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Start RPing here! :D

Where d'you want to set it? Stokely, Transylvania or somewhere else (Like London or something)? I'll do a poll :)

10/26/2011 . Edited 10/26/2011 #1
Sunflowers In Moscow

*walks down the corridor, avoiding the patches of sunlight out of habit*

11/9/2011 #2

Ophelia sighed softly to herself as she turned a page in her book. She was sitting on a hard stone window sill in the main building that lodged the High Council meetings, her feet tucked up under her. She turned around and brushed some dust off of the glass of the window to let more light in, so that she could see the words on the page more clearly.

11/9/2011 #3
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa begins to hum as she turns the dodging of the light into a dance. Her hands are in the pockets of her jeans, and she turns around the corner sharply. She blinks, slightly confused at the sight of the girl, around her age, perhaps a bit younger, sitting reading on a window sill. Her humming fades out as she slows down slightly, coming closer to where the girl is.

11/9/2011 #4

Ophelia shut the heavy book with a soft thud, sighing. The light was giving her a headache. She frowned slightly as she heard humming and she looked up, setting the book down. She gave the girl a hesitant smile.

11/9/2011 #5
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa smiles back, before deciding to take the initiative. It's been a while since she had a friend.

"Uh, priyvet?"

Seeing no response on the girl's face she tried again, this time in Romanian.


11/9/2011 #6

"Uh....Hello?" Ophelia fiddled with her hair. "Do you speak English?"

11/9/2011 #7
Sunflowers In Moscow

"O-oh! Yes!" Isa nodded frantically. "Hello. I was... saying hello."

11/9/2011 #8

"Oh, sorry, I'm not great with languages." she smiled tentatively. "I'm Lia."

11/9/2011 #9
Sunflowers In Moscow

"I'm Iskra, but call me Isa. It's easier." She scratched the side of her face subconsciously.

"I haven't seen anyone else about the castle. At least, anyone who seems civil." At this, she grinned. "My little brother doesn't count."

11/9/2011 #10

Ophelia smiled. "Well I'm only here in the school holidays. I'm a ward of the High Council, but most of the time I'm off at boarding school." she pulled a face.

11/9/2011 #11
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa moved forward to lean against the wall beside where Lia was sitting, and looked at her.

"I've never been to school. My mamulya is a member of the Council, and she brings me and the brat with her." She smiled. "It's fun to be away from the castle. It's really dark there; darker than here!"

11/9/2011 #12

"My parents are dead." Lia said softly. "They were friends of the Grand High Vampire, which is why they didn't just leave me at the boarding school full stop." she smiled. "And school is not great. I haven't really left the castle at all in my time here; I main haunt the library."

11/9/2011 #13
Sunflowers In Moscow

"Uh... I'm sorry." She paused for a moment. "My otets - sorry, father - was slain when I was eleven. It's why I don't like slayers, on top of the normal reasons."

Then, something Lia said hit her. "Wait, you get into the library?! That's very unfair! Mamulya says I'm not allowed in there unless there is someone older with me, in case I read anything I'm not supposed to!"

11/9/2011 #14
"I'm sorry as well. Slayers killed my parents too." she smiled at her exclaimation. "As long as I stick to the fiction, their okay with it. The librarian keeps an dye on me."
11/9/2011 #15
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa began to grumble. "I didn't even know there was a librarian." Then, she remembered something, and her eyes widened.

"Oh no! I'm such a durak! Mamulya told me to stay and watch Kolya! She's going to turn me to ashes! I'm going to be undead!"

11/9/2011 #16
"Oh no! Is that your brother?"
11/9/2011 #17
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa looked at Lia, slightly confused. "Yes, Kolya is my brother... oh! You do not speak it! I keep forgetting! Izvini- no!Sorry." Isa looked slightly pleased with herself, as she remembered to speak English. "His name is Nikolai, but he hates being called Kolya; so naturally, it stuck."

She looked back up from her glance at the floor nervously. "Would you like to come with me to check on him? He gets into so much mischief, and anything he does, I'll get the blame!"

((By the way, there's someone over in Character Sheets who needs your attention ;) ))

11/9/2011 . Edited 11/9/2011 #18
Lia grinned back. "Okay, sure!" (Thank you :))
11/9/2011 #19

(How should I join in?)

11/9/2011 #20
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa waves Lia to follow after her, and begins a steady walk through the corridors in a seemingly random direction. She turns to Lia while walking

"So, do you have any siblings?"

11/9/2011 #21

(Where are they? I'm just trying to figure out how to start!)

11/9/2011 #22
Sunflowers In Moscow

((Let's talk in Character Sheets, Rory))

11/9/2011 #23


11/9/2011 #24
(Well maybe Vlad's come the high court for some reason? Or I could create another character and rp in Stokely? If so, should I make another topic?) Lia nodded. "An older sister."
11/9/2011 #25

(I don't care which one you chose)

11/9/2011 #26
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa nodded glumly. "I bet she doesn't annoy you as much as mine does! I'm his sit-in babysitter, and anything that's out of place when mamulya gets home is my fault! ... Though, to be fair, most of it IS my fault."

11/9/2011 #27
"Yeah, she was pretty annoying. But I haven't seen her in three years, so..,"
11/9/2011 #28
Sunflowers In Moscow

"Oh, sorry. Do you miss her? I mean," she looks away awkwardly for a moment, then looks back. "Kolya drives me to the noose sometimes, but I love him."

11/9/2011 #29
"Yeah. I miss her." she said softly, staring at the ground.
11/9/2011 #30
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