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Vendetta 5th

Scarlett wrapped her arms around Bay's midsection protectively, her lips brushing against her ear. Her body pressed against hers sensually. "Look at poor Benikins. I think he's going to cry." She teased, holding her tightly. "See Bay, once things get tough. Once they find out they can't sleep with you, they all run away. But I'm still right here for you sweety." She whispered into her ear, kissing the delicate places on her upper neck with each pause. Looking at Ben all the while.

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"But of course! Blasphemy would be cried through out all the land!" Charles gave a maniacal laugh, before calming down and clearing his throat, "Anyways~ I must be honest however, I am a boy." he winked, "And because of that I can't say I particularly mind the fashion, although I do agree, morally it's wrong, but morality isn't all that leads a male's mind in the adolescent age eh?" he said as he leaned on his cane with both hands.

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yet another ghost
"Oh, I don't mind the fashion. I just find it amusing that a woman would be regarded as a skank if she bore her ankles in those days, and today, we can do almost anything," Rhonwen said, chuckling.
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Ben looked back. Rosie was kissing Bay passionately. He sat on a bench and buried his face in his hands. He knew he had no chance. No chance, to sarcastic, clever, cruel Rosie.
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Vendetta 5th

"Well....What about me?....Don't I matter? Was I just your fucking experiment?" Rosie sad sadly, her body felt right against Bay's. She fought to keep her in her arms but eventually Bay escaped with Scarlett falling backwards onto her bum. Eyes stinging with tears that threatened to spill over at any time. She was shivering slightly, she couldnt believe Bay would leave her for him.

(yay! Triangle, how I love them)

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"I see..." Charles said and examined her, "Though what of you? Sure you can see a little, but not a lot. If you don't mind the scandalous fashion, why do you dress so conservatively?" he inquired, sounding genuinely curious on the girl's choice of clothes. Of course he, in his tuxedo-like outfit complete with top hat and cane, would be one to talk about 'questioning fashion' none the less though he wanted an answer from her.

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yet another ghost
Rhonwen looked down at herself and shrugged. "I don't know...I've tried to dress differently, but when I look in the mirror...I see a stranger. It's not me, you know? So I can appreciate that other girls are gutsy enough to dress as they do, while still remaining true to myself," she said, brushing a hair out of her face. She looked at him. "Pray tell, how'd you decide on your fashion of dressing?"
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Ben looked up from his bench. They were still stuck to each other like glue. {If anyone gets the reference, you get 25 virtual cupcakes.} But Rosie had just unattached herself from Bay, talking to her disappointedly. No use getting your hopes up, Ben, he thought. Bay probably did go with him out of pity. I guess that's just how my life goes.
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"I see." Charles said to her and finally, he jumped up and twirled around, landing on the bench she sat on and sat next to her. He kicked up his feet, resting one on top of the other and leaned back, relaxing himself, "Well, I think it'd still look good on you, that kinda style~ But then again it does on any girl int he eyes of adolescence ~!" he gave another laugh, "Anyhow, I dress the way I feel suits the day. Today I felt my more traditional style was best, so I did it. Tomorrow I may dress up as Hamlet, or Igor, or anything in between~"

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Vendetta 5th

She looked up at bay, pouting, her green eyes large, livid and glistening. "Just as much as me?...." She pulled a singe hair pin so her red hair could cascade down and cover her tearful expression, getting back onto her feet and beginning to walk away. "F-fine! Ill be over at the punch table." She cried, running off.

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Vendetta 5th

(Yup, then shes going to cry, then be abusive, then drag bay off at the end of the night for kinky lesbian sex *Evil laugh*)

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(is the dance over yet?)

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Ben looked at Bay. "If you're here with me because you feel sorry for me, go hang out with Rosie. I don't want anyone who feels sorry for me. If you're here with me, stop letting Rosie push you around. Just say no. But make up your mind."
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"Great." He felt relieved. Maybe this dance wouldn't be quite so bad. His appetite returned, and he walked over to the table to take some pretzels. As long as Rosie stayed away from them, he would be fine.

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Vendetta 5th

Scarlett sipped daintily from the cup already half filled with punch, ignoring everyone as she sniffled and sipped at her drink.


"Naww, why did you poor it back?" Sally questioned, drinking her own spiked punch rather quickly.

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Little Tokyo Rose

Gracie blushed a bright pink color when she felt his lips on her forehead. "Wh-what..?" Gracie asked, confused. Had he tricked her? It seemed so. "You tricked me! Little punk!" Gracie said, laughing at him. "You actually got me, so yes, you win," Gracie said, grinning.

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yet another ghost
["I see." Charles said to her and finally, he jumped up and twirled around, landing on the bench she sat on and sat next to her. He kicked up his feet, resting one on top of the other and leaned back, relaxing himself, "Well, I think it'd still look good on you, that kinda style~ But then again it does on any girl int he eyes of adolescence ~!" he gave another laugh, "Anyhow, I dress the way I feel suits the day. Today I felt my more traditional style was best, so I did it. Tomorrow I may dress up as Hamlet, or Igor, or anything in between~"]

Rhonwen blushed. "You really think so?" she asked, then, without waiting for an answer, "But Hamlet...yes, you should try it."

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"There. Now I would like a prize." Danny stuck his tongue out at her in a fairly childish manner, "I request..." still keeping an arm on her so she didn't run away...again, he used his other to lift his and put it to his chin as if in serious thought, "Hmmmm...ehat do I want from you~?" He wondered aloud chuckeling.
4/12/2012 #4,398
Little Tokyo Rose

"Hmm, what do you want from me?" Gracie asked, giving him a toothy smile and bringing her face close to his. "Well, what..?" Gracie asked, looking him in the eyes and blinking several times.

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Ben groaned. Bay was lying. She had just gone over to the table where Rosie was. He walked over to Bay. "Just tell me frankly if you want me here or not! Stop lying! Go be with Rosie, for all I care but just stop lying!" He walked away from Bay, heading towards the garden's gates.

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Vendetta 5th

(...Please tell me you actually read these posts bookworm.)

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"Hmmm..." he continued to think for a moment, looking her in the eye as well, every bone in his body telling him to look away out of shyness and being emberassed of being so close to her...again. Though he ignored his natural instinct and continued to travel through his thoughts, "Let's see...why...don't you, promise me something?" he asked with a smell, "Like the next time I do something stupid because I'm so dun run away and let me make it up to you?" he asked her tilting his head.

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Little Tokyo Rose

Gracie considered it, sighing. "...I guess," Gracie murmured, looking away from him and sighing. "I'm sorry, I just got...p-pro..." She couldn't finish her sentence. And by all means, she didn't want to either. She didn't want him getting the wrong idea already...even though he already had the wrong idea. "I won't run away anymore."



Lucifer Stone, a brown-haired, blue-eyed boy, strolled into the Garden, lugging around his heavy duffle filled with all of his stuff he packed for his dorm. He had no idea where he was going, nor did he know where he was. He didn't want to ask someone, as the guy was an independent bastard who took advice from no one. But nonetheless, he just kept walking, hoping someone would talk to him so he wouldn't have to make an attempt at conversation.

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Danny patted the back of her head and continued his hug, "Yeah...I know." He smiled at her sweetly and kissed her forehead, "Don't worry it's not a bad thing. I kinda like it, it feels like I'm actually in a story, of course I think you're the protagonist." he said thoughtfully, not really seeming to mind how the girl thought of his views, "But thank you. I'm glad you won't." he nodded and leaned back.

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Vendetta 5th

Scarlett Pushed Ben roughly. "What the hell is wrong with you asshole!?" She demanded, glaring at him

4/12/2012 #4,405
Little Tokyo Rose

"Me too," Gracie said, smiling at him. "The protagonist is the good one, right?" Gracie asked, forgetting the difference between the protagonist and the antagonist momentarily. Well, pro equals good, and an...what the hell does all this mean? Why did I not pay attention in english class!

4/12/2012 #4,406

"It's the person you're rooting for to see succeed." Danny laughed slightly and patted her again, "Alright then...Well, wanna repeat the Mall incident or are you comfortable?" he asked her, she was slightly on him because he'd pulled her into a hug, but his grip relaxed to see if she'd want to separate from him, "Of course it's your call. I tricked you after all." he chuckled and waited for his response.

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Little Tokyo Rose

"Oh, nice. You're finally coming out of your shell," Gracie said, smiling at Danny and looking into his eyes. She bit her bottom lip in sudden nervousness, being filled with an odd feeling in her stomach. Her hazel eyes darted away from Danny's gaze, and looked off to the side, watching a new boy momentarily walk across the garden. "Sorry to ruin the mood, but, you know him?" Gracie asked, nodding her head his direction.

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Danny didn't even bother to look, "You do know this is my third day here, and you're the first person I've talked to right? I thought I shared that with you?" he shrugged and looked back, trying to see who she was pointing at. After spotting the boy he could only tilt his head uncertainly, "Hmmm...No. But I know an anti-social when I see you...wanna go talk to him?" he asked looking back at her, "You can if you want, I have my books." he nodded as he looked in the direction of his back pack.

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{Sorry, I misread something.} "I. Just. Don't. Get it!" Ben growled. "Just tell me why Rosie showed up and ruined it!" He realized he sounded like a whiny toddler when he said that. Oops.
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