 1 so every one is still alive, Meredith is on a couch and late for work, etc.
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Maryanna Clarisse Darci


1. I will not ask for personalities because I believe that we can find that along the way, but you can put it if you really want.

2. Please post language suitable for teens, cussing is okay with me but don't over do it like:

Ex. F*** that w**** she's just a f***ing b**** who ruins everything.

3. Please have posts be written in third person so that everyone can understand better.

4. Relationships will be allowed but only if both characters agree.

5. No sex scenes, I know that it's apart of the TV shows, but it's a standard fourm rule and people consider sex scenes unappropriate for teens/minors, so that means that sex scenes are not allowed, I will edit posts with them and give the owner a warning for first time offences. Having your characters have sex is allowed though with the other character's consent that is, so it should just be a subtle hint of sex and then you can time skip.

6. Use brackets or parentheses when in the RP and you're having a conversation so people don't easily get confused.

7. No God-mode-ing, control only your own character. But I will allow people to be able to control unclaimed characters. If the person that already laid claim to a character said it was okay for you to use their character, say it on top of every post you post when using their character. An example of God-mode-ing is:

Ex. [insert character here] was angry and then they noticed that [insert another character] was walking by so they lunged at [afore mentioned character] and broke all their bones and then said, "Give me your [insert object here].

8. No Mary-sues or Gary-stus, if requested, I ask them to be reformed, everyone has faults.

9. Use appropriate grammar, that means no text talk unless you have it in chat

10. You must be accepted before RPing.

11. Don't fight amongst each other; characters' fighting each other is okay, we should all be friends here.

12. Characters may only be killed off with my permission and the owner's permission.

13. Please ask for a summary before starting the RP unless you have read the RP thread already and understand.

14. To prove that you've read this, on your character application, post:

"It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood." --Fred Rogers

15. Failure to comply with the rules would result in a 1 week ban.

16. Please try to not do one-liners, it makes it harder to follow the plot.

17. Please try and update as often as possible.

18. Listen to Moderators/Forum leaders

19. Have fun, roleplaying should be fun, if I overstep any boundries, please let me know and I'll try to do better.

20. All characters need character applications so that I know that you know how to play the character, or you atleast know what they're like. Canons and OCs need to fill out an application.

Note: This RP takes place at the beginning of Season one so Meredith is on a couch, Derek is on the floor, everyone else is at Seattle Grace Hospital, etc. You can have other season characters, but you need to have a character application for them and tell me how they start off in the hospital.

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