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I've read about some shocking events ocurring in volume 10 regarding Izaya (one of my favorite characters) and I still have a revolting feeling in the pit of my stomach. Here it is:


While on her way to break Shizuo out of jail, Vorona comes across Izaya and deduces that he was the one behind his arrest. Vorona and Izaya begin a very fierce but brief skrimish through the streets until Shizuo and Kuzuhara intervene. Much to everyone's (particularly Izaya's) surprise, Shizuo pays him almost no attention whatsoever and focuses on trying to calm Vorona down. Shizuo explains the situation and rides off with Vorona. Izaya is visibly irritated at how Shizuo was actually able to think reasonably when he was around.

At some point later in the novel Izaya is attacked by Slon who is under the control of the corrupt officer named Kujira who was responsible for arresting Shizuo. It is revealed that Kujira is another rogue child of Saika different from Haruna or Anri and that he is working with Yadogiri Jinnai. Kujira orders Slon to finish Izaya off. As the Novel ends, it is unknown if Izaya is alive, dead, or possessed by Kujira's saika.


If someone knows a site with the translations of this volume, please post it here =D I'm dying to read it.

Those who love Izaya, any thoughts on this matter? (I still remember him pretending to ride a motorcycle next to Celty.... so cute. Plz don't die). and what about Shizu-chan? I want him to save Izaya...

Apparently the novels are going to end at volume 12...... noooooo!!!!

10/21/2011 #1

THANK U! i finally can talk about this! I saw this and Izaya nooooooooooooo! I hate what they say on the official wiki of drrr that there are only three options for poor Izaya! He's either dead, alive but seriously hurt, or control by saika! I am super mad and when i read it people said that's the ending........thanks for posting that there is 12 volumes! I have to ask are u a shizaya fan and do u support ShizuoxVorona? I want the next chapter for shizuo to come out and stop the guy.......i want the next volume to come out, i do not want Izaya to die but i could see him as prentending to be dead and then out of nowhere he appears in the story......... :'(

10/22/2011 #2

1. I'm definetely a Izaya fan. He's the most contradictory, enterteining and cute character of Durarara. I'm also a Shizuo fan, since I enjoy very much the fights between those two hehe. After stating that I can say that, even though I think it's nice that Shizuo has a girl as Vorona by his side, I dislike very much the fact that he is ignoring Izaya because of her. Completelly ignoring him!! :( In conclusion, I'm a Shizaya fan, not necesarily in a romantic sense (i'm not against it either) but I support this couple =D

2. From the three possible outcomes I'd prefer him to be injured. Dead is a NO NO. Controlled by saika...... mmmmm.... it's disconcerting to say the least, so NO (moreover, In the illustration it seems that he's being hit by Slon, not slashed). I can't wait for the next volume, so if somebody knows when it's going to be published plz let me know XD

illustration here:

3. Like I said, I'm hoping that somebody comes to rescue Izaya, preferibly Shizuo. Another option could be Shiki-san. I know he is only his boss and Izaya has moved the pieces behind his back, but I think he could have developed a liking for the boy after working together for so long. Celty is another good option for a rescuer, since she patrols the city from time to time, though she's taking care of Shinra and doesn´t like Izaya but I don't think she wants him dead either. Playing opossum is a good idea too =D

10/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #3

yes i hope someone would post vol 10 soon also i am shizaya fan with a sort of love hate, and i really really HATE! it when they have gangs doing non-con stuff to izaiza in fanfics that is a big nono!

1/11/2012 #4

yes i hope someone would post vol 10 soon also i am shizaya fan,and i really really HATE! it when they have gangs doing non-con stuff to izaiza in fanfics that is a big nono!

1/11/2012 #5

gangs!!... maybe they could punish him a little (the guy had been stabbed!!! and chased by a maniac!!! isn't that punishment enough for his "actions"?) but gang non-con stuff is too much. poor guy :( I feel bad for him, he's so lonely....

1/13/2012 #6

with izaya it's true he did some bad things but some good stuff has happened because of his actions like..because of izaya shizuo made friends that like him for who he is and has even learned to control his temper and doesn't get as angry anymore also even though he says he wants shizuo dead it's like instead of giving 100% of his effort into 'killing' shizuo it's more 49%,and he prevented three girls from killing there selves though one of them hated him enough to go as far to try to kill him,also because of his actions shinra's unrequited love was no longer unrequited love but mutual love ♥ and some times putting ppl like saki and kida together as well as anri with mikado and seiji with mika and bye making namie his secretary she wont have enough time to mess with her brothers relationship,and he did warn kida to quit the yellow scarves before (even though he said it jokingly) and through his action kida found out just how series and dangerous color gangs can be, he should be lucky no one died, and verona has become less robotic and is actually showing emotions o.o ok now a side from all that stuff there's something i've been wonder about ,shinra said before he met izaya he was normal .. well kinda aside from the would ppl watching thing etc etc so then why did he have a knife? did he still carry it around with him back then? and why did he need a knife in the first place? did someone injure him before?

1/14/2012 #7

mmm I've never saw it that way. I have to agree with you though :D Izaya plays a important role in the city's affairs and its citizen's lives, that's a fact. His motives and ultimate goal is what's important. Motive and goals can change with time though :D

A knife is cool? that's a good reason as any ;) SPOILER: I think Shinra was injured in front of Izaya (knife injury) that could be a reason too...

1/28/2012 #8

i hope they finish translating more vols soon and season2 all this waiting is driving me crazy @.@

1/31/2012 #9

Spoilers for novel 11, go to :

IZAYA IS ALIVE :D I'm very happy.

7/15/2012 #10

omg!!! Thank you for the link XD you made me very happy!!


And Izaya is alive and not turned into one of saika's followers haha :D

the final scene about shizuo, it's what I needed :)Shizou isn't Shizuo if he's not angry lol

7/18/2012 #11
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