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Rani smiled back at chrissa, and respectfully nodded.
2/25/2012 #31

Frowning at Aceline, Christa shrugged. "Well, that's her problem." She replied icely. "But you seem nice enough by comparison," Christa held out her hand for May to shake.

2/25/2012 #32
May shook her hand and says "I am nice to everyone I meet."
2/25/2012 #33

Still trying to place that odd aroma that hung around the other girls, Christa shook May's hand before letting her own hand fall beside her hip and smiled emptily. Her mind wondered back to the smell of the werewolf - the scent of home and forests and wilderness - that was swiftly fading the more time she spent in the company of these girls. But, desperate to make friends, she stayed where she was.

2/25/2012 #34
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Rani smoothed out her pitch black shirt with the words 'bunny' on it.
2/25/2012 #35

Raising a single eyebrow at the word on Rani's skirt, Christa dared to ask: "Why does it say 'bunny'?" She asked. "Like rabbit, right?"

2/25/2012 #36
Then may says "well now, should we get to class." "Not with out giveing me a hug." A femal voice says. Madeline and May turn around to Bellatrix there with a smile on her face. The twins yelled omg and hug bellatrix.
2/25/2012 #37
Deleted Word Document
"yeah! It means a rabbit!" Rani lied cheerfully.
2/25/2012 #38

Christa felt as if every cell in her body was imploding at the same time. She let out a strangled gasp and tried to claw her way through the conflicting emotions that shot through her head at the proximity of Bellatrix. The scent of the woods was overpowering, the feeling of right-ness that she'd felt around her uncle and father, the familiarity of werewolf. Bellatrix must have been the source of the scent!

Opening and closing her mouth like a fish, Christa tried to speak: "H...hello."

2/25/2012 #39
Bellatrix looks at Christa and pick her scent up, she says madeline and May she would be right back. She takes Christa hand says "we have to talk."
2/25/2012 #40
Deleted Word Document
Rani's small pale hands picked up her scedule, witch had fallen to the floor.
2/25/2012 #41

Nodding mutely, Christa took Bellatrix's hand and followed her into the toilets. Once they were out of earshot of the others, she began to ramble: "Thank Goddess you're here! I thought I was the only one! I scented you earlier, but I couldn't find you. Why are you here? Are there more of us? Were you bitten or born like this?"

2/25/2012 #42
Bellatrix held up her hands and says "whoa calm down. Yes there is more of us, my mom and dad are werewolves. I guess that answer the question I was born. May says to Rani "looks like we got classes together."
2/25/2012 #43
Deleted Word Document
Rani smiled "Yeah."
2/25/2012 #44
"So should we hurry to class now." Madeline moved her arms around and may says "don't worry about bell, she will be find."
2/25/2012 #45
Deleted Word Document
"okay!" rani replied.
2/25/2012 #46
May walked to class.
2/25/2012 #47
Deleted Word Document
Rani followed May to her first class.
2/25/2012 #48
May says "our first class is math." (To math class.
2/25/2012 #49
Deleted Word Document
Rani smiled and walked to math
2/25/2012 #50

Delilah roamed the halls trying to look for the office, her dirty blonde hair hiding her face. With leaves already sprouting on her neck and when she would stand ot still it was hard to move. She was really scared.

3/18/2012 #51
Aceline walked through the halls confident as ever. She bump in dealih and says "watch where you are going."
5/12/2012 #52
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