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Dream's Penumbra

"We've got all sorts of company heading this way, none of it friendly and all of it unpleasant." - Palamedes, the Sorceress.

These thread titles just get longer and longer, don't they? And I capitalized every word...

Character discussion!

My personal favorite is Machiavelli, with Billy following closely.

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/16/2011 #1
Perfect Anomaly

I like Virginia, with Scatty a close second. Virginia is really cool, she reminds me of Xuenu in Qin's Moon: young, pretty, smart, dangerous, and they both play enchanted flutes (though Xuenu's is actually a Xiao, but that's a Chinese end-blown I suppose it counts).

11/16/2011 #2
Dream's Penumbra

What is Qin's Moon?

I like her sarcastic personality...

11/17/2011 #3
Perfect Anomaly

Qin's Moon, or The Legend of Qin/Swordsman, or 秦时明月, was China's first 3D Wuxia Animation which made its debut in 2007 (I think). It follows the story of Jing know what, I could go on for ages. Go to or find it on wikipedia.

11/17/2011 #4
Dream's Penumbra

Okay, then. Sounds cool, but I don't watch anime. Tried it once. Got addicted. Never again.

11/27/2011 #5
Perfect Anomaly


11/29/2011 #6
Dream's Penumbra

Don't ask. :)

12/3/2011 #7
I love Will and Palamedes!! They're the best of friends, and, I love them. So much!!
12/9/2011 #8
Iris Cornelia Jade

Hum...hard to chose. I privately like the With of Endor, with Pernelle as a close second. Both of them have so much knowledge and power, but exercise self-control and know how to use their powers sparingly. I respect and love people like that.

12/10/2011 #9
Dream's Penumbra

I like characters with an edge. Funny, witty characters who can worn their way out of trouble using deceit. That's Mach.

And then there's Niten and Odin, my next-to favorites. I just have a soft spot for Norse mythology.

12/10/2011 #10
Iris Cornelia Jade


Dear Archon, you've nicknamed him.

He'd kill you for that, you realize that, right?

12/12/2011 #11
Dream's Penumbra

Nope. That's what they call him at the site. And the podcast, too.

12/12/2011 #12
Iris Cornelia Jade

Then they'll murder the creators of the podcast, and the site...

I've been there. And I know they pull that nickname from the "Necromancer," from Billy the Kid.

And I know that Mach (oh great, now I'm saying it too) threatened him for it, too.

12/13/2011 #13
Dream's Penumbra

Mach is just easy to say. And something about Machiavelli makes you want to tease him.

12/14/2011 #14
Iris Cornelia Jade

Well, maybe you...

12/14/2011 #15
Dream's Penumbra

By the way, where's Will, Wyn, Elycia, and Drew? there more?

12/25/2011 #16
Hello! :) I voted. Two choices--easiest vote ever.
12/25/2011 #17
Dream's Penumbra

Let me guess; Will and Pally?

12/26/2011 #18

Yes! *grins* How did you know?

I loooooooooooooove Will and Pally. They are just...100% awesomeness. Totally, totally awesome.

12/26/2011 #19

I only thought that you could vote for one Character so I voted for Joan(who by the way is totally awesome!) but if I'd known that I could vote for more than one my second vote I would have voted for Machiavelli too.

12/28/2011 #20
Dream's Penumbra


Machiavelli rocks. :)

I presume that he would not understand what 'rocks' means.

12/29/2011 #21
Machiavelli is the best... He likes Star Wars. What mire can I say? But Billy and Virginia Rock too...
11/22/2012 #22
Dream's Penumbra

Did anyone read The Enchantress yet? Virginia Dare was awesome in that one. :D

12/2/2012 #23

Yes, I read the Enchantress! I got it the day it came out...a reward/bribe for passing my written test.

12/25/2012 #24

I have! It was probably the best one. I loved Josh's ending, and I cried. But, there are so many questions. I have to ask, Did Sophie become Immortal? *Please say she did because if she didn't I will cry*

1/19/2013 #25
So hard to decide favourites :/ Probably in this order (and I have read all six) Machiavelli (intelligent, not entirely good, and yet still a badass protagonist) Marietta (yes, I know she's not really a character, but still...) Black Hawk Billy the Kid Will Palamedes Perenelle (I feel she and Nicholas were neglected a bit in the book :( Nicholas Niten Joan Saint-Germain Scatty Aoife Tsagaglalal Zephaniah Prometheus And many others, but these are just my favourites
2/22/2013 #26
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