The Quest
A thread about Minecraft that will be turned into a fanfiction story written by me, of course . There will be adventure, thus the name "Quest."
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Hello everyone. If you don't remember me, I've created the Minecraft story "The Survivors." It had about 20 or so chapters until it died, but I thought the meat of it would have been good if I've gotten to it. So, anyways, this is sort of a forum where you can role-play and everything, and I want it to be an RPG along with it. But the difference is, this is going to be publshed on the site as a story. I'll give a warning to when I'm going to post a chapter, and let you guys come up with a name in another thread.

The only problem is, since this is going to be a big quest thing, I have no clue how many people to accept into the actual quest. I'm thinking of four, so that way there are five characters in the story. I think that to be a nice, round number, but then I thought of how unfair that would be to others that would not be able to participate. So, maybe there can be multiple quests? I don't even know how popular this will be, but, if it does, I will see how things will go. I'll just start with four, and if five more people want to join, I'll pick a moderator from that group, and make a thread for them.

As for this first story, I have no clue what it will be about. That's all the fun to it though. I'm thinking of almost a Paper Mario gimmick, collecting things and bringing them together. But, I'm not going to do it like I did in the Survivors, I want it to be different. So, if you have any ideas, request them. And if I like them, it'll be in the story. This thread will be used to post ideas later on, and for now.

Also, I have no clue how long this will last. It may be two years, it may be one month. You guys are probably clicking away right now, but I know this will be fun. I have been role-playing (on another website) for one or two years, and I'm experienced with it. But, I don't know how fanfiction does it, so I am going to do it like I am used to: CHARACTER SHEETS!!!

Name: (First only)

Age: (14-24)


Skill: (Crafting, Slaying, Cooking, Mining, Building, Farming) (Pick 2)

Appearance: (Or skin, for you lazy buggers)




Name: Seth

Age: 18

Gender: M

Skill: Cooking, Building

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, 5'9", blue eyes, torn red shirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Curious and timid

Bio: Always the silent one, but he has a lot of good ideas.

If you have nary a clue what I'm doing, just fill out that form you see above. And that should be all.

9/25/2011 #1
Abyssal Knight

I'll give your forum a try and maybe to spice may try implementing different Minecraft mods to add variety and chance for new things to happen.

Name: David

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Skill: Slaying and crafting.

Appearance: Black hair, lightly tanned skin, slim but muscular build, grass green eyes, blue jean jacket, black pants and silver shirt.

Personality: He's very cold and serious. He tends to be quiet and acts distant mostly but will always speak his mind.

Bio: Will always think before acting and attacks from a distance though he can easily fight close up.

9/25/2011 #2
The Son of the Bread Maker

Name: Logan

Age: 22


Skill: Mining and crafting

Appearance: Ryan cartright. (Pro. pic.)

Personality: Brave, alittle twisted in high pressure situations.

Bio: Logan's parents left him with his older sister at 13 when they learned he had ADHD. His sister died in a tragic creeper accident, (She was celebrating about finding a huge diamond cave when a creeper came up behind her and did what creepers do best. He has lived by him self for 9 years now and has been just fine.


10/17/2011 #3
name: Dane age: 16 gender: M skills: Slaying and building appearance: about 6'0 inches black buzz cut hair and black skin bio: He is very kind and reasoning person and loves to be around friends and he is a bow slinger
1/31/2012 #4

Name: Charlie

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Skill: Smelting and Swimming.

Appearance: Normal kid, blue t-shirt with brown trousers.

Personality: Anti-social, a little bit more directed into solitary mining and killing creepers

Bio: Bullied when he was 10, he ran from his home and situated himself in a mountain area killing creepers and other mobs on the way.

2/9/2012 #5
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