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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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[ Got a booboo? :'( ]

10/28/2011 #1
Peint Ailes

Nina opened the door to let Mr. Brooks slide in with Kelly.

11/11/2011 #2

Mr. Brooks brushed past Nina and toward one of the nursing beds. He gently set her down with a frown, "Damn girl probably danced too hard," He rolled his eyes and glanced around for the nurse, who glanced up at them. "Mrs. White! This girl's feeling sick."

Betty White turned to them with a warm smile, "No worries. Will one of you stay here with her until I finish giving her something?"

Mr. Brooks looked at Nina, "Bye!" He said, already speeding out.

11/11/2011 #3
Peint Ailes

"Mr. Brooks!" Nina called after him. "You can't just run out!"

11/11/2011 #4

Kelly looked at Mrs. White and grabbed onto her. "Please help me. She's here." She pointed a pale finger at Nina.

"She's going to eat me."

11/11/2011 #5
Peint Ailes

Nina looked at the girl, with a curious expression. "I won't eat you if you tell me what happened."

11/11/2011 #6

"I swear, I didn't steal the cookies from the cookie jar. It was the boys," she said, sobbing into Mrs. White's arm.

11/11/2011 #7

Mrs. White gently unwrapped her fingers away, "Oh, dear me! She'd never!" She said with a hearty laugh, "Lay down, dear. I have to check your temp!" She said, pulling out a thin thermometer. She shoved it into Kelly's mouth.

11/11/2011 #8
Peint Ailes

"Did anything?" Nina didn't know what to do.

11/11/2011 #9

Kelly spit the thermometer out and sat up. "I didn't. All I did was buy my dress and eat."

11/11/2011 #10

Mrs. White picked up the thermometer, shook it in the air, and shoved it back inside Kelly's mouth, "I have to check your thermometer," She repeated calmly.


11/11/2011 #11

Kelly glared at Mrs. White. "You look familiar," she muttered.

11/11/2011 #12

She coughed and glanced over at the thermometer, quickly pulling it out of her mouth, "Oh, my! You're almost 101! Please rest," She said, already gently pushing her shoulders down on the bed. She glanced at Nina, "You can go if you like."

11/11/2011 #13

Kelly laid herself down on the bed. She smoothed her dress out and sniffled. "I wanted to dance with a cute boy in my dress."

11/11/2011 #14

"Oh, hush hush! You'll get your chance," She said. She leaned to the side and opened a mini-fridge, where she pulled out an icicle, "Take this, it has some medicine that'll make you feel better." She smiled warmly.

11/11/2011 #15

Kelly took the icicle and wiped her tears away with it. The cold felt good on her skin.

"I'm so lonely in the world," she sobbed. "My dad left me and now the toilet monster wants to eat me."

11/11/2011 #16

Mrs. White looked at her nervously. She was starting to think that this girl needed to visit a bigger hospital. Possibly one for the mentally ill, "I'm sure your dad had good reason to, and there's no such thing as the toilet monster..."

11/11/2011 #17

Kelly grabbed Mrs. White's hand and gripped it and hard as she could. "Will you please stay with me until the monster leaves?"

11/11/2011 #18

She glanced from her hand, to Kelly's eyes, then back, "Um..of course!" She nervously tried to tug her hand away, but Kelly was holding her hand down in a death grip. "Kelly, is everything alright?"

11/11/2011 #19

Kelly nodded and turned away from Mrs. White, still keeping her hand in hers.

"I'm fine." With her free hand, she sucked on the icicle and stared at the ceiling.

11/11/2011 #20

Mrs. White nodded slowly, her eyes never leaving her. "When I was your age, I was just as stubborn. So I won't push you to tell me anything," She said in a gentle voice. She used her other hand to pat the top of Kelly's hand.

11/11/2011 #21

Kelly looked at Mrs. White. There was something kind in the old ladies' eyes. Something that drew Kelly in. She smiled half-heartly and gently squeezed her hand. "Thank you."

The pain in her stomach was settling down and suddenly, Kelly felt very tired. She felt her eyelids grow heavy and the toilet monster disappeared.


11/11/2011 #22


Slowly, Mrs. White began pulling her hand away. She thought her fingers were broken.

She stared down at the girl with a warm smile, "Sleep well, little one," she whispered.

11/11/2011 #23


Kelly shut her eyes and fell fast asleep on the tiny cot.

11/11/2011 #24

Nearly an hour later, Mrs. White began to shake Kelly awake gently.

11/12/2011 #25
Peint Ailes

Nina was still there, sitting in a chair silently.

11/12/2011 #26

Eryn lead Maxxie into the nurses office.


11/12/2011 #27
Little Tokyo Rose

Yoyo followed beside Maxxie, holding his shoulder.

11/12/2011 #28

Mrs. White poked her head up curiously, "Yes? It is I. Come in!" She said, catching sight of Maxxie's bloody nose and wet eyes. "Dear me!" She said, scrambling to get to them, "One of you explain what happened?"

11/12/2011 #29

"Derek punched him." Eryn said angrily.

11/12/2011 #30
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