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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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[ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner! Food fights allowed...just keep it minimum. :) ]

10/28/2011 #1
Jd sat down alone at the table his tray of food infront of him.
11/1/2011 #2

Zach and Tabby walked in together with grins on their faces. they were talking to each other like they hadn't seen each other in ages when really it was only a week. It was obvious they were really close.

11/1/2011 #3
Jd looked up at them and sighed, his attention turning back to his food, It must be nice having such a close friend.
11/1/2011 #4

Tabby and Zach sat next to each other, each with a burger, about a table away. "Do you know if the others are being forced here too?" tabby asked and Zach shook his head. "their parents are still in the 70s. They let them do whatever." He said sadly. Tabby sighed. "I really want this band to stay together but five states apart isn't going to work......"

11/1/2011 #5
Jd sighed and stuck a fry in his mouth making conversation with himself in his head. Jd started stacking his fries with the intent to build a small house, the one fry that he had put in his mouth still half dangling from his lips.
11/1/2011 #6
Kai walked over to where JD was sitting. "Do you mind if I sit woth you? My friends seem to have disappeared." he asked. "Or have I already begun to annoy you?" He added with a grin.
11/1/2011 #7
Jd became embarresed that he had been caught playing his food. He quickly swallowed the fry that was in his mouth. "i would it if you would"
11/1/2011 #8
He ginned, sitting down. "What were you making?" He asked curiously.
11/1/2011 #9
Jd stared at his fries, his face beat red. He was worried if he looked at Kai his heart would burst out his chest. "A-a house"
11/1/2011 #10

"Cool." he said, stealing one of Jd's fries. Noticing the way he was staring at his plate, he frowned slightly. "hey, are you okay? You're face is all red."

11/1/2011 #11

(Need's somebody to come and talk to these characters.)

Tabby though for a moment. "I don't want to give up music and I hate going solo......" She said and Zach nodded. "Maybe we could start a new one?" He suggested and Tabby thought about it.

11/1/2011 #12
he nodded quickly "y-yea I'm fine, It's just I feel...strange when you're around" he didnt seem bothered with Kai stealing a fry.
11/1/2011 #13

Eryn walked by the sibling's table, and paused.

"hey, are you two new? i don't think I've seen you before." She asked curiously.


Kai tilted his head.

"What do you mean?"

11/1/2011 #14

They both looked up at the girl. "Uh yeah." Zach said.

(btw, they aren't siblings)

11/1/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #15
Jd grabbed a fry and stared at that. "Im not sure how to explain it...I get really nervous when you're around and my heart feels like its on adrenalin, but it feels....nice. I don't understand it."
11/1/2011 #16
(Oh, sorry, misread his bio) She tilted her head slightly, giving them a curious look. "You two look oddly upset considering how it's lunch, the period when you don't have to bother with learning." She observed. --- Kai blinked, and smiled. "It sounds like you have a crush on me." He teased.
11/1/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #17

Tabby sighed. "We know that but right now we're talking about something bigger." She said, still thinking about the band.

11/1/2011 #18
Her look of curiosity grew. "oh? What is it?"
11/1/2011 #19
"A-a Crush?" he had never been or felt love before. his hand was shaking, god was he ever embarrassed. He grabbed a can of Pepsi his hand still shaking which shook the can, he opened the can the pop spraying all over him and his white shirt. "...Crap...."
11/1/2011 #20

"Our band." They said together, then looked at each and cracked a smile. "well to be more specific, out band got split up and we don't want to give up music." Zach said to the girl.

11/1/2011 #21
Eryn's eyes lit up. Music was one the things she loved the most, along with fighting and yaoi. "You had a band? Cool! Although it sucks it split up...why don't you recruit more people from around here?" She asked. --- kai gave him a worried look, handing over a handfull of napkins. "Are you okay?"
11/1/2011 #22

Tabby chuckled. "Yeah. Like pervs and super preps are going to work well with me." She said and Zach shushed her. "Tabby, we could actually try that. It's not like this whole school is like that." He said.

11/1/2011 #23
"Weeeeellll...most of the school is like that." Eryn admitted with a slight laugh. "But there are some decent people around, you just have to look hard enough."
11/1/2011 #24
Jd took the napkin and dried his face finding it pointless to try and dry his drenched shirt. "yea just need to get dry clothes" he giggled slightly
11/1/2011 #25
"You have some in your dorm, right?" He asked. "I'll walk you there, if you'd like."
11/1/2011 #26

Tabby and Zach looked at each, silently talking to each other. They both smiled. "Ok. We need to make flyers for a drummer, pianist, and possibly guitarist." Tabby said. "Might take awhile though but it should be worth it."

11/1/2011 #27
He smiled and stood up "If you don't mind, I would greatly appreciate it if you came with"
11/1/2011 #28

Derek slid into the huge double doors of the cafeteria, his eyes already scanning the place for anyone familiar. Not finding anyone he found mildly interesting, he sighed and picked an empty table to sit in.

11/1/2011 #29
"I heard there's a guy here that can play the guitar." She said. "But I also heard he's a perverted asshole."
11/1/2011 #30
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