Grey's Anatomy Role Play
A role play for Grey's Anatomy that hopefully won't die. Starts off from the very beginning of season 1 so every one is still alive, Meredith is on a couch and late for work, etc.
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Maryanna Clarisse Darci

Please read the rules first and comply with them. This fourm is OC friendly.


List of Canons you don't need introductory for:

Alex Karev:

Cristina Yang: Maryanna Clarisse Darci

Ellis Grey:

Derek Sheperd:

George O'Malley:

Isobel (Izzie) Stevens:

Miranda Bailey:

Meredith Grey:

Preston Burke:

Richard Webber:


Character Application format:










Approved Characters/Who can play who:

9/20/2011 . Edited 9/20/2011 #1
Maryanna Clarisse Darci

Name: Cristina Yang

Age: 28


Occupation: First year surgical intern

Likes: Being included/Involved in hard core surgeries, winning

Dislikes: Losing, hugs or anything that is touchy feely (besides sex)

History: Cristina Yang is a Korean-American surgical intern that grew up in Beverly Hills in California. Cristina's parents raised her to be a Jewish, but at times seems like a strong athiest, implying that she is a Humanistic Jew. Her biological dad died after a car accident when she was nine years old where she tried to stop the bleeding waiting for ambulances to come. Cristina got her B.A. from Smith University while she lived in Talbot House, her Ph.D. from UC Berkley, and a M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine where she graduated at the top of her class. Cristina is fluent in English, Korean, and French. Cristina is also dyslexic.

Other: None.

9/20/2011 #2
Midnight in the Morning

Name: Isobel Stevens Age: 27 Appearance: Tall and thin, very leggy, long blond hair and blue eyes, typical model like figure, Gorgeous Occupation: First year intern Likes:Suceeding, kindness, romance, praisen Dislikes: Being biomedicine on or told that she is incompetent, unkindness History: Grew up in a trailer park and had to work her butt off to get where she wanted, modeled in lingerie business for a while to pay her student loans, hates when doctors think she is incompetent. Has been known to be very good with people, sometimes too good... Other: also has a big connection with animals

(hope that's ok. Also when we get later into it is there anyway I could have Owen and April? I just love them. Hope their will be japril and crowen!)

11/13/2012 #3

Name: Alyssa Harper Grey

Age: 6 and a half turning 7 in 2 weeks

Appearance: Shoulder length dirty blonde curls, stormy grey blue eyes, milky skin, freckles on nose and cheeks, she has a scar on her hairline from running into the coffee table when she was 3 years old

Occupation: None, she's a student

Likes: her mother, Batman, cherries

Dislikes: her father, people who are not responsible and mean, lemons

History: she is Meredith's daughter of a previous relationship and she loves her mother minus having to move into her mother's childhood home

Other: allergic to strawberries and cranberries and lemons, has mild asthma and loves mint oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen

6/30/2013 #4
Mollianne Alexis Adams Foster

Could I have Addison? And when Arizona comes in I'd like her too please?

1/1/2016 #5
Mollianne Alexis Adams Foster

Brynnleigh Jean Karev (née Destine)

Nickname: Brynn, BJ(by Alex), Brynie(by little kids), Brie, Princess

Alias: Jess Parker

Age: 12

Family: Amber Hayleigh Destine(biological mom), John Matthew Destine(biological dad), Fynlee Jonas( biological brother, 17), Alex Karev(adoptive dad)

History: Brynnleigh's dad died when she was two. He was struck by lightning when he was fixing the roof. A year later, Brynnleigh's mom died. One day she just didn't wake up. The doctors say she died from her heart break. Three year old Brynnleigh and eight year old Fynlee went into the foster system. They bounced around from foster home to foster home together for three years before Fynlee got arrested for theft, assualt and battery. Fynlee served time in Juvie while Brynnleigh stayed in her foster home. She cried everyday for a month after her brother was taken away from her. After being separated from her brother, Brynnleigh quickly learned that nobody would be around to stand up for her and that fairy-godmothers and princes that rescued you only existed in fairy tales. she also learned to never let people see her cry, because crying is weakness. If they see you cry they know that they have power over you. After a lot of practice at the age of seven she had perfectly mastered her poker face. Nobody ever saw weakness in her. She also learned to force a smile no matter how much pain she is in, but even when she smiled you could see the sadness in her eyes as the innocent lightness she used to have was now gone. At the age of eight she ran away from an abusive foster home, but got caught at a store late at night a year later. Later than a kid should be out and about by themselves. One on the employees called social services, and Brynnleigh was picked up and taken back to that same foster house. She was severely beaten by her foster parents. After they were down she crawled over to the phone and called 911. She was adopted by Alex Karev when she was ten years old. Once arriving at the hospital Dr. Alex Karev was drawn to nine year old, Brynnleigh, because she came to the hospital bruised and battered with other more serious injuries. The first day in the hospital, Brynnleigh barely talked at all even when the doctors asked her a question. She would either talk in Spanish or just say nothing at all. Her sentences were short though and they were barely sentences. She told the doctors her name she was Jess Parker. She didn't tell them her real name until a week later. When Brynnleigh first went home with Alex, she was closed off, shy, quiet, scared, and nervous, but she didn't show it. She had on her poker face that she had perfected at the age of seven. She didn't talk about her past until she was forced to when she started having night terrors and talking her sleep.

Extras: Brynnleigh calls Alex papi.

1/1/2016 . Edited 1/1/2016 #6
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