Transformers: Rise of the Darkness
They were defeated right in the Chicago streets...But there is rising activity, no thanks to the Decepticons themselves. That's right: They're back. Only you can stop them...Or join them. Canons available, and OC's are welcome.
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Decepticon Alchemist

Introduce your OC! (Just remember the rules!!!)

Notice:* Means optional, you only have to put this if you deem it worthy, though I would prefer you answer it. Thanks!









*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate:



10/21/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #1
Tori Haven





Partner: Megatron

Appearance:She appears to be like a femme Megatron except she doesn't have the talons for her fingers. She is black w/silver streaks on her body.

Personality:Pure evil and at times stubborn

Bio:She was originally an Autobot spy by the name of Lunarblade and while she was spying on Megatron and Starscream she mistakenly gives herself away by knocking down a large pile of rocks and gets captured by Megatron. She is then converted into a Decepticon by Megatron himself. A few weeks after her transformation she falls in love w/him and they become Sparkmates.

Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate:Megatron

Weapons:A sword hidden on her back and her left arm converts into a gun

Other:She can be quite secretive on her origins

10/24/2011 #2
Tori Haven

Name: Sandy Witwicky later Sandstorm

Gender: Female/Femme

Race: Human later Cybertronian

Faction: Autobots

*Partner: Bumblebee

*Appearance: As a human she's 5'7 w/shoulder length red hair and brown eyes. She wears tank tops w/jeans and tennis shoes. As an Autobot she's a femme verison of Bumblebee but her colors are orange and black

Personality: Sweet, tough, stubborn, and rebellious

*Bio: She's Sam's younger sister, she is the first to figure out that Bee isn't a normal Camaro. She winds up falling in love w/him but has a hard time admitting it to him. The only people that knew about the crush was her long-time BFF Kat and her older brother Sam. She later tells Bee her true feelings and finds out he likes her too. Then she makes the decision to become an Autobot to be w/Bee. She then changes her name to Sandstorm

*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: Bumblebee

*Weapons: N/A at first, but as an Autobot she has a gun in her back and a sword hidden in her left arm

*Other: N/A

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Decepticon Alchemist

They're accepted. :)

10/24/2011 #4
Tori Haven

Thanksies Irid :D

10/24/2011 #5
Decepticon Alchemist

No problem! I'm gonna try and see if I can get more people here nao. 0.0

10/24/2011 #6
Tori Haven

Name: Techna Prime

Gender: Femme

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Autobots

*Partner: Dino/Optimus Prime

*Appearance: She's a femme verison of Optimus except she transforms into a 2009 toyta camery which red w/blue flames

Personality: Supportive, kind, leadership, and sweet

*Bio: She's the sister to Optimus Prime and Megatron unlike her brothers she's quite intelligent and cautious. She winds up falling in love w/Dino. She's appears post ROTF and is a helping hand in DotM

*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: Dino (Sparkmate)

*Weapons: Two whips and a sword

*Other: N/A

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Decepticon Alchemist


10/24/2011 #8
Tori Haven

Thanks :D can ya make the rp please and can I be a mod for this?

10/24/2011 #9
Decepticon Alchemist

Yeah, I'll send ya the code ;D

I'm still trying to get some more people here before I open an RP, though.

10/24/2011 #10
Tori Haven

Okay to both

10/24/2011 #11

Name: Baliriah

Gender: Femme

Race: Cybertronain

Faction: Decepticon

*Partner: Does anything with a fellow seeker. Would prefer Nightstrike or her commander, Starscream though.

*Appearance: Black Armour-Breast plates, talons all the way to her elbows, strong and durable hip plating, parts of her helm, tips of her wings, and lastly from her knees all the way down to the very tips of the femme's stilettoed pedds. She has 'spikes' on her elbows, and also on her knees and knee guards. They are also black. The rest of this femme's armour is a startling Sapphire blue. Baliriah is a lean seeker femme. Roughly a head or so shorter than Starscream. She has very sharp talons. Doesn't have digits. Her optics aren't the standard decepticon ruby red, instead they follow with her armour of Sapphire blue. This seeker femme also has 'fangs' and she's not afraid to use them.,r:20,s:0&biw=1584&bih=694 .

Here's another one!*y77On8f4l4%2520Bg5ZsC/adultCynder.jpg&imgrefurl=,r:10,s:23&tx=118&ty=78

(She looks like this as well, because she is part of the 'Legacy'. (Guardians of old.) She has the ability to shapeshift into any creature. She prefers this form over jet form, for herself. ( All that is red in the picture is Sapphire blue for her.)

Personality: She is very open minded about others; but she never forgets. Baliriah is hard to impress and become close friends with, she is very secrative. Sneeky, suductive, dangerous when wreckond with. She holds grudges. If someone has a problem with her or is starting stuff with her, mech and or femme; she has no problem with hunting them down and humilaiting them infront off everyone else. She has been known to get into a brawl with larger mechs and came out of it with very few dents and scratches. She only follows the orders of a seeker. But she does so secretly. She has high expectation for her rivals. Baliriah has no problem killing someone when she feels threatened. She also has a tendancy to talk back to her superours except Megatron.

*Bio:Baliriah is one of the most rareist of seekers. She is a shapeshifter; which makes her part of the 'Legacy'. She was in hiding when the war originailly broke out. Her two brothers' who where already Decepticons, found her on a mission to retrieve any femmes and or sparklings for the decepticon cause. She gave a fight; trying to flee not wanting to damage her brothers in the process. She gave up, finding no other way and was soon takin into custody. Her trine mates who had been off a distance away, got her distress call and soon followed. Now they are the second most dangerous seeker trine in existance. That is why they are refeared to as first lieutenint.

*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: Has a crush on her commander Starscream.

*Weapons: electrical current whip (with or without tail blade aka sword)

+ Her sword

+ How do i put this.... she can 'vortex'. But she dissapers under the ground and when she comes forth its like this mist of hell followes her.)

+ Shapeshifing

*Other: Here's the list below of others.

How she fights: Her moves were fluid and sturdy. She used much force but didn't move much. She mixed her aerial moves with her ground moves.Like to rather confuse and play around with her prey. The seeker femme find it much more amusing. Its funny how they shrink away from her when she lashes out at them.

Weaknesses: Being told what to do. The only one she listens to is the commandes of a higher ranked seeker. But she will listen to Megatron. Baliriah has a tendancy to run her mouth and get into a fight every so often. She also thinks to highly of herself at times.

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Decepticon Alchemist

Glad you could make it! ACCEPTED!! :D

10/25/2011 #13

Yep! hey lol so wats up eyes?

10/25/2011 #14
Decepticon Alchemist

Uh...Lets see, The stars, the sky, the moon, multiple planets (Including Cybertron) Starscream, etc. etc. etc. *Goes on and on about how many things are 'up'*

10/25/2011 #15

lol smartypants

10/25/2011 #16
Decepticon Alchemist

If I was so smart I wouldn't be flunking math and history. T.T

10/25/2011 #17

im getting a c in my humanitys and a d in geography

10/25/2011 #18
Decepticon Alchemist

Omg I hate geography -_-

10/25/2011 #19
Tori Haven

try to survive in college it's soooooo tough D:

10/25/2011 #20
Decepticon Alchemist

Name: Katrina Onyx Brook Roads

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Caucasian

Faction: Autobots

Partner: Wheelie/Skids

Appearance: She's pale, and her favorite colors are black and pink. She wears both colors on every outfit she wears, and her hair is dyed pink. Her eyes aren't real, they are optics in the form of human eyes, later to be explained, and they are bright, glassy blue. She's cute and child-like. Also is my avatar.

Personality: Bubbly, out-going, encouraging, not very bright, but extremely sweet, and a prankstar. She'll do anything for her best friend, and former 'Con, Wheelie, who no one but herself seems to care for. She was assigned as Skids counterpart because she's too troublesome for anyone else.

Bio: When she was around 9 years old, her family, all accept for herself, were killed in a fatal hit-and-run. Though she survived, her eyesight didn't. She was blinded due to shattered class damaging her eyes so badly that she could never see from them again. When she first met the Autobots, Ratchet promised to fix her vision. After the 2007 film, he was successful. Ratchet created a bionic optic that would be able to bond with the flesh in her eyes, but she had to get her original eyes removed and replaced. It was a quick recovery, and she now has the same vision as an Autobot, extremely sharp, sharper than a hawks. In the process, he also managed to enhance her other senses.

Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: Wheelie has a crush on her, but she's oblivious.

Weapons: Pocket-knife, Desert Eagle

Other: N/A for the time.

10/26/2011 . Edited 10/26/2011 #21
Decepticon Alchemist

Name: Novastar Prime / Fallenstar

Gender: Femme

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Neutral, leaning towards Autobot

Partner: None at the moment

Appearance: She used to be very beautiful, and she is still attractive, but now she is black with white trim around her eyes, wings, claws, pedes, thighs, and on her stomach, where she used to be completely white with exploding star designs all over her body, and where the white trim is now, used to be a tie-die of dark-yellow, orange, and red. She is also covered in scars from past battles. She has a long scar going over her right optic, which is bright apple-green. Her feet are like heeled boots, and her claws are sharp and stained with Energon from her past.

Personality: On the outside, she can be cruel, but inside, she is an emotional wreck. She longs for love and happiness to chase away her pleas for death. She can be extremely sweet, protective, and fierce.

Bio: Novastar Prime was The Fallen's daughter, and was supposed to be a Prime, but due to her 'bloodlines', she was rejected, and given a new name: Fallenstar, and the name 'Prime' was dropped. She is trying to find a way to redeem herself and drop the name that keeps her prisoner to her family. She used to be blind, always doing what her father said, believing that if she listened to the former Prime, she would be more worthy to her title, plus, she was always promised things: Power, wealth, etc, etc, but that never came. She realized far too late that The Fallen was using her for his own dark deeds.

Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: None! She was dumped. ;~;

Weapons: A Cybertronian-sized jackknife, a tazer, a semi-automatic Plasma shotgun, and a blow-torch.

Other: She is ashamed of herself, and at one part of her life was suicidal.

10/26/2011 . Edited 4/7/2012 #22

Name:Rodny Dargoth.

Gender: Male.

Race:Pure Human.

Faction: Mercenary Band.

*Partner:None as of yet


Height:1.94 M Weight:78 Kg

His Gas Mask covers his disfigured from many scars face. Due to this he rarely removes his mask, so he can hide the said scars.

He is a tall thin looking (Due to this uniform) man who never removes his uniform while on assignment. He tends to change his uniform from area to are depending on it. Sometimes he wears desert camo some times he wears urban camo.

Personality: He is a unforgiving competitor and a fast learner. He always examines and studies his enemy before engaging it, usually preparing many traps. He is also a bit cynical at times.

*Bio:Rodny doesn't remember anything from before his eighteenth birthday, when he joined the military. This helped him focus on training and such, quickly getting much better then others. Taking notice of this his superiors started giving him special assignments, which he completed without a second thought and with exceptional skill. The one weapon he showed exceptional promise with was sniper rifles. He always put them to their maximum ability, often shooting targets at the rifles maximum distance.

Soon he was recruited in to a special ops group where he increased his knowledge to magnums and different kinds of explosives. After that he trained to drive several vehicles, tanks and cars to be precise. Unfortunately he didn't see eye to eye with his superiors in the group, so he deserted during a mission, killing his entire team in the process.

After that he was contacted by several mercenary groups until he finally accepted the one that looked most promising. It was a small groups, everyone of which inside used to serve in one country or another's special ops, with ties to some of the largest weapons companies.

*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: None at the moment.


Sniper Rifle is a CheyTac M200. The strongest rifle in the world up to date. Capable of piercing through tanks when using armour piercing ammunition.

A HydraStorm Gas Mask. A mask with many features, some of which are: Build in communicator, Build in Night Vision Goggles and is a gas mask.

Camouflage suits for desert, jungle and urban environments. One thing that singles him out from other soldiers is usually the fact that he always wears a hoodie, even if the suit doesn't come with one.

A FN Five-seven for close range. Capable of piercing through body armour on most soldiers when using armour piercing.

He has recently acquired several attachments for his guns.

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Decepticon Alchemist


10/27/2011 #24
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

Name: Fileshare

Gender: Male

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Neutral

*Partner: None

*Appearance: Black armor plates that are thinner than normal battle armor. His interior circuits are covered by dull gray metal. He's got goggle-like things on his face that serve as optical enhancers. He's on the short side, but not too small. He's still noticeably smaller than most Bots that you may find.

He transforms into a smartcar, ( =isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=gr41M7lFx3bIvM:&imgrefurl=http:/ / 9&tx=186&ty=100&sig=111914799620335471326&page=1&tbnh=127&tbnw=170&start=0&ndsp=12&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0). And he has a sword that is concealed in a secret compartment within his right leg. Instead of the normal Autobot/Decepticon markings, he's got illuminated marks that look like circuitry.

Personality: A bit of a tech-head, as it were. He enjoys surfing the information super highway to gain intel on what's going on, searching for signs of other surviving Cybertronians. He's mapped about 40 so far. He's reclusive and prefers to stay out of the fight, but acts when he must, in self defense.

*Bio: He crash-landed on Earth before the events of the movies took place, but kept his head down because he was damaged. When he landed, he took a tumble onto a private estate, taking much damage and becoming inoperable except for his core processor. Over the years since, he was slowly maintained and repaired by the human, a rather wealthy individual that Fileshare doesn't like to mention, despite their friendship. Using a connection to the human's computers, he was able to convey the materials that he needed and how to prepare them to be repaired. In that time, he spent a lot of time with the computers, becoming a lover of knowledge, learning much about the humans. By the time that the other Bots landed on the planet, he'd already tapped into the satellite grid and saw them arrive. Though, having no reason to reveal himself (and being in no condition to do so), he stayed hidden. Until the events of the third movie, most of the materials that he required were out of reach. But once Bots began falling left and right, the human that was repairing Fileshare was able to scavenge some parts from the fallen Bots and finish the repairs to the main circuitry.

*Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: None so far. He hasn't met any of the Bots he's observed in person yet.

*Weapons: A sword that is concealed in a hidden panel in his right leg. Used for self-defense.

*Other: Has constant connections with the satellite grid that oversees where he is at the time, gathering live intel in case he needs to run.

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #25
Decepticon Alchemist
Whoa! That's great for someone who isn't into Transformers! Accepted %110!!!
10/28/2011 #26
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

Well, I did say that I'm into Sci-Fi. I'm also pretty good at making backstories.

10/28/2011 #27
Decepticon Alchemist

Great! And I see that. I was like '0.0 DAMN'. XD

10/28/2011 #28
Decepticon Alchemist

Name: Masquerade

Gender: Femme

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Rejecticons

Partner: None at the moment

Appearance: A curvy femme with long, wispy cords that cover her right optic like hair. She is pealr pink with pearl white markings, and her optics are blazing, fire white. She has animalistic, yet metallic fangs, sharp, claw-like digits, and a glare to top it all of. She is somewhat comparable to a human teenager in appearance, but in no means does she act like one. Her alt. mode is a Buggatti Veyron Super Sport. ((,r:5,s:0&tx=8&ty=41)) Much like this one, but she is pearl pink with pearl white flames and white tires.

Personality: Can be bossy, responsible, and is has the ability to lead the Rejecticons with ease. She makes sure she does what's best for her family, and makes sure they come first, instead of wants and desires. She is often very busy.

Bio: A former Decepticon herself, she left when she saw their cause was getting further and further off track. She formed her own group, the Rejecticons, which are basically the pure version of the Decepticons. She used to fight alongside Megatron for the time she spent on Cybertron, being the next in line for the title 'Lord High Protector.' Jealousy had a bit to do with her leaving, for when she was supposed to be named Lord, Megatron was in her place. In her earlier years, she became rapidly attracted to the stars and a form of Cybertronian astronomy. She study them for many years until the war broke out. She didn't start the Rejecticons until after she landed on Earth, where she has been in hiding...Until now.

Love Interest/Crush/Sparkmate: None at the moment.

Weapons: A gun similar to Megatron's in the 3rd movie, a blade lined with spike that can eject venomous liquid, and star spurs.

Other: She also wheres a cape like Megatron, more so for disguise than anything else.

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #29

Name: Bornstellar (Stella)

Gender: Femme

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Autobots

Partner: Chromia/Arcee/Elita-1 triplets

Appearance: Like Megatron from the first two movies, Stella retains her Cybertronian appearance: she has many battle scars from her previous battles back on Cybertron. Golden in color,painted with alien markings. Several sharp pointy protrusions on her back, that mimick wings. Her helm is covered in jagged horns. Her optics can be blue, but they sometimes switch to a blue-purple color whenever her emotions get the best of her. In her under armor are little wire thin marks that glow a bright turquoise-blue. No Alt. Mode.

Personality: Smart, Emotional, Sincere. Has a usual kind of dumb caring demeanor of a regular femme on the outside, but inside Stella is full of dark secrets that she has yet to tell to any bot. She almost has a split-personalty. But that is only when something traumatic happens and flips a switch inside her, drawing out her inner cold-sparked side. But the war has left her with many emotional scars. She is very wise and calm most of the time now. She carries the same morals as Optimus, a strong believer in Freedom.

Bio: Back on Cybertron Stella had grown up with Optimus and Megatron, watching them become great warriors. But even she could not see the darkness growing in her friends spark. During the beginning of the great war Stella Was still a guardian of the lesser bots called Minicons. She had sent them into deep space, before the Decepticons could even think of using them and their powers. Unfortunately during one of the attacks launched on the capital Iacon, left Stella partially paralyzed. Thanks to Ratchet though she went through 'surgery' and made it out with only her right knee joint locking up and remaining that way for hours from time to time. After the launch of the Allspark, Stella requested from Prime to find her lost brothers and sisters. He granted her request and she departed into deep space for thousands of years, only to find Prime and the others on earth empty-handed, when she received his message that was shot out into space. Stella resumed her title as leader of the Femme Brigade. Little did she know that her small friends had crashed down on the very same planet.

Love interest/crush/sparkmate: Optimus Prime(sparkmate)

Weapons: She was more of a healer and medic than a fighter, but Stella has her Energy Hammer given as a gift from Optimus.

Other: Stella was created by Unicron the destroyer. But she does NOT have the same/any powers that he has. She was merely a pawn for him. (That's her dark secret)

She considers the Minicon her 'children' since she is not able to produce her own sparkling. Even though her and Optimus have been to busy to try.

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