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Darth Kokkinos
This is where we begin to develop our stories. Provide the story name (yes, all three will have different names) and your Jedi.
11/5/2011 #1
Darth Kokkinos
Name: Leo Fett Age: 15 Homeworld: Kamino Personality: Stern, calm, helpful, humorous, rash, skilled, likes to rush into fights, friendly, boastful, territorial, determined Appearance: Fifteen year-old Jango Fett History: Leo was Jango's initial unaltered clone. However, in 31.5 BBY, he snuck on board Count Tyranus's starship, unknowing that it was already about to take off. He was taken back to Coruscant accidentally, where, after a series of strange misadventures, he was found and trained personally by Grand Master Mace Windu. Over 11 years later, he has been scarred by the length of the Clone Wars. And he prepares to embark on what later become known as the Lost Missions, a series of missions so dangerous, they were wiped from the Jedi Archives. But one thing besides the war haunts Leo: his past. Because he was al six, he was brainwashed when he entered the order. He must save the galaxy, save his friends, save himself, and unravel his past... My story is going to be called "Questions without Answers". And guys, uh, girls, whatever, ignore the thing that says forums are not to be used to post stories; we will likely have to use the forum, considering the limit of PMs.
11/5/2011 #2
Darth Kokkinos

Well, all Jedi get their own Clone Commanders, and I felt like posting here, so here goes...

Name: ARC Clone Commander 1254 Magmus

Weapons: DC-15 blaster rifle, Force pike, Quad repeating blaster (concealed)

Jedi General: Leo Fett

Missions: Battle of Geonosis (As Captain), Battle of Atraken, Battle of Maridun, Second Battle of Geonosis, Battle of Muunilist, Battle of Hypori, Battle of Saleucami, Battle of Yavin 4, Battle of Dantooine

Armor: Dark green helmet with white T visor, Dark green body armor with white arms, legs dark green with white stripes, dark green "backpack" which contains his Quad repeating blaster

History: Commander Magmus was one of a small number of clones trained personally to be an ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) by Jango Fett. He entered the first battle of Geonosis with Leo and their Nighthawk Squad. During the battle, however, all the squad but Leo, Magmus and two other troops were killed, and then Leo was badly wounded. The three troops brought their fallen leader down into a ditch, while protecting him from super battle droids and Dwarf Spider Droids that threatened to surround them. In the end, both of Magmus's other troops were shot down, though not dead, and he was about to be overrun but he was saved by a couple of other Jedi (Tromeros's and Fallon's). Magmus's efforts had not been in vain, and he, Leo and the other two troops survived.

Magmus would go on to fight in the battles of Atraken, Maridun, and the Second Battle of Geonosis, becoming a Republic hero. He was also the blue plated ARC trooper with a Quad Repeating Blaster when Ki-Adi Mundi, Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura were rescued from Greivous by the ARC squad. After Hypori, he fought alongside Leo in what soon became known as the Lost Missions...

That part mentioning him being the blue-plated ARC trooper with the quad repeating blaster was from a couple of fully animated Clone Wars DVDs I have. That guy is awesome, and so I figured that since he didn't already have an identification that he would become Leo's commander. :) Please get your Jedi and Clone Commander in soon. I need all I had for Leo for the Jedi, but only Name (including number), Weapons, and Armor for the clone commander.

Darth Tren

P.S. Anyone besides Fallon and Tromeros who posts here will likely be banned from this forum. I apologize, but this is a story in the making.

12/3/2011 #3
Darth Kokkinos

Cancelled. Sorry, but I got the idea to make this into a story about Tren's great grandfather (well, adopted. His Jedi great grandfather didn't get married, because that was banned way back in the Clone Wars, but his kids weren't Jedi, so they did get married...all the way down until Tren). Sorry, again. But this thread is officially now closed. You can still chat, but I assume that with the death of this story idea, this forum is already dead.

12/19/2011 #4
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