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The Unlogic

Ian stood up and backed away slightly from Derek.

"Are you trying to be creepy?" he asked. "Or is this how you usually act?

4/15/2012 #4,471

Derek arched a single eyebrow innocently. He stood up as well and brushed grass from his jeans before shrugging at Ian, "Neither. I'm just trying to welcome you," he smirked, "The other welcoming parties aren't as... interesting as me," he said, a bit arrogantly.

4/15/2012 #4,472
The Unlogic

"OK, do you mind sharing your definition of interesting?" Ian asked. "'Cause I'm pretty sure we have differing definitions of the word."

4/15/2012 #4,473

"Well," Derek said as he thought for a moment, "For one, I'm the only attractive male at this school. And that's pretty much all the info you need," He said, crossing his arms against his chest, "Don't you agree?"

4/15/2012 #4,474
The Unlogic

Thinking for a moment, Ian responded with "It might be... if, you know, I was bi or gay. But I'm not. Sorry." Ian flashed a smug grin at Derek.

4/15/2012 #4,475

Derek wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face. So without warning, he suddenly wrapped a hand around Ian's back and pulled him closer until their chests were touching, "Why, do you have something against bi's or gays?" he inquired, his gaze boring into Ian's eyes.

4/15/2012 #4,476
The Unlogic

"No, no problem at all," Ian responded. "Just not a big fan when they come onto me." He pushed Derek away with a small laugh. "Why do you ask?"

4/15/2012 #4,477
yet another ghost
Brenna walked into the garden, wincing at the heady scent of alcohol. Brushing a strand of red-streaked hair out of her eyes, the girl walked over to the edge of the pool.
4/15/2012 #4,478
"It was great, until she," pointing at Rosie, "showed up. And I'm guessing you two are a little more than friends. But I can tell you want to go be with each other." He turned around and walked out of the gardens sadly. He thought maybe she had been the girl... but she wanted Rosie. He shouldn't of asked. Shouldn't have got his hopes up. (Goes to boys dorms. Maybe Bay can follow him?)
4/15/2012 #4,479
Danielle walked by the pool, bumping into a girl with red hair. "Sorry," she smiled. Sara wasn't around! Their parents hadn't let Sara come, and she was glad.
4/15/2012 #4,480
Little Tokyo Rose

(I'll just weasel her in here...)

Akiak Alaula, a girl dressed in tight fitting girls' clothing, walked into the garden, lugging her magic duffel full of stuff. She had just gotten here, and she was completely lost. Her eyes scanned the area she would later know as the garden, and tried to find someone who could help her find her way around. "Sheesh, I already don't like this place," Akiak muttered, brushing her hair out of her face and continuing to walk. "I dress like a normal girl would, and yet there aren't any cute guys out. How nice," she continued, shaking her head and letting out a groan of displeasure.

She hated school.

4/15/2012 #4,481
yet another ghost
Brenna looked at the girl slowly. "You talking to me?" she asked, peering through her shaggy hair.

((Just so you know, Brenna is pretty creepy looking. Body piercings, tattoos, dark makeup, red-streaked hair...the like.))

4/15/2012 #4,482

Zach looked her up once, looking at her dress. "I'm guessing you had went to the dance?" He asked Alena

4/15/2012 #4,483

"Because if you did, you'd be killed at this school," Derek said. It was no exaggeration. Nearly half the school, if not more, was not straight, "Anyway, have you checked out the dorms yet?"

4/15/2012 #4,484
The Unlogic

"No," Ian responded. "Not yet. Why? Should I have done so by now?"

4/15/2012 #4,485
Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak looked to her left as she was walking, and saw...two people? "Wow, human life," Akiak muttered, looking down at a pinecone that just happpenedbto be near her foot. Kicking pinecones was always fun. So, being stupid, she kicked it as hard as she could, sending it flying. She watched it move farther and farther away from her...and closer and closer to Ian's head. "Oh God," she muttered. "Heads up!" She yelled over to him, hoping he would move so the pinecone wouldn't hit him in the head.

4/15/2012 #4,486

Derek was about to reply, until he saw a pinecone hit Ian square in the head. He snorted and glanced over his shoulder, at Akiak. "Looks like you've got a secret admirer," Derek said, lightly patting Ian's shoulder. He turned around and started to walk away to give the two some privacy. But instead of entering the dorms, he headed straight for the secret meeting place him and the rest of F5 had arranged.

4/15/2012 #4,487
The Unlogic

Ian looked over to see the pinecone flying toward his face, but couldn't move before it hit him in the head. He rubbed the area the pinecone hit before noting Derek's words and his sudden absence. He turned to see where it had come from, noticing a girl. He walked over to her, asking "Maybe you can offer an explanation as to why that pinecone assaulted my face?"

4/15/2012 . Edited 4/15/2012 #4,488
Danielle took a step back. At second glance, this girl was pretty scary looking. "No, I'm talking to the tree. I'm apologizing for what humanity did to nature." She smiled. "Yes, I was talking to you. I'm Danielle, what's your name?@
4/15/2012 #4,489
Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak felt her cheeks turn red, and she wanted to run, but she kept her ground. "I-It was an accident! I kicked the pinecone and it flew farther than I expected..." she said quickly, running a hand through her hair and looking the boy in the eyes. "I didn't mean for it to hit you..."

4/15/2012 . Edited 4/15/2012 #4,490
The Unlogic

"It's not an issue," Ian responded. "Pinecones aren't that bad. I've been through a lot worse." To emphasize, he pointed at the scar on his cheek, before extending his hand. "Ian Izuren," he said, introducing himself.

4/15/2012 #4,491
Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak couldn't help but stare at the scar on his cheek after he showed it to her. She did stick her hand out though, and shook his. "A-Akiak...Akiak Alaula," she said softly, giving the boy a crooked smile. "Ahh, it's nice to meet you..."

4/15/2012 #4,492
The Unlogic

"Nice to meet you Akiak," Ian responded, before scanning the area around him. "So, what do you know about this school? Or are you a new arrival like me?"

4/15/2012 #4,493
Little Tokyo Rose

"I've been here for five minutes, so...yeah, I've been here since the beginning," she said sarcastically, smiling at him. "I have no idea where I am. I'm a noob."

4/15/2012 #4,494
(Posted in boys dorms.)
4/15/2012 #4,495
The Unlogic

"It's alright. We're all noobs at some point," Ian said, before looking around. "We appear to be in some sort of recreational area. As noted by the pools and playground."

4/15/2012 #4,496
Little Tokyo Rose

"It looks to me like a garden," Akiak said, looking out over the space. "It seems...tranquil." Tranquil wasn't a word she used often. She used it if she was either in school, or trying to impress a boy. "So..."

4/15/2012 #4,497
The Unlogic

"Yeah," Ian said. "Tranquil." Turning back to Akiak, he decided to do a little investigating. "So, how'd you wind up here?"

4/15/2012 #4,498
Little Tokyo Rose

"My friend wrote a love note to my principal and signed it by my name," Akiak said, sighing. "My principal was only in his thirties, so...I don't know. That's why I'm here," Akiak said, then turning towards the other boy, asked, "How about you?"

4/15/2012 #4,499
yet another ghost
Brenna glared at the other girl, stalking away. She dangled her feet in the water after disgarding her shoes. Her spiked wristbands glinted in the light. "Damn this effing school," she muttered.
4/15/2012 #4,500
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