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Dear Robin, when are you ever going to get together with Starfire? Have a question for any of the characters of Teen Titans? Come ask them here!
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ChaiChi: Robin and Raven! Birds of a feather flock together! The prince and his dark angel! What is it like having a bond with the one you love? Ask them yourself!
2/17/2006 . Edited 2/17/2006 #1
Bleeding Wings
Hey, you two. First of all, I'm really glad you two are together! You two are so damn compatible with each other. Why did you keep your relationship a secret from the other Titans?
2/18/2006 #2
[q]Hey, you two. First of all, I'm really glad you two are together! You two are so damn compatible with each other. Why did you keep your relationship a secret from the other Titans?[/q] Robin: Well, *blushes* you know how it is. Starfire is kind of... And Beast Boy... Raven: What he's TRYING to say, is that we weren't sure if they would approve. You know how Starfire is around Robin. But once she kind of got over him and started dating someone else, we decided to say something. Okay, my turn! Robin, where did you guys go out on your first date? Was it full of excitement like a trip to the amusement park? Or more mellow like a moonlit walk in the park underneath the stars?
2/18/2006 #3
Bleeding Wings
Robin: I'll never forget our first date. Not in a million years. ::wraps his arm around Raven's waist and has her hip-to-hip with him. Raven giggles and places her hand on his thigh:: Raven: Our first date was at Medieval Times. At first, we were really nervous, especially me because I never was on a date before. But just as the show was about to begin, everything was falling into place. Robin: A lot of events took place, from catching the ring with lances to dancing horses. Then my favorite event emerged: the joust tournament! Raven: Our knight, the black-and-white knight won the tournament, and he was about to have me ride on his horse and show me off to the thousands of fans. Unfortunately, the knight thought I was too hideous and rode away from me. Robin: He sure did. So I beat the living *&%$ out of him for that. Raven: ::smiling and blushing:: He did it like a true knight... Cool! Okay, my turn. How did you two end up becoming a couple?
2/24/2006 . Edited 2/24/2006 #4
Robin: as my fans know very well, my parents had died and I was sent to the orphanage. There I had meet an very good friend, who was not very well like. She was a half demon, and they were afraid to talk to her. She looked so lonely, I thought she might of needed a friend. Raven: Robin and I had become friends, but eventually he got upseting news; he was getting adopted. He had left, and several years i found myself with the Teen Titans. Robin: all the time I knew Raven was in the team, but she didn't know who I was. Even though she's an empath, she couldn't figure it out. Her 16th birthday,a year after she destroyed her father, I had revealed my ideantity, and our friendshiop slowly became more than just that. ::wipes tear:: wow, that's sounds like a happy ending. Okay my turn. Are their any big arguments with you guys? I mean, not all relationships are perfect, they at least have to have one comflict. What's yours?
6/30/2006 #5
The Next Joel Schumacher
Rae: Let's just say that we have trouble being honest with each other sometimes
3/6/2007 #6

what about poor star and bb? where did THAT drop off?

6/13/2008 #7
Ain't No Lie Bye Bye Bye

Raven: Honestly, Do you want to date A green hyper idiot with fangs and pointed ears? That thinks The great Pumkin is a monster who devoures your brain? I think not.

Robin: Starfire is Very hyper. Sometimes I need a little quiet time. And Raven suits that well.


7/14/2008 #8
The Torminator

What's wrong with pointed ears and fangs??? Seshomaru has thema and he's the coolest villian!

Plus...elves have pointed ears...elves are cool...the wodland ones...not the ones in the north pole or the ones that make cookies...XP

I'm hyper...have a problem with me???? Huh? Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh??? Okay...I'm done now!!

7/15/2008 #9

raven: i just think hyper is alittle too. . .hyper for me. . .

7/16/2008 #10
The Torminator

But...hyper is FUN! So is randomness! See? I'm having FUN! I AM! WOO! *spaz, twitch, spaz*

*calms down, finally* Sorry...I get like that some times! *XD*

7/17/2008 #11
Wraith the Destroyer


Have other villan's attempted to use your relationship against each other?

7/23/2008 #12

No, not yet.

8/7/2008 #13
Ain't No Lie Bye Bye Bye

What did Starfire and Beastboy say when they found out? If you didn't tell them yet, TELL THEM!!

8/9/2008 #14

Raven: Starfire was hurt pretty bad. I never saw her so mad. She locked herself in the bathroom and didn't come out for a week. Beast Boy was NOT impressed.

Robin: Yeah. He kept begging us to brake up. Coincedently, a second bathroom was put up.

8/12/2008 #15
Wraith the Destroyer

What's Cyborg's take on your relationship?

8/12/2008 #16
Ain't No Lie Bye Bye Bye

Robin: Cyborg was not that surprised, guess he got his mind going when he saw us together.

Raven: He was definatly the least surprised.

8/14/2008 #17
Freya the Mistress of Discord

Hey, you two lovebirds, I have a Q for ya: Robin, have you ever let Raven drive your R-Cycle??? I'm just curious, since maybe you two can go out and watch the movies together.... or did Cyborg lend you the car? Oh yeah, and one more, have you two went on a date before??

9/8/2009 #18

rob: we went on 1 date, but were swamped by reporters. we both rode on my R-Cycle.

9/26/2009 #19

hey birdies! (lol) what have u guys been up to since the show got canceled? has slade come back? what about red x? new villians? heroes? ANYTHING?!

10/1/2010 #20

Rob: Uh, not much has happened. The newest villian got away, and we are trying to track it down. Beast Boy got another mo-ped.

Rae: and Starfire eventually stopped sulking.

2/20/2011 #21
The Dark side of the Mind

Okay I have a few Q's...

What did







And Red X

Think about your relationship????

(If the know...)

4/30/2011 #22


7/28/2013 #23
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