The Return of Mafia: Nintendo Time
After over three months of fights, drama, separation, and hate, the Mafia crew, old and new, decide to restart the game that brought them together. It's time for...NINTENDO MAFIA!
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I wanted the mafia to get me out if I placed myself as the doctor. (To spare the cop and the doctor. I wish I wasn't lynched so early, though. I was having fun. D:) But to point out, I'm surprised that Laguz hasn't been killed. I'd say keep an eye on her, though if she is a townie, the mafia will try to make her look suspicious.

I think another reason I was killed because I suspected Sawa. But eh. I don't know if that's the case.

FoS on Don...And I don't know who else.

I leave you all with that noted. I shall die now. *dies*

10/24/2011 #31

@PPAD: You planned this?! That was a good tactic XD. Well, it sucks you're dead and all, but... why FoS on Don? Oh wait, you're dead, you can't post again. XP

10/24/2011 #32

Hi Remo.

10/24/2011 #33

@Wiggles: So... any theories that will help us actually get somewhere? :P

10/24/2011 #34
Hold on, I'm going to reread back.
10/24/2011 #35

@Wiggles: Okayz :P

10/24/2011 #36
OK, I just needed to make sure I didn't misread important details.
10/24/2011 #37

*is really late* Hey Bowser! :D

@ PPAD's post: O_O! You planned all of this? oAo woah... That's just... Awesome! *A* Wait... Don? Has he posted here yet...?

10/24/2011 #38
I say we lynch someone who never logs on. It eliminates the need to rely on them for majority and so they can't progress as far without lifting a finger, so to speak.
10/24/2011 #39

....WE LOST PPAD? B-but she's a pro.... D:

And about the suspicion on me... Yeah, Mega died and turned out not not be false cop. Yeah, I'm cop too. However, it does kinda make sense. After all, I can only scan every three days and Mega could only scan every two days. It's still fair, unless the mafia is full of crappy abilities.

10/24/2011 #40

Was that a defense or was it a bunch of facts?

10/24/2011 #41

A bit suspicious of TJ. He made multiple posts surrounding the is-AmaGoP-a-good-or-bad-cop thing. I am kinda thinking AmaGoP is a town, and I think TJ is trying to support someone like AmaGoP who is likely to be town so as not to be seen as scummy. Also he used quite a bit of accenting on his posts, which I find a bit off.

Also a bit suspicious of Bows, having three of his posts be 'its a new day', 'bye ppad', and 'i'm gonna reread'. Bows tends to be a more upbeat person, and his use of short posts that mostly use periods as the ending punctuation and with no emoticons do not really fit him. His suggestion of lynching an inactive person also did not sound like a townie thing to say, as that strategy usually does not end in a mafia fatality.

I'm not sure about 2B3. He seemed to be pretty focused on the topic earlier, if not just stating facts and such. Near the end, though, he seems to be somewhat silly, and kind of abrupt to change to this mood. Sawa was a little bit like this also, overly commending a known townie (PPAD) for her good actions.

So if I had to pick one main suspicion, I'd say........... 2B3.

10/24/2011 #42

Sorry to burst your bubble Don, but I wouldn't be here if I were a mafia. : /

10/25/2011 #43

Donavan, you seem to kinda be suspecting people for no real reason.

I'd defend against your accusation, but it's kinda... stupid. XD

I kinda see what PPAD was talking about now. FoS Donavan.

Oh, and Wiggles, lynching inactives is a BAD idea with this ratio. Although what we'll end up doing about Chris and the like I have no idea...

10/25/2011 . Edited 10/25/2011 #44
I'm tryin to advance the game by mentioning things that seem off to me, since nobody is using any of their SKILLZ. I find it a bit OMGUSy that you're FoSing me directly after me being suspicious of you.
10/25/2011 #45

I also think we're running around in circles around this one, no one has really used their abilities recently, since... Day 2?

10/25/2011 #46

@Donavan: I guess, but to be honest, it wasn't that you were suspicous of me, it was the REASONS that you were suspicous of everyone. They just seem a bit... trivial, if I'm honest.

@Sawah: No, we're not really making any progress at all...

10/25/2011 #47

Well, I guess he was just saying what he thought, even if they were a little, uhm, nit-picky?

10/25/2011 #48

@Sawah: Well it kinda sounded like he was just desperately finding suspicions about anything. Also, his one on TJ is kinda based on the assumption that Laguz is definitely townie, which she may not be...

10/25/2011 #49

@ Giga: At this point where there aren't any clues about anything new, I think we are desperate DX

We can't even get Laguz to do a scan or anything, pooooo XU

10/25/2011 #50

@Sawah: Yeah, I guess...

Well, my only real suspicions are on Donavan and Meph, but none have solid proof yet... we may have to no lynch and see who the mafia kill, or vote inactives like Wiggles said... but I really don't want to do either. XP

10/25/2011 #51


Baby Peach crawled around the area innocently, gazing at wanderers with deep blue eyes. She noticed noticed a familiar person walk by, though. She witnessed them use their ability the other day, so she mimicked their action for days.

She finally got it down. Her innocent face contorted into a grin.

Someone's ability was stolen!

10/25/2011 #52
It's about time someone used an ability. *shot*
10/25/2011 #53

I am jealous of whoever got Baby Peach :p


10/25/2011 #54

Update! (Got this around the time the ability was stolen. And this hurt. It really did.)

Princess Elincia walked around the Nowhere Isles in fear. She wasn't suspected as much of the others, but she was still nervous. What if...the Mafia prevailed?

Suddenly, there was a ruffle in the bushes behind her. She peered around nervously and screamed in fright, running away as fast as she could. The evening wind seemed to have mocked her movements and she let out a shriek of fear.

When she made it to a nearby parking lot, she sighed in relief and waved to the Town.

Unfortunately, she was then grabbed from behind and slammed into the ground at full force. The Town gaped in fright as blood trickled into the cracks of the ground. The princess of Crimea took her last breath and then closed her eyes, eternal slumber overtaking her.

Sawahii is...

Princess Elincia (Townie): The princess, and later queen, of Crimea. She is a gentle soul, but has a lot of determination.

Ability [Amiti]: This ability enables a person of your choice to vote twice.

Ratio is now 6/4. Majority is 6.

10/25/2011 #55


...(BTW, Sawdust, from now on, I'm calling you Elincia, 'K Elincia?)

10/25/2011 #56
Wow, that was unexpected.

By the way, Robert. I was trying to be serious, hence why there weren't long posts or emoticons. (That and I couldn't contribute to the conversation.)

Remaining Players: Myself, Laguz, Don, Mudkip, Giga, Bad, Chris, Kyo, TJ, and Meph....right?

10/25/2011 #57


Though if MC does turn out to be mafia, I'll most likely be leading a witch hunt for Gig, cause coming out and admitting your role at the beginning of the game is odd, and it was kind of a random thing, and if he's telling the truth, it probably would've been better to keep it up his sleeve. It could've just been a rookie move, but I wouldn't put it past a mafia to try to cover for his buddy. If MC get's confirmed town, then this suspicion will forever be locked up in the attic. But if he turns out mafia... Gig, I'll be coming for ya...

I'm not backing down on my word, boi, and he's my only current strong suspicion, sooooooooo… Plus I still think those things. I swear I'm actualy suspicious of him though, and not just cause I said I would. Just wanted to repost my original reasons.

Secondly, read back. I said earlier this morning that we should possibly lynch MC in order to prove my innocence. Why would I say that if I were covering for a mafia buddy? That would mean I'd switched from accusing MC, to defending him, to accusing him. Why would I need to do that?


it is still possible that Giga is scum and the mafia took advantage of his insta-kill ability (he might be able to kill more than once, though I seriously doubt that with these numbers) to try and make sure that MC could score the highest level of protection possible.

I believe this could be the case.

Good thanks. Came back to ff when Bad told me I was in the middle af a mafia game :P

….Bad knew mafia was going on but didn't show up? I'll PoS her for that(though as far as I know, she could've been busy, but stillllllllllllllll…)

I'm a townie, as I was pushing a vote for MC, my own godfather, to achieve virtually nothing other than gaining a load of suspicion

….I know typos and mistakes are possible, but I don't buy that that's an accident.

RH, there's a perfectly good reason why you'd push a vote on the godfather! He cannot be killed yet! You would have just mis-lynched us, which was your plan all along! Once he was revealed godfather but not killable at the moment, you would pretend you didn't know! Everyone would believe you, too! A day later, MC would be killed, but that doesn't matter since you already mis-lynched us again! It was a great tactic, too! Now, defend yourself against THAT!

I still don't trust neutrals, but I do agree with Hershel on this.

@Giga: Easy. You used your ability on MC to prove his innocence. You kept putting your vote on MC, knowing that he can't be lynched. Sudden, Mega scanned MC and revealed him. You felt that it would be a great time to vote for TIP.

I agree with this too.

So pretty much, HoS Gig and PoS Bad. But apparently I took to long typing this, cause now I got to go shower and finish homework. Peace out!

10/25/2011 #58

@Laguz: I can very much see why you'd be suspicous of me. I would defend myself but I've realized already that I suck at defenses and I'll just end up digging myself into deeper suspicion XP

10/26/2011 #59
Obviously, we've hit a dead-end progression wise. I'm still suggesting voting an inactive so we don't have to rely on them, we might hit a Mafia, and we get this day over with.
10/26/2011 #60
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