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I think you can guess what this is about! So Yaoi alert! come alll!
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((I really want to do a Shizaya RP. AND SADLY BECAUSE I AM VERY SELFISH PERSON *Wink* I MUST TAKE IZAYA IN THE RP. But I first have to put some rules out before it starts. #1 I will allow profanity but don't get to into it okay? It can kind of get annoying when that happens and I hate when people just use profanity's in every sentence. #2 I want this to STAY T rated K? I got into really big drama with my parents and kind of feel guilty so please oh please keep it T or I will have to stop the RP right then and there :C which would make me sad. #3 STAY IN CHARACTER!!! I don't want things to totally get off course. No sweet Shizuo's.... well not at the beginning. But you can do sweet Shizuo if you want. Just don't change your character so fast cause then it gets confusing. I think that's about it xD So message me if you wanna!! THANKS! *Waves and leaves*))

10/2/2011 #1

first thing first r u a girl or a guy weird question but im a girl and i wouldnt feel that comfortable being shizuo in a rp (im ok with playing the role of shizuo) with a girl but if u r a girl ill still rp about it. i dont rlly care that much just a little weird thats all. well can i rp with uafter a nice discussion .

11/1/2011 #2
Ozayi thank you so much for offering to do an RP with me xDD you don't know how excited I am!!!~ And yes I am in fact a girl so I promise it will not be awkward. Haha I am very happy~ so um yes I'd love it if you could be Shizuo. We will have to discuss though the plot of the RP maybe through other sites. If you have an Aim I could talk with you there. Also I hope that this won't drop and that we won't leave each other hanging. We should probably make a due date to when we must reply. So that you again!!!))
11/1/2011 #3

hi sorry for it being another day and all i had to sleep i got detention (stupid 8th grade) and i dont have an aim i plan to though :) and i would like to chat on here about it but u could reccomend another site if u want

11/2/2011 #4
I'm in 9th grade btw. And if you wish to talk on here then that his fine. When you get an aim maybe we could chat sometimes. So now we have to decide what the plot will be..... Hmmmm first I have to know are you a Izuo or Shizaya fan? Or both? I just wanna check because it would make it easier for me to think up some suggestions. I am really an Shizaya fan because I can't see Izaya the man. To women shaped. But that is my opinion. So ya we'll figure this out xDD
11/2/2011 #5

i am actually a huge izaya fan u wouldnt believe how much i like him oh and cuz of that im an izuo fan izayas just to demmanding he would threaten shizuo and be rlly ruff

11/2/2011 #6
Hmmmm I actually see that but I don't because again he just makes me think of a girl.... Plus I think it's fun to see him in a state where he's not in controll and stuff. Like it would be so new to him and stuff. Also I kinda see Shizuo at first just teasing him to get the upper hand in something. And even though Izaya can get the upper hand with threats, Shizuo is stronger and wouldn't be so scared if he hurt Izaya. -shrugs- so that's just my opinion and I heard yours. So how about we add both Izuo and Shizaya in here? Like if you have seen death note and the L and Light pairing they both share the title for boy and girl xDD so how about it?
11/2/2011 #7

*shrugs* i guess so and i have a suggestion on were it should start and i guess in that state izaya might not be in control might.........*thinking* i know it should start with izaya going to buy his favorite sushi and "running into" shizuo and it takes on from there but now ur sugggestion oh and do u have a nickname or u want to be called sushilove91 wich actually is sorta like a nickname

11/2/2011 #8
You can call me Sushilove, Keket, or Shun. If you want you can even call my Sushi. I sometimes go as Izaya to but for this I prefer the other names but it it your choice. What do you like to go by? And o like the starter xDD we could have it that there in one of there fights and Izaya starts teasing Shizuo by joking around and Shizuo catches him off guard in his own game? I think that would be fun xDD
11/2/2011 #9

i like to be called ozayi thank u oh and i love the whole teasing thing that would be fun *devious look* so should we start or plot about it more

11/2/2011 #10
Hehe I know right? Perfect!! But we could use this forum for idea's and make a new one for the actual RP? Do u wanna do that?
11/2/2011 #11

yup that sounds good oh and if i start to go all izaya fangirl i should warn u i go crazy for izaya im obsessed with him so on with ideas oh and i just published 2 stories u should check them out but like i said on with ideas

11/2/2011 #12
-gapes out you with wide eyes and starts crying and hugs you- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME!!!! None of my friends understand my obsession with Izaya!!! I go to school dressed like him and am always acting like him when I can and I have written several stories (that are not written on the computer but in my note book) BUT AGAIN I AM SO HAPPY!!! <3 cause seriously my friends think I'm a loon since every account I have is Izaya related!!! Oh and I will go check out your stories to xD and yes ideas!! Um so after Shizuo gets his way we could have it that Izaya is kind of irritated with Shizuo and is planning on getting the protozoan back?~ hehe btw things have changed since I wrote the rules so some of those can be forgotten and we could make this a lime if that's alright with you?~
11/2/2011 #13

yes i love the idea and my friends make fun of me a lot cuz of my luv for him but dammit i know of heard of lime but i forgot bad ozayi so can u explain i gotta stop forgetting stuff next thing i know ill forget my epic izaya jacket when i go somewere

11/2/2011 #14
Oh my gosh!!! You have a Izaya Parka too?!! *squeals* okay so there are two things: Lemon & Lime Lemon: Is basically M rated where it is where you do show sexual intercorse Lime: Is basically T but it depends. But it's hints at sex withought sexual intercorse Jog your memory xD and what do you think should happen after my suggestion with the whole get back at Shizuo thing?~
11/2/2011 #15

yes i luv my izaya jacket and i think next shizuo should start sexually teasing izaya like giving him a kiss then when things get like good he just stops and leaves izaya poor izaya but then izaya gets up and follows shizuo like the badass stalker he is

11/2/2011 #16
Ozayi that is epicness. *hugs* I love your brilliant mind!!! And then we could have Izaya just sitting in Shizuo's house and when Shizuo comes home from work Izaya does close to the same thing to Shizuo & leaves but doesn't come to Ikebukuro for 2 weeks just to mess win Shizuo
11/2/2011 #17

hi im gonna leave for the bus in like 10 mins and my laptop died on me last night i had to find the charger when i found it i just passed out i think shizuo wuld be rlly suprised if izaya did that then just left then wat if izaya comes back but the weirdest thing happens shhizuo finds him and kisses him in public like in front of everybody and i mean even shinra

11/3/2011 #18

hi my laptop died on me last night and that idea is epic i luv it so i think after that ugggghhhhi dont want to explain just read the message b4 this one and i dont use capitilizations and full words cuz im to lazy but never lazy enough to stop me from chatting about shizaya

11/3/2011 #19
I love it xDD so cute that would be.... Ya like maybe Izaya could be trying to avoid Shizuo and runs into Jim and he does it.... Wither it's to mess with Izaya or to realize his feelings x3 so I think we have a good plot for now~ want to start? I'll set up the new forum if your ready? OOH!!! and we can do the look alikes also *squeals from excitement* You could be Psyche is you wish but I have to be Hibiya-sama or I will DIE!!! TT^TT BUT WE SOOOOOO SHOULD!!!~ jrskysoydoyafgkudtdod!!!
11/3/2011 #20

yes i would luv to start and thank u so much for lettin me be phsyce i just luv him hes so adorable but i dont luv him as much as izaya izayas my favorite

11/3/2011 #21
Well then xD we'll just have to do another RP xD and you can b Izaya in that one xD then we could do the look alikes xD but I'll have to start the RP later to morrow cause I'm so tired and I have another show in the morning and afternoon and night DX I'll see but I will post!!! Promise before the weekends over xD
11/3/2011 #22

haha funny i have school and the bus takes forever so i wont be back to my wonderful laptop till like 4 30 so ill see about the posting to and i wonder how izaya stalks people so perfectly when i try i mess it all up well night thats how i say good night i just say night bye

11/3/2011 #23
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