Lorien Legacies: The Rise of the 15
Instead of 10, there were 15. None are dead. Not yet anyway. Here you can become a member of the famous Lorien Garde and help save Earth and restore Lorien to its former glory. You can join the Garde, join the Mogadorians, or stay human! Decide your side!
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S a p p h i r e A r c h e r

Name:(real and current)


Current Location:


Legacies: (can have up to five) *look on i am number four wiki and go to legacies! they have a huge list!

Appearance: (can add picture if you'd like)


Weapon of choice:

Cepan:(Protector/guardian) ( put if it's male/female)

Chimera:(pet that came with you from Lorien; can be any type of animal; give name and what kind of animal)


Highest number is most powerful! lowest number is weakest! age has to be 7-20!

Number 15: Anastasia Kolf (S a p p h i r e A r c h e r) (16 yrs old)

Number 14: Ajax Dixon (My sword strikes swiftly) (18 yrs old)

Number 13:

Number 12

Number 11:

Number 10:

Number 9:

Number 8:

Number 7:

Number 6:

Number 5:

Number 4: John Smith (Ms. Potter-Winchester-Night)

Number 3:

Number 2:

Number 1:



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S a p p h i r e A r c h e r

Name:Anastasia Kolf -Real/ Kimberly Evans -Current


Current Location:Mississippi, USA


Legacies:invisibilty; antigravity;aeternus;lumen; animal telepathy

Appearance: long black hair, ususally braided. she is 5'7 with an athletic build. light brown eyes with feckles across her nose. she is usually seen wearing long, elegant dresses to formal gatherings, but when she is ready to fight she wears tight black pants with a blue tank top.

Personality:she is very protective of her chimera, who is also her best friend; she is very skillful when it comes to fighting off mogadorians; also loyal and reasonable

Weapon of choice:Lorien Dagger

Cepan: Gillian (male)

Chimera: dog; Kieran

10/10/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #2
Nike's on my feet

Name: Ajax Dixon-Real/ Seth johnson -Cirrent



Legacies: Telekinisis, Teleportation, Time manipulation, Mind reading, Empathy,

Apperance : Very well built, 6,2" silver eye's with black hair.. He usually wears leather jacket with jeans... (He is not emo or goth though xD)).

Weapon of choice : All black Lorien Dagger

Cepan: Samantha (Female)

Chimera: Wolf (but he transforms into the right animal depending on where they are.

((Hope you accept it :D))

10/13/2011 #3
S a p p h i r e A r c h e r

ACCEPTED! YaY! first person XD haha if u kno of any other people that like forums like this, can u please try to get them to check it out

10/13/2011 #4
Nike's on my feet

No problem but can you make an area where we can rp? XD

10/13/2011 #5
S a p p h i r e A r c h e r

oh yeah. sorry new to this:)

10/13/2011 #6

Can you claim?

10/14/2011 #7
Nike's on my feet

Umm I guess I can because I was here first im pretty sure she won't mind = D

10/14/2011 #8

Um I mean if I can claim like number four and all XD :D

10/14/2011 #9
Nike's on my feet

Oh you want to be John? I guess you could.

10/14/2011 #10

Yay! :D

10/14/2011 #11
Nike's on my feet

I bet your super happy and if you have any body you know that likes I am number four have them come and sign up =D.

10/14/2011 #12

Okay XD :D

10/14/2011 #13
Nike's on my feet

Post on the rp area so Seth can meet up with John but I'm not going to have John find out about him being Number 15 yet xD.

10/14/2011 #14

Name:Camryn Venturous Jones(real)/Catherine Jones Valentine(current)(haha,I just noticed,all the names either start with a c,v,or j and there is Jones in both!haha)

Age:17 and a half

Current Location:Moving


Legacies:(i looked on i am number four wiki and either they deleted the list or I looked on the wrong one because I didn't find any,if its okay with you I'll just make up my own)animal shapeshifting(magical/mythical and real that she sees in pictures and real life),animal telepathy,mix-and-match(body parts so for example she could make herself have the body of a wolf,the wings of a dragonfly,and the eyes of a cat)

Appearance:5'6",110lbs, dirty blond hair that is naturally wavy and goes down a couple inches below her mid back,streaks in hair are dark blue and silver. Sometimes the blue looks dark green. Forest green/hazel eyes with flecks that are unusually silver. The silver sometimes looks dark blue.Tannish skin,slim,fit,slightly muscley,curves in all the right places and delicate features.

Personality:Sometimes shy,stubborn,her sense of humor switches on and off,only rude if you are to her,40%temper controllable aka short temper,outdoorsy,will do anything to help/save a friend/living creature if they are on the good side and not her meal ,creative ,sensitive, sarcastic,emotional at times,hyper id too bored,spunky, finds it hard to trust someone new but will warm up to them.

Weapon of choice:A machete at her hip and a few knives hidden around her waist and a dagger hidden in her right boot.And her powers.

Cepan:Sheena Taln;female;deceased

Chimera:Gray wolf;Nalytasha

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Nike's on my feet
Accepted! Tell your friends about it!
3/22/2012 #16
Nike's on my feet
Accepted! Tell your friends about it!
3/22/2012 #17

Okay,will do.

3/22/2012 #18
Nike's on my feet
Lets scrap the idea of what number you are Marks your power.
3/23/2012 #19
Name: Real; Mikayla Bayless.. Current; Aquila Dolosis~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Age: 16_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Location: Parker, Colorado~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Number: 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legacies: Fire (The thing that number I forgot, has), Telekinis, Shape-shift, invisibility, speed~~~~~~~~~ Appearance: She is 5'4" and athletically built. She has white blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She's usually always wearing black cargo jeans and a tank top, sometimes a long sleeved shirt.~~~~~~~~~ Personality: She is skeptical of people and is always looking over her shoulder. She is very nice when she needs to be and when you get to know her. She can be very sarcastic and mean~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weapon of choice: Shotgun~~~~~~~~~ Cepan: Female~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chimera: A teddy bear dog named Fruta
3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #20
Nike's on my feet
Accepted.! Change the.number though!
3/23/2012 #21
I changed it to number 2, if dat's okay?
3/23/2012 #22
Nike's on my feet
Perfect hop in the rp.
3/23/2012 #23

Name:(real and current): current - Peter Bishop. Real - Conner Kent

Age: 17

Current Location: Santa Cruz

Number: 5

Legacies: (can have up to five) *look on i am number four wiki and go to legacies! they have a huge list!): Flight, Telekinesis, underwater breathing, electrokinesis,

Appearance: (can add picture if you'd like): Tall, lean build, muscular. black hair grown long into a forelock over his eyes. He usually wears dark blue or black shirts with jeans and a black jacket.

Personality: withdrawn, very brooding. Prefers to read by himself. Doesn't want to get close to anyone for fear of putting them in danger. Empathic

Weapon of choice: Lorien sword – a sword that transforms from a short silver pole with a Loric rune on it. It looks like a silver blade outlined in blue with a straight silver crosssgaurd.

Cepan:(Protector/guardian) ( put if it's male/female) Jonathan, male

Chimera:(pet that came with you from Lorien; can be any type of animal; give name and what kind of animal): Falcon, Name – Freefall.

4/13/2012 #24


4/15/2012 #25

Name: Sapphira Larken (Curent), Sora Delaney (Real)

Age: 16

Current Location: Columbia, SC (USA)

Number: 12

Legacies: Zoopathy, Healing, Super hearing, Telekinesis

Appearance: Long, dark blond curls, bright blue eyes, tanned skin, about 5'6" in height, about one fifty in weight.

Personality: She acts very sweet and shy at first. Then, when one gets to know her, she slowly opens up and shows how defensive of others she can be when she gets attached to them, along with her slightly sarcastic attitude and vicious temper, both of which she keeps bottled inside for the most part because she yearns for real friends.

Weapon of Choice: Double daggers or a long staff with a sword bade on one end.

Cepan: Mira Nori (Female)

Chimera: Cat; Silver (Silver tabby with blue eyes)

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5/13/2012 #27

Name:(Real)Zack Stronghold (Current) Dante Redfield


Current Location:Columbia, SC


Legacies:Telekinesis, Animal Telepathy, Element Control, Time Manipulation, Rapid Regeneration

Appearance:Dante has messy soft black hair, Green eyes, and a very muscular toned body. Casually he changes the color of his hair at times as he moves from place to place.

Personality:Dante is very quiet and patient when he is intense situations. When he is just out to have fun he tends to be like any other rebellious teenager. He is strong-willed and very determined on protecting his people as well as those he cares about.

Weapon of choice:Lorien sword

Cepan:Leon Redfield-Male(Deceased)

Chimera:A Puppy-Spike

5/16/2012 . Edited 5/16/2012 #28

Name: (Real)Aran Helmsner (Current) Tyler Troutman

Age: 14

Current Location: Lincoln Nebraska

Number: 1

Legacies: Time Manipulation, Mind Reading, Elemental Manipulation, Telekinesis, Anti Gravity.

Appearance: He's 5'11, 245 lbs, average build, white skin, dirty blonde hair. He wears Sasuke Uchiha Mangekyo Sharingan contact lenses.

Personality: He is a funny guy, he doesn't take much seriously, he's kind of a d***, he's faithful though! If he tells you he'll do something, he will, when he makes a promise... He keeps it. When he's pissed however... You better RUN B***! RUUUUUUUN!

Weapon of choice: He prefers any ranged weapons, but if he's got none on hand... He sticks with his ever faithful samurai sword.

Cepan: Cheri................ Female

Chimera: Kika.... Cat

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