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Weiss Rose Schnee

miku looked at her. not for me that was scary..she said. i really thought i was going to die...zatsune formed and she blinked..somehow she lost them...luka looked at the others..great now we have to find both kiku and miku..i just hope she doesnt harm miku..shadora shrugged. but im sure mikus going to be fine...

11/11/2011 #241
I Am The Raptor

Kiku smiled at Miku.

"Whatever you say. Are you hurt? Did I squish you? And where the hell is my hatchet?" Kiku asked, looking around.

Ryu growled, still trying to kill the retarded animal things.

"A little help would be nice, before I DESTROY THE FREAKIN' HOUSE BY ACCIDENT!" Ryu yelled.

11/12/2011 #242
Weiss Rose Schnee

nami and the others went to help him by luring the animals outside..luka got thier attention and they ran after them. miku shook her head. no im fine...just shaken. zatsune materialized . miku looked around. um maybe you dropped it...? she asked casually.

11/12/2011 #243
I Am The Raptor

"Thank you~!" Ryu said.

Kiku nodded.

"Good, now let's find my hatchet and get out of this ditch." Kiku said, starting to look around.

11/12/2011 #244
Weiss Rose Schnee

luka nodded and the group fought the animals outside. zatsune walked towards where they were hiding. miku blinked and stood. she looked around for kiku weopon..

11/12/2011 #245
I Am The Raptor

Ryu ran outside with his scythe and jumped, bringing the scythe down hardly over one of the animal's head, immediately killing it.

"AHA!" Kiku yelled from somewhere else, raising her hatchet.

"Got it!" She said, and ran back to Miku.

"Let's go. Need me to carry you?" Kiku asked.

11/12/2011 #246
Weiss Rose Schnee

the animal let out a pained cry...luka took one of teis knives and stabbed into the other along with nami..rin rolled over one with her roller..zatsune grinned as she saw them and sprinted. miku looked at her. great...and no you dont have to...she said but fell to her knees tiredly...

11/12/2011 #247
I Am The Raptor

"Oh Jesus, Miku, we don't have time for this!" Kiku yelled, picking up Miku and sprinting as fast as she could, but was forced to slow down a bit as she scrambled up a steep hill.

"GAH, NATURE HAS TURNED AGAINST ME!" Kiku yelled in anger.

Ryu smirked.

"I think we're done here." He said, seeing that all the animals were gone.

11/12/2011 #248
Weiss Rose Schnee

miku sighed. arrigato and gomenasai..she apologized. but i was in the middle of a nap....she giggled at kikus anger. luka and the rest smiled. good now we find miku..shadora said. zatsune was now almost behind them...gaining...

11/12/2011 #249
I Am The Raptor

Kiku glanced behind her and gasped as she saw Zatsune. She scrambled to the top of the hill, set Miku down for a moment, and took out her hatchet, beating at the ground until sharp stones and dirt rolled down the hill towards Zatsune.

"Infect that, bitch." She said. She put her hatchet away, picked up Miku, and began running before anyone could say 'Virus'.

Ryu nodded.

"I'm the fastest runner. I should go. And yes, I know that, I'm not what you'd call a normal person. You all can flank behind or something." Ryu said with a smirk, and ran off into the woods as fast as he could. It only took him a few seconds to become fully out of sight.

"Wow. He wasn't lying." Tei said.

11/12/2011 #250
Weiss Rose Schnee
Zatsune growled. She took her scythe out and slashed angrily at whatever kiku created. Miku blinked. I had no idea she was following us...luka and the others blinked. Hes fast..shadora commented...
11/12/2011 #251
I Am The Raptor

Aiko smirked.

"Don't you guys know why? It was displayed much earlier. Ryu isn't exactly a Human. He's an anthro. Part animal, part human. He's 75% Human, and 25% snake. And let me tell you, snakes can travel very fast when they want to." Aiko explained.

Kiku continued to run as fast as she could.

"I feel like I'm gonna have to run from this crazy ass bitch all day and night!" Kiku yelled. They were in a field now, and the grass was low and stiff, making it easy to run, but hard to find something to distract Zatsune. And worse, there was nowhere to hide. Kiku's hair and outfit would blend in just enough with the tan ground, but Miku's tealness would give them away in less than a second.

11/12/2011 #252
Weiss Rose Schnee

i see...shadora replied. luka listened also. so i see. i hope miku isnt in any danger...miku looked at her. we cant do that..youll get tired kiku. so what do you suggest we do? she asked as zatsune rushed to where they were..

11/12/2011 #253
I Am The Raptor

Kiku smirked.

"Who cares if I get tired? I'll just keep running and I won't slow down." Kiku said as she continued to run. She hated not being able to hide, and just having to run. They had better arrive back in the forest soon. But suddenly, an idea dawned upon her.

She looked enough like Miku, right? It'd only take a few adjustments...

"Turning around!" Kiku yelled, and turned to the left. She'd make a square so that Zatsune wouldn't be aware of where they were going. She was taking a huge risk by doing this.

Ryu soon saw Kiku and Miku zooming towards him. He smirked as he started running next to Kiku.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?" Kiku yelled, surprised.

"Uh, the house." Ryu responded with a smirk.

"Let's speed things up." He said. He hoisted Kiku onto his back, while he carried Miku bridal style, and he ran like hell back to the others.

11/12/2011 #254
Weiss Rose Schnee

zatsune growled and sent two wolves after them. track them ...she said in a dark voice. they howled and sniffed. miku looked at him. thanks for coming to find us ryu..she said. i think we lost zatsune. shazora will stop at nothing to get me..why? she wondered..

11/12/2011 #255
I Am The Raptor

Ryu shrugged.

"Cause you're sexy?" He asked. Kiku smacked his head, which made him smirk.

"I'm just kidding." He said, and finally reached the house.

"That was quick." Aiko said with a blink. Kiku wasted no time, jumped off of Ryu, grabbed Miku, and ran inside the house.

"Miku, we don't have much time. When we're done, I want you to take my hatchet, work on you're acting skills, and never stop running." Kiku said. She opened drawers and pulled out hair dye, color changing eye contacts, a pair of Miku's hair ties, a copy of Miku's clothes, and a copy of Kiku's clothes. She didn't wait for Miku to say anything, but instead, she pulled Miku's hair out of their pigtails.

"Good. Just the right length." Kiku said, and got some red hair dye.

11/12/2011 #256
Weiss Rose Schnee

miku looked at her. wait your going to swap places with me? she asked her. but why? i dont want you getting infected and zatsunes a danger to be near...luka looked at her. i dont know why shes doing this either..it is risky. miku took a look in the mirror. but hey i do look like kiku..she said. if zatsunes stupid enough not to tell the difference ...rin smirked. maybe. then miku looked at kiku seriously. ..i really dont want you to do this...she said sadly...zatsunes wolves continued on the trail of the group and she followed...

11/12/2011 #257
I Am The Raptor

Kiku raised an eyebrow.

"You know that I will not take no for an answer, right? You're more important than I am. I don't give a damn if I get infected. I love you too much to standby and watch you get infected. No way. Not happening. You're going to dye your hair red right now, Hatsune!" Kiku exclaimed.

11/12/2011 #258
Weiss Rose Schnee

kiku..miku said sadly but did as she was told and began dying her hair red. im not sure i can pretend to be you tho...if the infection gets you youll either end up shadoras slave..or deleated..she said. luka looked at miku. shes sacrificing herself for you..that proves she loves you...miku blushed. you..love me...um well...she suddenly held kiku..and kissed her..everyone blinked. luka sweardropped. so you loved kiku? miku nodded. yes for a long time but i was too scared of her to admit it...she whispered...

11/12/2011 #259
I Am The Raptor

Kiku was stunned as well, but kissed back.

"Miku, you must be a baka to not admit to your own yandere. They wouldn't find it weird. Hell, they'd jump for joy!" Kiku exclaimed with a smirk.

"OK, hair looks good. Now take off your clothes and put these on. Don't forget the hair-piece." Kiku said. Then she died her hair teal, and put it in pigtails.

"I hope we have enough time..." Kiku said, putting on Miku's skirt.

11/13/2011 #260
Weiss Rose Schnee

miku pulled back and smiled but sighed a bit and changed. its funny how we can pose as each other...she giggled. the other yanderes grinned at thier counterparts...teto chuckled. oh yeah a yandere would love that...zatsunes wolves howled and went up to the house...zatsune smirked and rushed to break in the door..miku was also nervous. she had to act like kiku...

11/13/2011 #261
I Am The Raptor

Ryu noticed, and used his scythe to block Zatsune while Aiko handled the wolves.

"You're not going in there!" He yelled.

Kiku heard the commotion.

"Crap. Put these in your eyes." Kiku said, quickly handing Miku red eye contacts.

"You'll be able to see fine, it just changes your eye color." She said, putting teal ones in her eyes. She looked exactly like Miku now. She then painted her nails from red to teal, and made Miku's nails red.

"Take my hatchet. Talk in a higher pitched voice to sound like me. Be psychotic. Never back down from a fight. Be obsessed with me." Kiku said with a smirk, shoving her hatchet into Miku's hands.

11/13/2011 #262
Weiss Rose Schnee

zatsune countered with her weopon. pitiful trying to stop me..all i want is miku..she said as the wolves attacked aiko. miku sighed. alright ill try but i cant guarentee ill do well..she said watching as kiku suddenly became her. then she took the hatchet and practiced then she practiced speaking in kikus voice....and acting like her...luka watched. miku forget about being nice...miku sighed again..right. she said and really got into it...chuckling...

11/13/2011 #263
I Am The Raptor

"Good job~!" Kiku cooed, patting Miku on the back and imitating Miku's voice.

"Now, pick me up like we were doing earlier, and zoom out the door to get Zatsune's attention. Call her a bitch and stick out your tongue, and flip her off if you really want to get into character." Kiku said with a smirk.

11/13/2011 #264
Weiss Rose Schnee

yeah and you make a good me...miku said but did as she was told. zatsune looked at the disguised miku as she tossed a bottle at her. then with a smirk she taunted her. hey bitch...she said . that got her attention and she angrily slashed the bottle. then miku ran away. zatsune sprinted after her. kiku i sware i kill you...miku rolled her eyes at her..no because your too slow...zatsune growled louder as she ran off...zatsune pursued...

11/13/2011 #265
I Am The Raptor

"Nice job." Kiku whispered to Miku.

"RUN FASTER! SHE'S CATCHING UP!" Kiku yelled, imitating Miku's voice and clinging onto Miku for dear life.

11/13/2011 #266
Weiss Rose Schnee

right..miku said and sprinted but not before picking up rocks and tossing them at zatsune....stay still...she said continuing to dash after them but got hit by the rocks then she raised her hand and made a crushing motion and crushed them. i try..miku whispered back....

11/13/2011 #267
I Am The Raptor

Kiku sighed.

"Miku, I don't want to keep this up long enough for Zatsune to figure out. Trip and let her catch me." Kiku whispered to Miku.

11/13/2011 #268
Weiss Rose Schnee

miku was hesitent but forced herself to trip close to zatsune. she cursed and looked worried as kiku fell but zatsune sped over and grabbed her. not so smart are we yandere. ? miku growled and rushed zatsune with her hatchet. i hate you...give me back my miku..she said making her voice menecing..or lose a arm...zatsune chuckled and blasted miku aside well she thought she was kiku...pitiful..shes my miku now...she smirked and zipped off...miku...miku screamed but she really said kiku after this and fell to her knees...

11/13/2011 #269
I Am The Raptor

Kiku screamed as she was taken away by Zatsune, but was actually smiling to herself while Zatsune wasn't looking.

Ryu ran over to Miku.

"Miku...I'm sorry...but I'd stay disguised as Kiku if I were you." He said.

"We have to run out of here while we can. Once Zatsune finds out, she'll be more pissed than ever. We have to get far enough so that they don't catch us or you." Aiko said.

"Aw...but we didn't even stay for a day!" Len protested.

"It's such a nice place, too..." Tei said.

"Oh, suck it up!" Teiru yelled. Tei smacked him.

11/13/2011 #270
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