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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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*** I don't care how many characters you make, as long as you keep track of their different personalities and classes. Too many characters to control is NOT good.

If you're interested in making an OC with POWERS, go ahead. Three supernatural OCs max per person. If you later decide to turn a human OC into a supernatural one, you may do this. But you only get to do it ONCE.

If you do not have at least two sentences for Appearance (Unless it's a picture), personality, and bio, your OC will not be accepted.

I don't care if your OC is a criminal, some evil supernatural species, or a weapon-wielder. Have fun with it.

Name (First & Last!):

Age (Has to be 13 or higher):

Height / Weight:







Power (Optional):

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)):

After you have done this, go to these in order. Bold means they're required. Watch out, links open in the same window!

1. Pick out your character's classes.

2. Set a date for you and your character's birthday.

10/28/2011 . Edited 11/24/2012 #1

Name: Derek O'Brian

Age: 18

Height / Weight: 5'11/158

Appearance: Derek has naturally dark black hair. His eyes are blue and deep, making him seem as if he's always concentrating on something when half of the time, he's probably day dreaming about sex. Derek is fairly tall and lean, and has three piercings on one ear. His clothing choices vary from day to day depending on the occasion though most of the time, he prefers to wear a simple v-neck and dark denims. When not being talked to, Derek appears very uncaring and somewhat distant. Though if someone he knows and likes is around him, his expression is either very teasing or playful--a sign that he enjoys being around the person. However, if he's around someone he despises, his expression hardens and he doesn't say much.

Personality: Derek is generally rebellious and independent. He doesn't like accepting help from anyone. Derek is too proud, somewhat vain and cocky, which makes him always want to win or be right. Even if he knows he's wrong, he'll continue to argue against the other person. He is hard headed though has a somewhat calm temper. However, certain things do set him off, and when that happens, the person who offended him should watch out. He's impulsive and doesn't think before he acts, or sometimes, speaks. He can be blunt and impolite. He can be immature at times. Clever, unpredictable and witty. Keeps his feelings bottled up inside. Secretive. Because of his mysteriousness, and his horrific stubbornness, he can often be intimidating. He's usually quiet and observant and rarely speaks unless spoken to. He rarely smiles, but when he does, it's always genuine and sweet. He's very revengeful, resentful and holds grudges for a long time. Oddly, he has a small empathy for anyone who's been in a situation close to any in his life. Not very forgiving. One thing about Derek is that he's smart, but hides it. He's a quick learner and doesn't forget easily, but when there's people watching him, he often pretends that he doesn't care or isn't listening. It's one of his strongest defense mechanisms and people often regard him as uncaring or just stubborn because of it.

Also, one obvious thing about Derek is he's very perverted. When he's not thinking of something wrong, he's saying it. If he gets even the slightest hint that someone might have an attraction for or toward him, he will jump at the chance to take advantage of that person and either tease or legit pull him / her to bed with him. However, he doesn't do that UNLESS he gets some sign from the other person that they're attracted to him.

Derek is also extremely possessive. Whether it's an item he owns or a person he likes, he'll do whatever it takes to get it back and make sure no one else touches what's his. That being said, he's very protective over the people he's closest to. This is mainly because he doesn't trust people often but when someone manages to pull through his wall--which is very rare--he's very careful to make sure nothing happens to them.

Lastly, Derek is very judgmental. First impressions are just about everything for him. If he doesn't like a person at first glance, he probably will never like that person unless they do something drastic and worth noticing to make him change his mind about him or her. Once someone does something he's not content with, he tends to regard them as trash and will either give them a cold shoulder or trash talks them until he's sure he hit a sensitive spot.

Talents: He's amazingly good with animals, except cats. He can play basketball very well. Can sing.

Likes: Loves the rain. On a little side-note, Derek loves to play guitar and tease people.

Dislikes: Loud, obnoxious people, cats, pushy teachers, people who challenge him, bees, wasps, doctors, cold weather.

Bio: Derek was a trouble-maker at his middle school. He was always constantly getting into fights, getting detention, and was always snapping back at his teachers. Giving his parents no choice, they moved him to Havens High School, where they think he'd might learn some discipline.

Other: Derek is bisexual.

10/28/2011 . Edited 11/23/2012 #2
Awww! Cute siblings. Accepted ;3 & I know what you mean. My parents would murder me if they found out I chat online.
10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #3

That sounds good! We'll get our characters to introduce each other and just skip to Spanish class or something until more people join.

10/29/2011 #4

D: I'd make more characters, but it's still not fun to have fifty characters and only two Rp'ers. 3; it's okay. people will come fast..I hope.

In the mean time, Jake and Tommy should meet! c:

10/29/2011 #5

;) Oh yeah. I'm good at playing snappy characters.

10/29/2011 #6

Name: Tabby Mellow

Age: 15

Height/Weight: 5'11/130


Personality: Kind to people only if they don't annoy her. She smiles a lot even for her dark moods. Good advice giver, natural born leader but can also be a traitor if necessary. She mostly stays by herself though, not really caring what people think about her.

Talents: art (painting, sculpting, and fashion design), music, and basketball and archery are the only sports that work for her.

Likes: horror books and movies, a good challenge, jokes of they are funny, punks/emos, art and music

Dislikes: Sports, annoying people, creepers, getting up early, hot weather, feeling stupid, being hungry.

Bio: Grew up with both parents who tend to try and take control of her. At her old high school she was in a group who her parents didn't like at all and demanded that she never talk to them. Tabby of course refused and this lead to many fights and being grounded every other week. finally her parents dragged her into a private school, believing there to be better people.

Other: bi

10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #7

Ooh, first non-straight character! Accepted.

10/29/2011 #8
Peint Ailes

Hi there! I'm Ailes!

Name (First & Last!): Lucas Norman

Age (Has to be between 12-19):16

Height / Weight: 6'5.Weight Unknown

Appearance:His hair is bronze colored, and is cut just above his shoulders, however the waviness of it makes it seem longer. Lucas's skin is tanned, and his eyes are gray. He is very tall, and quite aware of it.

Personality: Lucas is very calm and easy going, but is not afraid of getting in a fight. He is very honest, which sometimes makes people think he's rude.Which he can be, admittedly. He is rather quiet, usually only starting a conversation if the other person doesn't shut up.

Talents: Guitar

Likes: Motorcycles, watching horrible movies, taking walks, rain

Dislikes: People who think they are funny, liars, too much noise

Bio: Not much is known about his past, only that he hates talking about his parents. Rumors circulate that he was abused, but in actuality, they gave him up and left him in an orphanage.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): He's asexual. Due to the fact that he never shows interest in women, people incorrectly assume he's gay. While it's possible that he can fall in love, he's just not interested in sex.

Relationship: Doesn't care about them.

10/30/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #9

Ooh, asexual! :P Hi & accepted! Have fun :)

10/30/2011 #10
Peint Ailes

Thank you!

Would it be alright if I make a staff member?

10/30/2011 #11
Little Tokyo Rose

[Now more accurate! :D]

Name (First & Last!): Yosochu "Yoyo" Yatame

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'9"/122

Appearance: Yosochu has a noticeable tan and bright green eyes, which match her appearance. Her hair is a dark green color that flares out at the edges and cascades down her shoulders, and she always keeps it brushed out and neat. She is skinny (even after having three kids), and now has a noticeable bigger "rack". She has an oval shaped face with faint freckles that run across her nose and full lips. Her eyelashes are fairly thick, and she wears very little makeup. Eyeliner is a must for her, and she sometimes wears a little mascara on her eyelashes. Her bangs are swept to the right, covering half of her right eye, and she usually leaves her hair down in waves. Yoyo is caucasian, bee-tee-dubs, and she hates being mistaken for an Asian because of her name.

Personality: She is a flirtatious person who sometimes deceives people for no good reason. She is sort of a silent person, always trying to make new friends. Nowadays, she sort of stays away from guys as she doesn't want yet another bad thing to happen to her. Even though she's practically a slut, she is a fairly modest person. Yoyo tends to let people come to her if they want to talk, as she doesn't really like...people. It's a complicated story. Yoyo is one to stay outside all day and do nothing but wander around and maybe play a few games on her phone. She likes cute things, so you'll usually catch her in a little anime store in the City or just looking up cats on the internet. Yoyo gets embarrassed easily, and tends to stammer a lot when she is. I don't really know what else to say.

Talents: Has a beautiful singing voice, is smart, and is good in art.

Likes: Down to earth people, strawberry shortcake, hacking, computer graphics, phone games, flirting, smex.

Dislikes: The morning, being pushed around, shallow people, creepers, Derek, yaoi.

Bio: She was raised in England as a child, giving her a slight accent, but she moved to America when she was ten. Her dad died in a plane crash when she was 13, leaving her with her mother, Piper, and older brother, Oliver. She doesn't have any best friends, because she hasn't really taken time to know anyone well enough. As of a few months ago, Derek had just gotten her pregnant. She's developed a love hate relationship with him, and sometimes she likes to flirt with him. A few months after the trip to Paris, at a school dance, she went into labor and was shipped off to the hospital. She ended up having three kids, one looking like her and the other looking like Derek, and then one of a mixed appearance. It made her quite happy to see how pretty her kids were, but Derek ended up just leaving as he was probably scared.

Nonetheless, Yoyo now currently is back at school, still deciding whether she should give up her kids to someone else.

Other: Straight; Is Caucasian (BIANCA.)

10/30/2011 . Edited 4/28/2012 #12

yeah, it'd be great if you made a staff member, actually! :)

Omg more people, ahhh!! Accepted. :D

10/30/2011 #13
Little Tokyo Rose

Hah, okey XD

10/30/2011 #14

The Dorms section is for all dorms. It's sort of like a hallway with rooms, and each room has 2 people. D; does that make sense?

10/30/2011 #15

Ehhh, it's gonna get confusing anyway. and we can't have fifty threads of just'll get messy.

10/30/2011 #16

Name (First & Last!): Eryn Kirkland

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'3, 120

Appearance: She has choppy, short blonde hair with black bangs and streaks. She has bright green eyes. She's skinny and wiry. Her clothes tend to have a punkish look, and are usually bought at thrift stores.

Personality: She's one of those people that does whatever she wants, and doesn't give a damn about petty things like rules and other people's opinions. She's hyper and loud. She's very aggresive and violant and loves fights. She's mischievous and troublemaker. She's very sarcastic and loves to tease people. She's not to good at making friends, but she's very loyal to the people she cares about. She's cleevr and cunning and a quick thinker. She's loves yaoi.

Talents:She's very good at history, and writing. She's also talented in fighting.

Likes:fighting, poker, food, video games, yaoi, causing trouble, rain, cats

Dislikes:heat, sunshine, being sick, annoying girls

Bio: She was pretty much raised by her brother, who is 7 years older then her after their mom left. Thier dad got depressed after she left. The two lived in a flat in the darker parts of a city, and that's where she learned some of her...less legal talents. She managed to get a scholarship from her grades, and was convinced by her brother to join.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): she's straight.


Name (First & Last!):Nicolas "Nico" Vargas

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'5/ not sure

Appearance: He has black hair that falls past his ears and bangs that partially cover his eyes, which are dark brown and usually have an indifferent, bored expression. He's slender and very pale, a sharp contrast to his clothing, which is usually black and simple.

Personality: He's calmer then Eryn and usually keeps her from doing something to stupid. He tends to seem indiffrent to things and usually just watches people do things, not bothering to stop them. He's extremely antisocial and hates being around people, especially when they notice him. He does his best to stay out of people's attention, and if they do pay attention to him, he gets nervous, and trys to escape as soon as he can. He's very observant and notices things most people don't. He loves music and always carries his ipod. He's a bit of an insomniac and pften can be seen roaming the halls in the middle of the night.

Talents: He's amazing at art and is always seen drawing. He's also good at soccer, although he rarely plays with people besides his friends.

Likes: drawing, quiet, being away from people, peaceful places, the dark, cute things

Dislikes: being noticed, crowds, thunderstorms, annoying people, homophobes, bitter food

Bio: His mom was a moderately rich girl from Italy, who, at the age of 19, married an extremely wealthy man. he died 2 years later, leaving his fortune with her. Again, she married someone rich, and this time, had a son, Nico. Again, the husband died shortly after. His mother has had 7 more husbands, all wealthy, all dead or divorced leaving her with a considerable sum of thier fortune. She's also had more lovers then he can count. She's often gone, either on business or to see one of her any lovers. Nico would often spend his time in one of their houses all alone, and this is one of the biggest reasons that he's so antisocail. His mom noticed he was becoming so withdrawn, he barely talked to anyone, and sent him to the school to get him to interact more. Shortly after arriving, he met Eryn and Kai, who somehow managed to become his friends. They've maanged to get him to open up slightly. They've been at the school ever since 10th grade.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Gay


Name (First & Last!): Kaito "Kai" Masaruki

Age (Has to be between 12-19):16

Height / Weight: 5'6/ refuses to say

Appearance: has longish violet hair with pink highlights, and light blue eyes. He's pale and slender. He tends to wear make-up, although it's rarely more then eyeliner and eyeshadow. His clothing style changes. He's more fashion conscious then his friends, and are annoyed by their lack of effort.

Personality:He's mischievous and loves to cause trouble. He's very open about his sexuality, and often flirts with cute/pretty/good-looking boys. He's very sarcastic and loves to tease people. his demeanor can be seen as jolly, although it's more in a mocking way. He's used to being teased and bullied for being gay and is used to it. He's very protective of his friends. He actually can be very nice, if you're someone who doesn't annoy him. He can be a total bitch when mad. he's addicted to sweets and eats almost nothing else.

Talents: a good singer, and actually quite intelligent. Is also a very good cook.

Likes:boys, fashion, art, his friends, kind people, cute things, sweets, trolling

Dislikes:homophobes, bullies, bitter food, dealing with idiots, overly straight guys

Bio: Kai is half-Japanese (his mom) and half-American (his dad) (He lived in Japan for the first 9 years of his life) His mother was a very successful designer, and her fashion sence rubbed off on him. She wasn't around often, but she loved him very much, and didn't even care when she would catch him trying on her eyeshadow. He was bullied in schools for being so openly gay, which is why his mom sent him to Haven High

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Gay (and is pretty obvious about it)

10/30/2011 . Edited 10/30/2011 #17



ALL ACCEPTED. Though, can you separate your characters with a dash or something? D: It's confusing to see them all in one block text.

10/30/2011 #18

Yay slash! And sorry, was in a hurry. I'm technically grounded from the computer. i fixed it. Can I just start RPing in the garden?

10/30/2011 #19

Sure! :)

10/30/2011 #20

Name (First & Last!):Jd (not initials) King

Age (Has to be between 12-19):15

Height / Weight:5'3" 95lbs

Appearance:Short black hair, bangs dyed blonde that are swept over his right eye. His eyes are dark brown to the point he often gets told they look black. Tends to wear only black and white or anything with skulls on it. His skin is a smooth and light tan given from his mothers Portuguese heritage. He's thin but not sickly, meaning he has very little muscle due to the fact he doesn't like to participate in sports.

Personality:He appears lonely, but only because he doesn't have many friends probably due to the fact he's incredibly shy, which often gets him in trouble with teachers when needing to present projects. During school hours he is easily annoyed believing there should be a level of maturity at school which is not usually shown, but off school hours he un-winds and becomes a fun loving person who seems to lose all maturity off hours.

Talents:Acting, Music (Mainly Flute), and Drawing; anything in the arts.

Likes:Video games, Yaoi (has a hidden stash), having someone to talk to....but currently has no one. Dogs

Dislikes:Most girls, he tends to find most of them annoying however he has been friends with some in the past. Immaturity at school. Too much noise, he gets headaches easily. Arguments. Being made to present something to an audience.

Bio:nothing really eventful has ever happened in his life, as much as he wished something would happen. He has spent most his life in his room, no friends, his family hardly knows anything about him they aren't even aware that he's gay. He's always moving so when he does get friends they don't last.

Other:Gay, and says that he can only be bottom. ((Based off me =D))

Relationship: Not sure *has a crush on Kai*

10/31/2011 . Edited by Peint Ailes, 11/2/2011 #21
Peint Ailes

May I haveonemore character?

Name (First & Last!):Naomi Munroe

Age (Has to be between 12-19):16

Height / Weight:5'7, weight unknown


She is usually wearing a band T-Shirt.

Personality: If she was in a movie, she'd be the "rebellious bitch." She doesn't care what people think of her and doesn't care about school. She hides her soft side.

Talents: Painting, drums, and archery

Likes: Old music, movie posters, and zombies.

Dislikes: Vampires, hyper people...well, people in general.

Bio: Only reason why she's here is because no other school would take her as a student. When she was fourteen, she bought 2 kegs and went to a party, where she got incredibly drunk and stole a street sign and did many other stupid things. At fifteen, she broke into the school and stole all the biology frogs. The final straw that got her sent to boarding school was stealing her parents' car and driving halfway across the country. The cause of this attitude is because since she was 6, she had regularly moved from foster family to foster family, some good, and some bad. She never settled with a family until about a month before the Keg Incident.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Technically speaking, she's bi, but she doesn't label herself. She doesn't think that the gender of the person she sleeps with matters.

Relationship: Open to one.

10/31/2011 . Edited 11/6/2011 #22

Kayden, hi!..Don't forget to make a schedule for your OC. :D Both characters accepted.

Scared of vampires..Nice.

10/31/2011 . Edited 10/31/2011 #23

Name: Zack Malone

Age: 15

Height/weight: 6'3/210


Personality: Much like Tabby but a bit nicer to people and is a big flirter

Talents: Music and basketball

Likes: music, horror stuff, challenges, tall girls, and party's

dislikes: people who use other people for their personal gain, hot weather, being dissed, stalkers

Bio: His parents took Tabby's parents advice and sent him to the same private school without knowing that she was there. you see, he's the bass player in her old band.

Other: straight.

10/31/2011 #24

He weighs a lot o.o Then again, he's tall... Accepted! Hardcore xoxo.

10/31/2011 #25


10/31/2011 #26

Name (First & Last!): Tyler Collins

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 18

Height / Weight: 180 cm / 75 kg (Of muscles, baby!! x3 Aaaw yeah!!)


Personality: Aggressive, short tempered, manwhore player, rocker, fighter.

Talents: He plays guitar and can sing.

Likes: Babes.

Dislikes: Pussies, ok, not the ones on girls but weak guys xD


For this RP, he doesn't drop out of school and is 18.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight (unlike the original Tyler Collins xD).

10/31/2011 #27

WOO A TYLER. Accepted! Ooh, a senior too.. ;)

10/31/2011 #28

Lol, yeah, he's basically Ike of Chamberi but with his original name xD

10/31/2011 #29
Last Girl Standing

I'm just making this more specific.

Name (First & Last!): November James

Age (Has to be between 12-19): Sophmore/15

Height / Weight: 5'1/100lbs

Appearance: November has pale skin, and dark auburnish brown haie that reaches her butt, with red and gold highlights, and a black streak. She has dark blue eyes, that seem to have flecks of lighter blue and silver, and the occassional green and gold in them. She has a few freckles covering her nose, and plump lips. November has dark eyelashes, and, when she's bothered enough to wear them, thin, round, glasses. She's awfully short, and muscled from working with her Defense Teacher uncle all her life. She's usually in all black attire, and doesn't wear much makeup.

Personality: November is almost bipolar. She can be a bit of a nerd, a wall flower and nervous when she gets anxious enough. However, most of the time, she's fiery, dark, smart, coy and clever. She loves music in any form, though prefers rock and alternative. She plays four instruments well, piano/keyboard, guitar, bass and her favorite, drums, and sings. She has a third side, although it's more like a mask. Growing up in 'high class society', November has a charming, aloof and sweet mask of sorts. She can be a social person, or a social pariah. She prefers the latter. She can be a bit of a smartass. November can be very guarded, nd for the most part, has a wall around her.

Talents: November is smart in most acedemics, can play four instruments, and sing.

Likes: Music, black, being alone, French, being right, taller boys, brunnettes.

Dislikes: Her parents, pink, pushovers, hoes.

Bio: November's mother was a gold digging socialite of a hoe who came from a rich family, and her father, the senator of New York, a bastard with persuasion skills and the tendency to take up too many 'mistresses'. November and her twin, Aspen, were born as 'proof of their marriage' or, they forgot to use protection. From a young age, November knew three things; One, both her parents were cheating. Two, Aspen wanted to leave ASAP. Three, she loved music. Music became her one true thing. She grew a mask for the public, and loved being alone in NY. She would stay with the only relatives she can stand, her aunt Amaya, uncle Zimmian, and five cousins, quadruplets Alex, Lark, Nebula and Thorn, and their eight year old sister, Acacia.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight, part of 'Skull Crush', Aspen's twin, Zack's girlfriend.


Name (First & Last!): Aspen James

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 15

Height / Weight: 6'8/150 (of muscle)

Appearance: Aspen is tall and muscled. With an eight pack and washboard abs from practicing with their defense teacher uncle all his life, tan skin (well, tanner than November, but still white), shaggy brown hair, and bright blue eyes, let's all face it. He's hot. His hair hangs to his shoulder and is rather shaggy. His eyes have dark blue, gold, silver and light blue flecks. He's muscled. You may now swoon.

Personality: Aspen is really perceptive and a good judge of character, although he doesn't act it. It comes from being raised with the sort of family he was raised with. Aspen is open with people, honest, and, unlike November, lets emotions take control of him. He's smarter than he looks and acts, which is pretty goofy, sarcastic and dry. He has almost no filter between his brain and his mouth, except when he needs to be. While alll around an unserious person on the outside, he can be serious and almost threatening when necessary. He loves languages and wants to get out and away from his family, and it comes easily to him. He's rather clever and cunning.

Talents: Languages, he can speak and write ten of them fluently, people, getting things done.

Likes: Blondes, girls (XD), November, orange, dark green, jeans, figuring stuff out, being away from his parents, Luna.

Dislikes: Sluts, his parents, math.

Bio: Aspen was a mistake. ILL ADD MORE LATER.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)):

10/31/2011 . Edited 6/25/2012 #30
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