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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Of course you may! :P It's your OC, you may do whatever you like.

4/14/2012 #511
yet another ghost

Name: Rhonwen Llewelyn

Age: 15

Weight/Height: 5 ft, 5 in, 113 lbs.


Personality: friendly, talkative, studious, nerdy

Talents: fairly good at singing, and she's good in school.

Likes: a good book, classical music, friendly people, nice boys, flowers, and ice cream.

Dislikes: Not much. Mean people, players, sports.

Bio: Rhonwen didn't have the best home life, but her dad is cleaning up his act. She came to school so he'd have more time in rehabilitation. Despite her dad's earlier conduct, she still loves and misses him.

Other: straight.

4/14/2012 #512
The Unlogic

Name: Ian Izuren

Age: 16

Height / Weight: 5'11", 136 lbs

Appearance: Black, medium length hair that hangs just above his eyes, with a white highlight above his left eye. Speaking of which, his eyes are a very dark brown, almost black eyes. He has a skinny build, though it's generally not noticed since he prefers to wear baggier clothes. His skin is lightly tanned and littered with various scars, most of them relatively unnoticeable, save for a particularly nasty one on his left cheek. Notably, he usually wears a watch, and is rarely seen without it.

Personality: Ian is... complex. To say the least. Usually, he is calm and collected, able to navigate many social situations with relative ease. But, sometimes he spontaneously switches over to a wild, mischievous, and semi-psychotic personality, and if he's like this, then, at best, he is a humorous sight to see, and at worse, something to be generally avoided. Only the people who grow particularly close to him are able to find that both the calm and psychotic personalities are just masks put on to hide the fact that he is a broken and tired soul. It's probably notable to mention that, though Ian is patient, also has a bit of a temper, and always keeps his promises. In addition, he also tends to keep to himself, though he will gladly socialize with others if the chance arises. As well, Ian has a very healthy curiosity, and will gladly eavesdrop on others to learn new information. One last thing, he generally gets nervous not knowing what time it is, hence his watch.

Talents: Ian has great skill with the trumpet, and is also very creative, expressing this creativity primarily in music composition and fictional writing. In addition, having lived much of his life in cities, he is a very talented free runner.

Likes: Cheese, music, books, being random, cats, darkness, dirty jokes.

Dislikes: Irritating people, uniforms, seafood, bright lights, the strong abusing the weak.

Bio: Ian had a relatively normal life, growing up in the city. Then, at age 4, he watched his father get shot during a bank robbery. This was particularly hard on the child, but more so on his mother, who fell into a seemingly OK, but actually abusive relationship. This man constantly abused both Ian and his mother, and it didn't help exactly that Ian was bullied by many at school, and avoided by many others. Then, at age 10, Ian's already fragile psyche was shattered when his stepfather killed his mother in a fit of rage, and nearly killed Ian. The police came in before any major damage was done the boy, who escape with only a couple more scars. For the next few years, he was shuffled around from foster home to foster home, occasionally making friends, but mostly getting into trouble. It was through these years that he crafted the personality masks that he wears today. Finally, the day came when his Social Worker just decided to haul him off to a boarding school for a while, hoping that would do something to help his mental state.

Other: Straight, and also has a tendency to light up a joint once in a while.

I expect issues with that last part.

4/14/2012 #513
Koudo gonna get his hit o3o
4/14/2012 #514

Why would there be issues? We have, like, two drug-dealer students on campus. It's all good ;D Accepted.

4/15/2012 #515
Little Tokyo Rose


4/15/2012 #516
Le wrong topic o3o
4/15/2012 . Edited 4/15/2012 #517
Little Tokyo Rose

Le not wrong topic. I MEANT TO POST HERE BRO

4/15/2012 #518

Name (First & Last!): Marilyn McKenn

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 14

Height / Weight: Marilyn is about 5'1" and 100 pounds.

Appearance: Marilyn has shoulder-length auburn hair and bright green eyes. She has fair skin and a few freckles. She has a slender build, a few curves. She has full, pink lips and a small nose. Overall, she's quite pretty. She's usually seen in black leggings and a black t-shirt with black slip-ons. (No, she's not goth, she needs to wear black for backstage work and has gotten used to wearing black all the time.) She usually has a purple shoulder bag with a large notebook and pencils flowing out, along with some props, for plays.

Personality: Marilyn is quiet and sweet. She has a good sense of humor and is that kind of person that everyone at least likes, no one would think "That's Marilyn, she's such a jerk." She's very generous and usually forgiving. She like little kids, although hates being condescended to. She's smart and mature. Overall, a very nice girl. She loves (LOVES) the theater and is always in a play of some sort. She usually does backstage work, lighting, props, and costumes, although she likes acting too.

Talents: Marilyn is good at building things, from set design, and a good sewer, from doing costumes. She's quite smart and is a good actor.

Likes: The theater, (anything in it) little kids, animals, nice people.

Dislikes: Jerks, being associated with Marilyn Monroe, American football, unfairness. Bio: Marilyn grew up in the theater, as her parents were famous actors. She's been homeschooled all her life and now is going to high school.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): She's lesbian, although hasn't quite realized it yet.

[Coukd you start a Haven High theater program, I think it could be... dramatic. Squabbling over roles and the like. I would love to make a director for the play, if it happens.]

4/15/2012 . Edited by dreamyy, 4/15/2012 #519

It's an eye-bleeder, having to read block posts like that... ;-; Accepted.

And we pretty much do have a theater program. It's called Drama class. Or Glee Club. So yup.

4/15/2012 #520
I'm sorry! I'm on an iPod. Thanks for accepting her, can you edit it so it's spaced? I'll do schedule and stuff later.
4/15/2012 #521
T. Mills' Girl

Name (First & Last!): Eleanor 'Ellie' Jackson

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'5";110 lbs.


Personality: Ellie uses her looks to get what she wants. She doesn't care what people think and couldn't really give a fuck about anything. She's kind of a whore - will flirt with anyone/sleep with anyone she finds attractive.

Talents: Guitar

Likes: Boys, Girls, Flirting

Dislikes: Jerks, Prudes, people who can't handle cussing

Bio: Ellie grew up in trailer park with her mom and three brothers. She was a poor girl with expensive taste -which began her stealing spree- and only had one real friend. She was pregnant and her mother found out, which lead to an abortion and exile to Haven High.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Bi; Steals; Flirts with everyone

4/25/2012 #522

She sounds interesting~


You can make her schedule, sign her up for clubs/sports, and introduce yourself~

4/25/2012 #523

Name (First & Last!): Garry "G" Tyrone

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'4/125

Appearance: Slick black hair, dark green eyes and fair skin. Wears a black fedora, black long sleeve shirt, red under shirt, a pair of black fingerless anarchy gloves, Black pants and black dress shoes.

Personality: G is an okay guy. He's funny, nice and a guy who treats his friends right, though he is snarky at points and has a weird sense of humor. However he has a malicious edge. If you wrong him he will try to hurt you. He was twisted by kids at his old school and turned into a darker form of his old self. He's a bit colder and takes longer to trust people.

Talents: Knows more about comic books a normal person should, double jointed left thumb, and also a skillful fighter.

Likes: Comic books, Women, sex, movies, porn, comedy, revenge.

Dislikes:Bullies, injustice, cake, polka, Barney the dinosaur, football, the word "guava"

Bio: Garry went to school with Sam, and got bullied just as badly. Except were Sam caved in and accepted it as his fault, Garry fought back, getting expelled for breaking someones arm after they broke another students leg. His parents weren't mad, he'd helped the kid before the bullies could hurt him worse. They had him doing chores around the house, and while cleaning out their basment, he discovered a book after cutting his hand on some glass. His parrents said no one in the family could open it so they just put it in storage. Garry took it to his room and opened it with ease. after reading it aloud, he realized his hand healed. It was a book of speels only someone with an abundance of magic energy could open. As Garry used the healing spell more, he soon discovered more speels. He descifered that their were three branches of spells in the book, Offensive, defensive and task. Task spells were easy to master and did minor house hold chores like cleaning his clothes, shrinking items for storage ect. Defensive was slightly harder but being the first branch he chose he'd gotten a head start. These spells included his healing spell, Camoflage, and force fields. Lastly, Offensive was the hardest, and so far he had only one spell, Incendium. When he first used this spell, he accidentaly burned down half of the school after Sam had left and he was permitted to go back. Now he's been sent here to get a hold of his new powers.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight.

Powers: Magic spells (Will descide on them later and will get more in the future.)

4/25/2012 #524
Little Tokyo Rose

Is Garry a Night Class?

4/25/2012 #525

Yes he is.

4/25/2012 #526
The Unlogic

This is my Night Class OC. If that's OK.

Name (First & Last!): Antonio Winters

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5'7", 104 lbs.

Appearance: Antonio seems like someone who doesn't get out much. His skin is very pale , and very skinny. His hair is a light shade of brown, styled in a fauxhawk with the tip of the spike died blue, and his eyes are a piercing shade of grey. A notable feature is the large burn scar that covers the left side of his chest, his shoulder, and the lower part of his neck. His dress style has a tendency to consist mainly of dark shades of blue and black, baggier clothing, and he refuses to wear long sleeve shirts.

Personality: Antonio is a very reclusive individual; years of being used by others have led him to become less trusting and more suspicious of other peoples motives. With strangers, he has a tendency to speak in short sentences, usually little more than a few words, if he can't accomplish the required communication with nonverbal communication. For those that he warms up to, they will find a much warmer personality, sensitive and understanding. Antonio can also have a bit of a sadistic streak if he gets angry, and he also has a never ending desire for more information, particularly in affairs that don't involve him.

Talents: Despite appearances, Antonio is a very intelligent individual, having a good deal of knowledge in many subjects. In addition, he is a very able fighter and free runner. And, though very few people actually hear it, Antonio has a very beautiful singing voice.

Power: Telekinesis, or, for those who live under a rock, the ability to move matter with one's mind. When Antonio uses his power, his hands become surrounded by a light blue glow.

Likes: Silence, music, chocolate, rain, flowers.

Dislikes: Seafood, potato chips, heat, people who use others.

Bio: Antonio never really knew his parents; they died in a car crash when he was only a year old. After this, he was sent into the care of his uncle and aunt, who, though they didn't have much money, were able to take care of him relatively successfully. Most of his problems came from school. Many of the other students made fun of him for his lack of proper parents, and he never really had any friends. This led to repressed anger which finally boiled over when he was 10, when his telekinetic powers came to him. When they awoke, he used them to break the arms of two of his bullies. As a result, his pseudo-family relocated to avoid the police and government agents looking to weaponize him. At his new school, he freely flaunted his telekinesis, and this made him many friends. Unfortunately, these "friends" were only people looking to him for protection and revenge, in some cases. His, at the time, trusting nature was abandoned when he was used by members of a local gang- who he thought were some of his closer friends- to rob a store. After they robbed the place, they set it aflame, and left Antonio to burn. He managed to get out, but not before his skin was permanently marred. More importantly, he was under investigation by police and other important figures who only had interests in using him as a weapon. But he was able to go into hiding when his grandfather- who had recently passed- had died and left a large sum of money to his Uncle. This allowed his uncle to discreetly bribe some important people and send him to this school to hide.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight

4/25/2012 #527
Last Girl Standing


4/25/2012 #528
Little Tokyo Rose

Name (First & Last!): Sega Youya

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 17

Height / Weight: 5'8"/110


Personality: Sega is a quiet, shy girl who never tells a lie. She'd afraid of everything and everyone who is taller than her, and she doesn't like public places. Sega tends to mess up a lot, making herself a klutz, but her intelligence and grades make up for that. She isn't much of a people person, as she tends to hang alone and runs off whenever someone tries to make conversation. But, if she somehow stays and talks to them, most likely is that she'll say something about them that should've stayed in her head, and she'd mess up again. Though a shy girl, she can sometimes be very outgoing depending on the situation. At small parties of about six people or less, she'll be extremely loud, but at large parties and dances, she's the type to shy away from everyone and not want to speak at all. Sega is a very modest female, and she doesn't like to flaunt her curves and show off her body like other girls at Haven. She tends to keep things on the down low.

Being the quiet girl she is, Sega likes to go on internet sites and talk to others across the world. She goes on forum sites, like VocaloidOtaku and FanFiction (oyus), and mostly always makes up fake info about herself, as she keeps her identity a secret. Her social life on the computer is a lot better than her actual one, just like mine. Sega hates it when people type in text language, saying things like 'OMG dats 2 fun-e' instead of 'Haha, that's too funny'. It irks her and makes her tell people off every time someone does it. In class, she is the one who is always usually seen sitting near the back and only sometimes raising her hand, but paying close attention to the teachers' words. To sum all of this up, Sega is the nerdy, shy girl in every love story.

Talents: Sega can play the flute and zither quite well, and she also has a knack for computer language like HTML and C++. She can easily hack into any computer system, (almost any), and can change a lot of things around without even having to think. Her flute skills are fairly impressive, as she has been playing since she was eight, but she still thinks she could master it a bit more. Her zither skills, actually, are impressive. She had practiced it since age six, and strayed away from it for a year before coming back and then playing the flute later on.

Likes: Zen, foreign languages, YouTube videos, computer programs, making RPGs, reading, learning new things, riding horses, chatting with others, Asians with cool hair.

Dislikes: Big groups of people, parties, bullies, lightning and thunder, people who stereotype, tall people.

Bio: Sega grew up in a quiet town in Mississippi, and was raised in a fairly large apartment complex. She always stayed in her room all day reading after school, as she didn't like to hang out with the other kids in the building. They always tried to get her to come outside, but she ultimately refused, much rather liking to curl up with a thousand paged book and read it for the whole night. Now, Sega was not one to disobey, so she always followed what her parents said, and she had only gotten in trouble five times out of her entire life. Once for tracking mud into the house. Another time for not cleaning her room. Another time for getting a bad grade on a test. And so on.

During her junior high years, she had made only a few friends, giving her a small circle of people to hang out with. Everyone else always chose her last for sports, and never really talked to her. She was completely content, that was, until that new transfer student arrived. A girl with the name of Yvette Chen had entered the school, and because of how pretty she was (and she was from China!), she instantly became popular. Occasionally, some of the other popular girls would pressure Yvette into bullying Sega because Yvette thought that if she did it, she would be cool. Eventually her parents saw her come home with a black eye, so they transferred schools and Sega never saw her again.

In her first year of high school, there wasn't really any popular crowd or anything. Everyone seemed equal, which made her happy. A few weeks in, these three girls that seemed like as seniors they would be incredibly popular, asked her to change their grades for them. Sega knew that they knew that she knew that they knew that she was smart, and she wanted to try and change what people thought of her, so Sega gladly agreed to. So, she went home that day, logged onto the teachers' grading thing, and went through and changed all of their grades. The next day, when Sega came to school, the principal was waiting for her. The three girls had told on her for hacking and changing their grades, and her own. Later that week, she got expelled, and her parents were pissed.

They shipped her off to Haven High, thinking that the school would somehow reform her and make her think before she did something stupid like that again.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight.

4/26/2012 #529

I am 83% impressed with this bio...Nice job Matsu-chan~^^

4/26/2012 #530
Little Tokyo Rose


God, I'm no asian... *goes off to kill self*

4/26/2012 #531

Picture, you used a picture. Always write out the description, it's the most important part to write out. This is fanfiction, if you wanted pictures you should go to Deviant art o3o...That's how I see it~ So despite your suicidalness 83/100 o3o Also, I want her to meet Charles, please~! x3

4/26/2012 #532
Little Tokyo Rose


GARDEN, HOE. I'll stretch out the appearance, I just wanted to finish it quicker...neh.

4/26/2012 #533

Quality over quantity, quicker isn't better, etc. xD

But ok~ I'll post first~^^

4/26/2012 #534

Name (First & Last!): Louisa 'Lulu' Dalton

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: As if I'd tell you.

Appearance: Curly light brown hair that falls to her elbows with long bangs she has to push out of her eyes. Freakishly bright blue eyes framed by long eyelashes. They're so creepy that people sometimes ask her if she's blind. When she was 12, she got brown contacts so people would stop asking, but the contacts annoyed her so she just put up with it. Light skin that refuses to tan and freckles.

Personality: Sarcastic and cynical to the point of being described as a killjoy, she's, in contrast, a bit of a hopeless romantic despite having a lovelife screwed up beyond all possible recognition and loves to meddle in the romantic lives of others. She's got a short fuse and you seriously don't want to piss her off, because, well, let's just say that she'd make a kickass lawyer. Or sumo wrestler.

Talents: Breaking noses, dancing, moody poetry

Likes: Beaches, dancing, swimming, guys who don't rape you, parties, One Direction.

Dislikes: Hangovers, guys who rape you, disrespect, people calling her Louisa.

Bio: Grew up in Rape Town, USA. Her brother Jack and sister Felicity practically raised her - Jack taught her how to punch the lights out of any guy who made a move on her while Felicity taught her how to bat her eyelashes and flip her hair. Jack hit her one day, he went to jail, lalala, you know the story.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight as a ruler, no matter what V says.

4/28/2012 #535
yet another ghost
Name: Nicabar "Nick" L─âutaru

Age: 17

Height: 6 ft., 2 in., 164 lbs.

Appearance: Relatively tall, muscular, though not so much as to be noticed immediately. Very dark brown hair, medium skin tone, with brown eyes that switch between flirting and puppy-dog mode very quickly.

Personality: Nick is a happy-go-lucky, cheerful charmer. He likes hanging out in large groups, preferably partying or playing football. He flirts a lot, and generally has a group of girls who have varying degrees of crushes on him. And he's not above using that to his advantage, either. Still, he gets very close to his friends, and is fiercely loyal. Usually, he is able to make at least one friend pretty quickly.

Talents: He plays the cobza (a lute-like instrument), is fairly good at football, makes friends easily, and can talk his way out of trouble.

Likes: People, sports, parties, driving...a lot if things.

Dislikes: Formal gatherings, tennis (he had a freak accident as a child involving a tennis ball, a gerbil, and an immersion blender), cold weather, neat-freaks.

Bio: Nick comes from a wealthy third-generation Eastern European family. He has a little sister, Tia, who is both his admirer and his scapegoat. His father deals is banking, and his mom is a successful interior decorator. Nick had been going to a different private school, but on a whim decided to come here. (He heard that this school had the hottest girls in the country.) So he packed his bags, signed up for the school...and then asked his father. Let's just say he was not pleased, but since Nick had already signed up, he didn't have much of a choice.

Other: straight.

4/28/2012 #536
Darling Dai

I didn't explain everything as in-depth as I should have, so if you have any questions, please ask.

And V, if I need to change anything to accommodate Molly, tell me. :)


Night-Class OC

Name (First & Last!): Holly May Johnson

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 15 (Nekos age normally until they reach adult-hood, which is around 18. At that point, their aging slows down so that for every ten years, they age one year physically.)

Height / Weight: 5'2, 102 pounds (when completely human. She gains 3 inches of ears when in her hybrid form, and her size differs in her Full Cat form)

What the heck is she?: Cat-demon/spirit (Bakeneko/Nekomata which will be referred to as a Neko for the rest of the app~)

Appearance: Human- Holly is short, she knows it, and she does NOT like it. Her height is a bit of an insecurity of hers, but she'd never show it. She wants to grow and she knows that she will, after all, she is only 15. She has creamy, honey colored skin. She's Caucasian, but just the slightest bit tan. Just a little, because even though she loves to stay in the sun and warm her skin, she begins to freckle when she stays out there for too long (which is usually what she ends up doing). She's fairly thin, and has a sort of slinky, feminine figure coming on. Holly's lack of curves makes her seem more agile, and her body shape just kind of flows with her movements. She's not going to get much bustier, let me tell you that, and that's a good thing. She may look at everything negatively, but curves wouldn't suit her as well as she current build does. Her cheeks and the underside of her eyes all have small, brown freckles strewn over them. They're not too noticeable, but Holly hates them anyway. Her hair is cut in a choppy, layered style. The tips of the layers curl slightly, defining them. Her hair grows down to her shoulders, and the bottom curves into a U-shape. It's a little shorter in the front, cut like that especially to accentuate the curve of her face. It's the darkest ebony imaginable- so much so that it nearly looks unnatural. Even more surprising is the white streak in her hair, which was caused by a birthmark on her head. She cares very little about her, and usually leaves it as it is. No fancy hairstyles or products, just the normal her. Sometimes, she'll have some pretty clips holding layers back, since she actually is pretty feminine. She sometimes wears her hair pulled over one shoulder, or up in a ponytail or bun. Her long, thin eyelashes swoop down towards her eyes, which are large, and dark green, with a lighter ring of color farther away from the iris. Her eyelashes, despite being long and dark, are slim, and not too noticeable. She has a sweet, heart-shaped face with apples in her cheeks and a thin layer of baby fat that will stay for a while. It makes her look much younger than she actually is, and adds innocence to all her expressions. She has slim, writer's hands with long, delicate fingers. Her nails are always kept in perfect condition, and her feminine and often painted. Her lips, which are a rough pink color and often chapped, are two different sizes. The bottom one is slightly larger, since she has a habit of biting it. She's not the best dresser in the world, since she's very uncaring towards that subject, but will often wear simply, dainty shirts, worn jeans, and a pair of Toms or other canvas shoes.

Neko: Holly does change when shifting into her "Neko" form, but doesn't look too different. She's still primarily human. Her hair becomes softer and a little thicker, but stays the same length. It's not as well kept as it is in her human form, but is instead naturally silky smooth, like a black cat's fur. Two ebony cat ears, about the size of hands, grow out of the top of her head. At the tips of her ears, little tufts of fur puff out. Her human ears are gone. Her new ears move to hear things better, and are shiny enough when light is reflecting off them at an angle. She also grows a tail, which splits into two at the end. It's also sleek and black, but puffs out at the end. Her teeth become visibly sharper- they're almost all fangs, except for her molars in the back. Her nails grow a little longer- they still look normal human length- but they're a lot tougher and sharper. Her bone structure doesn't really change, but she seems slinkier, I guess. She seems . . more cat-like? Her face looks a little more angular, especially her cheekbones and jawline. Her eyes, instead of a murky forest green, become a more yellow-ish green color. Thought still primarily human-like, her pupils seem a little more slitted than rounded. She is dressed in a slinky, feminine black dress (though she is able to change clothing) that manages to follow the sleek form of her while not clinging to herself.

Full Demon/Cat form: If it weren't for Holly's hair, she would not be recognizable at all in this form. She's a cat! Her size ranges anywhere from the size of a small kitten to that of a baby elephant, and she can't control it. She can control when she shifts (unless when put under large amounts of stress, which will not allow her to shift, or when extremely emotional, which will force her to shift), but she cannot control what size she will be when she does shift. She looks the same in all her sizes, despite the change in body mass. She has sleek, reflective black fur. Her left ear is completely white, but other than that, she has no other special markings. Her ears have small puffs of furs on the top, just like her ears in her other forms. She has two entirely separate tails that operate entirely differently than the other. Both are slim and black with no extra puffs of hair. The two tails often move in rhythm with each other, even though their control is different.

Personality: Human: Holly and her sister, though motivated in similar ways, are nearly complete opposites. Like hot and cold, or Yin and Yang. Both of them are sneaky, deceiving, and general pranksters, but still differ from one and another in almost every other way. One of Holly's unfortunate characteristics is being horribly unlucky. Her always well-planned tricks seem to constantly go astray, despite her efforts to make them go right. She blames this lack of ability on her shifting into a black cat- an unlucky animal- though it might as well be a cover up for her lack of ability. She's also incredibly passive, for whatever reason, but only towards people who she's very close to, such as her family. When they ask for things of her, she complies quickly. When others ask things of her, she had no problems snapping back with a quick "No!" She's a bit of a pessimist- but she'll say its realism to defend herself. She takes everything with a grain of salt, or maybe a couple hundred, depending on the situation. Don't think she's an always-brooding person- she's often happy. Holly just has trouble recognizing the idea of hope when faced with realism. She's fairly docile and is rarely provoked, kind of like a lazy cat. Don't get me wrong, she has her monthly hissy fit and her bi-annual breaks downs, but she's fairly consistent in her mood. Her hands and feet always seem cold, but soft. Holly has some fairly feminine characteristics, but usually keeps them to herself. She's usually quite outgoing, but seems to fall into second place when put next to her sister. It's always been like that, and Holly knows it always will be like that, as long as the two are together. She holds no resentment for her sister, who might be the only person she could stay totally truthful to. She's fairly kind, despite being a bit of a trickster, and has a bit of trouble making friends, despite how hard she tries.

Neko: Holly takes on some more feline-like characteristics. She has a strange attraction to seafood, pettings, and lazing around in the sunlight. She's able to be a lot sneakier in this form, for whatever reason. She's also a little surer of herself, more comfortable. It's weird that Holly would be more comfortable when she's . .well, cat-like, but she is. She's usually in this form for a specific purpose; she doesn't walk around with cat appendages all the time. Holly is often much more able to complete tasks in this form. For whatever reason, she feels stronger, more determined. Despite this change in personality, Holly is still generally the same person. She's still a 'realist', and isn't necessarily smarter than she is when she is completely human. Other than that, she's basically the exact same as she is when fully human. Sometimes, when surprised, she'll shift into this form a sort of reflex. She's stronger in this form than her human form, and she doesn't have to readjust her mindset since there aren't many large changes to her body structure, as there is when she shifts from human to Cat/Full Demon.

Cat/Full Demon: Entirely animalistic. In this form, Holly holds very little memory of human intelligence. She's concerned only with what animals are: survival, satisfying her needs, and reproduction (when she gets old enough and she's in heat). She gets things done quickly in this form, and isn't as concerned with fun and pranking as she would be in her other forms. She's extremely protective in this form, especially of her sister. Holly seems to always be on edge when like this, unless she's being comforted. Her emotions range spastically from domestic to beastly. She's almost bi-polar when in her cat form. Her personality has a tendency to change a little bit depending on her size. Traditionally, if she smaller, she's more docile, and if she's larger, she's more animalistic. This is usually because her size also reflects her need to complete whatever task she set herself up for. Holly often expects to be scratched behind the ear and pampered, if she's docile. Sometimes she'll be confused due to her size change and will try to roar when looking like a small kitten. After shifting, she has to acclimate herself to her new body. Holly will often be uncoordinated for a few minutes after changing.

Talents: Holly is very good at tricking people up. She befriends them with true, friendly intentions, and then proceeds to pull the course of her pranks on them (which ends up back-firing on her, usually). It's all in good fun, and she means no harm by it. When she befriends people, it's genuine, but they should expect her to be a little bit trickier than she seems at first. She's fairly thin, and can easily fit herself into small spaces.

Likes: When a generally sneaky plan works perfectly, laying out in the sun/trying (and failing) to tan (when it isn't TOO warm out), being in a generally comforting atmosphere, running water, meeting new people, and eating.

Dislikes: Being in a small space for a long time, fire, excessively hot places, messing things up, being told what to do, the birthmark on her head, and being upstaged.

Bio: Holly, twin sister to Molly, were both born to their cat demon parents along with a 'litter' of siblings, who were all born within the same week. For the first 6 years of her life, she underwent a severe training process along with her siblings. It wasn't necessarily training to fight or do anything of the sort . . . but more like training to teach them how to be normal. There was a reason for their ability to maintain a human form- to live amongst humans. When they reached the age to attend Kindergarten, they did, and went through primarily 'normal' schooling for the first year or so. Eventually, with their advancement into adolescence, their parents found that their children, especially Molly and Holly, had been using their cat-like advantages over other students. They were roughly pulled from the public school system and placed under home schooling with oblivious tutors. Holly was not satisfied with this for long, needing social interaction with people outside of her family. They, especially her sister, easily influenced her and she wanted to be around people who couldn't control her like they could by using the goodness of her heart against her. None of her family members were bad people, but she wasn't as sneaky as some of them. Despite her family's ideals toward trying to become a part of the human population, Holly wanted to learn more about herself, as a Neko, first. Determined to find out about other magical creatures, she started snooping. After having found Haven High/Potatoes Gonna' Potate High/Slut and Swag High and their Night Class, she informed her twin, then announced to their parents that they would be attending- just the two of them.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): She has several abilities that are not necessarily talents, since almost all nekos have them. She is extremely fast, silent, and flexible. Unfortunately, this means that most of her strength is focused in her legs, leaving her upper body strength at a loss. This is no mater, since she's not necessarily a fighter. Holly would rather be equipped with brains than bronze, which is fortunately what she has. Her mind is wonderfully statistical, and she has no problem developing intricate plans. Sadly, she does not have the ability or luck to follow through with them.

She also has some additional, more magical powers. The first and most important may be here ability to transform into a human being (specifically, as from the internet: a beautiful young girl). Believe it or not, her most natural form is her Full Cat form, and her human form is her least natural. This is why when she sleeps she naturally reverts to her cat form, since it allows for easier rest. She can also walk on her hind legs in her complete cat form, which she does not often use, unless trying to intimidate someone. Holly can also speak when in her Full Cat form, though she rarely does. None of these powers are particularly useful, though. There's only a select few abilities that she has that can be used to harm people.

For one, she can fly. I'm no expert on Bakenekos, so I don't know why. I'm assuming that this and the next two abilities of hers are gifts because Holly is actually considered a Spirit or a Demon of sorts. She can also create ghostly fireballs (straight from the Internet, ladies. I have no idea what this actually is, so I'll make it up along with limitations). These fireballs grown no bigger than what can be put her hand, and cannot be deployed any farther than what Holly can throw. They can cause 2nd degree burns, but don't spread upon contact with the target. If in her full cat form, she can jump over fresh corpse and turn them into zombies (literally.. straight from Wikipedia: I don't actually intend for Holly to use the fireball or the zombie powers, but I decided to list them just in case we decided to use them for plot circumstances. They won't be used in any other case. She can enter people's dreams, but only sometimes. Often, this ability doesn't work, and she ends up waking the person.

Holly can actually eat anything, but her Full Cat form requires her to eat snakes.

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Very well described, omg.

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Darling Dai

Thanks, dreamyy~ :3

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Little Tokyo Rose


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