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Tell us about your stories.

10/14/2011 . Edited 10/16/2011 #1

The Tale of Simba and Nala

As cubs, Simba and Nala must overcome the tragedy of their whole family and pride dying at the hands of Scar. As they grow older, they form a new regime, called The Pride, with one purpose: To take back Pride Rock! TONS OF FLUFF AND DRAMA! Theme: Epicness.

It begins with a quick intense chapter, and then a couple chapters of fluff between Simba and Nala as cubs, then becomes a more fleshed out action/drama story. I hope you enjoy it :) I've enjoyed writing it!

Rated "T"

10/16/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #2

The Lion King: Kopa's story.

Prequel to my one-shot "motives", this story is about what happened to Kopa to turn him into the monster that is spoken about in "motives". Going from his cub-hood up until his return years later, this story follows how Kopa fares in the open world, and how his disappearance affects his family and friends. Not sure whether there's gonna be any romance yet- I'm only on chapter 4, but chapter 5 should hopefully be up before Friday :)

The Lion King: Motives

Motives is a one-shot that talks about how Kopa's re-appearance shattered the harmony of the pride, ruining and ending the lives of many. It's a little dark, but nothing too heavy :)

Both my fics are rated "T"

10/22/2011 #3
Wherever Juliet Lies

My story is called Ask Anni.

It is about a lioness named Anni who is found, almost dead, in the Pridelands by Kovu. And...Kovu finds her very alluring, for some reason.

Also, Anni has a explosive secret that could destroy all peace in the Pridelands...and maybe even destroy love.

I hope it's a good story, I'm sorry I'm not the best writer or plot maker...but please, if you would review it, I would love that :D

10/23/2011 #4
The Rogue Lion

Shades of Red: Red. It was the color he was most familiar with. After all, it was the most natural color for a mercenary.

The story is exactly what the summary suggests. There are chunks of death here and there, a dash of romance, and a pinch of happiness. These delicious ingredients are kept together in a dark bowl and are currently being stirred with letters. Those letters will mix them together and, when cooked, form a story. The story will then be sliced up into some chapters and shall be ready to be eaten up by your eyes. Yum.

I described it as food because my dad is cooking dinner right now ;P

10/25/2011 #5

In His Short Life: While Simba is coming to terms with the path of his life and his new leadership, he also has to deal with Sarabi's illness and Nala's first pregnancy, all while fending off marauding lions "The Rouges", as they call them in my story, who are bent on stealing food, land and lionesses and will kill all the cubs they find. I decided to make Kopa the cub Simba and Nala produce in this story, as I do not accept Kiara as the cub from the end of movie one. Sarabi being ill is just my way of trying to explain what happened to her in between the first and second movie. If movie two is meant to pick up where the first one left off, she should still be alive.

Chapter one is up right now, though it may need some editing done to it for some minor mistakes. I stayed up all night to write it, like I've been up all night tonight. Even though I get tired, I get most inspired to write when there's nothing to distract me. Chapter two is currently being written and will be posted shortly. I hope everyone who goes to check it out enjoys it:)

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #6

The Demon Slave and The Lion Master (Working Title)

The story is about a human who somehow enters into Africa, and becomes the King's slave. His objective is to make sure the future heir is safe, along with the lands, but when Scar comes into play, the human loses his first master, and his new master is Scar. Join the tale of a young human living through the ruling years of King Mufasa and Scar, but... He holds a secret that even he doesn't know about.

He's the Prince of Demons....

10/28/2011 #7

@Story: I used to write at night. :/ now I have to blast white noise into my ears when I write .

10/28/2011 #8

I just put up Chapter 16 for The Tale of Simba and Nala. I would love it if you all checked it out :) (it'll probably take like a half an hour for it to pop up on the list)

11/5/2011 #9
The Rogue Lion

I am no longer pure. I have written for another fandom! It's for The Legend of Spyro if anyone's interested. But if you do choose to read it, you'd have to read Kuroy's "Inner Sanctum" first. My story is an approved continuation. The title for my story is "Lingering Sentiments".

11/5/2011 #10
The Rogue Lion

Is anyone planning something for the winter holidays? I'm planning a oneshot that may turn into a multiple chapter story. It has nothing to do with any of the holidays though :P

11/23/2011 #11

hah. no. I just need to write the last chapter to my fic, then I'll be writing an actual fantasy story, with all OC's and such. in other words, it won't be posted on fanfiction

12/2/2011 #12

1. Rise of the Tyrants- Scar is disgusted when his Simba's birth deprives him of his rightful seat on the throne. But he does not want his nephew's blood on his hands so he fakes his death and leaves. While crossing the desert, he encounters a forgotten tribe of legendary warriors and their fearsome emperor Khali who is determined to make Scar an ally

2. Return to Chaos- Khali and Scar engineer Mufasa and Simba's doom and the annihiliation of the kingdom.

3. Sands of Time- Takes place after the first movie when Simba is dehydrated and dying. An old elephant saves his life and gives him the strength to abandon his past forever and choose his destiny.

4. The King and the Travelling Creatures- Same as above but this time Simba joins a trio of ragtag animals who are sightseeing the continent.

3/8 #13

Hey! LionKingAlex here: a newbie to Fanfiction, but still very active. If crossovers count as stories here, I'd like to say that I'm writing a crossover between The Lion King and Tarzan with elements borrowed from the source material of both universes in an original way. The story is called "Of Lions and Men". Hope you like it! :D

However, I intend on expanding my fanfics with stories that feature only TLK material. ;)

6/26 #14
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