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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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11/21/2011 #31


11/21/2011 #32

Name: Roxanne 'Foxy Roxy' Ruffin

Staff Position: Librarian

Age: 21


Personality: She's a bit ditzy when it comes to stuff in the library but she tries her best to manage. She finds that she can relates easily to the students and gets aggravated easily. She wears pencil skirts and blouses but she adds her own flare to them by exposing her...goodies.

Bio: Raised in Weschester, New York. Total rebel. She works as a librarian in the afternoons and exotic dancer in the night. She's known as Foxy Roxy.

Other: Straight but she's had her moments.

11/21/2011 #33
Chibiterasu is bored
Name : Stylaz Stone Age : 27 Position : Drama Teacher Aperance: Short brown hair in a bob cut, often wears leggings and a t-shirt, dark brown eyes. Personality: Loud, bubbly, kind, clever, sometimes a little annoying and OTT. Always really dramatic. ---------------------------------------
12/12/2011 #34
Chibiterasu is bored
In fact, Stylaz is Music teacher, not drama! :D
12/12/2011 #35
Last Girl Standing

HAHAHAHA No. No no no. Casey O Brien is the Music teacher, and Leila Haze is the Drama. Your student has not been accepted yet, yet you posted the schedule. DENIED DENIED DENIED.

12/12/2011 #36
Chibiterasu is bored
Oh, sorry... this is kinda my first rp so i didn't know what i was doing. byeee! (im still veery new to this and bad at this! LOL) Byeeeee! -Chibi goes now...-
12/12/2011 #37


Yeah, as Alex (Irish) said, we already have a Drama teacher. :( Your OC can be a drama-loving student instead, if you want?

12/12/2011 #38

Name: Sarah Addison

Staff Position: EA, some person who goes into various classes and helps failing students and aggravated teachers.

Age: 23

Appearence: Average height, skinny yet curvy, has light blonde hair, blue eyes, no blemishes, wears dresses, or anything professional, will sometimes wear jeans and a T short ,more of distraction to boys.

Personality: Sweet, caring and helpful, tends to scoff at loud and mean staff members, also fairly teenagerish, and hates being regarded as just some teacher by students.

Bio: Recently graduated from Teachers College, is an acclaimed educator and comes from Toronto, Ontario. She is single.

Other: Straight

1/8/2012 #39

Accept, Decline? Accept later as in a million years?

1/10/2012 #40

D: Sorry! Yeah, she's accepted.

1/10/2012 #41


1/10/2012 #42

Name: Jack Barnes

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ): football couch ??

Age: 25

Appearance: He has brown hair that is just above the shoulders with really dark brown eyes. He is also muscular with abs and he is 6'7 (GIAAAANNNT)

Personality: quite but knows how to handle a class, funny, responsible and hard working

Bio (optional): He used to do lots of sports such as football, soccor, basketball and swimming

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): straight


Name: Nikita Lewis

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ):Volleyball couch ?

Age: 22

Appearance: She has long black hair, grey eyes and is well bit in the bust area she is also around 5'6

Personality: Outgoing, firey temper, doesnt like people talking over her and she can be a bit flirty

Bio (optional): Nikita skipped a year in school and has been teaching for a year now

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): Bisexual

2/17/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #43

We already have those.

2/18/2012 #44
Names or classes?
2/18/2012 #45

Classes D:

2/18/2012 #46

What about that?

2/18/2012 #47

Anyone want to make a Track team coach? :)

3/5/2012 #48

I can if you want ^.^

3/5/2012 #49

Name: Jade Ellis

Staff Position: Track team coach

Age: 25

Appearance: She has long brown hair, which she often wears up in a high ponytail, she has pearcing grey eyes she is paleish and has a few freckles

Personality: She is fun and bubbly, she often likes to try and make boring jobs fun and but she isnt a pushover, she is strict

Bio (optional): She used to live in New Zearland but moved here a couple of years ago

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight)): Straight

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #50

Please change the name, we have a Kira and an Elliott already.

3/6/2012 #51

Is that okayyy??

3/6/2012 #52

Name: Belle Landon

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ): Head of Yearbook and Photography

Age: 22


Personality: Obedient and quiet, Belle is the type of person who sees the beauty and goodness in everyone. She can read people like an open book and loves a good mystery, or person to puzzle out, and is at heart a total secret romantic.

Bio (optional): Graduated from DeVry at top of her class in photography.

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): Straight.

3/6/2012 #53


3/6/2012 #54

Teachers we need:




We need alot more for sports too. Oshet.

4/3/2012 #55

I have a perfect Drama teacher xD Give me a minute to find his bio~

4/3/2012 #56

:D ahhH! Okay!

4/3/2012 #57

Name: Crazu 'Craze' Shikonit

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ): Drama Teacher

Age: 36

Appearance: Crazu looks as he acts, odd. He has spiky, light brown hair that always seem to be pointing in a different direction when you look at him, whether it be up or down or anywhere on the side. He has lightly tanned skin that compliments his dark green eyes, his features seeming less threatening then most people at his level. He is rather strongly built, but because of his clothes he appears sort of scrawny, almost as if he couldn't pose much of a threat; if anything though his body is built to be more elegant than powerful, as he also only stands at 5'10''.

What he wears can be slightly considered abnormal. He likes to be colorful, very colorful. His shirts are always multi-colored and seemed to be made of a sort of velvet texture, giving them a sheen, as his pants match favor they tend to be the contrasting colors to whatever shirts he may be wearing, always fitting just right as they're never loose or ever to tight. His shoes are more like black sandals, basically a soul of a shoe with a strap or two around them. Upon his face he has a set of spiral glasses that always hide his eyes and give him two things, an air of annoyance and making him appear harmless. On top of his head though, is the strangest ornament on him, acting as a type of Spanish sombrero but rather than being made of straw it is completely patched together, a strap wrapping around to fasten it on his head, and rather than having a rounded tip it's much similar to a pointed top, acting much like a little kid's spinning top you may see at a dollar store, it is also a contrasting assortment of colors, though usually shades of brown, black or grey.

Personality: He is an odd fellow, rather awkward to be around. He tends to have random spurts will he just blurt something out that may have nothing to do with the situation, he can even be considered a tad bit of a creep, but despite this he is a rather ingenious character. He is deeply calculative and is always paying attention to every detail he can get his eyes on, and he does even have his own cold-hearted side, but over all he's just the kind of person who you may not enjoy being around, but you know you can rely on till the very end. Though despite this fact, that for the most part he is reliable, he can be considered untrustworthy as he tends to put himself in situations where he may even come out as the bad guy, but in the end everything he does is for a reason, he never doesn't have a reason for his actions...Whether it be to simply teach a lesson to a student who is to thick headed, or it be out of simple curiosity and he sees it as the only way to learn something new. Though despite the fact his natural untrustworthy aura is at a constant, he will always come through the end, but despite this most are still weary of how he acts.

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): Straight

4/3/2012 #58

Name: Laurence 'Lance' Gasper

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ): English Teacher

Age: 47

Appearance: He had, at one time, a set of deep, properly slicked back and combed black hair; though with time a slow grey started to appear at the sides, matching his gentle, yet wise, gray eyes. His skin isn't tanned but it isn't pale either, rather it is a light and fair color. He has a sharp face, his features slightly angled and almost intimidating to say the least, a grey, clear and slightly thick five o'clock shadow adorning the features further. He stands at about 6'1'', and has strong broad shoulders. Despite how he dresses and may appear, he actually a well toned and strongly built man, scars adorning across his back and front from many years of fighting.

Now then, his attire is rather classy for a man of his standards, as now a days he prefers to only wear the best, as despite how he attempts to trick himself into believing, he does see himself as a high classed man. He wears a well defined, white, two-tailed tuxedo; with a white v-collared jacket and three black buttons keeping it in place. Underneath the white coat, there is a white-silver vest, also held together by a set of black buttons, the third and last layer of his clothing be a silky, white, collared long-sleeved button shirt. In the pocket of his white coat there is a silver-grey handkerchief, matching his white top he wears a pair of silky, white slacks and matching, lace less shoes. His last detail on his attire is a set of square, thick rimmed glasses he usually carries in a case that he puts in his back pocket.

Personality: In one word, Lance can be explained with the word 'Respect'. His whole life, he has been raised with the one term embedded into his brain, to respect all around, whether they be old or young, friend or foe, his way was to show respect…not to say that he is going to bend to anyone's will, not in the least. He is also a strong and hardened man, with much life experience behind his belt to understand when and where it is time to take charge. Another word, as can be seen, that can sum him up is the word strong. He has a strong will with a strong heart to match. He understands that his time is coming to an end, and because of this he does his very best to guide and share his experiences with the next generation, understanding that he won't be around for long.

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): Straight

(I like using Lance and Crazu together x3)

4/3/2012 #59

(I'm making the office lady I just RPed with Samar officially.)

Name: Mrs. Mary Miller (goes by Mrs. Miller)

Staff Position ( Click HERE (watch out, link opens in same window) to choose ): Office Secretary

Age: 49

Appearance: Mrs. Miller has dark brown hair with ray streaks swept into a bun. She has bright, piercing blue eyes and a thin pair of glasses. Usually in "sensible" clothes. She's older, but still fairly pretty.

Personality: Mrs. Miller is quite nice, but once you get in trouble once, she's very strict. She usually believes students but has zero tolerance for pranks. She's very organized and systematic, and is VERY smart.

Bio (optional): She's worked at Haven Highschool for over 20 years. She knows many of the teachers well. She's always been an honor student. Her husband, Adam Miller, is a doctor. She has 3 kids, Hailey, Carson, and Emma Miller.

Other (this can include sexual orientation; Bisexual, gay, straight): She has a husband.

4/4/2012 #60
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