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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Little Tokyo Rose

Yeah :(


5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #601

...I'm too lazy to translate that

5/12/2012 #602
Little Tokyo Rose


5/12/2012 #603

It's something about Not special that about all I'm able to translate or willing to make an attempt to translate

5/12/2012 #604
Little Tokyo Rose

Collin Aoto is not special anymore :(


5/12/2012 #605

...James's last name: Collin

5/12/2012 #606
Little Tokyo Rose


5/12/2012 #607

Glad to know I was on the right track

5/12/2012 #608


U mad?

5/12/2012 #609
Little Tokyo Rose

U srs bro.

U made me mad bro.

5/12/2012 #610

Name (First & Last!): luce knight

Age (Has to be between 12-19):15

Height / Weight:5'6" 129

Appearance:waist length brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, lip ring

Personality:curious, outgoing, funny, boyish, bubbly, kind, sporty

Talents:singing, drawing, ballet and archery

Likes:pandas, candy, skateboards, singing, any animal

Dislikes:bullies and cheerleaders

Bio:she only grew up with her three older brothers so she turned out a tomboy, her mom left when she was 5 her dad is in the war so she barely sees him. when she enrolled in the school many teased her for not having parents but she didnt care. she only hangs with the skaters or her ballet club members ir photography club

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)):straight

birthday: 12/ 24/1997


art,music,science,math,english,history and biology

5/12/2012 #611
Little Tokyo Rose

Woah there, bro, sorry to disappoint you but you need a LOT more info than that.

and please fix the grammar c;

5/12/2012 #612

Not bad, but appearance needs more description and like Rose said grammar needs tweeking. Also you might want to list some flaws in the personality. No one wants to admit it but we all have them and they make us that much more unique.

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #613

Uwaaah:O xiggy, want me to help you make a charrie?

5/13/2012 #614
Yes plz :) pm me
5/13/2012 #615

Yeah, you need to work on that character

I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl

5/13/2012 #616
Peint Ailes

She's a chick, Mangasan.

5/13/2012 #617

Name (First & Last!): Ansel Evaristo-Rubio

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 18

Height / Weight: 6' 1"/ 200 lbs.


Personality: He's arrogant, rude, domineering, dishonest, temperamental, conceited, and can often be condescending as well as sadistic and cruel

Talents: Man of many talents

Likes: Older women, sex, smoking, sweet and naive girls, biting, siblings

Dislikes: A lot of things

Bio: Ansel was born in a rich family in Italy. As a child he was considered a genius, he could easily learn new things because of this everyone thought highly of him. His parents pampered Ansel but they also gave him high expectations, they didn't let him be a kid -day by day it was always 'learn new things'. He grew tired of it and started to rebel. He started smoking at the age of 12 and tried drugs on 13, as he grew older Ansel became more and more rebellious to the point that he no longer even listens to his parents, which is why he was sent away from home at the age of 14. Being away from his family, Ansel had more freedom so he pretty much did anything he wanted. Ansel still takes care of his academic but he's always looking for something different...exciting....anything that wouldn't make him feel empty and tired of doing the same things over and over again. Basically Ansel is just never satisfied.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Bisexual. He feels happy seeing people suffer so he always makes someone feels miserable everyday.


Name (First & Last!): Dino Evaristo-Rubio

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 16

Height / Weight: 5' 9"/ 165 lbs.


Personality: Dino is Honest, focused, passionate, confident, genuine but he often has a holier-than-thou attitude. He's also impatient, insensitive, insulting, and cliquish

Talents: Guitar, extremely good with music, alluring people

Likes: Sex, crowds, the ladies, drinking, night sky, sweet and naive girls, corrupting the innocent. ect. ect.

Dislikes: Clingy people, bitches, dorks, dumb-asses, nerds. ect. ect.

Bio: Dino is Ansels youngest brother, he looked up to his brother a lot so when they were kids, he copied whatever he could copy off his brother...which is pretty much only the bad things. Dino wasn't really an academic student but he was considered to be charming with an adorable smile, until his brother corrupted him that is. When he heard that Ansel was sent off, he pretty much begged his parents to let him follow Ansel -which is why he's here. When Dino was young he always found himself being kidnapped because people apparently thought he was a good-looking child. After the 12th time of being kidnapped, his parents decided that he wouldn't be allowed to go out alone, so Dino is pretty much the child that was truly over-indulged as a kid. The good qualities he got was from the people that took care of him, while the bad came from watching and spending time with his brother.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight, he has a sister complex so when he asked his parents if he could follow 'older brother' Dino took their little sister with him, only because he doesn't trust his parents to keep her pure and innocent.


Name (First & Last!): Maeve Evaristo-Rubio

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 14

Height / Weight: 5' 0"/ 97 lbs.


Personality: Maeve is sweet, patient, naive, friendly, extremely gullible, innocent, honest, sensitive, and just plain clueless at times.

Talents: Anything involving arts, convincing people, making friends, cooking, amazing with English

Likes: Reading, books, friends, brothers, peaceful and quiet places, cooking, animals, anything cute

Dislikes: Mean people, bullying, liars (although she cant really tell the liars between the honest people), not doing anything, being alone and left behind

Bio: Nothing much to say other than she's a fucking goody two shoes who's never done anything bad. Not that her brothers would let her do anything bad anyways.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight

5/13/2012 #618

Made new post

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/14/2012 #619

Name (First & Last!): Evelyn Li Hatano

Age (Has to be between 12-19): 18

Height / Weight: 5'4/ 135

Appearance: Looks just like my Avatar pic. Half Japanese,Half Puerto Rican Tan skin, About 5'4 140 lbs. Tattoo along the back of her neck in japanese writing, much too her mothers dismay. Long Black hair that reaches her lower back (Alternates between wearing it up and down straight and curly).

Links: , and she dresses similar to this : , ,

Personality: Nice, A little Selfish, Strong-willed. Witty. Loyal. Believes in business before pleasure. Aspiring, and Motivated. A little reserved. Sporty. Fashion Oriented.

Talents: Drawing, and photography, Jujutsu and Some acting as well

Likes: Swimming, working out, Volleyballl, Movies and Friends, shopping.

Dislikes: Loud obnoxius people, Liars, Cheats.

Bio: Machiko Hatano, mother. Worked as an Doctor. Her father Alan Cruz, was in the military most of his life. He taught Evelyn self defense with Jujutsu. Evelyn grew up, happy as a child but never got to see her parents much because of their occupations. As she got older, she evolved into a beautiful woman. After her father died due to medical reasons her mother remarried, Matt a personal fitness trainer became her stepfather. Evelyn has an older brother Daniel. Her mother and stepfather decided to move a few weeks ago and now Evelyn has to attend a new high school. Before the move Ev received a Nissan Altima for her 18th birthday.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): Straight

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #620
Little Tokyo Rose

Add a little more to personality and appearance....

Or just put up the link for the picture of her ;) Otherwise, accepted!

5/13/2012 #621

Name:Chase Coal

Nickname: C.C

Gender: male


Birthday: April, 2nd; 1998 (04/02/1998)

Height / Weight:6'3" / 105 lbs.

Appearance: A fourteen year old, slender yet muscular, pale skinned boy named Chase he has a tatoo of a large dark green snake wrapped around his left arm and another tatoo on his chest that says "Born To Kill" but other then those he has been thinking about getting one that is a large grey wolf howling at a moon surrounding it. On his right ear lobe he has a metal stud earing and on his dick a small stud at the tip made of silver although it never gets caught because he took precautions by cutting off the pick part so it isn't sharp but all the girls seem to notice and ask if it hurt concerned for him this is what he says "Although it did I did it for you ladies" then causing them swoon over him. He always wears his dark navy blue and white varsity football jacket and a pair of light powder blue jeans with dark blue patches "Damn Mother she doesn't know the difference between dark blue and light" *chuckles*.

Personality: He is very sweet and sensitive and will not force girls into doing something they don't want to do especially for sex purposes but if you get on his bad side and your male you'd better watch your back for the next year he could come when you least expect it especially if you've pissed him off to his breaking point then watch your back for the rest of your life. Other then that though he is really funny getting a good laugh out of everybody he meets UNLESS THEY DON'T GOT ANY SENSE OF HUMOUR *chuckles some more* sometimes he will dress up as a specific person for no reason and act that way for the whole day "What that pump isn't mine how'd it get there" Austin Powers see as I was saying just ask if you want him to be somebody specific don't be afraid to he won't bite "I am hotter then you" Jacob Black see you on the streets or in school bye for now.

Talents: Imitate people really well and mimic voices at times, seems like sometimes he can read peoples expressions

Likes: To play football and get drunk with them at times he may like to have a cigarett or too but not at all times

Dislikes: When people ask him the same question over and over again especially (Why?)

Bio: When Chase was five his father became a drug addict and would drink way too much so one night at the age of six he heard his mom scream and a gun shot sounded, running downstairs from his room he saw his mother dead on the floor and his father with the shot gun in his now bloodied left hand along with his bare chest. Rushing upstairs he grabbed his own shot gun that he had for self defense he ran downstairs again and pointed it at his father before he noticed he pulled the trigger and his father fell into a heap of flesh and blood pooled around the both of them. The neighbors called the police who spotted him with the shot gun assuming he had killed them both and he was put into a foster home for troubled boys and has never been adopted till now by a boy (anyone can play him) who was around 17 or 18.

Other (This can include sexual orientation (Gay, bisexual, straight)): He is Bisexual and is proud of it

5/14/2012 #622

Much better(: Nice OC, accepted.

5/14/2012 #623

It took all day writing it but I love this character and his past is from a crime show I watch

5/14/2012 #624

Will do new one right now

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/16/2012 #625
5/15/2012 #626

.......Another damn shapeshifter

Addy is still best shapeshifter however.

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #627
yet another ghost
I wish some of the NEGATIVE side effects of substances would be shown. He won't be handsome for long if he does all that crap...
5/15/2012 #628

Okay, seriously, that;s not nearly enough. Give us an actual personality, not just a string of words

5/15/2012 #629
Sorry this was quick because my dad locks my computer at a certain time so sorry will work on it tomorrow
5/15/2012 #630
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