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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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[ Subject says it all! Each room has two beds, a bathroom, kitchen, one full-sized closet, and a computer/TV area! ]

[Looking for a roommate? Check which ones aren't taken HERE]

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/31/2011 #1

[D: Uh....Which state do you think fits best? ]

Luna pushed open the double-doors of the girls' dormitories and her eyes narrowed as she mysteriously tried to imagine what was hidden behind each door. Or who was hidden. Shrugging, she grabbed one of the door knobs and pulled the door wide open. She noticed a girl had beat her to the room, but whatever, she was warned she'd get a roommate anyway.

Luna walked in without being invited and froze as she reached the middle of the room, "Um. I want the window bed," She said, blinking at the girl who seemed to have already set down her stuff near the window bed. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the other bed, "You go there."

10/29/2011 #2

[Let's say...Michigan? O.o Idk D;]

"What?" Luna asked, blinking. She wondered if the girl in front of her was slow or just stupid. What magic word was she talking about? Luna rolled her eyes and tried her hair in a tight pony tail before crossing her arms against her chest, "I'm waiting."

10/29/2011 #3

Luna's narrowed eyes glared at Annabelle as she moved her stuff, "Yeah, whatever, thanks," she said and waited until Annabelle was done before she set down her stuff on the bed and sat down next to it, "I'm Luna," She said, pursing her lips together tightly.

10/29/2011 #4

Luna scrunched up her nose, "Do you have a nickname?" She asked, "And oh, same here. Cool," She said, her face showing a slight hint of amusement.

10/29/2011 #5

"Is Belle okay with you?" Luna shrugged both shoulders. She was never good at nicknames, but this girl's name was just too much for her. "Uh, I'm not sure yet. I need to pick up my schedule." She frowned at Annabelle, "No. This is school. School's never fun," She rolled her eyes and reached into her pocket, where she pulled out a piece of gum. She unwrapped it and tossed it into her mouth.

10/29/2011 #6

Luna frowned at the girl, "You talk too much," she mumbled, annoyed, "But fine, whatever. Pancakes are fine." She began unzipping her bag, which was crammed with clothes, clothes, and, well, more clothes.

10/29/2011 #7

Without arguing, Luna walked over to the door and twisted the knob until the door opened. She crossed her arms against her chest and raised an eyebrow in surprise. Two,veryattractive boys were standing at the doorway. She eyed them both up and down, enjoying the view.

Snapping back to reality, she glared at the boys, "This is the girl's dorm. Shoo." She said, waving a hand at them. They looked older than her and Annabelle, though not by much. She didn't really know why, but she felt like the boy who had knocked looked slightly familiar.

10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #8

Luna blinked. She stared from Annabelle, to Tommy, then back. "No. Absolutely not. Time to set out some rules," Luna said, facing Annabelle, "Rule number one, no boyfriends while I'm in this dorm. At all." She eyed Tommy with disgust before turning her gaze to Annabelle, "Got it?"

Jake let out a low whistle, "Fiesty," he whispered into Tommy's ear.

Luna turned and glared at Jake, "One more comment, and I'll castrate you."

Jake snapped his mouth shut.

10/29/2011 #9

"I, uh." Jake coughed, clearing his throat, "Hi, I'm Jake," he said with a charming crooked grin.

Luna stood in the doorway awkwardly, wondering when the hell this love-fest would be over. She needed her beauty sleep. Pronto.

10/29/2011 #10

Luna brushed past them and happily grabbed for the pancakes. She eagerly held a fork in her hands and ripped off a piece of pancake with it. After taking the first bite, she closed her eyes and moaned softly. "Sooo good," she smiled between the bites.

Jake watched her in amusement for a brief moment before returning to Annabelle, "I, uh...Well, Thomas here had to check up on you, so I decided to check up on my girlfriend," He lied. He mentally slapped himself. Great going, Jake.

10/29/2011 #11

Luna said nothing. Instead, she held up a thumbs up and continued scarfing down her food.

Jake followed the direction of her thumb before scrunching up his nose, "No way! She seems bossy," He said, grimacing. He looked at Tommy for help out of this one.

10/29/2011 #12

Jake sighed heavily and looked at the ceiling for a second before dropping his gaze to Tommy, "I am. I couldn't come up with an excuse fast enough. If I said I came, tagging along with you, she'd think I'm some creep." He frowned, wondering why the hell he just confessed.

10/29/2011 #13

"She's a girl. You, sir, have a lot to learn. " Jake patted his back once before walking casually back to the girls' room. "So, yeah, guess we'll be going then," Jake flashed them a clean smile, showing his dimple.

10/29/2011 #14

[yeah 3:]

Luna rolled her eyes but nodded-- she didn't really care who he was, as long as the boys were out. "Thanks for the pancakes. Simply scrumptious," She complimented her with a quick smile before wiping her mouth and setting the plate in a small sink.

10/29/2011 #15

"Mm, really?" Luna frowned in disappointment, "That's fine with me, as long as I get more pancakes," She said. She glanced around the room, her eyes stopping at the closet, "Are you the type to share clothes?" She eyed her.

10/29/2011 #16

"Well," Luna said, eyeing Annabelle's bag and then her body, "It looks like we can fit into each other's clothing...So it won't matter what order we cramp the clothes in the closet. On one condition.Everything has to be organized by color and brand. Is that a problem?"

10/29/2011 #17

"Hollister's fantastic. American Eagle...You're out of fashion. It's okay, I can fix you," She threw her a menacing grin and placed a lock of her hair behind her ear, "Looks like the weather's turning. Wanna head to the school Mall before it's too late? I still need to go school supply shopping," She sighed.

10/29/2011 #18

Luna noticed her nervous-like movements, "Uh, we don't have to if you don't want. There's no classes until tomorrow, so we have until tomorrow morning."

10/29/2011 #19

A big knock came onto the door followed by, "Hey! Someone open the door! My hands are full!"

10/29/2011 #20

Luna stared at the new girl up and down. Great, more people, "Come on, Belle, let's go," She rolled her eyes.

10/29/2011 #21

tabby looked at the two girls and groaned. "Great. wrong room." She muttered and put down her two black suitcases and looked at a piece of paper. "And why?" she said the annabell without looking at her.

10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #22

Luna frowned. Three was a crowd. Still, it was the first day and the last thing she wanted was enemies, "Fine, whatever, let's all go. Just hurry up." She peeked into the room and eyed the sky from the window. It was getting worse. Darker.

10/29/2011 #23

Tabby sighed. "Sure. Whatever." She said and narrowed her eyes at the other girl. "I'm leaving my bags in your room until we come back though." And with that she threw them into their room.

10/29/2011 #24

"Ugh, complications," Luna mumbled under her breath. She brushed her hand across her back-pocket, feeling for her credit card. She mentally smiled, feeling it there, "M'kay, girls. We're out!" She said, walking out of the room and toward the dormitory room.

10/29/2011 #25

It was hard returning back to the dorms through the weather. It hadn't started raining yet, but by the time they reached their room, big droplets of rainwater began splattering down, followed by loud thunder and flashes of white.

"Don't forget, you're my personal cook, as long as I'm your personal dresser," Luna said, almost threateningly. She straightened up and looked at the girl, "Party? On the first real day of school? No way." She frowned.

10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #26

"Pasta's good," Luna said, untying her hair from the ponytail. She ran her fingers through it, untangling it until it fell evenly across her back, "Sure. Where's it gonna be held?"

10/29/2011 #27

"Oh, that slut," Luna mumbled, "Yeah, fine, we'll go. You're going to wear the dress I picked out for you, though. And we'll wake up at three am and work on...the rest of you." She said, "No complaints."

[ x.x Imma go to bed. Nice RPing with you! :) Ttyl]

10/29/2011 #28

Luna let out a loud, almost inhumane groan, "Bombed it," She said, "I christmas tree'd it," she sighed and sulked for another moment before shrugging, "Oh, well. Plenty of time to pull my grade up! I'm just excited for that party." A smile appeared, "This kid in my class, Mathew, asked me to invite you," She wiggled her eyebrows at Belle, "He said he didn't wanna do it himself because you looked like the type who didn't go to parties." She pursed her lips together, "Oh god, how'd he know I knew you though..."

10/30/2011 #29

"He's this really cute blonde, blue-eyed boy." She scrunched her nose, "I think he's into tennis, though. And no, I don't need your help," She snapped.

10/30/2011 #30
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