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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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3/9/2012 #391
Name (First & Last!): Tyler Lilan Age (Has to be between 12-19):12 Height / Weight: 5 feet aprox. 110 lb. ( I'm not good with this stuff) Appearance: long black hair with a long red streak in hair. Usually wears a t shirt and blue jeans. Is a little on the short side, but not much. Personality: likes to joke around and be sarcastic, but is respectful around adults. Is a band geek and is very smart. Is very kind and generous. Hates getting in trouble Talents: can play the euphonium. Can draw well. Likes: reading, playing her instrument, and video game( expeciualy MW3 Dislikes: bad grades, getting in trouble, and girly girls. Bio: was born in Louisiana, was an only child untill her little brother Jason was born when she was five. She loved driving through the mud in her go-cart and was ( and still is ) a Tom-boy. Other : Likes to be bare foot whenever she can.
3/9/2012 #392

Accepted, though do you mind separating the posts when you can? :] Thanks!

3/9/2012 #393
I'm sorry, I'm on my phone so when I do separate the posts, they just go together when I post it
3/9/2012 #394
A Ghost Who Walks

Name: Rhonwen Llewelyn

Age: 15

Height/Weight: 5 ft., 6 in., 105 lbs.

Appearence: tall, lean, not curvy, athletic, platinum blonde hair, grey eyes, very fair skin, triangular face, long legs

Personality: Quiet, introverted, serious, sarcastic, studious, athletic yet still nerdy,

Talents: She sings and is good at sports and studies.

Likes: metal music, running, math, reading, writing.

Dislikes: giggling, pop music, football, history, and fashion rules

Bio: Rhonwen was sent to boarding school because her father thought that she'd have a better chance of getting into collage if she did. She really didn't want to come, and it shows. Her mom left when she was young.

Other: straight

3/15/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #395

Accepted. :P

Alex, it has way more info than most of the OC sheets we get.. :(

3/15/2012 #396
Last Girl Standing

..Okay, point.

3/15/2012 #397
3/16/2012 #398


3/16/2012 #399
3/16/2012 #400

I'm gonna be gone till next Friday:(

3/16/2012 #401


3/16/2012 #402

Once we submit, do we just start RPing or do they have to be accepted?

Name (First & Last!): Danielle Marise

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 15

Height / Weight: Danielle is around 5'4" and 110 pounds.

Appearance: Danielle has long, dark brown hair usually in a high ponytail. She has dark brown eyes and very tan skin. She's fairly pretty, a bit exotic-looking.

Personality: Danielle is calm, cool, and calculating. She's extremely clever, but not always the nicest. She's a little mean, actually, and is a bit manipulative. She's not an evil person but she's not always friendly.

Talents: Gymnastics, writing, art.

Likes: Intelligent people, all of her talents, interesting people

Dislikes: Idiots, her little sister Sara, swimming

Bio: Danielle has always resented her little sister Sara. Sara was hailed as a child prodigy for her piano skills when Danielle was pushed aside. Danielle isn't very nice to Sara.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Danielle is straight. She's not interested in boys though.


Name (First & Last!): Sara Marise

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 12

Height / Weight: Sara is scrawny and tiny, about 4'6 and 70 pounds.

Appearance: Sara has short (in a bob) blond hair and bright blue eyes. She has pale skin. Danielle and Sara are basically opposite in looks.

Personality: Sara is perky, hyper, and friendly. She constantly follows Danielle around, which Danielle hates. She's very bubbly and rather annoying.

Talents: Piano, fast runner

Likes: The piano, her sister Danielle, friends.

Dislikes: Danielle when she's mean, unfriendly people.

Bio: Sara has always been hailed as a child prodigy. She loved the attention.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): That's it!

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3/17/2012 #404
Little Tokyo Rose

Name (First & Last!): Vanessa "Anne" Whitney

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'8"/120

Appearance: -OR-

Personality: Vanessa is a generally outgoing person with a dark side, which you'll be able to see if you got to know her well like some of her friends did. Vanessa is one to make up rumors about others and tease constantly, and she puts up a fake act when she meets someone so they can sort of be either afraid or intrigued. Deep down, Vanessa is a silent person who wants nothing more than peace in the world, which she is trying to achieve by writing. Van is a modest girl who takes pride in herself and doesn't dress like a slut for the entertainment or just pleasure of others. She wants nothing to do with sex, and she's afraid to go farther than kissing someone. Basically, she only wants a peck on the lips and she's done. She does have a bad girl side, which only comes out when someone's talking crap and she finds out, or one of her friends is being bashed on. She's the one you talk to if you want to solve a problem.

Talents: Rapping like a pro, dancing, designing clothes, writing

Likes: Brave guys, rap music, Nicki Minaj, rapping, flowers, glasses, blonde hair, facebooking

Dislikes: Classical music, flirty guys, flirty girls, contacts, mythology

Bio: Vanessa was born in Austin, Texas, and started attending public school when she was at the right age. She made lots of friends in school, but her family moved a lot, so she didn't keep them for long. Her mother and father were business owners, so they had a large sum of money to support all three of them. When Vanessa was thirteen, her dad died in a plane crash on the way back home from Korea, since he was on a work trip. It was quite a fright for both her mother and herself, and she cried about it for weeks. Her mother became depressed for a long period of time after her husband's death, and Vanessa often caught her staring for hours at a time at pictures of them all together. Eventually, one day, her mother finally got over it, and they moved far away from Texas, all the way over near Haven High. They lived just a few blocks away, so her mother just sent her off there hoping she could do great things someday and follow her footsteps.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight. Usually goes by Vanessa, but likes to go by shorter names like "Van" or "Nessa". She does go by her full first name, "Vanessa Anne", only around her mother.

3/17/2012 #405

Name (First & Last!):Avery White

Age (Has to be between 12-19):14

Height / Weight:5'4 113 pounds


Personality:She's fun loving, outgoing, gets easily embarrassed when she's around guys and starts rambling a lot but when she gets nervous she starts rambling in a diffrent language, she loves animals and she is basically the opposite of her sister but she has her sisters temper

Talents: She's good a most sport but mostly swimming and dancing

Likes:reading, looking around and wandering

Dislikes:snobs, goody toe shoes and flowers

Bio: She grew up in LA with her sister and cousins, being the youngest she was always left out of things and left at home which she hated until she was about 12 and her sister started involving her in things that she did with her cousins

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)):Straight, she also know 14 diffrent languages


Name (First & Last!):Valerie Kings

Age (Has to be between 12-19):16

Height / Weight:5'3 110 pounds


Personality:She is smart, shy and she is very innocent minded ;) she likes being around friends and hangning out but she can be quite a pushover

Talents:Maths DX and singing

Likes:singing, hanging with friends and reading

Dislikes:unhealthy food and snobs

Bio: Her dad and mum came from Japan so she lived there until she was 6 until she moved here but her mum and dad still speak japanese at home so she has to as well, she is an only child and doesnt mind it at all

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)):Bisexual, she also knows how to talk Japanese

3/17/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #406
Little Tokyo Rose

First one is accepted, just needs a few more dislikes, and the second one needs a bio and more information.

After you edit that in, they are both accepted. :)

3/17/2012 #407
WTF Matsu, why did you delete my post? - Epic, they are both accepted. Please ignore Matsu, who uses we modly powers simply to edit posts and delete them. -_-
3/18/2012 #408

Name (First & Last!): Ariana Whitehead

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'5 / 131


Personality: She's the sweetest girl you will ever meet, but people misjudge her and hate her because they think she's mean, bossy, and rude. They see her get into drama every day and hate her because of it. She always gets depressed, but doesn't show it on the outside. She always has friends, and rarely smiles.

Talents: She's really not good at anything, except for the fact that she writes detailed stories and love songs.

Likes: She loves all kinds of music, boys who love her for her, loyal people, sleepovers, and BFFs.

Dislikes: Perfect boys, boys who are not loyal, fake boys, fake anything, running, history.

Bio: Back at her old school, her life was perfect. Until her best friend and sister die in a car accident. She learned to cope with the stress, but after her boyfriend broke up with her at her last school, she found out he was dating her because of some stupid bet. She was thinking of killing herself. Her parents found out about that and enrolled her in Haven High School.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): straight

3/19/2012 . Edited 3/22/2012 #409

Hi! :) You forgot to give your OC a name. Other than that, accepted.

Also, can you introduce yourself in the introduction section? Thanks!

3/19/2012 #410

Oh my goodness, I accidentally deleted the name. haha. Her name is Ariana Whitehead.

3/19/2012 #411
Gale Hang

I'm doing this on my phone

Name:Ashanti Xissori(Ze-So-Ri)


Height/Weight:5'2 105 lbs

Appearance: Straight waistlength black hair and olive skin. Her eyes are a light silver and she has a lean figure. As for clothing she wears anything she can find in her closet, as long as it fits.

Personality: Teasing and sometimes a bit annoying to her friends, but sometimes reserved. She's also a perfectionist, literally saying,"IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!" Talents: Violin, Harp.

Likes:Anything that has to do with music, writing her own music, and technology

Dislikes: People who don't like music, lazy people, rude people, and snobs

Bio: Originally an orphan and adopted by a couple that both play musical instruments. She was homeschooled and taught how to play violin and harp. They sent her away to get some friends.

Other: Straight

3/21/2012 . Edited by Last Girl Standing, 3/21/2012 #412
Gale Hang
The name's actually Ashanti, but I forgot the anti part. Whoops..
3/21/2012 #413
Last Girl Standing


3/21/2012 #414

Name (First & Last!): Foster Hanaway

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'8 / 160


Personality: He is bisexual, but hasn't come out yet. He dates girls to cover the fact that he is. He's very sweet and funny. He always has a sweet smile on his face. He's a naturally Athletic person, heavy in muscle.

Talents: Acting, dancing, singing

Likes: Boys, girls, music, movies, fashion, hair.

Dislikes: Girls, dishonesty, bullies, his family.

Bio: He lives in a perfect family, good grades, perfect hair, no wrinkles, everything perfect. When he became gay, he never wanted his family to know, but his school found out and then his family did. He switched schools, but it followed him everywhere. Finally, he joined a private school.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Gay.

3/22/2012 . Edited 4/8/2012 #415
Little Tokyo Rose

Accepted :)

3/22/2012 #416
Little Tokyo Rose

Name (First & Last!): Crescendo (Dong-Min) Park

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 6'/130

Appearance: OR OR

He's Korean-American.

Personality: Crescendo is a generally quiet person, never speaking more than a word. He has a dark demeanor, coming off as a scary person when you first meet him. Once he opens up to you and starts saying more than one word, he's actually really nice and sweet. Crescendo is a very logical person, often making things that are impossible sound possible in a very faint context. He is intelligent, cautious, and never gives up. He is willing to help out someone in need, like if they are getting bullied, and take out the assailant with his badass ninja skills. When he walks, he barely makes a sound, so he can creep up on people easily. He does not like girls, partially because he's had bad experiences with some at his old school, and partially because he messes up a lot when he talks to one. So, don't think you'll be getting easy sex out of him. You have to wait a long, long, long...time.

Talents: Ninjaing (stealth walking), running, weightlifting, being creepy, writing poetry, fashion sense, drawing/designing

Likes: Helping others out, roaming around, dreaming about random things, watching K-Drama, speaking Korean with someone else, graphic art on the computer, K-Pop music, programming

Dislikes: Homework, girls, lights, idiotic boys, the color pink, hats, crayons, dead things

Bio: Crescendo was born in South Korea, and he grew up in a rich family, you could say. He attended private school when he entered junior high, one where all the richer kids went. He was treated as an equal, and he made friends with everyone easily because he was one of the only Asians at the school. All of the kids were interested in his hair, because apparently it was cool. Since the school was 7-12th grade, he had some upper grade friends too. He could've been considered one of the most popular kids in the entire school. But as months and years passed, and he was in ninth grade, people started rebelling against him. This new kid, who he prefers to keep unnamed, took his spot as the popular guy, and he started getting picked on. First for his appearance. Then his smartness. Then his family, what food he ate, everything.

It caused him to shrink down and become a bug compared to everyone else. He started talking less and less as more people confronted him, and he eventually started toughening up. By the end of ninth grade, he had barely talked the whole rest of the school year. One by one, he began to teach all those kids a lesson who'd trashed him earlier that year. His parents found out he was wreaking havoc, and then they sent him off to Haven.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight. Is a prude, muahahaha. Also, he is not fluent in English :D.

3/22/2012 #417

Name (First & Last!): Sam Marris

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5"11, 135 lbs.

Appearance: (With blue eyes)

Personality: Sam is kind, hyperactive and a little goofy at times. He loves exploring, living, hanging out and cracking jokes when he can. He has points where he'll clam up or disappear, but it's with good reason. Other than that he's a generally happy person.

Talents: He can play the violin and is pretty good with Math and Science.

Likes: Joking, exploring, making friends, writing, playing music, anime and Dr.Who

Dislikes: Spicey Food, People who dis others for no reason, his old school and sports.

Bio: Lived a fairly normal life until high school. He was tormented each day, being pelted with garbage, being called names and even attacked. The people at the school didn't do anything and his parents thought if something did happen the school would have called. This led Sam hide a camera in his backpack and the resulting lawsuits against the school paid for his enrollment and therapy sessions where he was diagnosed with mild depression. New school, new people, and a bottle of mood elevators give Sam hope that maybe now he'll have a descent time in high school.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight

3/23/2012 #418

Accepted! :)

3/23/2012 #419


3/23/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #420
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