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Create an OC, or role play as a cannon character.
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You can RP as a cannon character, or an OC here. If you want your character to be interested in a cannon character, that is fine. Please let me know if you wish for them to be in a relationship with a cannon character, so I can approve.

We will be role playing starting with the Apocalypse Suite, and working our way up to the present.

OC character chart:


Alias/Superhero name:

Number (if any):






Love interest/Significant other:


10/23/2011 #1

My OC:

Name: Astoria/Story

Alias/Superhero name: None.

Number (if any): None

Age: 28

Appearance: Petite, and pale, with white hair and green eyes. She has an eyebrow piercing, along with a stud on her nostril. Her cartilage is pierced, along with her earlobes. She has various tattoos, including a skeleton gunslinger on her back, and the word "immortal" tattooed across her fingers. Her attire is usually leather pants, electric blue Doc Martens, a cropped "Anthrax" tee, and a leather jacket decorated with band pins and studs. She typically wears large sunglasses and heavy eyeliner.

Abilities/powers: She can throw cards, she is rather agile, an incredible bassist, and is pretty good at Dim Mak.

Likes: Gambling, poetry, art, playing bass, music, kittens and being on tour.

Dislikes: Police, tabloid newspapers, weddings, flowers, and spiders.

Love interest/Significant other: She is interested in Diego, though she refuses to admit it.

History: She was a fan of the Prime 8's back when she was a teen, and had very frequently gone to concerts and socialized with the band. After a while she had become great friends with Diego and Vanya, and was crushed when they left the band. As a bassist, Astoria decided to take charge of the situation and filled Diego's spot, and searched for a guitarist. Though the members of the band changed greatly over the years, she managed to get the band its proper respect and became, what one may call "famous". Through letters and the occasional phone call she was able to stay in touch with Diego, but eventually grew distant from him and his family.

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Hello? Is this place still active?

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