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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Little Tokyo Rose

"No, it's not. Because as I mentioned earlier, this is a sick prank, of course this isn't real," Vanessa said, walking still and not exactly paying attention to Ian.

[This should totally be Ian, doafhaksljfasd. ]

5/27/2012 #601
The Unlogic

"And I'm saying that no one would go to the effort of doing all this," Ian argued. "And I'm pretty sure it's not in someone's budget to build an entire prison for a prank."

5/27/2012 #602
Little Tokyo Rose

"Maybe this actually isn't even a prison," Vanessa suggested, running into a door. . . without a passcode lock. "Finally, one without a lock. . ." She mumbled, turning the handle and opening the door. She walked outside, onto a metal platform, and in the center of the room was the mess hall, it seemed. And it was filled with people; prisoners, to be exact.

"It seems we might actually be in a real prison," Vanessa said, raising an eyebrow and looking down at the sight.

5/27/2012 #603
The Unlogic

"So, yeah," Ian said, looking back at her. "Not. A. Prank!"

5/27/2012 #604
Little Tokyo Rose

"Shut up!" Vanessa yelled, a bit too loud. Her voice must've been heard down in the mess hall, because she got a few stares from some of the men who were busy eating. Vanessa looked down at them briefly, and then back up at Ian, her face completely red out of embarrassment. "Thanks a bunch for making me embarrass myself," she mumbled. "Now lets hope we don't run into any cops. I'm not in the mood to seduce a guy."

5/27/2012 #605
The Unlogic

"You think maybe we should turn back?" Ian asked. "Maybe try and find a way out that doesn't require us to to worm our way through a bunch of prisoners?"

5/27/2012 #606
Little Tokyo Rose

"Um. . ." Vanessa said, looking down at them again. "I think the only way is going through them. . . maybe they can tell us something too. I'm pretty sure they won't hurt us," Vanessa said, trying to reassure him.

5/27/2012 #607
The Unlogic

"All right," Ian said. "But I'm pretty sure I can't fight through this many people if things get rowdy."

5/27/2012 #608
Little Tokyo Rose

"They don't hurt girls," Vanessa said, rolling her eyes. "So they won't hurt you either."

5/27/2012 #609
The Unlogic

Ian glared at her for a moment.

"Fine," he said, moving forward. "Let's go."

5/27/2012 #610
Little Tokyo Rose

Vanessa nodded, and turned a corner that had a staircase leading down into the messhall. She started down the steps, keeping her eyes fixed on the ground so she would hopefully not attract attention to herself.

5/27/2012 #611
The Unlogic

Ian followed Vanessa's lead, keeping his head low and making no eye contact. He spotted a door on the other side of the room and started toward it.

5/27/2012 #612
Little Tokyo Rose

Vanessa stepped off the last step of the stairs and felt her feet hit the cold cement floor. Oh jeez, she thought, following Ian, wanting to make sure these guys wouldn't hurt her. She kept her gaze low, not wanting to make eye contact and start a fight with anyone. Vanessa scratched the side of her face, and her hands came off red. Then she remembered she still had that blood on her face. . . "Shit," she mumbled, hoping no one heard her over the noise in the mess hall.

She could feel stares coming from every person she passed, and that made her even more frightened to be out here without a weapon. She quickened her pace and caught up with Ian, taking his hand in hers and walking side by side with him.

5/27/2012 #613
The Unlogic

Ian could feel stares coming from all around the room, and he could feel his face go red as Vanessa grabbed his hand. He could see the door getting closer and closer, and sighed with relief as he opened the door.

5/27/2012 #614
Little Tokyo Rose

Snickers could be heard throughout the room as some of the prisoners saw Ian's face go red, and hearing them laugh made Vanessa blush even more. When Ian finally opened the door, Vanessa sighed with relief as well, and she quickly entered the new corridor. Her eyes scanned the area, seeing it was free of cops, and she started walking down the hall. "There's still no cops here," the girl said, tugging Ian along.

5/27/2012 #615
The Unlogic

"Not good," he said. "We need cops to find where we're going."

5/27/2012 #616
Little Tokyo Rose

Vanessa nodded, and was about to say something while she turned the corner until she bumped into someone. She looked up, her eyes wide, and then saw the sight of another cop. He looked almost like Ian, except older and. . . well, more chiseled, it seems. "Um," Vanessa said, taking a step back and looking down at the floor, "sorry." She tore her gaze away from the ground and looked at Ian for something to say, as she wasn't doing too well.

5/27/2012 #617
The Unlogic

Ian thought for a moment, then turned to the cop who looked suspiciously like him.

"Hey," he began, keeping his voice even. "We're new, and we're kinda not sure where to go. Would you mind showing us around?" He hoped desperately that the cop would buy this.

5/27/2012 #618
Little Tokyo Rose

The cop, being fairly level-headed and smart, didn't believe Ian's ruse at all. "I've never seen you two here before, I can't necessarily say that you're new here. First off," he said, grabbing Vanessa's wrist and tugging her over to him, "you kiddies don't have any badges that prove your real cops." Vanessa looked down at her uniform, and she swore under her breath. The guy was right. "And second, you two look about sixteen. You have to be a bit older to be a cop, y'know," the man said, clearing his throat and letting go of Vanessa, who quickly went to go stand by Ian's side.

5/27/2012 #619
The Unlogic

"Fuck," Ian muttered, trying to think. "Yes, OK, we're not cops. We're sorry for trying to deceive you. And I'm not sure how you'll react to this, but we need some help."

5/27/2012 #620
Little Tokyo Rose

The officer raised his eyebrows, and then started laughing. "You're clever to have made it this far, then!" The cop chortled, laughing. Acting as if nothing was wrong, the cop approached Ian and put a hand on his shoulder, smiling down at him. "What is it exactly you need help with?" The man asked, standing behind Ian now and reaching his hand down to the holster of his gun.

Vanessa managed to catch him sliding his hand down, and she quickly ran and tackled the guy against the wall, not wanting him to hurt Ian.

5/27/2012 #621
The Unlogic

Ian watched Vanessa pin the guy against the wall. Moving fast, Ian ran over and grabbed the cop's gun and tazer. He ejected the clip from the gun and threw the gun aside and kicked the clip in the other direction.

"Some friends of ours were arrested last night," Ian began. "We asked why but the cops who arrested them wouldn't tell us. All we want is to know why they were arrested. We don't want any trouble."

5/27/2012 #622
Little Tokyo Rose

The cop that was currently pinned against the wall looked over at Ian, narrowing his eyes. "I'm not spilling shit, you bastard. You need to be escorted back to your cell," the man said, shaking his head and looking down at Vanessa. "I'll tell you something if you let me keep the girl," he said, grinning down at Vanessa.

Vanessa just rolled her eyes. "Are all the cops at this joint sickass perverts who want sex?"

5/27/2012 #623
The Unlogic

Ian let out a tired sigh.

"I'm really getting sick of this," he said. "Come on guy. I'll give you one more chance. Please tell us what we want to know?" As he finished his sentence, he aimed the tazer at the cop.

5/27/2012 #624
Little Tokyo Rose

The cop narrowed his eyes, and tightened his grip on Vanessa again. "If I tell you," the man began, "I get to keep her." He grinned at Ian, and then cleared his throat. "You idiot children were all sent here because you... seven, or however many, did something that could've unbalanced all of society and start war all over the fucking world. But the exact things you did, well they were--"

Vanessa socked the man in the jaw, wanting him to let go of her. She thought she heard enough just from this story, even though she highly doubted it was true. The man did loosen his grip on her for a second, but not before he pushed her forcefully away from him, back towards Ian.

5/28/2012 #625
The Unlogic

"Start a war?!" Ian exclaimed as Vanessa stumbled over to him, the tazer still leveled at the cop. "And we were just sent to prison?"

5/28/2012 #626
Little Tokyo Rose

Vanessa hurriedly stood behind Ian, a bit frightened about this whole...thing.

The cop, clutching his jaw, nodded. "You were only sent to this prison because no other place wanted you because of how... extremely terrible you guys are. I'm shaking in my bones right now just talking to you." He smirked at Ian, and then let out a sigh. "That Owen kid...he was the worst one. And then this girl, ah, Vanessa was her name...jeesh, you guys have everyone after you. It's some pretty deep shit you're all in."

5/28/2012 #627
The Unlogic

"Continue," Ian said, making his way over to the gun and picking it up. "And deal with the fact that you'll be telling us what we want, and you won't be getting her." He motioned over to Vanessa as he finished.

5/28/2012 #628
Little Tokyo Rose

The man raised an eyebrow, and put a hand on his hip. "Kid, I'm not telling you any more shit if you don't hand the bitch over," he said, looking over at Vanessa. "Otherwise that's all you get to know."

Vanessa was tempted to go over to the cop and kick him in the balls because of what he called her, but she thought better of it. "Ian, I think we should just go to the directories or something..."

5/28/2012 #629
The Unlogic

Ian sighed.

"Fine," he said. He hit a button on the tazer and jammed it into the cop's side before retrieving the clip for the gun.

5/28/2012 #630
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