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Headmaster Huxley

Canon Characters:

Annie Wilson:

Dixon Wilson:

Erin Silver:

Teddy Montgomery:

Ivy Sullivan:

Ethan Ward:

Naomi Clark: Taken by ZacTy2010

Jen Clark: Taken by XJulianX

Liam Court:

Navid Shirazi:

Adrianna Tate-Duncan:

Ryan Matthews:

Tabitha Wilson:

Debbie Wilson:

Harry Wilson:

Kelly Taylor:

Brenda Walsh:

Jackie Taylor:

Constance Tate-Duncan:

Laurel Cooper:

Omar Shirazi:

Atoosa Shirazi:

Dana Bowen:

Tracy Clark:

Charles Clark:


Ty Collins:

Jasper Herman:


Mark Driscott:

Gia Mannetti:

Miles Cannon:


Charlie Selby:


Max Miller:

Raj Kher:

OC Characters:

1) - Open Spot -

2) - Open Spot -


OC Form:






Financial Status:


Love Interest *Must be approved by me if Cannon, If OC then no permission needed*:


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Headmaster Huxley

** Renewal of the Forum **

8/29/2012 #2

Naomi Clark Please!

8/29/2012 #3
Headmaster Huxley

[ Wow. Sure. :D ]

8/29/2012 #4

Thanks! :D

9/1/2012 #5

Is this still available?

9/3/2012 . Edited by Headmaster Huxley, 9/3/2012 #6
Headmaster Huxley

This is the character claim and exposition thread, so if you're asking if a certain character is available, then the list above will tell you. Character names that are without a "Taken by" next to it, are open. :D

9/3/2012 #7

Oh gosh...so many to choose from lol. I feel like just to choose I should rewatch just to make up my mind haha...hm..I may bea while with this haha

9/4/2012 #8

Name: Fiona "Fi" Maxwell

Age: 16

Gender: female

Grade: Sophmore

Personality: Nice, innocent , funny, outgoing, altruistic, adventurous

Financial Status: Rich


Love Interest *Must be approved by me if Cannon, If OC then no permission needed*: *Later decide*

History: Fi lived in Beverly hills all of her life. Although she lives in a large home with seemingly perfect parents and nearly got everything she wanted, there was a feeling she felt sometimes when alone. Almsot as if she had to prove herself to be what her parents, mainly her mother, expected her to be; living up to her name. However, she has managed to try her best as making friends, but given she had glasses and braces for a few years, that didn't work out. When the time came, she ditched the braces and it changedh er overall look and amped her personality and self-esteem and now she just hopes to live wonderful. Now she attends West Beverly Hills High School, with things working out in her favor for the most part.

9/4/2012 #9

Is there anyway I can also be Teddy? :)

10/7/2012 #10
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