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tere moto the sentry

Kyle: You two are pizza monkeys? What do you do--throw your pooperoni?

(Fanboy and Chum Chum burst into laughter.)

Kyle: I'm witty day after day, and this is what they laugh at.

"There's Chinese Checkers, but that might get a little high-spirited; what with the spice of the Orient and all."

"Must you turds make such a racket?"

"It's me, Kyle the Conjurer! Soon to be Kyle the Ring Unlinker-er!"

Anyone? Anyone? Do you have any?

11/10/2011 . Edited 12/15/2011 #1
*gasp*. D: Kyle said turds? I can't believe they can get away with that on a kids show! And yes I have a quote: I was caught outside in the rain, which is like acid to wizards. Also this seems to be acid rain!
12/29/2011 #2
tere moto the sentry

Yay! Thank you so bunches! I was sad that this forum wasn't getting any love.

The "turds" quote was in the clip "Bubble Magic" on I love how Kyle says it, all British-y; sounds like "tuds".

The whole "rain burns wizards like acid" thing always reminds me suspiciously of Irkens...(Invader ZIM)

Here's another quote I like:

"From now on, don't talk to me; don't look at me; don't even smell me."

Heh, does he know all the jokes he set himself up for with that?

1/4/2012 #3
LOL! Don't even smell me! Quote: I call Shenanagins!
1/7/2012 #4
tere moto the sentry

"I feel like the south end of a northbound troll."

Necronomicon: Tell me your symptoms, dear boy.

Kyle: Well, my nose is runny; upset tummy; chills and shakes; pains and aches; swollen glands; clammy hands--oh, and excessive rhyming.

1/9/2012 #5
Kyle: shut the bawwwwk! And leave at once!
1/11/2012 #6
You two are pizza monkeys? What do you do? Throw your pooporoni?
1/11/2012 #7
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