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Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa sensed the subject needed to be changed, so she cleared her throat.

"So, when's your birthday? Mine's in four months, the 27th."

11/9/2011 . Edited 11/9/2011 #31
"Mine's in 6; the 13th. You looking forwards to it?"
11/9/2011 #32
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa hesitated for a moment. "Yeah... course I am..."

11/9/2011 #33
"I'm a bit nervous to be honest. I was terrified when Desdemona went through it. I kept finding her hanging upside down from the ceiling...."
11/9/2011 #34
Sunflowers In Moscow

"Haha! I wish my mum was like that. She's very... civillised. She only uses her powers when absolutely necessary. If she didn't drink blood and slept at night, you'd think she was a breather."

Isa noticed that they had already gone up the stairs, and sped up a little, knowing the room she and her brother shared was only moments away.

11/9/2011 #35
Sunflowers In Moscow

((Fraid Lynn's mum's a pain, and she's being forced under duress to "GET OFF THE LAPTOP!" See ya soon, Saph. Will you be on tomorrow?))

11/9/2011 #36

"She couldn't control it; she'd get stuck and wouldn't be able to work out how to get down." Lia laughed.

(Mine too actually XD Night! xxx)

11/9/2011 #37
Sunflowers In Moscow


11/9/2011 #38
Sunflowers In Moscow
"Oh! That makes more sense. My mamulya says I do things like that. Every since Valentine's day, I wake up flat on my back with my hands crossed over my chest!" Isa laughed. "Seems like I'm getting in practice!"
11/10/2011 #39

Lia smiled. "I'm just happy I'm not affected by sunlight yet! I love the sun." she looked sad for a moment.

11/10/2011 #40

(i'm not sure exactly how to start. How about this?)

Vlad was further down the corridor (they are in a corridor, right?) listening to what the girls were talking about.

(How's that?)

11/10/2011 #41
Sunflowers In Moscow

"Hmmm," Isa tried to avoid screwing up her nose in case Lia saw. "Me; not so much. I just, don't like it. It's too bright and warm."

She shuddered, then remembered something. "But I love my garlic! Garlic chicken, garlic bread, raw garlic..." Her cheeks flushed slightly. "I suppose that all sounds weird. Mamulya says it's not natural, but I really do adore it. It's one of the things I'm not looking forward to when I transform. Oh!"

She stopped outside one of the many ordinate doors they had passed, and gestured for Lia to stop.

"We're here! Come on!"

She twisted the brass knob, and stepped inside, leaving the door open for Lia.

11/10/2011 #42
Sunflowers In Moscow

((Hey! Sounds good!))

11/10/2011 #43

Vlad ran to the girls. "Out of interest! When do you transform?" Vlad had no idea why he was asking them this.

11/10/2011 #44
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa, surprised at the rather random comment coming from someone she had never seen before in her life - she would have remembered seeing such a... strange boy. No normal vampire wore as obnoxious a colour as THAT. Even she and Lia were wearing muted tones - jumped back out of the room without checking it, and slammed the door on a reflex action.

"Uh, excuse me? Do I know you?" It seemed that Lia had gotten there before her, and so Isa waited, very impatiently for the answer.

11/10/2011 #45

"Um," Vlad hesitated. "No." He shok his head.

11/10/2011 #46
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa took a moment to process this. Right – well that was stupid, wasn't it?

She began to talk, not giving Lia a minute to reply. "So - let me get this straight. You just ran up to two strangers in a castle full of vampires and shouted at them?" She carried on, without letting the boy talk. "How do you know we're not vampires?" He moved to talk, but she cut him off again. "Who ARE you anyway?"

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/10/2011 #47

"I'm Vladimier Dracula," Vlad introduced himself.

(That's how you spell it, right?)

11/10/2011 #48
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa, rather indignant that he hadn't answered her other questions - she wasn't a patient person, and she could have a bit of a mean streak - decided to be mean.

"My name is Iskra Petrovna Lebedevna, Vladimir Dracula." Then, her memory proved the end of her snobbish behaviour. "Oh! I knew a Vladimir once." She shook her head. "I didn't like him, but to be fair, he didn't like me much either."

((No 'e' in Vladimir))

11/10/2011 #49

(Damn it!)

"Why are you telling me this?" Vlad asked, frowning.

11/10/2011 #50
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa was surprised at the rudeness of Vladimir - she had grown up in a traditional household, where males were exceptionally polite to females at all times - and she let it show.

"Well, excuse me,vashe vysochestvo! I was simply making an observation, but if you are going to be rude! Oh, wait, you already are being as such! You have asked us questions without answering any of our own; for Matushka Rossiya's sake, you asked us the equivalent of asking our age! Nelepyĭ!" The angrier she got, the more her accent came out and the more times her English slipped.

"Isa, calm down!" Lia's voice came from beside her, and Isa turned to her, trying to take a deep breath at the end of her rant.

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/10/2011 #51

"Well, sorry," Vlad shrugged. "Ok. I didn't shout at you and I was listening to your conversation. Happy now?"

11/10/2011 #52
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa looked at him through narrowed eyes for a moment, before she shrugged and nodded with a small smile. "Okay."

Lia looked slightly disturbed.

"We're turning sixteen this year. What about you?"

((Sorry about delay; damn internet went off :( ))

11/10/2011 #53

(G2G and I don't know how old he should be)

11/10/2011 #54
Sunflowers In Moscow

((Hmmm... eleven or twelve. Def eleven or twelve

See you later! ))

11/10/2011 #55

Vlad suddenly felt quite young. "I'm eleven."

11/11/2011 #56
Sunflowers In Moscow

"My brother Kolya is around your age." Isa then remembered. "Oh no! Kolya!"

She swung open the door, leaving Vladimir and Lia standing there in the middle of the corridor, and vanished inside.

11/11/2011 #57

Vlad followed her inside. "Are you ok?"

11/11/2011 #58

Lia hurried after them both.

((Sorry for my absence; was at a gig yesterday. ITWASAMAZING!!!!!))

11/12/2011 #59
Sunflowers In Moscow

Isa looked frantically around the room, before running into the ensuite bathroom to check everywhere. She even looked behind the sofa, but there was no Kolya. That little otrodʹe! He just had to decide that now was a good time to go walkies! She suppressed a groan, and regrouped with her two companions of sorts back in the main room.

"He isn't here, and I'm going to make him live, so I can kill him. Or better yet, just hand mamulya the stake so she can stick it in my chest. I have to find him." She looked at both of them in the eyes, and then back again. "Will you help me find him?"

((Sorry for MY absence. Unfortunately, mine wasn't caused by as awesome a reason yours was, Saph. I've broken my wrist, and it's in a splint :(. However, in the process, I have found out that those authors who use it as an excuse not to upload, type and/or BETA stories are phonies. Move the arm, not the wrist, lol! Anyway, I'm back now, so yay for me!))

11/14/2011 #60
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