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Edalene Athene

I have not yet decided whether to set this during the books themselves or in the aftermath of the wars. After all, wars don't end once the swords and battle axes are laid down, they are only beginning. Whichever bet has the most responses by the 20th of October 2011 will determine the future direction of the role play.

With character profiles, please provide;

1. Character name

2. Place in society - House, occupation etc. (if using an original character this isn't necessary)

3. Physical Description

4. Personality Description - at least three strengths and three weaknesses because nobody is perfect.

5. Anything else you deem to be relevant.

10/5/2011 #1
Khaleesi Daenerys

I vote to set it after! :)

Name: Anastasia Martell

House: Martell, heir to Dorne.

Physical description: Olive skinned, tall and thin with blond hair and green-blue eyes.

Personality: Very aware of her position as heir to Dorne, she revels in the power and priviledge of her position. She is often arrogant, headstrong, judgemental and critical of others.

10/11/2011 #2
Edalene Athene

Character sounds fine but before I can approve it I need more detail!!

10/19/2011 #3

Name: Falene Snow

Place in society: B*** peasant who lived near the outskirts of Winterfell until it was taken by Theon Greyjoy. Set adrift now, she takes any work she can get...and is presently a camp follower for whatever host will take her...

Physical Description: five feet three inches tall, with long, curly black hair. Her round face is expressive, although her green eyes are closed to the world. Skinny, but with curves in the right places.

Personality: Like most in her village, she has the hardness of the North in her. She's strong when she has to be, and she has her dignity...to a point. However, she's pigheaded about things she really should give in about, she lacks a certain amount of confidence, and she's more likely to hide from danger than to face it head on.

Relevant information: She hasn't had much of an education, so she cannot read or write. She believes in the old gods of the North, and always finds a way to pray to them at night, although she would prefer to find a heart tree if she could. Her mother had been a camp follower, and her conception had been an accident. Has a secret ambition to educate herself and eventually make a better place for herself in society...now if only they would let women into the Citadel...

1/7/2012 #4

1. Character name: Lollina 'Lolli' Storm

2. Place in society - House, occupation etc. (if using an original character this isn't necessary) - One of Rober Baratheon's many b***, living in the King's Landing, where she makes her money from robbing and busking. She occasionally does a bit of house breaking, but prefers cut pursing and pick pocketing. Is awful at lock picking, however.

3. Physical Description - Black hair, blue eyes, skinny with prominent high cheekbones. Various scabs on her knees, and gangly arms from a growth spurt. Short for her age (twelve) and light on her feet from being enrolled as a performing girl at King's Landing.

4. Personality Description - at least three strengths and three weaknesses because nobody is perfect -

STRENGTHS: Good at lying, a trickster, cunning. WEAKNESSES: Overly confident in herself, would sell out her own mother, never does anything that puts her in immediate danger (extremely self-centered)

5. Anything else you deem to be relevant - A past in acrobatics and thievery, and a horrible cook. Double jointed.

2/24/2012 #5

1. Character name: thanose doe

2. Place in society - bounty hunter and a sellsword he claims to be the b*** of a major house but refuses to tell any one who it is

3. Physical Description: nimble and lightly muscular he has long black hair and a five o clock shadow he usually wears light armor

4. Personality Description - strengths: persausive, handsome, an adapt swordsman weakness: no real morals, lust for gold, horrible archer

5/4/2012 #6

1. Character name: Sardja Flowers, or Sardja Lionheart.

2. Place in society- She's the b*** daughter of an unknown Lord, but her mother is a Dornish washerwoman and she was raised by her.

3. Physical Description: Sardja is of around average height, about 5'7, and her figure is curvy (perhaps a little plump). Her hair is black and wavy, about to the small of her back when it is loose but generally she wears it in a bun. Her skin is light brown from her Dornish mother. Her eyes are large and gold brown, framed with thick lashes and bold, dark brows. Her nose is straight but not delicate, and her lips are full.

4. Personality Description: Sardja is not your typical washerwomans daughter, nor your typical lord's b***. She's headstrong, stubborn and fiercely independent, with a fiery temper and wits to match. She's good with words, and enjoys 'intelligent' conversation- she can be a bit of a snob. She's also a flirt, though not very ladylike- she lives tournaments and can hold her own in a fight.

5. Sardja wants to learn to sword fight, and she can't sing to save her life.

Hope she's okay! I can't wait to get RPing- I'd prefer during the wars.

10/18/2012 #7
I love prototype

Name: Thantos Bolton House: house Bolton

Physical description: pale, about 5'9, has long dark hair like his father Roose bit has a slender build, also has black eyes

Personality: Thantos is smart, cunning and an excellent battle commander. However he, unlike his father and b*** brother has a soft spot for innocents who are victims of violence and may grow attached to them, another weakness is that he is not good at commanding a small amount of people since he does not feel attachment toward his men.

Anything else: he has a ruthless reputation but is not as cold and angry as ramsay but ruthless nevertheless, he also hates lannisters and feels remise for the starks

10/28/2012 . Edited 10/28/2012 #8

Hey all!! I was wondering if I could still join this rp and what time it is set in??

11/15/2012 #9
The Black King
Name: Kale Blacksnow descended of the Starks Physical: Tall , muscular, black hair grey eyes. Keeps hair cut close with a beard not to thick or thin. wears black armor and clothes with a white direwolf. Personaltiy strengths Great fighter, great tactiction quick reactions. Angery Rash and emotional Hates the seven and knights. Uses a Longsword and a master with any weapon he can get.
12/7/2012 #10
I love prototype

Sadly the forum is now dead but you can check the game of thrones forums

12/12/2012 #11
Bess Woodville
Am I too late :(? Name: Daenyre Blackfyre Age: almost 17 Gender: Female Appearance: Daenyre has a certain resemblance to Daenerys and Daena Targaryen. She is tall (almost as tall as Viserys) and slender but not skeletical (very weak muscled). She has hair mid-back length hair which is a much duller version of the Targaryen's silver-gold, hers is more of a sandy-titanium, a lot like the sand on the beach. It is fine and wispy and straight. She takes great pride in it and often braids it herself. She is considered very attractive and beautiful by many however hers is more of a girlish feminine charm; her nose is perky and small, she has a bit of freckles around her nose area which stretch across most of her checks and up we forehead you can't really notice them... Her eyes are small and delicate looking which reminds people of diamonds. They are purple but an extremely dark plum (think Asshai amethysts) the purple could be barely hinted while it mainly looks black. Her face is slender oval/diamond shaped and she has high cheeckbones. Her skin is fair-medium (number 2 on the Fitzpatrick scale). Daenyre often grabs herself in silks and feels most at peace with them as opposed to the Westerosi dresses. She also adores Marroon and Plum very much. Personality: She is extremely high tempered and provocative. She often mocks people often when they insult her back and she is very unforgiving. Daenyre however is graceful and kind to the people who serve her (The Golden Company) and her love interest; Viserys. She is vain when it comes to clothes and adores looking her best however she also adores reading books very much and often reads prophetic, nostalgic or Arcane books. She also adores reading about the history of the seven kingdoms and can play the harp well. As a child she was happy and kind to her legitimate cousins during her stay as hostage in the red keep. She was often ignored but she was always happy and excited and bouncy but that changed after Queen Rhaella died and she ran off with the Greyjoys. She often has troubles with dreaming because her dreams tend to haunt her and often disturb her, she can often hear a voice talk to her and she is afraid that she will be madder than Aerys. Even though she is young and does not know much about ruling she still managed to become the leader of the Golden Company. She know is going for Westeros. Think a bit Matilda the Empress, Rhaenyra I... She is fascinated by the Dawn. Weapons/Gear: She has a Sword; Blackfyre which was once Aegon the conqueror's and a purple and sapphire dragon called Rhaenyras which is barely big enough to ride they eat along very well. Loyalty: Loyal only to House Blackfyre but later Became a Targaryen by marriage. History: Daenyre was allegedly born on the shore of the sea of sighs in Essos, she is the daughter of Maelys the Monstrous and another woman who he would never talk about, she allegedly gave Daenyre her dark purple eyes as opposed to her father's pale lilac ones. Until she was about 4 years old She was constantly lonely and yearned for a brother called Daemon that she would marry and rule the throne besides but she never had one after all. At almost 5 years old she was taken as hostage a few months before Maelys' death to the Red Keep by mad Aerys. There he became best friends with Princess Rhaenys and Prince Viserys. She enjoyed playing with them and being a child, but when her father was slaughtered at Stepstones she was almost thrown on the streets by the king and his advisors who found no more use in her. However luckily Queen Rhaella and Prince Rhaegar prevented that from happening, she wished she knew why people call her father a monster. When she was about 7-8 Elbert's rebellion commenced and Daenyre fled to dragonstone with Queen Rhaella and Viserys where she suffered witnessing the death of Queen Rhaella which was like a mother to her and saw the birth of Daenerys 'Stormborn'. She was born in a similar storm and later when she gets introduced to her later on (presently) she is fascinated about how their names were so similar. When Viserys ran to the free cities with Darry she could not get on board and with Varys' help she escaped on a Greyjoy ship and became known as 'Nalareth Sand' the daughter who made Ashara jump of the cliff as she kept dying her hair black in order to seem more similar to her. There she became good friends with Theon, Asha, Marron and rodrick an stayed there until the Greyjoy rebellion commenced. Afte rthat she ran with the purple dragon egg which Euron had and went to the free city of Lorath and then Volantis. There she reanimated her dragon and named it after The Queen which she wanted to evaluate; Rhaenyra. With R'hllor Daenyre hatched her dragon and brought it up alone all these years giving them a more brother-sister bond then Dany has to her dragons. Since then she started gathering supporters. Last time she was hidden in a w*** house in Lys before uniting with her cousins in Pentos. The rest is in my fanfic: 'The Flight of a Dragon'
12/13/2012 #12
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