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Rose of Fate 45





Race(Saiyan, Ice Jin, Kai. Nameks are Asexual, no gender)

Personality: (Good, Evil, Loon?)

Back ground: (What has your character gone though. Give specific details.)

Likes: (Does your character like something or someone?)

Dislikes: (Bust a Vegeta and hate everyone lol jk)


Family& Friends:

10/25/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #1
Rose of Fate 45

Name: Rinn

Age: 21

Appearance: Rinn has medium length black hair with blue steaks, she's 5'6''. She like's to wear leather pants and a leather jacket with a blue fitting T-shirt. She wears leather knee high heeled boots. When she's not fighting, Rinn would wear casual clothes.

Race: Saiyan.

Personality: Good, but has a vendetta with those who crosses her path.

Back ground: Rinn was born on a planet called Vegeta, she was one of many Saiyan's that was under the rule of Frieza, until he doubled crossed his alliance with them because he feared they would over rule his power when he heard of the Legend of the Super Saiyan. He decided that it was for the best that he destroy the planet of monkeys once and for all. Rinn was under the ranks of King Vegeta to go out with the prince on a purging mission, but Frieza got to him first, and took the prince away to serve the tyrant, highly unaware of the plan of ending the Saiyan race. Rinn was preparing to go on the purge, that's when Frieza made his move. At first, she thought that she was a goner, but she was surprised with the power that she held within her. It was Frieza's worst nightmare, a Super Saiyan. She trapped herself in a red sphere and traveled throughout space. She was proud that she was the first female SSJ in all of planet Vegeta's history, but she forgot about her siblings Broly, the child that was reported with the power level of 10,000, and her sister Phoenix, also reported with the power level of 10,000. As she floated in the endless void of space, she noticed a blue and green planet while she was in the sphere. She wondered if she should land there. She made her choice. "Someday, we will be united. Brother.. Sister." She said in her mind before she passed out on this new planet, her new home.

Likes: She likes to drink wine and listen to classical music.

Dislikes: She cannot stand it when she is invited to parties. She hate's all Ice Jins.

Family&Friends: Brolly(Brother)

Phoenix(Sister, will be made soon)


Abilities: She uses hand and foot combat, also, uses Ki attacks.

10/26/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #2

Name: Zax

Age: 21

Gender: male

Appearance: short like Vegeta so about 5,7, has short raven black hair that shines a little bit spiky in back also black like small beard with black goldT, ( basicly try say he looks like anime like CM Punk from wwe but with out the tacttosXD dont know if that right.), eye color dark blue, he wears black jeans with skull belt, dark blue saiyan boots, biker gloves with chains around the forearm, and whit t shirt.

Race: saiyan

Personality: kind of both good and evil so he crazy.

Back ground: he was one Frieza's severvents to destory planets for him but one day Zax got fid up with that and went on his own leader ship as a space pirate so he form his own colt and cause trouble around the universe and now he sets his eyes on earth.

Likes: likes ice cream bars, likes being a leader to the people, and he likes heavy metal music.

Dislikes: drugs,alcohol,and hates when people try talk trash at him.

Abilities: use ki like Vegeta a little but mustly a kicker in battle he can land power kicks to head causing huge pain his powerfulest move in melee is call GTS he grab you then hit you hard in the head with his knee and his aura is blue like flames when he powers up and when it showing.

Family& Friends: none yet.

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Rose of Fate 45


10/26/2011 #4

Name: Despada

Age: 74

Gender: Male

Race: Truntilian


1stform: Short in height, has two tiny horns on the top of his head. Dark blue skin that is armor like. Wears clothing similar to a Namekian . Wears a mask to cover his mouth and nose.

2ndform: Dramatic increase in height and muscle that is similar to USSJ. Skin becomes darker, horns grow extremely long, and spikes protrude from his elbows. The mask is discarded.

3rdform: Changes to an adult human height, body becomes sleek like Friezas. Horns shorten to an in between length. Plates cover his mouth similar to Coolers final form. This form is the pinnacle of the Truntilian race.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Personality: He is silent alone and around other people in his first form. He becomes sadistic and brutish in his second form. In his third and final form he calms down and becomes arrogant. Overall, Despada has a disregard for life and is more concerned about destroying his enemies.

Back ground: Despada is one of the few of his remaining species since their planet collapsed upon itself. The Truntilians are a reptile race that have a difficult time living in extremely cold weather. Their planet was relatively small and went unnoticed because of it's lack of resources. When the planet began to decay and fall apart there was not much the Truntilian people could do to stop it because their culture was not technologically developed in anyway. The only way Despada was able to avoid his doom was by mear chance. One of Frieza's soldiers had landed to scout out his planet. Taking it as his only chance as survival Despada hijacked the soldier's craft and escaped his specie's extinction.(Much to the soldiers dismay.)

Part of a peaceful race once, Despada has given up his oath to never fight or wage war thanks to seeing the horrors of the universe. The Kold family's empire, and the threat known as the Saiyans have torn him from the peace of mind he once had. Thanks to this he has discovered his race's ability to transform by delving into his race's heritage to strengthen himself for the battles he would face. He now roams the universe looking for a place to defend and call home.

Likes: Desert planets, sunlight, steak.

Dislikes: The ocean, vegetables, Ice Jins because of Frieza and his family. Saiyans well, because they ARE a war mongering race.

Abilities: A straightforward fighting style and big ki attacks. Truntilans have strong stomachs, allowing them to eat anything.

Family& Friends: Nobody.

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Rose of Fate 45

That's creative dude, it's approved.

A little more detail in the back story.

10/27/2011 #6
Rose of Fate 45

Name: Mia(Earth name) Phoenix (Saiyan name)

Age: 17

Race: Saiyan (Legendary Super Saiyan)

Gender: Female

Appearance: (she wears a black sleeveless spandex shirt with black baggy workout shorts she wears a black thong. she's a D' cup. slender body, black and white Nike shoes. Her skin color is French Vanilla. Her eye color is hazel. same height as Vegeta but 2 inches shorter. her hair reaches to the back of her knees her hair is a dark silky brown

Personality: she's a nice person when you get to know her but when she pissed off she will burn you with her hair. she has a very large appetite like any other Saiyan. she's goofy like Goku but some traits like Vegeta

Background : she was taken away for Vegetasei before the extinction of the saiyan race when she was an infant by Frieza's mother, Ice. Ice had taken control of her mind when phoenix was five, because she didn't inherit the Saiyan's blood thirst, so she used her mind control powers to have her purge planets. Phoenix, at the age of nine ran into a mind reader and got rid of the control Ice had on her. causing her to decline any orders from Ice. she was beaten every time she disobeyed. One day Frieza wanted his 'faithful' servant Vegeta to fight his mothers pet. He lost, and received a scar to remember the small girl who defeated him and spared him punishment from his master, Frieza. Phoenix offered herself for the punishment in place for Vegeta. that's when Phoenix rebelled against Ice and used the power of Rage to make her get away by destroying Ice's portion of the Cold empire. she made it the her final destination; earth. she crashed landed in the middle of the ocean, she was resucued by hermit named Master Roshi and he gave her the name Mia. from that day, she kept her powers suppressed to avoid any mishap.plus, cutting off her tail to avoid transformation of becoming the Great Ape. she couldn't get the childhood she wanted, but she decided she would get the adult life she always dreamed of; a normal life. she hoped she doesn't run into her past life.

Family & Friends: Brolly: Legendary Super Saiyan (Brother)

Rinn:(Big sister)

Paragus: (Father)

Master Roshi: Mentor, teacher, foster father

Bulma: Best friend since High School

Goku: same age as her. (friend ever since he mer her at Master Roshi's island to learn Martial Arts)

Vegeta: to the public eye, nothing. when alone, best friends but nothing more. spar with each other ( he once believed she was the girl that he fought when he was a child when he looks at a particular scar on his arm, but he dismisses the though because she's human)

Piccolo: neutral (he suspects something about her. He knows she's not human and something dangerous about her)

Likes: In love with cheese cake, likes Vegeta in secret, she like to listen to music when she is training

Dislikes: When Vegeta calls her a brat, someone pulls her hair

Abilities: Uses hand combat and uses her hair as a weapon

10/27/2011 . Edited 2/1/2012 #7

Name: Lutes

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan

Appearance: Looks just like his father except a lot younger, wears armor similar to his fathers with a black headband. Depending on if the time is before Cell he will wear his fathers armor and during and after the Cell saga he wears armor similar to Vegetas except black and white including the bodysuit.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Impatient and brash, Lutes is your typical Saiyan that thirsts for a great battle to test his limits.

Back ground: Born after his father left to become a space pirate, Lutes was raised to be tough and to show his enemies only the best contempt he could muster. Always moving around the galaxy and watching his father use the tree of might to increase his strength was all Lutes did in his childhood. In his teens Turles left Lutes on a planet with a harsh climate and hostile creatures so he could toughen up to become a fearsome Saiyan warrior. Surviving proved a difficult task to accomplish since his powers had not fully developed and for years he struggled to exterminate all the planet's inhabitants.

When he reached adulthood Lutes power plateaued and he realized the planet could not give him a challenge any longer. Lutes attempted to raise his power level to attract the attention of any strong creatures that would be nearby. Fortunately his idea worked and an army of space conquerors appeared to investigate. Without warning Lutes wiped out their force just barely. Next he fought with the leader who's power sorely outclasses his own and when it came down to it he was beaten badly. The leader however had sustained enough wounds to weaken him enough for the predators of the planet to kill him. After recovering from his wounds Lutes felt his power increase dramatically. Taking the new ship as his own Lutes went looking for his father.

Likes: Thinking of cool attacks, training at intense rates, reading romance novels.(though he'll never admit it.)

Dislikes: Having his tail pulled, his scouter randomly exploding, crushing his scouter while screaming Nine-Thousand!!!, inability to get stronger.

Abilities: Primitive fighting style but with flashy ki attacks. Still wears a scouter because he's had no success with sensing energy. He can grow a Tree of Might because he has some seeds.



Bardock(Looks up to because of rumors from planets he's visited.)

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Rose of Fate 45


10/27/2011 #9
Rose of Fate 45

Name:Nikita & Geta (twins)

Age: both 18

Race: both Saiyan

Gender: Nikita (female) Geta(male)

Appearance: Nikita looks like Mia same long hair, hazel eyes. Geta looks like Vegeta but has the hair style of Vegeto, his eyes are green and he has a goatee.

Geta has the same outfit that future Trunks has but doesn't have the Capsule Corp. logo on the sleeve. Nikita wears leather combat clothes, but she wears casual clothing. a pink shirt that reads in the back "Bad Girl" that's tied under the breasts showing her belly. her belly button is pierced.

Geta and Nikita are the same height as their father.

Personality: Geta acts like his mother, nice, goofy and serious. Listens to music when he fights . Nikita acts like Vegeta but also listens to music when she fights.

Background: Geta and Nikita were born in an alternate future where Vegeta and Mia mated. Dr. Gero created an android called number 7 to kill off the Z warriors, believing that she's Mia's twin sister. the android killed their father, and caused their mother to slowly die without her mate. Bulma created a time machine so they would go back in time to warn the past Z warriors of the threat, but they must prevent their future parents to know who they really are.

Family and Friends: Father(Vegeta)

Mother(Mia/ Phoenix)


Aunt: (Rinn)

Grand Father:(King Vegeta, Paragus)

Foster Mother: (Bulma)

Likes: Nikita likes to be alone, and away from everyone else, like her father.

Geta likes to be around people, like his mother.

They both like cheese cake and Rap music.

Dislikes: Hate's all kinds of androids that were created by Dr. Gero.

10/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2012 #10

Name: Jolie Sanu

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Has deep blue eyes, long black hair, fair skin, and slender yet beautiful. She wears a black, goth-like dress with ribbons, skirt, a small black hat, and a turquoise elbow glove on her right hand, and black boots.

Race: Human

Petsonality: Adventurous, stubborn, and kind

Background: Born to an American mother and a Japanese father, Jolie Sanu lived a good life. Growing up, she learned how to defend herself and others. One day, a merchant was selling a beautiful guitar. Once she bought it and played it at home, the guitar glowed a turquoise aura. Since then, she used the guitar's powers for a good cause.

Likes: Pandas and music (mostly synthpop and alternative rock)

Dislikes: Snobby people

Abilities: A magical Electric guitar and Kung Fu skills

Family and Friends: Yolanda Peterson Sanu and Hayato Sanu

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Rose of Fate 45

Approved!!!! :3

10/28/2011 #12
Yay!! :D
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Rose of Fate 45

Name: No. 7


Gender: Female


Race: Android.

Personality: double personality.

First personality: Kind.

Second Personality: Crazy.

Back ground: Android Number 7 was build like all of the previous android that the mad Dr. Gero created. This android was going to be the female counter part of Cell, but the android wasn't durable to hold in the DNA of the worlds strongest warriors. Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza. So, Gero decided to deactivate the project. Little did the doctor know, the android was already active when he was going to exterminate her. 7 killed the doctor, by slicing his head off with her bear hands. She looked down at the decapitated head of her creator and smirked.

She opened his skull and dug his brain out of it's resting place. She thought of a way that she could be Cells counter part.

She hunted down the targets needed to make her the perfect being.

Finally, 7 found Vegeta first. She battled him until he grew weak.

She snatched his left eye from it's socket.

During that time, 7 tormented the Saiyan prince until he screamed no more. This caused his mate, Mia to die slowly.

Next on the list was Piccolo. She wanted his blood to attain the power to regenerate.

Gohan was next since she dealt with since his mentor was drained.

She carved his chest in half and took his lungs for the hidden powers from the ultimate Saiyan.

Lastly the heart of Goku, who can go beyond the levels of a super Saiyan.

Likes: Loves to feast on flesh

Dislikes: Hates being called a trash heap.

Abilities: With the internal organs and blood, she can do all of the attacks of its carrier..

Family & Friends: None

11/2/2011 #14
Name: Fausha

Age: Same age as Goku and Broly

Gender: Female

appearance: thick black hair, three spikes on one side, several spikes in her hair. Silver eyes. Tanned skin, full lips, warrioress like body, large breasts full hips, monkey tail.

Race: Saiyan

personality: Pure, sweet, gentle hearted, But if you piss her off she is cruel and sharp tongued.

Background: she was given the ability to read minds (and more) she connected with baby broly and felt the pain that he suffered and killed the man that had killed him, she grew up with the other Saiyans and was taught by Zarbon, who showed her how to fight and how to flirt, during her years she had learned how to control her Psychic abilities, also she often talked with broly through the mind connection that they formed as infants, but at 17 she severed it cause she was scared he would hate her, at 18 she ran into King Kold during a heat session and he grew way to interested in her. At 19 she was raped and learned she was pregnant she then began to have dreams of Broly, at 20 she had Cyn, who ran away four years later. She arrived on earth and was convinced to join the Z-Fighters.

likes: Vegeta, Broly, along with food and fighting.

Dislikes: King Kold, Frieza, Didoria, Cui, Ginyu, Recoome, Burter, men that are pigheaded, Paragus... Yamcha... Uhhh thats about it I guess.

Abilities: Graceful shower, basically a bunch of ki blasts, beauty's deception, she swishes around seductively and kisses her index and middle finger blowing a kiss before a heart actually appears and when it reaches the enemy it turns into a ki blast and causes serious burn. Mothers protection, working on that one, truths betrayal she forms a ki blast which disappears and appears on their weak side and hits them there, double dose which are two big ki blasts that rip through the enemy, Several of Raditz's, Vegeta's, Nappa's and Zarbon's technique. Friends and family: Tora (Father.)

Fasha: (Mother)

Torani: (Sister)

Bardock: (uncle, and godfather)


Raditz: (Brother in law)


Broly:(Spiritual mate)








Gon :(son)

Andreas:(Son) Phionix(Close friend)

Bulma(Close friend)





Bra (goddaughter)


11/4/2011 . Edited 11/5/2011 #15
Forgotten Tactic

Name: Ukog ( Android Name ) Zain (Self-Given Name)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: He shares many of Gokus features, only instead of blue boots, wristbands, belt, and shirt. It's black instead. His hair is brown and a tad more wilder than Gokus with less thick spikes.

"Super Android From"- His hair sticks up like that of a Supersaiyan, only it becomes white and he gives off a white auroa. His eyes become red and filled with anger and determination. When in this form he becomes more aggresive towards the opponent. It has been shown that the longer he stays in this form the more harder it will be for him to calm down and change back. Which is why he uses in only in dire need.

Race: Android/Saiyan

Personality: He's shows a cafefree, laidback personality, but when he gets on the battleground it seems as if he's become another person.

Background: He was one on the last remaining androids of Dr.Gero. He was an unfinished project, but was soon discovered by a group of underground scientist that studied on the building of androids. The purpose of his creation was to have power to rival that of a Saiyan, if not even surpass it. When he was awoken, he destroyed his creators, going on a rampage of destruction. He was stopped by The Z Fighters, in his defeat he was tought that he could be a good person and not evil. He spent time living at Gokus house where he sparred with Goku, Gohan, and Goten. Becoming stronger and learning more in the ways of living. He has participated in many fighting tournaments and managed to win a few times. Ever since then he's been with The Z Fighters protecting the earth when it needed them.

Likes: Eating, Sparing, Fighting strong opponents.

Dislikes: Loosing a fight, Being prooved wrong, Being called weak.

Abilities: Physical combat and The ability to absorb anothers energy.

Family& Friends: Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin (A few other OCs)

11/5/2011 #16
Rose of Fate 45


11/6/2011 #17
Sakai The Demon

Name: Gotara (Human name) Kokora (Saiyan name)

Age: 26 (android Saga)

Gender: Male

Appearance: like this but with a Super Saiyan 4 hair style and a monkey tail.

Race: Saiyan

Personality: Nice, Caring, generous, selfless, serious at training and polite

Back ground: Twin Brother of Goku, born on the Planet Vegeta, he was the very last person to escape as a baby on the saiyan pod to earth. As he arrived to earth and crashed landed onto the planet, a Master known as Dnejiro found him crying, with the birth certificate next to little Gotara. Denjiro felt bad to the kid, and decided to raise him not only as his mentor, but as a Grand father. As time passed, Gotara begame older and alot stronger, wearing the famous gloves of Denjiro called, Gogandantess. it is said that those very gloves grant the user more power, whevever he is in serious danger.

Gotara was finally allowed to leave the dojo on his free will, and the saiyan who doesn't know his family yet, will never forget Grandpa Denjiro's kindness and love. While Gotara flies off for adventure, Master Denjiro calls Master Roshi, his old friend and partner about Gotara's past.

Likes: Food, Sleep, Training, learning, friends, family.

Dislikes: Those who kill innocent people, family, friends, those who are evil, people who take his food.

Abilities: Same as Goku (although the Super Saiyan transformations have not been fully awakened yet)

Forgotten Buddist Palm Technique. (when launched into the sky, Gotaras, power level increases dramatically. As he falls back to earth, Gotara uses the Buddhist Palm, and delivers a blow that knocks the opponent flat and leaves a huge, hand-shaped crater in the ground.

Art of the Turtle and Kung Fu Martial Arts

Family& Friends: Goku (Twin Brother)

Raditz (older brother)

Bardock: (Father)

Chi-Chi (Sister in-law)

Gohan (Nephew)

Goten (Nephew)

Master Denjiro (Adoptive Grandpa, and mentor)

11/15/2011 #18
Rose of Fate 45


11/15/2011 #19
The Counter-Point Man

Name: Shaaka

Age: 15

Gender: Asexual

Appearance: Like all members of the Namekian species, Shaaka's most notable and noticeable features on his outward appearance are his humanoid yet slug-like characteristics, including a pair of antennae, light green skin, and pink patches appearing all about his body. His pointed ears are mismatched in that the left of which was cut and nearly torn apart in a rather violent confrontation with one of his Saiyan captors - both of them hold a pair of small studs, however, forged from the rare sapphiric blue crystals of an ancient cave back on his now-devastated home planet. Red rings line his wrists and ankles.

Standing at six feet and three inches tall, Shaaka is a daunting presence wherever he goes, a tall, broad-shouldered young alien that is a testament to the unwavering honor and equal brutality of the Namekian people. His build is toned - not as much as ones such as Piccolo or Nail, as he is not of the 'Warrior' caste - if not a tad on the thin side, making him somewhat lanky in terms of Namekians. As for his wardrobe, he is limited only to the clothes on his back (which he arrived with upon his crash-land on Earth), and as many garments as he could manage to steal and shoplift afterward. Shaaka wears a vest of Saiyan Battle Armor (scavenged from a rather grumpy Saiyan's locker room long ago) over his navy blue tunic, resembling that of Piccolo's, with the large kanji symbol of the Dragon Clan on the front, as well as a pair of trousers and heavy boots. He also wears a starkly bright red scarf around his neck at all times, a gift from one of the first Earthlings he encountered (who didn't run away, or try to kill him).

Race: Namekian

Personality: Shaaka is a very calm and collected young Namekian, choosing his words carefully and eloquently. Ever since he was a child, he was well-read; his family, high priests and shamans of the Dragon Clan, insisted upon the boy to be educated in many philosophies and teachings from across the galaxy. While he has traits that many would prize, his iquisitive and somewhat rebellious nature makes him different. Oratorically gifted, strong-willed, moderately cynical, and highly curious. Though quite steadfast and loyal to those who earn his trust (no easy task, mind you), he constantly battles with a sense of guilt, for "leaving" his family behind and failing to protect them. Shaaka tries to see things more in shades of gray than the black and white his contemporaries (and current companion) are known for. He frequently questions the nature of the way things are, and that of himself. He adheres to a stern moral code, but he's also quite the prankster, if boredom overtakes him and he finds the means to do so. He often plans out his pranks for the ideal points of the effectiveness of a humiliation-to-comedic effect ratio.

Background: Born on the Namekian home planet of Namek, Shaaka was born into the prestigious Dragon Clan, a special group of Namekians who specialized in the more mystical senses of their powers and abilities. Like himself, the majority of his family were of the Healer caste, a role that required knowledge in more support and spiritual roles than the opposite Warrior caste. This did not stop him from training both his strength and spirit, however, and soon enough the young alien was at the top of his class, in terms of overall achievement and skills.

While on a mission with the rest of his family clan to a neighboring colony planet that would eventually become New Namek to establish settlements on the surface, Shaaka and his compatriots were besieged by the Saiyan Army, an elite group of powerful warriors under the command of the fearsome Frieza. As bravely and brutally as they fought, the Namekians could not withstand the relentless Saiyan assault, and soon, the majority of the clan was either killed or taken prisoner. Shaaka fell into the latter category, with the Saiyans interested in his acute healing abilities and potential as an asset of the Planet Trade Organization. The young Namekian was enslaved by the Saiyans, unwillingly serving one particular family of low-class warriors against his will. This is where and when he met Cleon, a rambunctious young Saiyan who sought to use him as an impromptu sparring partner whenever possible.

On one fateful night, upon one of Frieza's flagships, a freak accident caused the power generator to explode, quickly sending the ship into total calamity. Seeing the event for what it was, Shaaka used the erupted chaos to his advantage and escaped to the nearest escape pod - but not without his slave-driving owner's son Cleon chasing him every step of the way, attempting to capture and return him to earn the respect of his father. With Cleon diving into the fleeing Namekian's escape pod, the two began to fight it out in the cramped space - accidentally triggering a breach of cryogenic 'flash-freeze' gas, encasing them forever frozen in their pod as they floated deeper and deeper into the lonely blackness of space . . . until they hit Earth. Literally, crash-landing upon the planet's surface in the mountainous northern regions. They were thawed out both by their pod giving into the inescapable tolls of time and nature, and more specifically, a lonely crow pecking at the top of the alien object.

Since then, Shaaka and Cleon have 'reconciled' their differences, and with this whole new world to see and explore, have traveled the planet Earth for several months now, slowly building up something of a friendship with each other - they're all each other has, after all. Unbeknownst to them, the two aliens are also nearly one hundred years in the future.

Likes: Exploring, meditating, a glass of good, clean water, taking in the vastness of Earth's sights and wonders, and pulling pranks.

Dislikes: Saiyans, direct confrontation without any good reasons behind it, noise, and the majority of Earth's population (who have shunned and judged him ever since they reached civilization).


- Flight - the ability to fly with the use of Ki.

- Ki Sense - the ability to sense the life energy of other sentient beings.

- Healing - the ability to heal wounds, physical and spiritual alike. Shaaka's specialty lies in this powerful ability, allowing him to heal beyond the victim's wounds and give an extra boost of power to those he does work with.

- Antenna Ray - a short blast of electricity shot from his antennae, which can stun opponents.

- Energy Cannon - An energy wave technique that deals heavy damage to opponents

Family & Friends: Cleon (Ally, 'Friend')


Name: Cleon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: (refer to:

Race: Saiyan

Personality: Cleon is a risk-taker and mischief-maker in every sense of the word. He functions off the code of "What father/Shaaka/*insert figure of authority here* doesn't know won't hurt him/Father's/Shaaka's/*insert figure of authority here*'s not here, is he?" (also interchangeable between just about anyone who bothers wasting their time telling him what to do). He's surely a Saiyan, through and through; though his loyalty to his friends and allies is strong within his heart and spirit, he lacks the patience and honor vital to thrive as a proper high-class warrior. Cleom's a big picture kind of guy; he often times gets easily bored with meticulous planning and simply throws caution to the wind to really get his own results. His sense of humor is more than rather morbid, and he's often known for taking his pranks and gags far too far. Cleon hates the authority and anything having to do with it, even more so than many of the more experienced fighters who have fought foes like Frieza and his army. He's loud, aggressive, and outspoken, and he'll be the first to voice his opinion in a large crowd, which usually leads him into trouble. Nevertheless, he considers his friends his eternal allies, and is willing to take the fall as long as it means protecting those he truly cares for.

Background: Cleon was born upon the Saiyan home planet of Vegeta, the youngest and second son in a family of low-class warriors serving in the Saiyan Army of the Planet Trade Organization, spearheaded by the mighty and powerful Frieza. Since his days in diapers, Cleon was raised to believe he was better than others; "The superior breed of the ultimate race", as his father and older brother often told him in many a prideful and patriotic lecture. Despite being not as strong and diminutive in comparison to his fellow friends and warriors, Cleon held onto the sentiment for the remainder of his life, and after the death of his brother at the hands of Frieza after a failed mission, used this mantra as fuel to his contempt for the monstrous ruler, their Saiyan King, and anyone who stood in his way or tried to set his limits.

During one of his first missions to a planet in the Namek system, Cleon participated in the ambush and assault upon a group of unsuspecting Namekian colonists, mostly in an attempt to prove his worth to his father, who held his older brother much higher than his rambunctious younger charge. With the mission successfully completed after a long, bloody battle, Cleon and his father returned home with a brand new Namekian slave, a boy around his age named Shaaka, who he used to test his limits and relentlessly spar with on any and every occasion he had to spare.

On one fateful night, upon one of Frieza's flagships, a freak accident caused the power generator to explode, quickly sending the ship into total calamity. Seeing his family's Namekian slave attempting to escape aboard one of the ship's escape pods, Cleon chased him down every step of the way, attempting to capture and return him to earn the respect of his father. The young Saiyan dived after the Namekian into the escape pod, and the two began to fight it out in the cramped space - accidentally triggering a breach of cryogenic 'flash-freeze' gas, encasing them forever frozen in their pod as they floated deeper and deeper into the lonely blackness of space . . . until they hit Earth. Literally, crash-landing upon the planet's surface in the mountainous northern regions. They were thawed out both by their pod giving into the inescapable tolls of time and nature, and more specifically, a lonely crow pecking at the top of the alien object.

Since then, Cleon and Shaaka have 'reconciled' their differences, and with this whole new world to see and explore, have traveled the planet Earth for several months now, slowly building up something of a friendship with each other - they're all each other has, after all. Unbeknownst to them, the two aliens are also nearly one hundred years in the future.

Likes: Exploring, sparring, fighting, eating, fighting, sleeping, fighting, fighting, and pulling pranks.

Dislikes: Namekians, anyone who dares pose authority over his will, wasting time, not fighting, the majority of the Earth's population, and crows. Just . . . crows.


- Flight - the ability to fly with the use of Ki.

- Ki Blasts - the most basic form of energy wave techniques.

- High Beam Blast - a specialized energy wave technique specific to his family bloodline; resembles a Kamehameha wave, but the light from the Ki energy can cause temporary blindness if looked upon, adding to both stun and damage effects.

- Great Ape - due to keeping his Saiyan tail, Cleon will transform into a giant, destructive Great Ape in the light of a full moon.

Family & Friends: Shaaka (Ally, 'Friend')

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Rose of Fate 45


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The Counter-Point Man

Thanks, I think. xD Where should I put them?

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Rose of Fate 45

Get the Saiyan involved in the Terror of the androids.

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(Here is mine, if your still accepting)

Name: Raimenik (Saiyan Name) Jouhos (Epoche Name)

Age: ~25

Gender: Male

Appearance:has charcoal hair, that falls under his shoulder blades. The hair is slightly spikey, that spreads out some down the length of his hair.He's torso is covered with the traditional Battle armor, the breastplate is black, while the shoulder guards and abdomen are a dark faded red. Under his armor he wears a grey skintight suit, his lower body is covered by looser fitting trousers of black. He wears the traditional boots as well, white on top with the toes covered in stripes for the same shade of red that covers his shoulders.He stands fairly tall, and is extremely well built (cause its DBZ its kinda a given). His eyes are a bright green.

Race: Saiyan

Personality: Neutral-Good (He cares for those he has come to trust and will even sacifice himself to save them)

Background: Raimenik was one of the children sent out from Vegita(planet) to start conqueoring outer worlds. He landed on a planet known as Epoche, he suddenly befell an illness due to the composition of the air. He therefore lost his memory and his mission to conqueor the planet. He was discovered by a young couple, and taken to the village center. He was veiwed as a deity, long had their religion fortold of a pale-skinned, tailed, and beakless child that would lead them to salvation. They taught the child how to defend himself, teaching him their own fighting styles.

Eventually, invaders landed on the planet, they had been attracted by Raimenik's Spaceship's distress beacon. The soldier's rendered the child unconsious with a drugged needle, they then elimentated the populace. Eventually, after being taken to the ship, Raimenik came around and destroyed the soldiers and their Ice-jin leader. This Ice-jin was a relative of Freeza and King Cold, this could have led to Freeza's hatred for saiyan. Raimenik then took the ship as his own and wondered the galaxy, while learning all he could of his own race. He obtained his battle attire from his own ship as well as the Ice-jin ship.

He eventually ran into Turles in his travels and partook of the Fruit of the Tree of Might, after a heated debate (fight) they went their seperate ways. Jouhos refused to accept his warrior race heritage.

Likes: Rice balls, Freedom, the dark hours just before the Dawn

Dislikes: Feeling out matched

Abilities: A form of Burning Attack (Golden Flames),Kakusandan (Scattering Bullet, the one used by Krillin), Golden Ki Blasts, A Full Power Energy Wave (Epoche Wave, the end of the beam is shaped like a spear or beak), Flight, and After-Image

Family& Friends: Light Knowledge of Saiyan culutre from the Ice-jin ship. Of Bardock, Vegita, Nappa, Raditz, and some of Frieza's forces. Met Turles and after consuming of the tree of might went his seperate ways.

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Rose of Fate 45

I like your background story on the cause on Frieza's hatred of the Saiyan race.


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Thanks, I didn't wanna just do the generic, "he bumped his head and was taught to be a good person," Either lol

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Rose of Fate 45

lol Yeah loss of memory is getting to become a cliche!!!!

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The Art of Writing


Second form

Absolute grows to about King cold sized and Loses his helment.

Third form

Absolute shrinks a bit and gets his helmet back and grows horns.

Final form

Go's back to his normal size but looks like cooler.


Age:About ten years older then Frieza



Race: Ice-Jin

Personality: Calm cool, collective. Gets angry when told off, or when he see's his brother.

Background: About 10 years ago before frieza or cooler were born. There was only one heir to the Ice-jin throne, his name was Absolute. As absolute grew his power grew, by the time he had finished his education he was about the power of frieza third form, only he was in his first form. But that was about when the two Ice-jin brats were born. By that time Absolute was pushed out of the picture and frieza had his father eating out of his hand. Thats why Absolute went and trained as hard as he did, to eliminate the Ice-jin Frieza, for his honer had been stained by the ingrate frieza.

Likes: Chess, and torturing his pets

Dislikes: Anything to do with frieza

Abilities: Death beam: Absolute fires a thin purple beam

Death blast: a purple Ki blast

Transform: He transforms.

Insight: Absolute looks into his opponents mind.

Telekinetic Blast: fires an invisible blast from his mind.

Mental fusion :Absolute fuses withhis inside part of his mind, increasing his stats But makes him more despicable against mind control.

Purple aura: Absolute increases his aura size increasing his defense.

Rush attack: Abaolute rushes towards the opponent and does a ten combo of punches and kicks.

Finale death ball: Absolute uses this when absolute fails, it's the strongest of the death balls.

Finale absolute: He only uses this when he has to, because it kills him in the process. Absolute makes a giant force field sucking in every thing in site and turning it into Ice. His opponent Suffers freeze damage, but at the end He turns himself into Ice to defend himself, but this kills him.

Family& Friends: Frieza and cooler, Brothers King cold is his father.


Second form

Absolute grows to about King cold sized and Loses his helment.

Third form

Absolute shrinks a bit and gets his helmet back and grows horns.

Final form

Go's back to his normal size but looks like cooler.

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Rose of Fate 45


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The Art of Writing


Age:9000 years old but looks like he's 21

Gender: male

Appearance:Looks almost like cooler expect his skin has a blueish hue to it.

Race: Ice-jin Mystic.

Personality: Crazy, but calm.

Back ground: Raze was an Ice-jin prophet who would try to tell the future of his kinsmen. But once he showed powers of being a mystic, he was taken to a Ice-jin training center for mystics (which wasn't very pleasant) Raze was treated like trash there just like the others. That was until he dwelled into dark mysticism. Once the guards found out about him dwelling on dark mysticism he was immediately moved to a even more secure environment until he could be converted back, however he was never converted back. He actually got stronger in dark mysticism and began to corrupt the minds of the guards which then he made them let him out, then he killed the other guards by making their minds implode on themselves. Now he is looking for another person to have as his puppet.

Likes: Mind control

Dislikes: Guards in the reformatory, anyone that tries to kill him. Imbeciles.


Mind control: He takes the opponents mind.

Mind blast: He launches a blast using his brain waves

Walking bomb (Can be upgraded to Virulent walking bomb): Raze causes someone to explode after taking over their mind. Once upgraded it may cause others to become infected.

Death beam: He launches a thin beam of ki.

Mind wipe: Raze wipes all memory of his host or hosts

Family& Friends: None

Other: Raze needs the mind helmet to use these moves.

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