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Do you feel that this world is not what it seems? That there is more to it than what you can deduct with your senses? Then take the pill and see just how far the rabbit hole goes. This is the place to discuss and be part of the Epic Legend of the Matrix.
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Alester Kendall

Not The matrix and Not Zion. But the world outside Zion. The tunnels and surface of the world.

1/13/2012 #1
Alester Kendall

Cal sat at the operator station letting His normal operator catch some sleep for another hour, when he noticed something strange on the screens. "Fester, wake up and get in here now."

1/13/2012 #2

Fester hadn't fallen asleep. He hadn't been sleeping so well after he realized he had been living a dream and that the real world was a living nightmare


he asked,lying down on his bed with his face facing the wall

1/14/2012 #3
Alester Kendall

"Fester you are going to want to see this." Cal said. Fester was his first mate after the last one was promoted and he was givien a mostly new crew.

1/31/2012 #4

Fester didn't argue. He quickly, with out hesitation walked up to Cal, not seeming to be tired at all

1/31/2012 #5
Alester Kendall

"We have a rogue program fighting off agents from an exit. " He pointed to one of the screens. "Things really are changing in there."

2/2/2012 #6
Fester looked at Cal. "If it is strong enough to fight off agents, we wouldnt last too long against the program....." Fester stated, seeming to be unconcerned with the situation at hand
2/3/2012 #7
Alester Kendall

"Rogue programs fight against agents." Cal sighed. "If we can convince it to work with us word would spread to other rogues and think of the possibilities, Fez."

2/3/2012 #8

Fester nodded.

"Allies is certainly something we need here....the Agents have us out numbered 5 to 1."

Fester said calmly.


Chloe was running from an Agent and shooting bullets at him from her handgun from a distance. None of her bullets hit him as they jumped building to building

2/3/2012 #9
Alester Kendall

Cal broke his gaze from the screens. "Wake the crew, we're going in."

2/4/2012 #10

((So wait, they're with Morpheus, Neo and Trinity, right?))

2/4/2012 #11
Alester Kendall

(Why not do 3 years after the final movie. Morpheus can still be around and so can anyone elsewho was alive at the end o the final movie.)

2/14/2012 #12

(How do I jump in?)

2/14/2012 #13

(We could meet up with your character in the Matrix. And if its after the final movie, then why are they worried about the Agents? Unless Agent Smith is back.....)

2/17/2012 #14
Alester Kendall

(Remember how the father did not give a real solid response to just letting people out. The agents just hinder that process and they police the Matrix. There are rogues out there too.)

2/21/2012 #15

(Hmm.....good point...I just kinda assumed that he meant it when talking to Oracle....)

Fester nodded before gathering the rest of the team to see what was going on right now

2/22/2012 #16
Alester Kendall

(I shall post the back story to this soon. )

The agents had been helpful in the past, but now they were becoming annoying. Abusing their powers as police of the matrix. Cal had taken more than enough. "We'll get you soon enough."

3/4/2012 #17

"I believe were all good to go."

Fester stated calmly

3/10/2012 #18
Alester Kendall

(Sorry I was gone, school kept me away.)

"Alright, let's go in." Cal took his seat buckled add but one arm down and awaited the rest of the clamping.

3/30/2012 #19

(Its all good, it happens, so, whats the plan on what happens next?)

3/31/2012 #20
Alester Kendall

(Sorry again. Life has not been kind. =( I'm a bad manager. lolz. anyway we show up in the Matrix at a safe house and go from there.)

9/11/2012 #21

I would like to see a decent fanfiction about the Animatrix short the Second Renaissance. I would particularly like to see one with a detailed description of a human being captured and processed by the machines and plugged into and waking up in the matrix.

If anyone would like to write this fan fic please do so, or email it to someone else who is interested. If anyone knows of a fan fic that is like this that already exists, preferably one not on this site, please share a link.

6/13/2015 #22
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