Saved By the Bell
Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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I didn't ask you to make Dane. You made him for smut.

2/13/2012 #301
Last Girl Standing

hush, lulu.

2/13/2012 #302

I don't care who's request it was, when I say you're not allowed to make OCs, I meant it. Not accepted.

2/13/2012 #303
Vendetta 5th

Name (First & Last!): Alice *Cookie* Cooper.

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'11


Personality: Aggressive, blunt, fearless

Talents: Electric Guitar

Likes: His axe, Groupies, himself.

Dislikes: Prudes, the establishment, Piano

Bio: A semi famous rocker from a band called Shadow Gallery. He grew up in Portland, Oregon. Growing up with the rest of his old band. They played a number of small gigs before hitting the big time when System of a Down toured through their town, playing in the line up and impressing the manager enough to be asked to come on tour. A few hit singles followed with an Album, although shortly after it hit the shelves, the Lead guitarist (Alice) Being sent to Haven after a stint in rehab.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight.

2/13/2012 #304

._. Alice is...a guy's name? LOL.

Can he at least have some personality flaws? :[ Why does he sound so... rawr. Other than that, accepted.

2/13/2012 #305

Whoa is this seriously going to be Alice Cooper in this RP or is it just a conicidence?

2/13/2012 #306


2/13/2012 #307
Vendetta 5th

He has plenty of flaws, and Tabby will proberly find out. Ex addicts are quite eccentric.

2/13/2012 #308

wait she'll probably find out what?

2/13/2012 #309
Vendetta 5th

Can he at least have some personality flaws? :[ Why does he sound so... rawr. Other than that, accepted.

2/13/2012 #310

ah ok

2/13/2012 #311

you going to post him tonight or tomorrow?

2/13/2012 #312
Vendetta 5th

Name (First & Last!): Blake Blacklow

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight:


Personality: Quiet, argumentative when provoked, has trust issues. Mysterious

Talents: Skate boarding.

Likes: ^above, rock, sex

Dislikes: Alot.

Bio: Blake is your average Orphan boy, picked out of an orphanage by a couple who used him for his originally cute looks as a child actor, Pocketing the money for themselves. When he refused on his sixteenth birthday he was sent to haven, no longer any use but unable to get rid of him completely. His past is a unknown to everyone at the school with plenty of rumerios of him being dangerous, even Havens major drug and alcohol supplier.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Bi

2/13/2012 #313

even Havens major drug and alcohol supplier.


2/13/2012 #314
Vendetta 5th

Its a rumor, not fact.

2/13/2012 #315


2/13/2012 #316
Inga's Truth

My Night-Class okay~

Name: Elizabeth "Liza" Sterling

Age: she looks about 15-17

Height and Weight: 5'5'' and 100lbs

Appearence: Dark brown- almost black hair. She has pale skin and large light pale blue eyes. She's rather skinny and of a petite body structure. She's usually wearing a tight white shirt with a looseblack best over it and a black and gray plaid skirt with knee high heeled boots.

Personality: Liza is somewhat quiet anis distant from most she doesn't know. It would take her a longtime to open up to others, and she gives off a sort of anti social feeling. However, when she does open up, you'll find a bit of a prankster and trouble maker- along with a kind personality. However, she does have a terrible temper. You piss her off, it isn't a good thing.

Power: She's a witch, she needs the spell name to preform. Normally, she says it aloud because she isn't good at silent ones yet.

Likes: Quiet, reading, studying, magic

Dislikes: Loudness, Dark Magic, Fire.

Bio: She was born in London with her parents being both A witch and a warlock. Of course, they lived in secret from the humans and practiced magic in secret. When it was learned by her father that her mom practiced dark magic, her father got her the hell out of there, and sent her to the school where she'd supposedly be safe.

Other: Straight. She has a spell book containing a shitload of spells and potions she needs to learn/she knows. It was her fathers.

2/14/2012 . Edited 2/15/2012 #317
Little Tokyo Rose

Name (First & Last!): Collin Aoto (yes, she's a girl. craii. and it's Ah-oh-to)

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'7"/110

Appearance: Collin has a nice tan, and striking green eyes. Her hair is a deep brown color and cascades down her chest, and stops just above the bottom of her chest. She dyed a few red streaks in there just to tick of her mother, but they seem to blend in nicely now. Her eyebrows have a nice arch to them, and light freckles cover her face. Her eyes are almond shaped, with extremely long eyelashes, giving her a feminine touch. Collin's lips are a light shade of pink, and are quite full, but she really wishes they were thinner. Her slender figure is the feature she likes most about herself, and her legs most of all. Her calves are basically all muscle from running and exercising daily. Her thighs, luckily, aren't thunder-thighs, but are nicely sized (lawl), giving her a very protruding buttocks. Bwahahaha. Sexyness. Her chest is bascially the same as the rest of her, nicely sized, just how most guys would like it...D cups. CONGRATULATIONS. She is usually seen wearing this outfit set ::

Real life ::

Personality: Collin may first come off as your average girl. She is easily provoked, and if any guy tries making some sudden attempt to do something she doesn't like, expect her to lash out fully at you with her badass tae kwon do skills. Collin, deep down, isn't really such a badass on the outside as she is on the in. She's quite a loyal person, keeping secrets for her life, and never betraying her friends in any way. She's afraid of love, honestly, and never wants to experience it. And she's fully convinced that if you get your heart broken in love, you actually die. Collin tends to blush easily at the silliest things, especially involving romance. She reads a lot, and is very sheltered, not knowing a lot of sexual and/or slang people use these days. Quite sad, actually.

Talents: Motorcycle tricks, tae kwon do, singing, writing songs, dancing

Likes: Acting, dancing, singing, being alone, watching romantic movies, reading manga, asian pop music

Dislikes: Prissies, most american pop music, redheads, blondes

Bio: Collin grew up in a rich family in Wisconsin, and they owned a farm. Every day of her life, after she turned five, she went out to the stables and visited with the horses. She liked how fast they could run and their sleek structures and strong hooves. It made her want to be a horse. From that day on, she would run around, pretending to be 'one with the horse', and that's how she would get away from her spoiled life. Eventually, time came where she grew too old to play around anymore, and she got use to living her terribly rich life. She got outcasted at school by the much more normal kids for being rich, and she was practically forced to hang out with the snobs who always called her 'stable girl' and 'little horse' because she loved horses. Time passed, and she grew up to be one of the prettiest girls in school, and people started wanting to hang out with her. She rejected them all, not wanting to associate with anyone. All she did every day was just go to school, go home, and ride horses. Her favorite horse was a beautiful Palomino named Epi, and she was the main horse Collin usually rode.

When Epi finally died one day, Collin didn't go to school for a week. She really did miss that horse. She remembered as she was crying, a motorcycle that reminded her strangely of Epi drove past, and she asked her mother to buy her that same motorcycle. Thing was, it was practically the only one of its kind, and the man wasn't willing to sell it to he when she finally found him again. But he did agree to give it to her for free on one condition, though, and it was pretty outrageous. All he did was tell her to stay true to herself and her friends, and then the bike was hers. She shook off his words, though, and just rode the bike every single day after that. She got into a situation once, at school with a couple of guys wanting to ride her motorcycle, and she for some reason, remembered the man's words. She ended up kicking their asses, and sending them back to the principal's office. It was a fine day to her, and she agreed to keep those words in her mind forever.

Time passed, and her mother noticed she was coming home looking all raggedy and beat up more. She had a talk with her about it, and found out she was fighting at school, which then resulted in her being shipped off to a boarding school, Haven High. And to this day, she hates her parents, everyone back at her school, and every person who dares to mess with her. So watch out.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight. As a ruler. And that will never change. Maybe...

2/14/2012 #318

Name: Devin Towns

Age: (what's brianna's age, lulu)


Personality: sweet but can lose his patience with people yet overall calm

Talents: writing and any kind of sport

Likes: sports, music, girls

Dislikes: people being too busy for him, school, awkward situations

Bio: used to be brianna's boyfriend. quite school to travel the world and is now walking in paris

Other: straight

(This is a character possibly only going to be used during the field trip. may change)

(I g2g Lulu so i'll finish him later)

2/15/2012 . Edited 2/15/2012 #319

All three are accepted~

2/15/2012 #320
dreamyy a witch, what can she do?

2/15/2012 #321
Inga's Truth

Preform spells and such. Like, defensive spells, a couplefighting ones. Simple levitation spells, along those lines. Her powers are going to be rather limited, seeing as she refuses to get in touch with her dark magic side- and she won't ever, by the way- so she can't do any fatal/maiming/controlling. as for potions, I pictured healing, and maybe a love/lust potion....

2/15/2012 #322

Name (First & Last!): Emilie Hawkins

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight:

Appearance: Em has long, swishy blond hair she likes to play with and gorgeous, sun-kissed skin. Her eyes are big and brown and she loves to wear smoky eyeshadow to make them look even bigger than they are.

Personality: Total flirt and a slut, Emilie is a laid-back girl who thinks you should live life fast otherwise everything is going to seem slow.

Talents: Dancing, swimming

Likes: Girls, lingerie shopping, closeted lesbians, teasing people

Dislikes: Bullies

Bio:... Not much. Comes from Oregon. Now she's here. ... yep.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Likes girls, but she's not picky. Quite obvious about it, but flirts and makes out with boys for fun.

2/18/2012 #323
Vendetta 5th

Name (First & Last!): Scarlett "Rosie" Carson.

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'8, Slim and toned,

Appearance: soft, creamy porcelain skin with light freckles high on her cheeks. Thick Ruby red hair that falls to her breasts, which she also keeps straight to frame her face with a loose bang to cover her left eye or in a high pony tail. Her eyes are a sharp green and contrast with her pale skin and red hair, and are often often described as piercing as if they see right through a person. Her breasts are modest handfuls, though her long legs are the envy of every girl she meets, objects of lust for the boys fortunate enough.

Personality: She is driven and competitive, if she wants something or someone. She will not stop until she gets it using any means necessary to get what she wants. She can be manipulative and is not afraid of using her looks to get the results she needs and has even slept with teachers to get the marks she wants. Though if she cares for the girl shes with enough, she becomes possessive, sweet but needy. Despite showing her self as a very Confident girl.

Talents: Tennis

Likes: Girls, Tennis, Poetry

Dislikes: Males, the dark, bigots.

Bio: Scarlet spent her early childhood with nanny's and as soon as she was old enough she was shipped off to her first all girls boarding school. Most of her past, she prefers to keep secret.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Lesbian

After you have done this, go to these in order. Bold means they're required. Watch out, links open in the same window!

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/19/2012 #324



2/18/2012 #325
Vendetta 5th

not finished dummy. :P

2/19/2012 #326

Then why you submit, DUMMY?

2/19/2012 #327
Vendetta 5th

Well momma, if I press reply and ff goes down I LOSE EVERYTHING!

2/19/2012 #328

Night Class OC~

Name: Ana Maria Sèlina

Age: 12

Height / Weight: 4"9/76 lbs.

Appearance: Ana has soft porcelain-like skin with eyes that are a light green. Her auburn hair falls down in light waves framing her very small face. She is very petite in every aspect. She tends to sparkle all the time. Her hair is usually braided with flowers in it. She wears dresses and summer-y clothing a lot. People often think she is younger than she is. Her wings are blue green and spread out to arm length, and are only visible to non-humans.

Personality: Quiet and innocent, she's sweet and small. She likes to stay in the background and not have the spotlight on her. Her head is in the clouds and her nose in a book.

Powers: She is a nature fairy. Her powers are that she can control plants to some extent and talk to land animals.

Talents: Art, flute, and reading.

Likes: Art, flute, reading, shopping, nature, Spring, animals, chocolate, sweets.

Dislikes: Pollution, winter, spicy food, extreme weather conditions.

Bio: Ana was born to a nature fairy and a water fairy in Banff, Alberta. Her mother and her father were both Park Rangers and as a child she loved to go and explore the park. She was always homeschooled. One day, her parents decided to send her to send her to Haven High to let her interact with human beings. Her wings came in when she was seven.

Other: Straight.

2/19/2012 #329


2/19/2012 #330
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