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Anyone ever fancied a stroll through the wonderful madness that is the Discworld? Pick your favourite character or create your own...and let the madness begin!
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I am pretty new RPGs but totally hooked so anyone who wants to join in with more experince that can offer guidance or tips I am eager to learnt! I won't list characters as most people seem to want to create their own but if anyone wants to play a particular book character that's cool too! Probably set in Ankh-Morpork, not sure of time frame yet (any suggestions welcome?) and as always disaster is on the horizon!
1/29/2006 #1
Probably should set it in most recent Ankh Morpork times. The idea of an RPG is interesting. If it gets going, I'd quite like to join. I fancy myself as a Susan, or, with added testosterone, Havelock Vetinari (yum).
2/2/2006 #2
Uh... I might be alone on this, but... how does one 'roleplay'? If you have to choose a character, then Vimes all the way.
2/3/2006 #3
I would go for Rincewind. the luggage kicks @$$
2/4/2006 #4
2/7/2006 #5
Okay...as I said I am new to roleplaying but so far bascially what I've been in a Harry Potter one is some starts a story and then we take it in turns adding to it with our characters interacting with each other. I haven't got any rules as such, I don't mind people 'borrowing' any character I play as long as they let me know and don't do anything too out of character with them ;) Use this board to post character details for others to read and I will set up the Game board which we can start whenever you guys are ready and a board for game ideas and out of character chat...hope that makes sense...Oh anyone can play characters not taken but best if one person plays them from then on...if you want that character to interact with yours then post in chat board... I fancy playing Corporal Nobbs and Leonard of Quirm if anyone plays Havelock (OMG the man is so cool!)Vetinari...And Death if no one else wants him as he could be the narrator! Name: Corporal 'Nobby' Nobbs Race: Human 'I've got the paperwork to prove it!' Age: Probably 34 (but probably been 34 for years) Description: About four foot tall,pigeon chested, bandy-legged and amazingly 'handsome'...honest! Usually found in 'Watch' uniform with a dog-end tucked behind ear! Smokes incessantly and speaks out of corner of mouth. A penchant for petty theft and folk dancing. Current Abode: The New Watch house in Pseudopolis yard. Friends/Colleagues: Commander Sam Vimes, Corporal Cheery Littlebottom, Sergeant Detritus, Captain Carrot, Sergeant Angua, Sergeant Fred Colon...etc Okay I am adding a few of my own characters that are looking for a home...but I can 'fade' them out if they don't fit in or have nothing to do...but need some sort of idea to start things off. Name: Jovial Pete Race: Human - Highest Priest (and only member) of the Unspecified Feathered Organism Cult Age: (old enough to know better!) about 62 Description: Skinny, wrinkly, with mad violet eyes, wild bushy hair and beard. Wears faded black and heavily patched robes tied with fraying cord, that was probably once holding back someone's fancy curtain. Obsessed with the cult of his own invention, not a good housekeeper...oh and barking mad! Current Abode: A cheaply rented (no one else wanted to use it as the roof leacks...something to do with Commander Vimes) tower at the Unseen University. Friends/Colleagues: None - he's far to busy researching for his cult to socialize! Visited by Ira but doesn't like to admit Ira exists as he doesn't fit in with Jovial's beliefs! Name: Ira (just Ira when you are an angelic being you don't need anything else!) Race: Angel - Rank Watcher or guardian Age: Since the creation of all things... Description: Tall, thin, pale, long black hair, slate grey eyes (has a fondest for eyeliner), an almost feminine beauty and large black feathered wings. Wears (look like he could have raided Death's wardrobe) long black robes, sometimes a long black coat and chunky black boots. Drinks, smokes, loves music with rocks in and has been known to do other very angelic things which is the reason Jovial Pete can't believe in him! Ira is fascinated and adores mortals, he also gets bored easily and as he is a Watcher/Guardian it is in his nature to 'watch' people and often gets involved (not really allowed or wise) in their affairs! Current Abode: Renting a room in Mrs Cake's lodging house, got bored with Jovial Pete ignoring him and Jovial's bad hygiene! Friends/Colleagues: Jovial Pete (if he would admit Ira was real!), Mrs Cake and (soon) Corporal Nobbs.
2/7/2006 . Edited 2/9/2006 #6
Name: Mad Pat Race: Nac Mac Feegle Age: Unknown ("Wha d'ye think I am? Som' kneenda Mathamagiky man?") Description: Small, blue and stupid, but strong by even Feegle standards. Current Abode: In the rafters of the Mended Drum. Friends/Colleagues: Currently alone, but has his eyes open for his clan (he got lost).
2/8/2006 #7
Sounds like fun. Name: Commander Sam Vimes Race: Human Age: More than would be liked Description: Your average guy who has to provide for his family like everyone else... With rooftop chases, damanding Patricians and the occasional person who wants to kill him on the side. Current Abode: Gradually becoming the Watch house considering how much time is spent there Friends/Colleagues: Captain Carrot, Sergeant Angua, Sergeant Detritues, Corporal Nobbs, Sergeant Colon... And probably a few others too.
2/8/2006 . Edited 2/8/2006 #8
Name: Havelock (undisclosed embarrassing middle name) Vetinari Race: Human, with reputed vampiric tendencies Age: Old enough (I believe a year older than Sam Vimes) Description: Tall, reptilian, aspirations of Machiavelli: believes it is better to be feared than loved. Wears assasin's black. Also happens to be the Patrician of Ankh Morpork. Current Abode: Oblong office, The Palace Friends/Colleagues: Rufus Drumknott as able Secretary. Close relations with the Watch and loud communications with Sam Vimes especially. This man can read you, even the small print. Wouldn't mind also playing Susan or Death. The three above are my favourite characters.
2/8/2006 #9
Tindomiel...you are welcome to play all your faves...as long as I can play Quoth the raven and Death of Rats hehe. Okay I guess we're going to start with a Watch/Ventinari story...don't know if anyone has any ideas yet? I will have a think and post something later to start us off...look forward to meeting you all on the streets on good old Ankh Morpork!
2/8/2006 #10
Eco Warrior
If Tindomiel is having Vetinari then I’ll take Death Name: Death, or Grim Reaper Race: Ehh Death Age: Pretty much since the dawn of time Description: Tall, Black coat, scythe, skull features with glowing blues from sockets for eyes, skeletal frame and speaks "LIKE THIS" Current Abode: All of space and time and his house in the world of Death Friends/Colleagues: The death of rats, Quoth the raven, Mort, Susan Bones, Ysabell, Albert, Mrs Cakes, Famine, Pestilence, War and Ronny Soak or Kaos and his lovely horse Binky. This is going to be fun
2/9/2006 #11
Hello Eco Warrior! I think you posted while I was writing the start so please do take Death...my basic idea (but I will willing follow anyone elses ideas and people ususally come up with better stuff) is that Jovial Pete has summoned up an angel (see bio) and the angel has decided as he is bored to watch over Nobby...most unlikely person to watch over but Ira isn't a normal angel...so of course Nobby should have died...and maybe several other who should have died won't, that will cause problems for Death and the Watch if murderers put to death won't die etc...we will see...hope it will be fun for everyone playing!
2/9/2006 #12
Psychothic Kitty
Hi, Sev's!!!! I read ur mail, and I'll like to get Nara here, she likes the idea...but I didn't really read the novels, so...would you be kind and send me an email explaining me? I just need the basics, and I'll go from then...PLEASE!!!! Aly ^ . ^
2/9/2006 #13
Hiya Moonlight's...I'll email you later...does Nara want to hook up with Ira (again)? He'll be a bit different here hehe. Maybe you could check out some Discworld fanfic and Terry Pratchett sites until I email (oh if you want to bring Mya too that's fine) bacisally think fantasy comedy! C ya later! :)
2/9/2006 #14
Wordmage Kazzidae
Well, if everyone here is going to be a character, then... Yeah, I'll be Carrot. Name: Carrot Ironfoundersson. Race: Human, but dwarf by adoption. Age: Unknown. Probably in his twenties. Description: His name befits his shape. Very tall, muscular, wide shouldered, flame-red hair. Thought by many to be stupid. He may be simple, but that is not the same. Known by just about everyone to be true heir to Ankh-Morpork's throne, a position he carefully avoids... probably because of Vimes. Supposed evidence of this; a crown-shaped birthmark, and a sword that has no magic whatsoever- but excels at being a sword. Leave it at that. He thinks of everyone else as being nice chaps, and, when they get down to it, no one seems to be able to deny Carrot this. Not in his presence, anyway. Current Abode: Well... a Watchman doesn't exactly live anywhere, just sleeps there. If he has to be said to, in fact, live anywhere, it would be in the Watch houses of Ankh-Morpork. Friends: Everyone (see last few lines of Description). What? But all the best characters have been taken already anyway... If not Carrot, then... Granny Weatherwax... Name: Esmerelda Weatherwax, a.k.a. Granny Weatherwax. Race: Witch. Might be human, but you never know with witches... Age: Don't even go there. Description: Possibly the most powerful witch in Discworld (I done it with bees!). Looks... well, just imagine a really old witch. Get the picture? Always wears black if at all possible. Obvious preference of pointy hats. Erm... what else can I add? Current Abode: A cottage of sorts in Lancre. Lancre is so small that it doesn't really need a capital, much in the same way that Luxembourg's capital is Luxembourg. Friends: ...perhaps not the best word to use here. People she holds in high regard are; Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, and Agnes (a.k.a. Perdita X Dream). Everyone else is automatically a friend. Well, would you want to be in a witch's list of enemies?
2/12/2006 #15
Name: Rincewind Race: Human Age: late 30's early 40's Description: looks moth eaten*, a coward and proud of it, enjoys bordem, not afraid of heights** Abode: The Unseen University's Library Friends/Colleagues/Companions: the Librarian and the Luggage *a very big very hungry moth **he is just afraid of the falling and hitting part P.S. I have only got as far as witches abroud so my knowledge is not entirley up to date. If some of my info is wrong please bring it to my attention so that I can correct my mistakes.
2/13/2006 #16
Hiya Nabikifan! Believe me I haven't managed to read all the discworld novels yet (I have a roleplaying pal who going to give it a go without reading them but researching on the net so don't worry...we just want to have fun with this,right!)but as far as I know your information is correct and up to date...please feel free to jump into the roleplay when you want...I guess it will be a bit disjointed until there are a few people playing...you don't have to begin playing your character in Ankh-Morpork, if you want them to travel there while we wait for more players that is cool...I will post soon and play some of the untaken characters to move things along...I hope!
2/13/2006 #17
Just for giggles I will also do the Librarian also Ook: Librarian Ook: Orangutang* Ook: Haven't a clue Oookk: An orangutang, looks like a size 3 person in a size 6 fur coat Ookk: Rincewind *that's an ape not a monkey and don't you forget it** **or you will be very sorry
2/13/2006 #18
Psychothic Kitty
OK, didn't read the novels...I'll try my best, please don't hate me if I make mistakes. bon, lets see Name:Dannara Age:Unknown, a lil' bit younger than Ira...not much Race: Angel (Guardian, altho she feels like a Nanny) Description: Short, Silver eyes with baby blue streaks on them, very very pale skin, wvy, raven black hair an inch over her waist, curvy athletic built, black wings (she's able to hide them inside her body) she has a scar on the back of her neck. Outfit: Black short dress with thin straps, hooded cloaks, she weas 10 thin silver bracelets on her right wrist and a silver bellybutton piercing, and a necklace with a black guitar pick. Attitude: Calm, quiet, sarcastic sometimes, sweet once in a while. She doesn't act like an angel though...smokes, drinks, gets in fights, swears a lot (excep when shes near her 'lil ones') Background: she was chosen to look after a boy, but ended up looking after his sister too; her 'lil ones' don't have another mum, except her...their dad although a loving, sweet guy, works a freakin lot, and has a girlfriend, so he isn't around a lot. hope you like her... Oi, Sev's!!! Nara is gonna be a bit different from the one you know, but I think you'll like her... Her lil ones are Ayk (older bro- 12 years) and Kiska (younger sis-9 years)
2/15/2006 #19
Of course I wouldn't hate you...my dear! I am not sure that this is going to turn out but let's have some fun!
2/15/2006 #20
Psychothic Kitty
Hihihihihi Thankx Sev's..I'll try my best ^ . ^
2/16/2006 #21
hey sev's, if I can come up with an OC can I play him/her as well as the two I am all ready doing.
2/16/2006 #22
Of course you can Nabikifan...sometimes it is more fun...I had an idea for characters I would like to see in the dicworld and now I can let them play! Just add characters bio so we have a clue who they are...I am interested to see what you come up with ;)!
2/17/2006 #23
Psychothic Kitty
Hummm..question!! Sev's, are we gonna have Nara and Ira 2gether???
2/18/2006 #24
Wordmage Kazzidae
Ok, forget about Carrot and Weatherwax. I AM DEATH. And possibly Susan as well.
2/22/2006 #25
Question. If you make your character come across someone else's, do you do the conversation for yours and theirs too, or simply say your bit and wait for them to reply?
2/23/2006 #26
Different forums have different rules but generally I think it ok as long as you are playing in character and don't sort of run away with the persons character!!! I for one have no problem with other people 'borrowing' my characters especially if they are interactive with each other in the books eg Nobby and Vimes, maybe other players could post how they feel then we all know where we stand...if you want to play something you are not sure off then just PM the player to make sure it is ok with them! Is anyone going to play Havelock? If not I shall play him for now so Vimes has someone...er...besides Nobby to argue with!!! I'll wait your post Watchman!
2/23/2006 #27
Wordmage Kazzidae
What I've always wanted Terry Pratchett to do is write an epic Disworld novel, perhaps spanning to two volumes, in which he incorporates all of the greatest hero(ine)s of Discworld; 1)All the people from Ankh-Morpork (The Watch, Vetinari, Sybil...) 2)All the people from Lancre (Granny, Nanny, Magrat...) 3)Rincewind (Ok, so he's not a hero. He is one of my favourites, though.) 4)The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (and probably some new Horsewomen. Equal opportunities and so on.) 5)Ronnie (The 'Lost' Horseman of the Apocalypse.) 6)Anyone else you can think of.
2/26/2006 #28
That sounds like fun! Can I still join? If there is anybody still up to it, I wanna play the Luggage. *looks wooden* (And if PO Rincewind wants to play the Luggage himself, I wanna be Gaspode.)
6/10/2006 #29
Sylvan Wind of Change
Name: Cheery (that's 'Cheri' to you!) Littlebottom. Age:how the heck do I know (maybe twenty-something in dwarf years). Race: Dwarf (and proud of it!!). Description: boots with metal heels. Beard. Iron cap. makeup (lots). Leather skirt. leather top (maybe with chain-mail). Is usually very nice. Shy (except for short bursts of bravado). Oblivious (but not quite so much as Carrot). Doesn't like other dwarves who make fun of her. Brown hair (probably). Abode: The Watch house (most of the time). Friends: Angua Von Uberwald. Carrot Ironfoundersson.Sam Vimes. Etc... I would also like to play Otto Chriek or Vetinari, if no one else is playing them. P.S. how do you roleplay? I've never done it.
7/21/2006 #30
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