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This is an NPC thread. Just make characters that can be used by anyone here, and you could use to fill up space in the rp. These characters can't be rpd at a constant, only when the main characters you control are all occupied and someone needs to interact, or when we need to fill up space (Such as a raid on a witchs' dimension or during a sparring session at school or in a classroom for a teacher to call on...you get the idea.


Meister-Weapon Pair

Meister Name + Weapon Name:



- Weapon's Form:



Witches (Good or Bad)







Kishin Egg












10/29/2011 #1

Weapon Name: Welfor Hallows

Personality: While he's capable of rational thinking like normal humans due to being an evolved Kishin Egg who has developed a completely new personality. He's got no sense of mercy or regret and feels no guilt ever. In fact you could say he's just as blood thirsty as a normal Kishin Egg. He is capable of tactical assaults and holds very good leadership skills, being a rebel army leader before he was driven into the madness along with the rest of his army. They are still alive though none of them are nearly as powerful.

Appearences: His normal appearance is that of an eight foot dark blue skeleton. Every bone in his body is as hard as steel making damaging him only possible through wavelength based attacks. His fingers are especially long and razor sharp through and through. His ribs open up to reveal a kishin eye in the center. This eyes is also made entirely up of bone except for the pupil and scleras which are made up of solid madness wavelength.

- Weapon's Form: A tactical crossbow made up also entirely of bone. To use the scope at it's full potential soul resonance is required. However when resonating with him the meister is now just like a magazine for a gun. He takes over their mind and shoots every ounce of their soul wavelength that he can until they no longer have any to give. He has killed dozens of his own allies in the process but the results he produces are beyond astonishing.


Homing Arrow: The arrow locks in on the enemies soul wavelength and follow it until it impacts with something or a stronger soul wavelength appears to take its place in which case it switches targets

Soul Snipe: He is able to bypass the body all together and aim directly for the soul, however the accuracy on this is greatly reduced as he has to utilize various abilities at once.

Soul Resonance: He performs a form of Soul Resonance that overtakes his wielders mind allowing him full control.

11/5/2011 . Edited 11/5/2011 #2

Weapon Name: Momara Jikoja

Personality: While he's an evolved Kishin egg, it seems his personality was lost in the process and he's more of drooling and mindless zombie more than anything. Momara is thick headed and due to this is practically immune to feeling any kind of pain. He can't really feel anything but is still self aware. If given orders, he can follow them through with deadly precision, in that aspect he's almost like a machine, a killing machine. He can constantly see souls and as a result is able to tell the actual threats from the pathetic things not even worth calling enemies.

Appearance: In his normal form he's a mummy. However instead of the gauze, he's wrapped in chains, the only things visible are parts of his face and six kishin eyes on his chest. He has eight arms. Six on each side, one in the center of his chest and one behind his back. The eyes on his chest are actually his finger tips, with the center on being his palm. Since they're wrapped in chains, most people mistake it for a weak point but are in for a disturbing surprise when they strike it.

- Weapon's Form: A dragon tail whip. The whip itself is made up entirely of his madness wavelength and so he can extend and retract to almost any length. As a result he has killed many meisters that have come after him and in the process destroy the entire town by wrapping himself completely around it and crushing it.


Acidic Saliva: His spit is acidic, in fact it's the reason he has no teeth. It is able to erode almost anything physical away, and capable of inflicting damage even on magic weapons in their weapon form.

Toxic Gas: When the acidic saliva hits his chains, it causes a chain (budumtsh) reaction which results the production of a noxious gas, the scent alone is unbearable and breathing it in for an extended period of time would prove to be fatal.

Extreme Extension: He can expand his whip forms length (currently) enough to wrap around an entire continent. In shortest form, the whip is about 3 feet long.

11/5/2011 #3

Weapon Name: Genba Tsunaishi

Personality: Your typical psychotic evil side of the main character type personality, comparable to hollow ichigo. He constantly laughs like a deranged moron at every little thing, almost as if it's on purpose just to annoy everyone. Even as a human he was known not to work well with others and this got ten times worse when he became an evolved kishin egg. It is now so bad that he will actually IMPALE his partners just for touching him, not caring what their standing is, how strong they are or anything else for that matter. Every time he kills someone he plays it off as if it's an accident and just says "Woops, did I do that?" and proceeds to laugh maniacally.

Appearance: His entire body is pitch black, with only his eyes being truly define and even then they're just pure white. He can takes various sizes, anywhere for an inch to ten feet though he's commonly seen at four feet tall. When partially transformed, he has hundreds of spikes protruding from his body. When he smiles it is revealed that his teeth are actually the chains of his weapon form.

- Weapon Form: A morning star with two spiked balls as opposed to one attached to the handle via chains. The handle is a pitch black, while the chains are a really bright silver color. He is capable of expanding the size of the ball by exerting more madness wavelength.


Kishinizing Wavelength: A direct impact from his madness wavelength can shift souls that survive towards kishinization. Stronger souls will resist this but still feel the effects as their wavelength is temporarily changed.

Madness Impalement: Capable of firing off solid madness wavelength in the form of spikes while in weapon form, they bypass the body and go right for the soul itself. Strong enough to break a basic soul resonance.

Flight: While in normal form, he's able to fly by creating two ball and chains and rapidly spinning them above his head and utilizing the madness wavelength.

11/19/2011 #4
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